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“The Committee on Public Information, also known as the CPI or the Creel Committee, was an independent agency of the government of the United States created to influence U.S. public opinion regarding American participation in World War I. Over just 26 months, from April 14, 1917, to June 30, 1919, it used every medium available to create enthusiasm for the war effort and enlist public support against foreign attempts to undercut America’s war aims. It primarily used propaganda techniques to accomplish these goals.”

“Among those who participated in the CPI’s work were:
Edward Bernays, a pioneer in public relations and later theorist of the importance of propaganda to democratic governance.[34] He directed the CPI’s Latin News Service.



At the 1919 Paris Peace conferance, Uncle Edward accompanied the President, and was Amazed at how he was hailed as a Saviour.

THIS IS A BALD FACE LIE The CPI’s poor reputation prevented Bernays from handling American publicity at the 1919 Peace Conference as he wanted.[35]

Vira Boarman Whitehouse, director of the CPI’s office in Switzerland. She repeatedly crossed into Germany to deliver propaganda materials. She later told of her experiences in A Year as a Government Agent (1920).[36]
Ernest Poole. Poole was the co Director of the Foreign Press Bureau division. Poole was awarded the very first Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for his novel, His Family.
Carl R. Byoir (1886 – 1957), like Bernays, a founding father of public relations in America.

Maurice Lyons was the Secretary of the Committee. Lyons was a journalist who got involved in politics when he became secretary to William F. McCombs, who was Chairman of the Democratic National Committee during Woodrow Wilson’s presidential campaign of 1912.
Charles Edward Merriam, a professor of political science at the University of Chicago and an advisor to several U.S. Presidents.”


“Edward Louis James Bernays (/bərˈneɪz/; German: [bɛɐ̯ˈnaɪs]; November 22, 1891 − March 9, 1995) was an Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda, referred to in his obituary as “the father of public relations”.[1]



He combined the ideas of Gustave Le Bon and Wilfred Trotter on crowd psychology with the psychoanalytical ideas of his uncle, Sigmund Freud.

He felt this manipulation was necessary in society, which he regarded as irrational and dangerous as a result of the “herd instinct” that Trotter had described.

AGAIN, YOU ERR–It was Le Bon who wrote ‘Crowd Psychology”

Adam Curtis was a writer who wrote a disinformation and lies about a dead man. Bernays was a happy successful & respected menber of society.

Always weak and no talent people are deviate and jealous, being nothings, they seek to tear down those their BETTERS.

[2] Adam Curtis’s award-winning 2002 documentary for the BBC, The Century of the Self, pinpoints Bernays as the originator of modern public relations, and Bernays was named one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th century by Life magazine”

So because he was successful then he is evil? What a evil little twerp. 


“Bernays refined and popularized the use of the press release, following its invention by PR man Ivy Lee, who had issued a press release after the 1906 Atlantic City train wreck.

Here is what all you creeping little shits think is awful..

One of the most famous campaigns of Bernays was the women’s cigarette smoking campaign in 1920s. Bernays helped the smoking industry overcome one of the biggest social taboos of the time: women smoking in public.

Prohibition was ratified  on January 29, 1919, the 18th Amendment went into effect a year later.

This was considered by Women as a Victory for Women’s Rights!


With the country mired in the Great Depression by 1932, creating jobs and revenue by legalizing the liquor industry had an undeniable appeal. Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt ran for president that year on a platform calling for Prohibition’s appeal

Women were only allowed to smoke in designated areas, or not at all. Women caught violating this rule were arrested.


WOMEN WERE GIVEN THE SAME RIGHTS AS MEN. So being ARRESTED for smoking a Cigarette was considered Terrorism against THEIR RIGHTS.

Ratified on August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granted American women the right to vote—a right known as woman suffrage. At the time the U.S. was founded, its female citizens did not share all of the same rights as men, including the right to vote.

Bernays did NOT stage the 1929 Easter  Parade. He got a small group of Society Ladies to pull off this stunt. He also informed the Press of another Bernaysan Photo Shoot and at what time the Girls would Strike a Match for Freedom.

My Grandmother was in New York City when this event, Nedra Bernays. She realy was impressed by Edward, while her Husband, John C. and Father-in-law, John E. accompanied  her, we lived in Muskogee , oklahoma.

She often told me had her father-in-law John Edward Bernays started a grand argument among all the relatives, including Edward Bernays, then ‘sailed out the door puffing a Cigar!’


She also related that A Suicide Banker on 5th. Avenue almost crushed her jumping out of a Skyscraper to death, she had turn into Macy’s Entry to look at a dress,when Thump. a man hit the sidewalk .

Did you know that during the Great Crash that Bankers felt Remorse at losing peoples money?

Today they threaten Congress to give them a 2 Trillion Dollar Bail Out.

you people are insanely stupid. Really, you voted for Trump?



[Bernays staged the 1929 Easter parade in New York City, showing models holding lit Lucky Strike cigarettes, or “Torches of Freedom”. After the historic public event, women started lighting up more than ever before.]

And you whole notion that my uncle was evil is repulsive. In 1929 Cigarette smoking was not even suspected of having health  consequences. . You haters always fail to set your mind to the Real Social structure of hat time.

Of course the mail reason for Cigarettes for Women was that American Women had taken up the British Snuff habit.

It was through Bernays that women’s smoking habits started to become socially acceptable. Bernays created this event as news, which it was not.

How was it not?

Bernays convinced industries that the news, not advertising, was the best medium to carry their message to an unsuspecting public.”

Unsuspecting Public? then you Admit that Bernays was correct when he spoke the quote “the word is governed by a select group.”

can you say times have changed in 2017?

“In Bernays’ mind, the belief that propaganda and purposely created news were legitimate tools of his business, along with his ability to offer philosophical justifications for these beliefs that ultimately embraced the whole democratic way of life, set his work in public relations apart from what ad men did.


The Bernays essays “A Public Relations Counsel States His Views” (1927) and “This Business of Propaganda” (1928) show that Bernays regarded advertising men as special pleaders, merely paid to persuade people to accept an idea or commodity. The public relations counsel, on the other hand, he saw as an Emersonian-like creator of events that dramatized new concepts and perceptions, and even influenced the actions of leaders and groups in society.”


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