Black People : The Caucasian Race Like To Refer To Themselves As Europeans

Black People : The Caucasian Race Like To Refer To Themselves As Europeans

The Caucasian Race Like To Refer To Themselves As Europeans . When In Actuality , Europen Is Not A Nationality .

By That I Mean , When They Are Telling You Of Their Origin , It Always End Up With Some Mythological Gods .——-> For Instance , If I Ask Where Did White People Come From ? They Say Europe . Where In Europe From The Cave .


Which Is The Meaning Of The Word ” Horite ” Cave Dweller ” .

They Were Created In The Caves , Which I Will Explain Later .

The Word Europe Comes From The Goddess Europa , So Where Is The Origin ? If You Trace Europe Back Past A Certain Time …——–>

. It Didn’t Even Exist .

The Place Known As Europe Today . In Ancient Times . Was Divided By Two Rivers , Namely The Rhine The Dunube .

The South And West Side Of This Frontier , Which Would Be Portugal , Spain , Italy And France , Were Civilized Provinces Of This Empire .


The North And East Of This Frontier Were Inhabited By The Caucasian Or ” Barbarians ” Whom The Civilized World Had Almost No Knowledge Of . If You L00k At Any Nationality Of The European Race . You Will Find That There Is No Way To Trace Back Their History . They Don’t Have  Origin Or  Nationality On This Planet , So They Have To Make It Up .

A. When You L00K up The Word Europe Or European , There Is No Meaning Or Word Break Down . For Example ; The Continent Of Europe Itself Was Named After The Greek Mythological Goddess Europa .—->

Europa — A Mortal Princess Daughter Of Agenor And Sister Of Cadmus . Zeus . As He Often Did , Fell In Love And Decided He Must Have Europa . He Change Himself Into A White Bull And While She Was Bathing At The Seashore , He Lured Unto His Back And Swam Off To Crete . Europa Was Also Given A Spear That Never Missed Its Mark And A Dog That Always Found Her Prey . Europa Later Married Asterius , King Of Crete . When She Died Zeus Made Her A Fertility Goddess ” .

Taken From ” A Comprehensive Dictionary Of The Gods ” P . 65 By Anne S. Baumgartner ;…. Notice That It Says Zeus Turned Himself Into ” White Bull ” To Lure Europa . This Is Why The The White Man Calls Himself ” White ” Or The White Race , Which Is Referring To This White Bull . In Actuality , The White Race Is Not ” White ” Because White Is Synonymous With Pure . And He Is A Degenerated Gene . This Is His Subliminal Way Of Saying He Is Pure , And You Being The Opposite , Are Not . This Is Not True .

According To The Reference Library Dictionary , Caucasian Means; Of . Relating To . Or Being A Major Human Racial Division Traditionally Distinguished By Physical Characteristics , Such As Very Light To Alnibo White to brownish tan, Skin Pigmentation And Straight To Wavy Or Curly Hair . And Including Peoples Indigenous To Europe , Northern Africa , Western Asia , And India No Longer In Scientific Use . ”

Notice It Said , ” Brown Skin Pigmentation ” . Who Are They Trying To Fool ? Also Notice The Definition Is Said To No Longer Be In Scientific Use .

I’ m Sure You Can See Why . In Fact , When You Look At The Word Caucasian , You Will Find It is Mountains, where the KKK and White Trash Prejudiced whites still live in caves and shacks, screwing daughters and beasts with for legs, also.

Will Find That It Refers To The Inhabitants Of The Caucasus Mountain . Caucasian , Which Is Carcass – Asian , Meaning ” Deterioration Asian ” These Asians Are The Hindus Who Are Also Known As The Aryans . Aryan Is From The Sanskrit Word Meaning ” Noble ” . The Hindu Or Asian Man Is The Same As The Caucasian Man ; And If You Were To Strip The Color Off From The Aryan Hindus Or East Indians . You Will Get An Albino Hindu Or A Deteriorating Asian , A Caucasian . They Both Have The Features And Face Structures .
The Holy Tablets , Chapter Three , Tablets 3 , Verse 150 – 154 ;

A Region Between The Black Sea On The West And The Caspian Sea On The East . A Great Mountain Range , Which , Raises To Eighteen Thousand Five Hundred And Ten Feet At Mount Elbrus , From The Word Abras Meaning Leprrosy In Ashuric . Caucasia . A Part Of Russia . Has An Area Of One Hundred And Seventy Thousand Square Miles . The Greek Named It Caucasia , The Home Of The Khawaja Also Called Flugelrods . As They AreCalled In Al Manee Or What Is Called Germany Today . Their Original Names Is Halaabean , Or Hulub , To Distinguish Themselves From The Caucasians .

The Caucasus Mountain Is In Between The Black Sea And The Caspian Sea .

And I Know You Wouldn’t Want To Identify With The Word Black .

If You Take The Caspian Sea . And Put It Over The Tigris – Euphrates River . It Would Fit Perfectly .

And The Caucasus Mountain Would Be Overlaying The Phoenician Valley . Which Consist Of Mount Seir , The Mountian That The Horites Inhabited . Phoenicia Is Also The Land Of Haran .

Where Lot Went After His Father Died , As Mentioned In Genesis 11 ; 31 And I Quote . And Terah took Abram his son , and Lot the son of Haran his son’s son and Sarai his daughter in law , his son Abram’s wife ; and they went forth with them from ‘ Ur ” of the Chaldees —–>

, to go into the land of Canaan ; and they came unto Haran , and dwelt there ;…

And Haran Is Also The Name Of Lot’s Father , Which Means ” Mountaineer .

” The Land Of Canaan Is The Land Of Haran , And This Is Where The Caucasian People Lived . ;…

Some Of The Children Of Canaan Inhabited Mountainous Regions , Because The Climate Was More Suitables For Their Lack Of Pigmentation .

The Horites , Meaning Mountaineer , Were One Of These Tribes That Lived In The Mountains. They Lived In Mount Seir . Also Called Mount Hor .

Mount Seir Is A Range Of Mountains That Covered Much Of Edom . Edom Is In Present Day Southern Israel And Jordan .

The Amorite Meaning ” Mountain Dweller ” Is Another Tribe Of Canaan That Lived In The Mountains .

The Amorites Lived In East Canaan And West Of Jordan .

If You Lookup The Word Nationality , You Will See What They Doesn’t Fall With – In The Meaning Of This Definition . ——>According To Mindscape Complete Reference Library , The Word Nationality Means ; #1 . The Status Of Belonging To A Particular Nation By Origin , Birth , Or #2 Naturalization . ——————->There Is No Continent Where They Can Be Found Originally .—-> They Are The Ones That Conqureded Or Took Someone Else’s Land . —————–>And Then Exterminated The Indigenous Inhabitants .

Then The Dutch , Who Came Into South Africa And Generations Of Them Were Born There , Eventually Calling Themselves Afrikaners . Where They Are Not Accepted In Africa As A People . Ask Yourself This . How Can They Set Up Apartheld In A Country . Where The Indigenous , And Still The Majority Of The Population Are Moors ? If They Wanted To Be Separated . They Should Have Stayed In The Continent They Claim To Be Theirs . The Europeans

Pale Race Are Like A Bump . And That’s Why Mother Nature Is Trying To Get Rid Of Them ; And Even In Australia , The Aborigine Are Rising Up Against Them Trying To Take Their Land Back ..They Want To Claim The Rites To Their Land . England Sent Their Criminals , Which Were The Dutch And The Irish To Australia . They Are The Ones That Commit Most Of The Crimes In Australia . Now They Are Beating Up The Aborigines Who Are Rightfully Trying To Take Back What Is Theirs . The Pale Man Is Never Given Any Naturalization Rite From Any Government Of Any Country . So . They Don’t Have Any Nationality . Any Biblical Word That Is Used To Refer To Them Such As ; Amorite Caucasian , Horite . Hittite , Is A Mountainous Place

. They Don’t Belong To A Particular Nation .

They Weren’t Born Anywhere . Because

They Were An Artificially Created Being Not Even A Human Being .

So By The Previous Definition . They Are A Race Without A Nationality . Whenever They Trace Their History To Greece . They Always Go Back To Mythology . The European History Begins In Greece Sometime Between 1200 And 800 B.C. These Approximate Dates . By No Means . Mark The Beginning Of Human Civilization In Europe , Where Various Cultures Had Arisen During The Millennia Of Prehistory .——————->

However . Neither These Cultures Nor The Older Adjacent Civilzations Of Egipt And The Near East , Influenced European Development To The Extent That Greek Civilization Did . The Early Greeks Were Among Thousands Of Indo – Europeans Who Swarmed Into Western Europe From Central Asia . Beginning After 1200 B.C. The Nomadic Gypsy Tribes—————-> Knowen as————-> Odorians–>immorality—->duality—> dorians

——–> Dorians Settled In The Mountainous Peninsula Of Greece And Its Offshore Islands . They Developed A Wide Variety Of New Ways Of Living From The Sea And By Trade . The Dorians Were One Of A Hellenic People That Invaded Greece Around 1100 B.C. And Remained Culturally And Linguistically Distinct Within The Greek World . The Word Dorian Is From The Latin Dorianus From Dorius From Greek Dorios From Doris , Doris . ——->

Now . If You Look In The Dictionary Under Greece . You Get The Meaning ;- Hellas Or Ellas Officially Hellenic Republic , Republic ( 1992 Est . Pop . 10,064,000) . 50.944Sq. Mi ( 131.945 Sq Km

Se Europe . Occupying The S . Balkan Peninsula , It Is Bordered By The Ionian Sea ( W ) . The Mediterranean Sea ( S ) . The Aegean Sea ( E ) . The Turkey And Bulgaria ( Ne ) Macedonia ( N ) . And Albania ( Nw ) .

The Name Hellas Is Taken From Helen , Daughter Of Zeus And Leda ; And Hellenes . , So Of Deucalion And Pyrrha . His Sons . Dorus , Xuthus , And Aeolus , Where The Progenitors Of The Principal Greek Nations ——->

———–> The Dorians , Ionians , Achaeans . And Aeolians .————–>The Hellenistic Culture Is The Greek Culture .—————> As Well As The German Culture , Being That They Both Share The Shame Mythology .

This Makes Them Linked To Each Other , Which Is Why You Will Find Germans With Similar Names , Such As Helen . The Greek Goddess , Where You Get The Word ” Hell ” From . ———————–> Greeks Sodomy

It Is No Coincedence That The Holy Woman Responsible For Modern Freemasonry Etc . Is Helena P . Von A.K.A. Madame Blavatsky , Who Was Of Austria , Hungary Germanic Decent .

However , Helen Or Hel . The German Goddess , Was The Goddess Of The Furthest Section Of Niflheim . This Word Neflheim Sounds Out The Hebrew Word Nephiliam Meaning ” Those Who Fell Down Or Were Cast Down To Earth——————————>

Both Stemming From The Same Root . The Greeks Also Try To Link Themselves Back To The Ionians Of The Bible . However , The Bible Has Not Verified Itself As Fact .

Its What You Call Accepted Fact , It Has Not Been Confirmed Or Proven As Of Yet .

There Are Confirmed Facts And There Are Accept Facts . The Pictures On The Wall Are Confirmed Facts , The Bible Is “And Accepted” Fact Because Nothing In It Has Been Proven .


The Caucasian Race Has No Pictures On Walls That Tell Of Their History , As With The Sumerians , Egiptures , Native Americans , Mayans , Chinese , Aztecs . Etc . The Rabs Have Put Themselves In A Bad Position When It Comes To Verifying Your History . Because—————————————> They Believe That You Are Not Allowed To Draw Pictures , They Have Not Allowed Themselves To Be Carved In Stone . Which Would Last Through Time .

So If Your Society Cannot Verify Itself , Then It Becomes A Myth And That Is Why So-Called Europeans Cannot Be Traced Back In History .

Most Of Your So -Called European Countries Have Germanic Roots . If You LQQk Up The Word German . You Will Find It Means ” Offshoot ” According To The Refernce Library , The Word German Comes From The Middle English Germain , From Old French From Latin Germanus From Germen , Meaning ” Offshoot ” . This Confirms Right Here That The Germans Were An Offshoot Of The Greeks . Which Is Why They Share The Same Mythologies .

Spain ; = Spain Is A Country Of Southwest Europe Comprising Most Of The Iberian Peninsula And The Balearic And Canary Islands . Inhabited Since The Stone Age . The Region Was Colonized By Phoenicians And Greeks And Later Ruled By Carthage And Rome After 201 B.C. Again Taking You Back To Phoenicians , Which Is Just The Color Purple . Spain Also Takes You Back To Greek And Rome Mythology . < No Nationality !!!! >

Romans ; The Reference Library Defines The Word Romans As ; ” Of Or Relating To Ancient Of Modern Rome Or Its People Of Culture From – Middle English From Old English Roman Or From Old French Romain , Both From Latin Romanus From Roma . ” Rome ” . Rom Is Also Another Name ForThe Roman Catholic Church . The Roman Empire

Was Named After Mythological Characters . Name Romulus And Remus . Romulus . In Roman Lengend , Was The Founder Of Rome . Romulus And His Twin , Remus , Were Sons Of Mars And Rhea Silvis . Daughter Of Numittor , King Of Alba Longa . Amulius , Usurper Of Numitor’s Throne . Thew Them In The Tiber , But They Floated Ashore . They Were Suckled By A She – Wolf And Reared By A Shepherd . When Grown . They Slew Amulius And Made Numitor King . They Then Founded A City ( Traditionally 753 B.C. ) On The Spot Where They Were Rescued From The Tiber . They Later Quarreled , And Romulus Killed Remus . Romulus Populated Rome With Fugitives From Other Countries AndGave Them Wives Abducted From The Sabine Tribe . Rome Again Takes You Back To A Legend . < Mythology !!!! >

Swiss ; Swiss Is Of Or Relating To Switzerland . Its People Of Culture , From The French Suisse From Middle High German Swizer From Swiz ” Switzerland . This Takes You Back To The Germans , Who Were Of Greece , Who Believed That They Were Descendants Of Helen . Daughter Of Zeus . Switzerland Was Named After Scwyz . One Of Its Ancient Cantons , Which Means A Corner Of Land , < Again No Nationality >

Yugoslavia ; According To The Comprehensive Etymolog Dictionary Of The English Language Yugosslave Is ; An Inhabitant Of Yugoslavia . Compounded Of Serbo – Croatin Jugo , Meaning ” South ” , From Jug , Meaning ” South , South Wind , Noon , And Slav , Serbo – Croatian Jug Derives Fr . Oslav . Jugu , ( Whence Also Oczech , Slovak , Etc . Juh , Czech . Jih ) . Meaning ” South ” . Whence Also Oslav . Jutro , Morning ” . Yugoslavia Is A Country Of Southeast

Europe Bordering On The Adriatic Sea . It Was Formed In 1918 A.D. As The Kingdom Of Serbs . Croats , And Slovenes After The Collapse Of The Austro – Hungarian Empire ; And Was Renamed Yugoslavia In 1929 A.D.

Paris ; Paris Is The Capital And Largest City Of France . It Is Located In The North – Central Part Of The Country On The Seine River . Paris Is From Fr . L . Luteria Parisiorum ( In Late L . Also Parisii ) . Which Is The Name Of A Gallic Tribe . AndGallic Comes From The Word Gaul . Which Is An Ancient Region Of Western Europe . South And West Of The Rhine River , West Of The Alps . And North Of The Pyreness , Corresponding Roughly To Modern Day France And Belgium . The Europeans Used The Name Paris From Paris , Son Of Priam And Hecuba Originated From Greek Mythology . As The Prince Of Troy , Whose Abduction Of Helen Provoked The Trojan War . Again Going Back To Greek Mythology .

Scandinavia ; Is A Region Of Northern Europ Consisting Of Norway , Sweden , And Denmark . Finland , Iceland , And The Faeroe Islands Are Often Included In This Region . According To The Refernce Library . Scandinavian Means ; Of Or Relating To Scandinavia Or To Its People , Languages , Or Cultures ; However , Scandinavian Also Means ; 1 . A Native Or Inhabitant Of Scandinavia . 2 . See North Germanic . Thus The Scandinavian Are Germans , Who Are Greek , And This Again Ties Into Greek Mythology .

Italy ; Is A Peninsula Of Southern Europe Projecting Into The Mediterranean Sea Between The Tyrrhenian And Adriatic Seas . The Italians Are The Inhabitants Of Italy . Italian Is Also The Romance Language Of The Italians And An Official Language Of Switzerland . Italian Comes From The Italian Word Italiano , From French Italia , From Latin Italia , From Vitelia . ” Italy ” Meaning Originally ” LandOf Cattle ” And Is Related To The Latin Vitulus , Meaning ” Calf .

Poland ; Is A Country Of Central Europe Bordering On The Baltic Sea . Polish Are The People Of Poland . According To The Reerence Library , Polish Is Of Or Relating To Poland Or Its People . Their Language Or Culture . The Word Polish Comes From TheMiddle English Polisshen , From Old French Polir Poliss – From Latin Polore ; From An Indo European Root . The Polish Language Is A Member Of The West Slavic Group Of The Slavic Subfamily And Of The Indo – European Family Of Languages . Polish Is Also The Slavic Language Of The Poles . Poles Are Defined As A Native Or Inhabitant Of Poland , A Person Of Polish Descent . The Word , ” Poles ” Comes From Greek Pole , Singular Of Polen . From Middle High German Polan , Plural Of Polane , From Poland , Poljane , Meaning ” Poles , Field Dwellers From—–> Pole, Meaning ” Field ” This Again Is Referring To Where They Dwelled .—–> Being Beast Of The Field As Mentioned In Genesis 3 ; 14 And I Quote , And the Lord God said unto the serpent , Because thou hast done this thou art cursed above all cattle . and above every beast of the field ; upon thy belly shat thou go , and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life . ;..———>. Not Signifying A Nationality . Also , If You Look Up The Word Polack , It Is An Offensive Slang Used As A Disparaging Term For A Person Of Polish Birth Or Descent ;——-> A Native Of Poland ; A Pole ; Polish Polak From Slavic Polje , ” Field ” ; In Indo – European Roots .
Just To Name Few
I read somewhere long ago that the Eastern Europeans (Slavs) were actually descendants of the Canaanites who were driven north by the Children of Israel as they migrated out of Egypt.

They pointed to the facts that like Canaan and his descendants who were cursed to be slaves, the Slavs (from which the word slave came) were the traditional slaves of other Europeans, Indians, and Arabs.

Also they have a region called the Baltic (Baal-tic) are named after the Canaanite god “Baal”.

IssaEl21; A very interesting post, indeed. Whether one agrees or not, it’s the perspective that really counts.

I guess that I just don’t care what they’re called. What I care about is what they call me.

I called refer to them as Europeans too.

Consider this:
“America, in fact, is nothing but Europe. The white people in America are not Americans but in fact Europeans. When we call them Americans we allow them to escape; we define them incorrectly. We should call them Europeans and understand that they took that continent from somebody else. WHen you call them Americans you forget that theywere Europeans, because you give them in fact the theory of native origin, that they came out of America. Where did Americans come from? They came from America – that is, somebody you call American. But, if you say they are Europeans (which is what they are), then the question arises as to where they came from – Europe.” – Kwame Ture.

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