Politicoons and the Occult

Politicians and the Occult


(How World Leaders rely on Psychics and New Age Advisers to run the World!)



Tony Blair


To Read how Tony Blair took advice from Fortune Teller Jack Temple (a pendulum dowser) Click Here


To Read how Cherie Blair  wears “magic pendants” blessed by New Age Guru Carole Caplin Click Here


To Read how Blair participated in a demonic ritual in Mexico with New Age Guru Nancy Aguilar in 2001 Click Here


To Read How Tony and Cherie Blair practiced a form of Crowley-like Sex Magick to conceive their fourth child Click Here


To Read how Cherie Blair casts a Witches Magic Circle Spell before important government meetings involving Tony Click Here


To Read how Cherie Blair symbolically declared herself a “Catholic Queen” when she met Pope Benedict the 16th in 2006 Click Here


To Watch how Tony Blair converted to Roman Catholicism even while practicing occultism with no censure from Pope Benedict Click Here


To Read how Tony Blair is running to be become President of the European Union which  now has new and strange dictator status Click Here







Bill Clinton


 “I have a lot of memories of De Molay. Really rich ones and all good. I enjoyed learning all the parts of the ritual… it meant a lot to me. I think it helped me develop my mind and helped me to develop my speaking ability. I remember the projects we did and the work that I did as a member of the team. Since I was an only child until I was aged ten and came from a small family, working with other people was a very important lesson I learned. A lot of my close friends today are people I met when I was in De Molay.”


President Bill Clinton


To Read how Clinton was a major  leader in the Masonic DeMolay Youth Group Click Here


To Read how the Clintons invited New Age Guru Jean Huston to channel spirits in the White House  Click Here








Jean Chrétien


To Read how Jean Chrétien ran for PM on the advice of TV Psychic Jo Jo Savard  Click Here


To Watch Jo Jo Savard’s Psychic TV Commercial from Canadian Television  Click Here







Richard Nixon


To Read how Nixon consulted with Soothsayer Jean Dixon Click Here







Gerald Ford is a 33 Degree Mason and participated in weird Masonic Rituals including the


occult  raising (Ressurrection) ritual mentioned on his Brotherhood Card








Ronald Reagan


To Read how the Reagans consulted with Astrologer Joan Quigley Click Here







Willie Claes


To Read how Willie Claus was implicated in Satanic Pedophilia Click Here


To Read how Willie Claus was responsible for the Rwandan Genocide Click Here


To Read how Willie Claus was fired as NATO Chief for accepting bribes Click Here


To Watch a Satanic Commercial for a Rock concert Willie Claes participated in Click Here




Major Figures in Popular Satanism


(There are many other “Satanic Leaders”  but these are the only significant ones)





Zeena LaVey (Schreck) (b. 1963) is Anton’s daughter and an icon  of Satanism


To Read how Anton LaVey abused his daughter and possibly fathered a child of incest  click Here


To View a  photograph of a preteen Zeena participating in a Satanic Ceremony with adult nudity click Here







Satanism’s rising star is Anton LaVey’s grandson (or son?) Stanton (b. 1978) who has recently taken an active role in the movement. 


Stanton LaVey should take medical tests to see if he is, or is not, a product of incest – only hard science can determine the truth


To read how Anton LaVey allowed Stanton to be molested by a Church  of  Satan member Click here


To read how Stanton’s mother Zeena tried to murder him and how he eventually wound up in prison Click Here





Peter Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan, eventually took over the reigns of the
Church of Satan which LaVey founded and  is influential in the Devil Worshiping community

Hear Peter Gilmore on “Speaking of  Strange”

To  Hear Part 1 click here

To  Hear Part 2 click here
To  Hear Part 3 click here
To  Hear Part 4 click here
To  Hear Part 5 click here

To Watch an interview with
Peter Gilmore Click Here
To Read a recent interview with Peter Gilmore Click Here
To Watch Peter Gilmore on the History Channel  Click Here

To Read how Peter Gilmore called the FBI about a Satanic Murderer Click Here


The most influential Satanist leader today is Boyd Rice .  A priest in LaVey’s church Rice emerged as the
most widely known Devil Worshiper on the planet.  Rice adopted the Cross of Lorraine (he wears one in the photo)
as his personal symbol

To Watch a Boyd Rice web site promo click Here 

To Hear Boyd Rice call for the murder of Christians click Here

To Hear Boyd Rice Interviewed on the Bob Larson Show
click Here

To Watch Boyd Rice sing the neo-Nazi anthemn “Total War” click Here

To watch Boyd Rice interviewed by neo-Nazi  Tom Metzger of WAR click here

To View Columbine shooter Eric Harris’  occult drawing of the Cross of Lorraine (page 62) 
click here

To Watch an interview with Boyd Rice where he defends Satanism and wears a clerical collar click here

To Read how Satanic killer  
Scott Dyleski carved a Cross of Lorraine into the back of his victim click here

To Watch a 1993 clip of Boyd Rice in a bowling alley discussing Satanism  (scroll ahead to 1:16:38)
click Here

To Watch a film which illustrates the importance of the Cross of  Lorraine as a Satanic & Occult Symbol  click here

To Hear Satanist leader Boyd Rice’s weird song where he claims to be behind the Columbine Shootings Click Here

This 1993 journal equated bowling, Satanism & murder and featured an article by Anton LaVey

More to Come!  Return Often!

Part Two: Modern Witchcraft and Crime

This web page is free – no purchase necessary  enjoy!
(c) William H. Kennedy


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