You Tube Video Channels

  • Audiobooks Unleashed – Channel

    • 853 videos
    Audiobooks Unleashed is devoted to publishing complete and free audiobooks in all genres, from science fiction short stories to classic romance novels. Our collections are constantly growing and we ai



  • auweia1 – Channel

    • 629 videos



  • BHF – Channel

    • 417 videos

    Thank you for your comments.

    And thanks for watching.


  • breakingtheset – Channel

    • 1,600 videos
    Breaking The Set cuts through the false Left/Right paradigm set by the establishment & reports the hard facts.
    Tune in at 6 and 9:30 pm EST M-F on your local cable station or watch live at



  • campbellfoundation – Channel

    • 12 videos
    The official YouTube channel of the Joseph Campbell Foundation
  • cellardoorfive – Channel

    • 12 videos
    I occasionally upload music/film related things I stumble upon (if they’re not copyright blocked). I don’t have revenue sharing enabled nor will I ever. I don’t want (many) ads on my videos or to prof



  • chatzefratz – Channel

    • 476 videos

    Politics / History / Freedom / Justice . . . . . . . . Non Facit Pugnum Digito Uno (with one finger only one cannot make a fist)

    Dr. Sdf. Sean Hross . . . . . Country: South Africa / Rhodesia / Suid


  • chris lentz – Channel

    • 450 videos



  • clydesight – Channel

    • 182 videos

    This channel features videos about vintage audio equipment explorations, preservations, and restorations.

    It focuses on name brand (SONY, AIWA, WOLLENSAK, etc.) consumer grade vintage reel to reel an



  • Cody’sLab – Channel

    • 615 videos
    Aright everyone CodyDon here! (usually shortened to just “Cody”)
    Welcome to my channel! I simply post videos of the (sometimes crazy) things that I do; this includes science, bees, and anything else t



  • cultdeadcow – Channel

    • 22 videos
    cDc communications is an on-line media consortium/hacker think-tank that created the original e-publication in 1984.
  • Darnell Hausler – Channel

    • 19 videos



  • Darren [Chicken] Kitchen – Channel

    • 198 videos
    Darren Kitchen is the host, producer and founder of the online web series Hak5, HakTip and Threat Wire. Since 2005 his show has inspired a generation of technology enthusiasts, IT gurus and computer h



  • David Firth – Channel

    • 107 videos
    My name is David Firth, I make animations and other stuff. Most notable stuff: Salad Fingers, Spoilsbury Toast Boy, Sock, Jerry Jackson, Burnt Face Man, Health Reminder, Crooked Rot, Not Stanley etc.



  • Empire Files – Channel

    • 86 videos

    A documentary & interview series hosted by Abby Martin – reporting on war & inequality from the heart of Empire // New episode every week on teleSUR english

    Hosted, directed & written by Abby Martin

  • ExplainingComputers – Channel

    • 187 videos
    ExplainingComputers uploads weekly computing videos. It is produced by Christopher Barnatt, who spent 25 years teaching computing and future studies in the University of Nottingham, and who is the aut


  • fatpie2 – Channel

    • 62 videos
    Hello my name is David Firth. I do Salad Fingers etc. This is my second channel. My main channel is This is Fat-Pie 2. This is for mainly my non-animated stuff, and



  • FOESAD 5150 – Channel

    • 59 videos
    its all just lite shinning through a crystal.
    its not the ends that justify the means, but the means that ultimately justifies the ends.
    sum ppl arent much of anything, wile others r all or nothing.



  • Free Audio Books for Intellectual Exercise – Channel

    • 244 videos



  • Free Audio Books for Intellectual Exercise – Channel

    • 2,101 videos
    Thank you so much for visiting my channel!
    There are many audiobook & radio show channels but my channel is unique.
    First, my channel offers intellectual exercise in a true sense of words.
    I provide e


  • Fretboard Journal – Channel

    • 225 videos

    The Fretboard Journal is devoted to the world’s best guitar stories. A print magazine four times a year, an annual guitar gathering (the Fretboard Summit), weekly podcasts and videos and more.




  • Fuzz FM – stoner rock radio – Channel

    • 25 videos
    Thanks for checking out our channel! You won’t find many full albums or singles here – there’s plenty of other channels that provide those services. Instead we aim to create some of the finest stoner
  • gamesguru – Channel

    • 19 videos



  • giureh – Channel

    • 197 videos

    Politics / History / Justice / Freedom . . . . . . . . Non Facit Pugnum Digito Uno (with one finger only one cannot make a fist)

    Dr. Sdf. Sean Hross . . . . . Country: South Africa / Rhodesia . . . .



  • Groove Jazz – Channel

    • 28 videos


  • GWBGonline – Channel

    • 17 videos

    Online shorts based on the IFC film “Girls Will Be Girls.”

    Visit our official site at


  • H2onE2 – Channel

    • 15 videos
    H2onE2 Glacial Respiration, Conceptual Ring of Ice, The End of Western Religion A Geological Exploration of an E2 Earthen Planet And the H2 Human Species
    H2onE2 is an exploration of the universe, ear



  • Hak5 – Channel

    • 1,377 videos

    Put together by a band of IT ninjas, security professionals and hardcore gamers, Hak5 isn’t your typical tech show. We take on hacking in the old-school sense.

    Trust your Technolust! Darrin Chickens.



  • Jack Fossett – Channel

    • 348 videos
    I am an independent guitarist and songwriter from Southern Maine. I play a blend of rock, blues and surf and have released three solo albums. In 2013 I was selected by Joe Bonamassa as a Guitar Center



  • SubscribedUnsubscribe7,487

    James Ambas – Channel

    • 705 videos
    How Was Your Day Today



  • Jason Unruhe – Channel

    • 2,710 videos
    This is the home of the Maoist Rebel News, the first and only source of Marxist perspective news. A reliable source of anti-capitalist opinion for the last 8 years. Here international politics, domest



  • Jer Jae – Channel

    • 106 videos



  • Joe Collins – Channel

    • 395 videos
    This channel is dedicated to promoting the EzeeLinux project which helps educate and inform viewers about the GNU/Linux operating system and the community that uses it. ๐Ÿ™‚



  • JoeDunSloan – Channel

    • 18 videos



  • John Bernay-Bernays – Channel

    • 146 videos
    63 Year Old Busking Guitarist living in a Cardboard Box in Down town Tijuana, Mexico.



  • John Mcafee – Channel

    • 121 videos
    Official channel for cybersecurity legend and 2016 US presidential candidate John McAfee. Home of McAfee Direct, a direct video link between The People and their candidate. The fight is on to restor



  • Johnnie Mae – Channel

    • 4 videos



  • johnny Jazz – Channel

    • 41 videos A Old Man in the Desert, with a JUNK-TRAIN of home built CAMPERS, Solar Panels, tons of Radio Gear, and Happy as a Pig in Shit!



  • Jp Foesad – Channel

    • 274 videos
    its all just lite shining thru crystal.
    its not the ends that justify the means, but the means that ultimately justify the ends.
    sum ppl arent much of anything, wile others r all or nothing.
    we r born



  • Kings of Horror – Channel

    • 674 videos

    Hey there, Fright Fans we LOVE all things horror. So, we conjured up Kings of Horror to bring you some of our favorite films.

    Vampires.. Zombies.. the Paranormal…You name it, we’ll play it!

  • Linux Scoop – Channel

    • 201 videos

    Welcome to the official Linux Scoop channel. This channel provide video about linux distribution and free open source software (FOSS).

    If you have youtube video related to linux and open source softw



  • Mary Jane Wilcox – Channel

    • 27 videos



  • masanoriutsumi – Channel

    • 271 videos
    Welcome to my channel!
    Please enjoy my backing tracks, my play and lessons.
    Remember to become friends with me on facebook!
    Thank you!



  • Media Ecology Association – Channel

    • 4 videos
    This is the Official YouTube Channel of The Media Ecology Association (MEA). The Media Ecology Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the study, research, criticism, and a



  • Movie Junkie – Channel

    • 59 videos
    Movie Junkie is the home to all things movies. Monster Analysis is the current drive right now, join in on the discussions around Visual Vs Practical effects and share your theories, trivia and produc


  • NewThinkable – Channel

    • 465 videos
    Welcome to NewThinkable! We provide regular uploads of unique and thought-provoking Audio Drama, Lectures, and Audiobooks.



  • Night Mind – Channel

    • 114 videos

    Your source for the dark, mysterious, horrifying, and strange. Reviews, explanations, stories, and more.

    Once the sun falls, it’s time to open up your Night Mind.




  • Nightmare Expo – Channel

    • 50 videos

    My name’s Ryan and welcome to Nightmare Expo.

    This is an analytical channel where I cover everything eerie that I come across on YouTube and the Internet. Here, you’ll find my take on unexplained in



  • Odyssey Podcast – Channel

    • 50 videos


  • ONF – Channel

    • 862 videos

    L’ONF est l’organisme public canadien de production et de distribution de films.

    N’oubliez pas de vous abonner ร  notre chaรฎne:



  • Polar79 – Channel

    • 506 videos
    ” Nobody else can see or feel as you do, they never will. The preciousness of the individual ; The purpose which is your ? Life ! ”
    – Wilhelm Reich” Nature is visible Spirit ; Spirit is invisible Na



  • Profound Talks – Channel

    • 113 videos
    Hello guys, this channel brings the best and most profound talks from intellects and best spiritual teachers. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel for daily spiritual and profound talk videos. ๐Ÿ™‚



  • Proper Gander – Channel

    • 231 videos
    Propaganda, war, banks, conspiracy, national debts, the Federal Reserve, the corrupted elite, public relations, the attack on our health, the so-called ‘new world order,’ Bilderberg Group, revolution,



  • pukulu – Channel

    Mostly I make comments to videos. I rarely upload videos of my own. Most of my comments pertain to sumo, ecology, politics or current events.



  • quidsup – Channel

    • 753 videos
    Long time Linux reviewer, and creator of anti-tracking system NoTrack.
    I also focus on IT Security News, Ubuntu, KDE, and Kodi Tutorials, Linux Gaming, and App Reviews.My current OS of choice is KDE



  • RarestRecords – Channel

    • 126 videos
    This channel is a way of sharing incredibly rare Prog/Psych/Folk/Glam music mainly from the 1970`s with youtubers, it will feature some of the rarest ever vinyl releases, many complete Albums with pho



  • Reg523 – Channel

    • 137 videos



  • Reverend KM Williams – Channel

    • 189 videos
    Rev KM Williams is a Real Ordained Minister and a Modern version of OLD School Texas Country Bluesmen like Lightin Hopkins and Blind Lemon Jefferson ;Guitar Evangelists Blind Willie Johnson and Rev. P



  • Reynaldo Squillante – Channel

    • 1,012 videos
    Hey it’s me Reynaldo Baby!



  • Robert Conti Jazz Guitar – Channel

    • 160 videos
    A sampling of performance and educational videos by jazz guitarist Robert Conti, including numerous videos submitted by students worldwide demonstrating what they were able to learn from the Conti lin



  • Ronald Arjune – Channel

    • 58 videos



  • Rustyfishplate – Channel

    • 170 videos

    Socialist bastard.

    Model maker.

    Subversive humorist.

    You’ll find here my Russian inspired train layout (the People’s Republic of Sodor or PRS), TV show clips, some memery, and some other shit. What



  • Ryan Reeves – Channel

    • 179 videos
    I am Associate Professor of Historical Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Dean of the Jacksonville campus. My PhD was in Historical Theology from Cambridge University, and my goals he



  • Sam Bowne – Channel

    • 363 videos



  • soundlyawake [Nicola Foti] – Channel

    • 692 videos
    Oh hey! I make weekly comedy videos with my face. Some of those times my face is supposed to be someone else’s face. As in I play a few different characters. Sometimes you’ll also find spoofs, Q&As, m



  • Steve Giordano – Channel

    • 79 videos



  • Sunny Lowdown Music – Channel

    • 60 videos
    Sunny Lowdown’s playing draws from the music of John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Jesse Mae Hemphill and R.L. Burnside. Sunny has worked with many of his favorite blues singers, inclu


  • TechCrunch – Channel

    • 7,831 videos
    TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news. New episodes daily.



  • TekThing – Channel

    • 233 videos
    Whether tech is a passion, or something you deal with because you have to, we think you’ll find something useful in every episode of TekThing! Hosted by Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse, every week you can see Ahannon without Darrin Chickens.



  • Temple of Theola – Channel

    • 100 videos
    Temple of Theola is group of people who are Gnostic Theolalites, they believe in Gnosis (knowledge) Sophia (wisdom) and Veritas (truth) and the Great Work which leads to it. Spiritual Royalty, Grail C
  • The CyberWire – Channel

    • 480 videos A DIRECT CHANNEL OF THE N.S.A. and C.I.A.
    • Propaganda directed toward American Citizens.
    The CyberWire is a free, Government-driven cyber security news service. Based in Baltimore, our mission is to provide a relevant and intelligently organized daily digest of the critical news happening according to the C.I.A. and N.S,A.



  • The Guitologist – Channel

    • 456 videos
    A Guitologist’s Channel featuring demonstrations of vintage, high-end, unusual and rare guitars, amps, and related equipment. I also do amp conversions and modifications and the occasional repair and



  • The WKY KTVY KFOR Archives brought to you by the Oklahoma Historical Society – Channel

    • 347 videos
    Spanning nearly thirty years the WKY, KTVY, KFOR film collection contains the photo journalistic historical record of the state of Oklahoma from 1953 to 1979.Through news footage, documentaries, an



  • Thom Hartmann Program – Channel

    • 10,373 videos

    Thom Hartmann is live Monday to Friday from 12 to 3 PM ET. Call in on 202-808-9925

    Watch the re-run of the three hour program as a supporter at Patreon

    The Thom


  • Three Arrows – Channel

    • 12 videos
    Doing stuff about the bad history on the far-right and more.


  • Trish Robinson – Channel

    • 4 videos


  • Valur รžรณr – Channel

    • 32 videos
  • VulgarTrader – Channel

    • 87 videos
    This YouTube channel works as an extension of and covers everything from financial news to the extremely esoteric. Basically, any revolutionary thing that interests us is discusse



  • W5AWG – Channel

    • 86 videos
    Creative Commons
    CC0 1.0 Universal
    Official translations of this legal tool are available in other languages. CREATIVE COMMONS CORPORATION IS NOT A LAW FIRM AND DOES NOT PROVIDE LEGAL SERVICES. D



  • whip’s cheap guitars – Channel

    • 13 videos
    This channel is all about getting the biggest bang for you buck, when it comes to guitars and music gear. We’re in the golden age of affordable instruments and you don’t need expensive gear to get GRE



  • WianTreetin – Channel

    • 33 videos
    3 NEW MOVIES ON VIMEO’m Not on Facebook— That is Someone Else

    AFFE in full



  • Xavier Ortega – Channel

    • 9 videos



  • Yaxeni Y Ricardo Los Luzeros De Rioverde – Channel

    • 180 videos
    Yaxeni Y Ricardo Dueto Los Luzeros De Rioverde Musica 100%Nortena Bajosexto y Acordeon Yaxeni 7 anios acordion y segunda voz Ricardo 5 anios primera voz y Bajoquinto



  • Zontar Venus – Channel

    • 107 videos
    Your only pipeline to the Master Zontar.



  • ๐‘บ๐’๐’‘๐’‘๐’”๐’๐’†๐’—๐’†๐’ – Channel

    • 157 videos
    i like all kinds of music and i like doing simple videos using Movie Maker. That pretty much sums this channel up.



About homelessholocaust

I actually do not write most of these articles, I collect them here, for my personal useage, I find Some Other's enjoy them as well, which is a side effect of my Senility. As I am a Theosophist, and also study Vedanta Society of Northern California, so Your Visitation from the Akashic records to approve my feebile works gives me Great Hope! I am 68, years old, I will Come To You in another 30 or so years. You Reinforces my Belief that in my Sleep I visit The Akashic Records when I remember my dream's. I keep notes about 'Over There." the Colour of Daylight is Darker, but the Life is Brighter, property has no meaning, and it is homish. are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, the present lives, and possible future lives. Each soul has its Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. The Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records is where all soulsโ€™ Akashic Records are stored energetically. In other words, the information is stored in the Akashic field (also called zero point field). The Akashic Records, however, are not a dry compilation of events. They also contain our collective wisdom.
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