Fetzer & Kozlowski = Unbearable


Fetzer & Kozlowski = Unbearable

I will admit that I like Jim Fetzer.  His work on Sandy Hook is second to none as I have pointed out here. However, he is hard headed and at the end of this year I suspect, he will have a bit of pie on his face for his pompous attitude and inability to understand deception. This post is an answer to his video called  “The Flat Earth Challenge • The Spherical Model Scientifically Proven” which he posted on 6/29/2016.

In that video, he basically just repeats what he was taught and assumes what he has been told is correct which is the equivalent of me saying, “Everybody knows that Sandy Hook was well explained by the media and on online sites like Wikipedia. It was when 20 year old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children between 6 and 7 years old, as well as six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He also shot and killed his mother at their Newtown home and as police arrived on the scene, Lanza committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.”  Now of course, those who have done research and not simply accepted what they were told about the event, know that deception is at play and no one knows this better than Fetzer. But for some reason, the one thing Jim cannot see for himself, in particular the shape of where he lives, he’d rather take men’s word for it. He will soon see why that can no longer be an option in the world we find ourselves living in.

Jim’s video can be found directly below. If you can watch the entire video then you are a better and more patient individual than I. It is a tough watch as the video is a conversation of sorts between God and Jim Fetzer. Well, his name is actually Jesse Kozlowski and he is very proud of his standing as President of the United States. Ooops, I mean as a  “Professional Land Surveyor specializing in geodetic surveying”.  Well, he’s not God or the President but you may not know it by listening to the video. He has many of the same qualities of God… he cannot be deceived, is never wrong and can even make demands and requirements of people. Are we allowed to just throw out decrees now?  Okay, science listen up. Until you have a complete dinosaur skeleton, you are hereby forbidden to teach the idea of dinosaurs one more day. Sweet! That feels good.

Yeah, well, I am not very fond of Jesse who wants to open his dialogue by saying he hates the way that Globe believers and Flat believers go at each other and call each other names. Then, he comes across like he is above everyone else and is the only one capable of delivering facts. He makes blanket statements as if they are true across the board and then calls them false. He simply demeans others, talks down to them and he even says we need to go out and get a surveyor to show us the truth. It is the exact same thing as some Catholic telling me to go to a priest if I wish to know the truth about the afterlife. He “throws down the guantlet” and asks flat earthers to answer the following six challenges…

1) Explain how latitude and longitude work on the Flat Earth.
2)Explain why the vertical plumb direction is always tilted away from the middle between any two points at the ends of any horizontal line no matter how long or how short the length is, or the orientation of the line in any cardinal direction, or the terrain along the lin, over water or lane.
3)Look through the telescope of a simple leveling instrument (aka ‘dumpy level’ or ‘auto-level’) and draw a sketch of the horizontal cross hair intersecting a distant city, or a prominent object or structure, or other prominent land feature visible in the distance. Preferably, take a picture through the eye piece and capture what you see.
4)Learn to apply the curvature formula (8 inches x miles ^ 2) correctly by aligning the computed results. Performing #3 will make this obvious to you.
5)Draw the results of #3 and #4 to scale in a computer drawing program.
6)Present the technical details to demonstrate exactly how the claim that “GPS works from cell towers” actually operates.

Here is this truly painful video that must have been made under the assumption that Jesus Christ, Buddha and Confucius were all Professional Land Surveyors and wrote the official guide for land surveying. After the video will be my response.

U33ntitled picture     Lets begin by reading what is over on the right side of the page. It says and I quote under 11.2 in the survey handbook, “Fundamentals of Surveying assuming the earth to be a plane area is not serious if the area measured is small say, within 50km.”  WHAT? 50 km?  50km is 30 miles!  The curvature or line of sight drop at 30 miles is 500 feet! Yeah, that’s who I want constructing my bridge or my freeway. “Hey guys don’t worry about that drop of the land taller than the Statue of Liberty. It isn’t important when we do land surveying.”  Give me a break!

You will also notice it mentions a Heron The Elder who was a Greek who lived in Alexandria 150-100 bc. Now, in the video both Jesus Christ and Mr. Fetzer laugh at the idea that Eratosthenes may not have existed. How funny!  Clearly he was the great Alexandrian Librarian and people talk about him so of course he is real right? Well, Heron The Elder has a lot to say on surveying and triangles, measurements and geometry. I wonder his opinion of your man Eratosthenes…  Look hard and you may need to keep looking. He was only from the same city and only shortly after the man of renown calculated the curvature of the Earth. Ooops, looks like Heron forgot to mention him. But I am sure you guys have the answer. You know what is and isn’t true without doing the research. Type in “Earth is a ball” into Google and whatever pops up equals truth right? That’s how deception works!  Or would it work differently perhaps? Like putting the easy answers in front of the clowns who only do minor research and making them think they are so smart with all their knowledge?

Jesse thinks he is so smart and he shows himself to be clueless.  Not just him but Mr. Fetzer as well. I’m not sure they realize how they truly look acting like that.  Do they actually think people think they sound smart?  First of all, you said that if the earth is flat, then satellites don’t exist. Ever heard of a balloon Jesse? Take a look at this article here. And note the quote towards the end. The article starts with,

“Former NASA astronaut Ron Garan is joining the private spaceflight company World View, which promises to bring people on a gentle ride to the edge of space aboard a huge balloon, as its chief pilot. Garan will fly the first World View mission high above the Earth, allowing passengers to see the planet below them and the black sky above.”  Then, at the end of the article it is stated,

“The company’s proprietary balloon technology is used as a satellite orbiting the planet or hovering over a single location for many months, allowing for a myriad of research and commercial applications, World View said.”

Or simply look up what Google Loon is doing… this is not hard to figure out Jesse…

“Loons shall use patch antennas which are directional antennas to transmit signals to ground stations or LTE users. Some smartphones with google SIM cards can use Google internet services. The whole infrastructure is based on LTE in which eNodeB is carried in the balloon which will travel across the globe and connect to users and EPC network.”

Wake up Jesse. Your little giggle and “better than you” attitude is gross. You look like a fool. You just bring up articles that state that the Earth is not flat and laugh as if that must be truth. Because it popped up in your internet search. Have you ever been deceived before? Do you understand that this is a deception? The things that come out of your mouth are brainless. Explain to you how they mask signals coming from cell towers to appear as if they come from satellites? I give you so much more credit than that. Mistake on my part I guess. You can download data sheets here that will tell you exactly how. In that data sheet it says how satellite communications are used for GPS Satellite Phones but I hope you get the idea. There are more than one way that things can happen. Just because they tell you things go x, y, z… doesn’t mean that is the only way they work. Things can go x, y, b, z or even a, c, d, c, x, b, b, z…  All you care about is the end result. It is called deception clown.

“The network is considered a meshed constellation of interconnected, cross-linked satellites so that each satellite “talks” with the other nearby satellites in front, behind and in adjacent orbits. Thus, the satellite network – much like a cellular network – hands off voice or data communications automatically from one spot beam to another within the satellite footprint, and from one satellite to the next as they pass overhead. The call is relayed from satellite to satellite around the constellation without touching ground until it is downlinked at an Iridium gateway and subsequently patched into the public switched telecommunication network (PSTN) for transmission to its destination. And this all happens in fractions of seconds and is completely seamless to the end user.

Jesse certainly is more intelligent than I am. That’s for sure… he clearly proves that fact here:


Audio Player


press play above for the sound clip


You are right Jesse. How dare we question what we are told. We just need to get real. I mean it is so obvious and well understood that the 75% of the world covered in water clearly follows the shape of the earth. So obvious. It has been shown in some experiments I think. Oh wait, no it hasn’t. Well, at least we have seen in a lab and vacuum how water sticks to the surface of a ball… Oh wait, we haven’t. Well, you can insert a gravity joke here because THAT is true and proven. Just like the ride The Gravitron at the County Fair where you get in, it spins you and gravity pulls you to the center. Remember that Jesse?  Me either.


Please stop acting like you are smart Jesse. It doesn’t fit you. Congratulations for going to school and learning how great your equipment measures the Earth. I guess since it is a deception they should have told you exactly what your machine does and how the Earth is flat and you are just to pretend there is curvature.  WAKE UP!  Jesse may think that it is all ridiculous but he fails to understand the idea of a deception. Deception means: the act of deceiving; the state of being deceived. something that deceives or is intended to deceive; fraud; artifice. He thinks that we must assume that all surveyors are Masons and in on some sort of conspiracy. Wrong Jesse. These guys are all just like you. You have been told that your instruments do what you think they do. You are not told that certain things are built into the equipment.

Untitled picture

Here is the layout that is given for his theodolite.  Notice the crazy pieces involved which may or may not be installed on his model. But these are TOOLS built for that particular trade. For example, do you ever watch pro bowlers and think, “Wow, look at the curve they put on that ball, that is unbelievable!” Well, did you know that bowling balls are heavily weighted as they are designed to curve in the direction the bowler wants. If there was deception involved, maybe the bowlers wouldn’t know. But bowling is safe. It is the measuring of the curvature if earth you should worry about. You can also see below the many devices built in which are meant to help give the data that they are looking for and the data needed to deceive a population. If the device was just for looking at seeing far, it would be a telescope. It doesn’t need an autocollimation eyepiece. Which would simply be a way of deceiving while Jesse tells us all how perfect his device is. Wake up Jesse!  Light from an origin point is collimated (made parallel) by a high quality objective lens. If the collimated beam falls perpendicularly onto a plane reflecting surface, the light is reflected back along its original path and is brought to a focus at a point coincident with the origin point. If the reflector is tilted through an angle θ, the reflected beam is deflected through an angle 2θ, and the image is displaced laterally from the origin. The amount of displacement is given by d=2θf where f is the focal length of the lens, and θ is in radians. Light from an illuminated target graticule at the focus of an objective lens is directed towards the lens by a beam splitter. After reflection by a mirror on the workpiece, the light returns through the Autocollimator and passes through the beam splitter, forming an image of the target graticule in the plane of an eyepiece graticule.

Untitle1d pictureUntitled picture

I could really go on for days on all the things that were said in this video that we so wrong but is it even worth it? Jesse and Jim think that whatever has been taught to us is true. There can be no deception when it comes to the Earth. I even think both men accept that the Apollo missions were faked but still want to trust NASA to launch 700 million dollar satellites to tell you your position on the ball when they have $1500 balloons that can. Yeah, no room for deception there. Nothing tempting about cleaning a smooth 700 million.

Jesse says that the two levels placed any distance, any line and in any length will show the angles off the level at more that 180 degrees. Well, are we using the tools designed to show an amount over 180 degrees? Jesse, you seem like a smart man but it is getting harder to believe that. In your 1 min 11 sec measurement you said there is error involved and taken numerous times would show variation but then you remind me of an astronomer and how they handle paralax… you state  “Random errors in surveying follow the laws of probability.”  Good for you. Did you know that a star may show paralax for 3 years at +1.3009 parsecs, then +1.3209 parsecs then +1.009 parsecs and then the fourth year may show negative paralax at -3.750 parsecs and guess what the astronomer does… they follow the laws of probability and say, it can’t be negative… I measured it wrong. Well,  1.22 parsecs was the average of my previous 3 years, so I’ll just put that, it was probable. Nice way to do science. Also, nice way to deceive people.

You also claimed that GPS is public data? Are you kidding me? Who needs to make a retraction video Jesse?

GPS is a Satellite Navigation System

  • GPS is funded by and controlled by the U. S. Department of Defense (DOD). While there are many thousands of civil users of GPS world-wide, the system was designed for and is operated by the U. S. military.
  • GPS provides specially coded satellite signals that can be processed in a GPS receiver, enabling the receiver to compute position, velocity and time.

Do I need to go over deception again?  As in someone coding your satellite signals and then having a GPS receiver that has to compute that position. To do what we are saying they are doing is FAR easier than inserting a 20 ton satellite into a geosync orbit that somehow always evades micrometeroids, space junk, the ISS etc. etc.

You say light is bending. So, could not that contribute to the tiny angle shift you see when doing your heart surgery. I mean Land Surveying.


Please explain this image Jesse. When you measure curvature that you say is always there, at times, shouldn’t you see reverse curvature? But this never happens to you and yet you say we need to take refraction into account when we do over the curvature observation?  Do you understand deception yet or must I continue?

Untitled p1icture

As seen above, the surveyors job is usually to simply sign a paper saying that the map that they have been given is accurately depicting the land they surveyed. Hmmm, I wonder if it will match. The entire science of Geodetic measurements is done with the assumption of a ball. That is how they were designed. If they show no curvature we have a problem because the were all built to fool you. They have done well.

Uneeetitled picture

You can read below a few select articles that will give you a better idea of the problem that we have in front of us. With people like Jesse and Jim going around walking on water, it may be difficult to teach people the nature of deception and how it means that EVEN THEY can be fooled.

Ummntitled picture

Unti1233tled picture

Untitled pictumre

So, before I answer your challenge Jesse.  Please answer me this since you understand curvature so well.


Refer to the image above and tell me. If I am at 12 o clock and am measuring to the marker before 3:00. The marker one short of 3:00. And I measure it as 5,625 miles and so using the 8″ x d^2 equation show 3,995 curvature. Then I realize I should just go all the way to 3:00 and get 4,932 miles of curvature in 6,250 miles traveled. Then my buddy wants to measure starting at 3:00 and heading up but only going to the first notch or measuring 625 miles. He gets 49 miles of curvature. But wait. I had found that same last section to be 937 miles of curvature and he found it to be 49 miles, a difference of 900 miles.  How can this be? Isn’t a circle constant curvature? How can the same segment be off 900 miles? And you may think I am doing the equation wrong… but I am simply measuring the same spot on earth from two different directions and getting a different amount of curvature for the same portion of a circle which is constant. Also tell me why the equation of 8″ per mile squared only is good for 1/4 ball? Is there really no equation for the curvature of Earth? You seem to think Rowbothem is responsible for this equation… so what is the equation you suggest?

And now to answer your challenge….

1) Explain how latitude and longitude work on the Flat Earth. 

The same way they work on a ball. How is this hard for you? See below.  I planted Salinas, CA   Niphon,   Aukland and  The Faukland Islands.  It is simple.

2)Explain why the vertical plumb direction is always tilted away from the middle between any two points at the ends of any horizontal line no matter how long or how short the length is, or the orientation of the line in any cardinal direction, or the terrain along the lin, over water or lane.

I have proven you wrong in my bedroom by setting up two levels ten feet apart and the vertical plumb line is NOT ALWAYS TILTED away and I used ANY two points and you said it didn’t matter how long or short the line was so sorry.

3)Look through the telescope of a simple leveling instrument (aka ‘dumpy level’ or ‘auto-level’) and draw a sketch of the horizontal cross hair intersecting a distant city, or a prominent object or structure, or other prominent land feature visible in the distance. Preferably, take a picture through the eye piece and capture what you see.

I have determined that the devices are intended to show curvature and would not be proof of anything other than as I have stated.
4)Learn to apply the curvature formula (8 inches x miles ^ 2) correctly by aligning the computed results. Performing #3 will make this obvious to you.

I assume that any correct curvature formula must work on the entire ball. 1/4 formulas seem strange to me.
5)Draw the results of #3 and #4 to scale in a computer drawing program.

No need to

6)Present the technical details to demonstrate exactly how the claim that “GPS works from cell towers” actually operates.

I have done that above.

Well, thanks for the challenge and laying down the gauntlet Jesse. If I was rude in my response, it might have something to do with your attempt at making me feel dumb because you are the all mighty and fact spitting surveyor royal. You need to realize that those who you think are slipping off the edge simply understand deception and also understand that their shit smells as bad as everyone else’s.  Thanks again.


Jim Fetzer: Getting it All Wrong

The fellow at right is Prof. James Fetzer, Distinguished McKnight University Professor at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Notwithstanding the fact that the Duluth campus should not be confused with the Tier 1 research university in Minneapolis, this is still a quite respectable academic credential. But where conspiracies are concerned, Fetzer has some rather odd beliefs.For example, he recently appeared on “Black Op Radio” to discuss the assassination and related topics. The following URL will take you to his interview.


At about 10:00 into the clip, you can hear Fetzer say that there is an “awful lot of evidence that throws the whole moon landing scenario into doubt.” That’s right, Fetzer thinks whether NASA landed men on the moon is an open question. The problem with such theories is obvious, as Fox News columnist Rand Simberg has pointed out:

Of course, the hardest part of the theory to buy is that NASA, an organization of thousands of people in a position to know, and its contractors, were all paid off, or threatened into never talking about how the lunar landings were staged. If NASA could actually pull that off, it would be a greater achievement than landing people on the moon. This would be one of the biggest stories of the century, but we’re asked to believe that in a government that leaks to the press like a shotgunned sieve, not only is no one talking, but also that all of the astronauts are lying as well. None of them will break ranks.

Yet Fetzer touts the “evidence” for a moon landing hoax apparently without even thinking about this problem.

How Many Shooters in Dealey Plaza

While lone assassin theorists think there was one shooter in Dealey Plaza, and conspiracists usually up that number to two or three, Fetzer outdoes them all. At about 15:40 in the clip above, he explains that:

. . . we actually know that eight, nine, or ten shots were fired in Dealey Plaza from what appear to have been six different locations.

How do we “know” this? In Murder in Dealey Plaza Fetzer quotes a photoanalyst in the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center who saw the Zapruder film several times on the weekend of the assassination. According to Fetzer, he “reported that . . . he had concluded that JFK was hit 6 or 8 times from at least three directions” (p. 10). How Fetzer upped the ante to eight or ten shots from six locations is unclear, but he appears to have outdone even Jim Garrison, whose scenario eventually included shots from five locations.How any conspiracy would expect that it could have shooters at six different locations and not have a least one in a location other than the Depository discovered is something Fetzer doesn’t bother to explain.

Terrorist Attacks

Fetzer doesn’t do any better when he talks about the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He doesn’t believe that American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757, actually hit the Pentagon! Rather, a cruise missle did. Fetzer discusses this issue at about 17:00 into the audio clip above. He even has an entire page of links to support his view.What actually happened to Flight 77 is something Fetzer doesn’t explain. And how there just happened to be five passengers aboard who had terrorist links is also something he doesn’t bother to explain, although one wouldn’t be suprised if he claimed that those links were all trumped up. As in the moon landing case, Fetzer doesn’t seem deterred by the sheer number of people who would have to be involved in a “Pentagon attack” conspiracy. He seems to somehow believe that the government can keep any number quiet.

What about his views on the Kennedy assassination? He’s a conspiracist, of course, and endorses the notion that the Zapruder film was somehow faked, forged, or tampered with. What of all the evidence against Oswald? In his book Murder in Dealey Plaza he dismisses it by claiming:

A research group . . . has discovered that JFK autopsy X-rays have been fabricated, autopsy photographs have been distorted or destroyed, the brain seen in official diagrams and photographs belonged to someone other than JFK, the autopsy report was a sham, and a great deal of the photographic record, including the Zapruder film of the assassination, has been edited by means of sophisticated techniques (p. ix).

Just who all had a role in this massive plot? Fetzer is not shy about naming names.

The fabrication of the X-rays, the substitution of someone else’s brain, revision of the autopsy, photographic fakery, and the destruction and alteration of other crucial evidence — including the Presidential Lincoln limousine . . . was carried out by specific individuals who have specific names, including the autopsy physicians, James J. Humes and J. Thorton Boswell; John Ebersole, the officer in charge of radiology; Secret Service agents Roy Kellerman and William Greer, who were in charge of the limousine at the time of the assassination; and the President’s personal physician, Admiral George G. Burkley, among others; but also unwitting employees of other governmental agencies, including two at the National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC), Homer McMahon and Bennett Hunter, who had a film of the crime in their hands the weekend it occurred.Others at the Pentagon, the CIA, and the FBI may bear greater or lesser degrees of responsibility for the alteration and destruction of evidence. . . . Others, whose specific names and specific roles are explained and explored in various of the studies that follow, however, obviously assumed leading roles in managing the evidence whose alteration and destruction was ingeniously contrived. If one where to ask why officers of the Navy, agents of the Secret Service, and other persons associated with the FBI and the CIA should have assumed such roles, the answer is all too obvious (p. x).

Saying something is “obvious” is a handy way to avoid explaining it, and especially handy if your explanation wouldn’t sound too convincing.Fetzer then sums up by asserting that all his claims have been solidly proven.

The complicity of medical officers of the United States Navy, agents of the Secret Service, the President’s personal physician, and other representatives of the Pentagon, the FBI, and the CIA provides powerful evidence that can serve as a premise in the appraisal of alternative theories about the assassination of JFK (p. 13).

The fact that Fetzer has to posit such a huge conspiracy to suppress, forge and tamper with evidence is an implicit admission that the case against Oswald is massive. If the Zapruder film shows the back of Kennedy’s head intact (while conspiracists insist that the back was blown out, indicating a shot from the Grassy Knoll), it must have been tampered with. If the limousine showed only bullet strikes from behind . . . well, it must have been hit from the front too or they wouldn’t have renovated it. If the autopsy photos and X-rays show Kennedy was hit twice from behind, well then of course they were forged also.Any theory must reject some evidence. Lone assassin theorists, for example, reject the testimony of many witnesses as “mistaken.” The question is: how plausible is a particular refusal to accept evidence? Where witnesses are concerned, the scientific evidence shows that their testimony is unreliable. Further, lone assassin theorists often reject particular witnesses when they find the majority of witnesses on the other side of the issue — as is the case of the “earwitnesses” in Dealey Plaza. In other cases, they reject witness testimony when it contradicts photographic evidence — as in the case of the claim that a Mauser and not Oswald’s rifle was found on the sixth floor of the Depository, or the claim that the back of Kennedy’s head was blown out.

But just how plausible is it to believe that a conspiracy the size of Fetzer’s could function successfully and keep its work secret for four decades? Americans should ask themselves, “is our government really that competent, and if so, why haven’t we noticed before now?”


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