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Several Years ago San Diego was hit was Multi Million Dollar Fine & Had To GIVE $THOUSANDS$ To Homeless Victims!

San Francisco will pay MORE! It Will BREAK ED LEE’S ADMINISTRATION, the Prosecuting Attorney is ATTEMPTING a R.I.C.O. Indictment NOW of Ed Lee.

Seize a homeless person’s property? Not so fast, a federal judge tells L.A.

A federal judge Wednesday issued a preliminary injunction barring Los Angeles police and sanitation officers from seizing and destroying homeless people’s property without sufficient notice, and ordered the city to segregate and store impounded belongings where they can be recovered.

U.S. District Court Judge S. James Otero, in his ruling, said the city can confiscate or destroy contraband, crime evidence and hazardous material or rat-infested property that posed public health and safety issues.

But, he added, “The city, in many instances, appears to be confiscating all property, without differentiating the types of property at issue or giving homeless people a meaningful opportunity to separate essential medications or medical equipment from their other property.”

“Some of the individual defendants appeared to take away property from a person lying on the sidewalk, visibly suffering physical pain,” the judge said.

A spokesman for City Atty. Mike Feuer said his office was evaluating the ruling.
Lawsuit says L.A. endangered homeless people by seizing their tents and shopping carts

The plaintiffs had sought a broader injunction covering the city, but the ruling narrowed the scope to skid row and “adjoining areas.”

A group of homeless individuals and two homeless advocacy groups, the L.A. Community Action Network and the L.A. Catholic Worker, sued the city last month, saying it had endangered homeless people by taking their medication and bedding and discarding it or storing it in a hard-to-find spot in a municipal parking lot that was accessible only 20 hours a week.

The suit also said property seizures and arrests on skid row were part of a campaign to criminalize homeless people.
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The city responded that the plaintiffs were not being truthful, Otero noted in his ruling. The city submitted a video showing officers giving homeless people ample time to clear or store their property, and depicted one of those who sued contradicting his own affidavit by admitting he had contraband in his possession when he was arrested.

Officials also said they followed a strict protocol in determining if materials were hazardous before they were destroyed.

Otero, however, said the city’s counter-evidence was “at best inconclusive” and that city officers “sometimes seize and summarily dispose of essential medications and medical equipment, without distinguishing contaminated property from other property and without separating each individual’s property.

“Afterwards, [homeless people] face significant challenges in recovering this property, some of which is necessary for their basic survival,” the ruling said.

Since the lawsuit was filed, the city approved a new ordinance limiting homeless people’s possessions to what fits in a 60-gallon trash bin. Homeless people can be cited or arrested on misdemeanor charges for exceeding the limits or for refusing to take down their tents in daylight hours.


Letter urges SF to stop seizing homeless tents, belongings

By Brett Johnson
Bay City News
June 10, 2016
7:16 pm

Civil rights activists and legal groups critical of San Francisco’s recent treatment of its homeless population delivered a demand letter to the mayor’s office Thursday asking for a change in policies.

The letter, delivered to Mayor Ed Lee’s office, requests that the city put an immediate moratorium on the practice of confiscating and destroying the belongings of homeless individuals during sweeps while implementing a policy “that conforms with well-established law.”

The demands come from a coalition that includes the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California and the law firm known as WilmerHale.

In an announcement Thursday, the coalition argued that in February, March and April homeless encampments were cleared out on Division Street and in the Showplace Square area in an “unconstitutional” manner.

Keith Slenkovich, a partner at WilmerHale, said in a statement:

“The United States and California constitutions protect all persons, including persons who may not have a permanent address, from the seizure and destruction of their property by the government.”

The coalition also characterized the sweeps as unethical, pointing to alleged examples of city workers throwing away a disabled individual’s walker and trashing many tents used for shelter by transients.

Michael Risher, a senior staff attorney for American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California:

“Seizing and destroying people’s property causes irreparable damage to an already vulnerable population, particularly when . . . they lose the clothing, shelter and medication they need to remain healthy or the tools they may use to make a living.”

The coalition’s officials said the city is legally required to store property it takes from residents, but its Department of Public Works only accounted for 19 items stored between Feb. 23 and April 23.

The mayor’s office did not immediately respond to requests for a response to the coalition’s demands.


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