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 5  Voices and bipolar Sure I Gained weight but this med helped me bunches. I recently got taken off this a the voices in my head are creeping in and I’m so angry all the time. Every little thing makes me ethier scream or cry I’m going to try and get back on it its worth being stable and gaining weight. I can’t take these emotions any longer F 18 1 years
 2  Psychosis Twitching, Depression, Feelings of Emptiness, Weight Gain, Social Confidence Risperdal is a drug I would recommend for those who are experiencing psychosis, and mania. I was prescribed this drug because I was experiencing acute psychosis. I was satisfied with the results after a month or two, however, the weight gain was too much, and, due to weight gain, my menstrual stopped. So I discontinued the medication. I believe it did it’s course, and while it helped with my psychosis, the weight gain is drastic and will take a few months for me to find a good diet and exercise regimen that works, for me. F 21 5 months
10m 1X D
 3  Seeing things, Hearing voices. The first time I was put on this I slept for 18 hours straight. All I wanted to do was sleep. I had to constantly wake myself up to keep going. Weight gain. For sure weight gain. It took away my thoughts completely at the 6mg point, they told me I was psychotic. I ended up getting off of that high of a dosage, am now on 1mg and feel better most often. If you thought you couldn’t function before, this drug will keep you out of even being able to think. It also slows down your system. As soon as I got put on a lower dosage I right away had my hair growinf again, I lost a lot of extra weight, (145 to 126 lbs ) and am feeling better. It can be aproppriate to use in some situations, maybe as an emergency knock out if you’re as bad , but it may make you not be able to function. All you want to do is sleep. F 17 2 years
 1  forced: substance-induced psychosis Loss of everything. Loss of everything that is God or Love. End of ‘me’. End of my human experience. Eternal damnation. No more soul. Endless moment to moment shock. Nothing uplifts me any more. There is just pure death evil darkness. Almost complete loss of intelligence. Nothing makes sense any more. Paranoia is rife. My brain has been emptied to feel like a dead and empty void. No memory. Is there a greater evil than psychiatry?
What do they put into these injections exactly? My mind was doing just fine before this poison. Can’t believe what it’s reduced me to. Everything is disappearing from my awareness. Didn’t know that could happen. Any hope for my situation? M 36 2 months
35 2X M


 3  schzoaffective, bipolar type Before I started taking Risperdal, I could play the piano very well. But, ever since I started on these shots, my playing has been absolutely atrocious!!! I have been studying piano for 10 years now and it sounds like I just started yesterday. Or, worse. And, It is all because of Risperdal. I am a pretty good composer, so this is embarrassing to say the least. I am on two other anti psychotics besides Risperdal, and I know that at least one of them is not a culprit. But, I know for sure that Risperdal is the problem because the whole thing started after I began that drug. F 56 7 years
37.5mg 2X M
 1  ADHD and vivid imagination I was given this poison at nine years old by an evil psychiatrist and it practically lobotomized me. Took away my photographic memory and extremely vivid imagination and inner world. The long acting version of this drug should be injected into all psychiatrists so that they can get a taste of their own poison. It would also destroy their career and prevent them from working. Willingness to take this drug is a good indication of insanity, as one would truly need to be insane to take a drug as damaging and toxic to the brain and body as this.
Honestly, smoking crystal meth is probably less harmful than taking this poison for long periods of time.
M 18 3 months
1 1X D
 1  misdiagnosed Pripisam delays through out use was unaware of this pdoc in hospital tricked me now left with a deformed penis and testicles Chemical castration within weeks of use could barely grab hold to urinate disfigured by this med wicked stuff the pripisam is deadly M 25 2 months
 1  forced Akathisia, zombie like features within a few days,constant moving, pain that followed by side effects and increased involuntary movements and hitting on the knees along with eyes open and rolled back in head while sleeping and other involuntary movements. Patient was aware of problems from the drug. Symptoms stopped after weaning process was complete one day later . serious withdrawal back nerve pain that triggered effects followed resulting in nitroglycerin use. Loss of speech response time also followed. Also laughter and sadness were lacking. Natural healing with vitamins , and supplements is taking place. Risperdal should not be used on adults let alone on children or any human or living species. It should be stopped along with anti depressants after all living species have been weaned from these poisons. F 51 6 months
2 2X D
 1  anxiety enlarged man breasts, super tired, loss of will to live, dizzy, shaky, impotence garbage drug…..flush it M 44 55 days
1mg 1X D
 1  anxiety Made me tired. Caused a lot of side effects. After a while my tongue and throat swelled up. I have bad ear pain from it. I gained 15 lbs. in 3 weeks. I use to weigh 95 lbs. Now I weigh 110. I haven’t gained weight for 5 years. I have a headache that won’t go away and my eyes hurt. I am weak and dizzy. Some times I fall over. I shake a lot. I think I am going to Die it is that terrible. I am really sick!
I am going to sue that is if I live that long. I want to work and I cant even move. Nobody believes me the medicine hurt me. I looked up and a lot of people died from this medicine. I wonder how sick they are and all the pains they went through before they died. How can they sell this stuff. How can they get away with it! It is murder not medicine. F 22 1 months
1X D
 3  Misdiagnosed psychosis Back pain from the risperdal consta injection that still hasn’t gone away and it’s been 3 weeks. Some improvement in general areas and helped me relax. Made me feel too tired and want to sleep all day and close my eyes at random times. I would recommend avoiding unless you absolutely need it. Be careful and don’t get the risperdal consta injection whatever u do. I did and now I still have lower back and buttock pain that goes all through my upper back from the injection and no doctor can give an explanation on why that happened and there’s no reason I should still be having pain from a shot 3 weeks ago. Be careful when taking this drug, it is very powerful and so far it still feels like it’s in my system even though it’s been almost a month since last use. M 22 5 weeks
 1  misdiagnosed schizophrenia I suffered from dizziness, tingling sensations, akathisia, excessive sleep, demotivation, anhedonia, slurred speech, weight gain on belly, lathergy, muscle pain, depression and so on F 32 1 years
4 mg
 2  Anxiety I gained 40 pounds. And a few other less severe side effects.
Not sure if it makes a difference but my breasts enlarged rapidly and was very obvious almost instantly after starting the medication.
Maybe some people don’t understand how expensive it is to have to buy all new clothes. I scrubbed so many hotel toilets and went to goodwill and walmart just so I had something that I could fit in. A little at a time I recreated myself with constant self affermations, struggling with gaining confidence. With my breast growing rapidly and it being so noticeable Reguardless my efforts to keep them covered and remain modest, I faced constant comments some worst than others but my breasts always seemed to be the center of attention and a golden conversation topic that was expected to pop up with a group of people. I don’t even want to get started on my life after taking my medication long story short it went from one extreme to the other very rapidly. =/ F 18 6 months
1mg 3Xdail
 1  Psychosis Penis shrinkage (permanent)
Breast growth (permanent)
No energy
Sleeping 12 hours
Weight gain
Muscle spasms
Low testerone
F**K respiridone, who has the right to destroy someone life with a pill? I was a energic, gym going, sexually active male and they just destroyed me, please if anyone has recovered from any of these symptoms or has any advise on what I should do please contact me. Risperidone is evil, I would love to make my psychiatrist take it for 10 months then see how she feels because it has royally f**ked me over M 22 9 months
4 my
 1  Psychosis due to multiple drug use. Dizziness, sometimes resulting in passing out with seizure. Doctors don’t care. 70 pound weight gain. Thyroid nodules resulting in radioiodine treatment. Muscle tetanus with tremors in left hand, doctors don’t care. Lack of creativity and all drive, including sex. Social withdrawal, suicidal thoughts, nightmares, night sweats, high blood pressure, muscle pain on exercise, lethargy, memory loss, flat affect, and I am a zombie. I was sentenced to slow death by a team of psychiatrists. This stuff is chemical lobotomy and castration, with death by organ failure. Plus I have some cute little titties now, so when I get lonely because I have no friends, I can feel myself up. M 53 19 years
1-6 mg 1X D
 1  psycosis Penis shrinks rapidly, heart palps, lazy, confusion, brain fogged, many more Avoid this it shrinks the penis rapidly for me so scary as i was hospitalized over my penis shrinkin now i have the real mcoy! M 24 2 months
 4  Bipolar mixed moods Hypersomnia 12 hrs sleep average. Feel flat effect if over 1 mg. It controls my bipolar symptoms really well. The hypersomnia is a big struggle for me. I miss out on a lot of stuff and feel guilty because it is seen as laziness and I don’t get things done. The flat effect is horrible as well. I have so much trouble feeling joy. But it has been the best drug for my bipolar so far. I can function and live a relatively normal life. F 37 5 years
1 mg
 1  schizophrenia to many to describe wiil kill you and damage every organ in your body please don’t take. I am trying to save your life. It is worse than torture. there are no words to describe the pain. F 24 9 months
1 shot 1X M
 1  schizophrenia Acne,weight gain dizziness Heart problem It’s poison F 38 3 years
 5  Schizoeffective disorder this medication can give me all the downsides that’s mentioned by all the other patients, but why am I saying it’s great? Because if it’s eliminating all your manic and hallucinations and delusions then it’s up to you to battle the weight gain, and anxiety, and sleeping long hours, and aggressiveness and thinking suicidal, how? I’ve been to hospital nearly 6 times and that’s because I’ve stopped my medication or when I was put on consta I stopped taking the injection suddenly because I thought I was fine because I had battled all the downsides, sorry I didn’t get down to how? I’ll explain. Firstly I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t gamble, I go for long walks pushing myself at fast pace to get my dopamine
Levels high so that takes the place of smoking and I have a sleeping pattern I sleep 8 hours during the night even though I have the urge to sleep more and nap during the day for about an hour I read books and I work hard in battling this illness everyday to learn about my illness and work hard to keep myself from overeating because the medicine gives you appetite but it’s up
To you to control how much you eat and what you eat, and for being aggressive, you need to be a zombie so you need that sleep to keep yourself from being aaggressive and the naps and suicide you have to again be a zombie again to eliminate that thoughts until you control it.
Conclusion you need to get out there in 3 ways, spiritually you need to have a connection with God, you need to learn as much knowledge about the illness you have and what’s the right led and thitdly stop winging And get out there and go for long walks so you get your dopamine levels high specially if your feeling low or out of energy or too overweight. M 29 7 days
 5  Bipolar disorder Diarrhea and a cough, both of which went away after a few weeks on the drug. Best drug I was ever prescribed. Doesn’t do much for my manic periods, but five years after starting it I’ve gone from a tiny A cup to DD bazongas. CHEAPEST BOOB JOB OF MY LIFE! F 24 1 days
8 MG
 2  Schizophrena Form I have been taking Risperdal for 16 Day’s. I don’t like it because it takes too long to get use too. I still can’t do My Daily Functions correctly. Plus, it causes Me Dizziness, Sleepiness, Tiredness, etc. How long does it take to get use too Risperdal if You’ve been on it for 16 Day’s? And if I decide to stop taking Risperdal, how long does it take to leave My System? M 24 10 days
 1  insomnia I feel like my heart is racing all the time. F 62 3 months
30 mg.
 1  psychosis Lethargic,anxiety,penis shrink, loss of libido,headache,forgetfulness,zombie like status, general ill feeling Never touch it cause its made me not able to feel anything emotionally its pure poison only took as had a allergic reaction from omeprazole
My penis shrinked just fixed it with abilify
M 24 2 months
3 mg
 1  anxiety PLEASE stay away from this drug! Lip smacking, tarditive dyskinesia, hallucinations made my anxiety and PTSD look like BLISS. This drug should be BANNED! Not to mention it did not work and made my symptoms WORSE! I was a straight A student and when put on this drug, could not even get out of bed before 2 pm, making working a job impossible. Psychs, be honest. Your drugs can KILL and this one nearly killed me. STOP RUINING LIVES WITH YOUR PILLS! F 28 2 years
 1   Death o Over medicated 1 days
 4  schizoaffective, hallucinations, pa complete loss of libido; dramatic loss of creativity and loss of ability to play my piano even though I have been studying for over 9 years; constipation Risperdal Consta injections are better for constipation. And they are better for keeping weight off too, if you keep the dose at 37.5mg or less. F 55 7 years
37.5 2X M
 1  Misdiagnosed psychosis permanent sexual dysfunction, peripheral neuropathy left hand left leg, tardive dystonia in eyelid and back muscles. I was so stupid to take it and now i must suffer M 20 6 weeks
3 mg 1X D
 2  extreme rage Loss of interest in socializing. Anxiety and chronic sense of emptiness, listelessness and boredome. Hate being around people. Get put off by everything and hate having things I have to do. Can’t even sleep during the day to escape this nightmare. Will Cut dose on my own since I don’t think taking new antidepressants will be the answer. M 53 5 years
3 1X D
 1  Muscle pain I tried to quit with Risperidon for the 3th time. Now the dosage was decrease to 0, 25 mg each 2 weeks. When I go from 2 mg each day to 1,75 mg each day, after a few days I started to became more happy and less restless. Than afters 2 weeks I decrease to 1,5 mg each day. I feel much better, and the restless disapear. After 9 days, I woke up with a very agitated feeling and pain on my chest. Also more anxiety, and also the restless feelings starts again. I decided to increase the dosage back to 1,75 mg. So I explained my negatives to my doctor, and ask him if it is alright to increase the dosage back to 1, 75 mg each day, and he agreed. I thougt this was the right dosage for this moment. But after a few days, I feel only emptyness. And again: The postive working of cannabis disapeared. Also restless feeling are back. What do I have to do, to get rid of this medication?
M 33 2 years
1 mg 2X D
 1  For voices and paranoia schizo affective I took this medication between 2007-2010. At first it did me good in my stability. Being a coffee drinker and cola drinker I experienced thoughts of depression and thoughtlessness. Memory over long term has made me have little to no abilities in recalling the times when I took it. I feel like I have dementia along with paranoia and anxiety now. In my opinion most psych meds are a joke in living with a peace of mind. And only agitated my chemical and emotional well being. M 36 1 weeks
 1  Muscle pain Part 2:
to lay down on bed. Feel anxiety. I asked my doctor for antidepressant too. So I started with 25 mg Sertraline. In the weeks that past I smoke cannabis, but the working of cannabis was zero. Only negative and bad thoughts. Risperidon ruined my dopamine I guess. After 8 weeks going trough hell, I decided to start again with Risperidon. But this time not higher than 2 mg each day. My new doctor agree with it. After a few days the effect of cannabis was back. Some withdrawals disapeared. And I go back to 3 times 0,5 mg Alprazolam each day. Currently using 75 mg Sertraline thanks to Risperidon, and a stupid cunt doctor! Brainless man he is. Did no research about interactions between cannabis and Risperidon. Let me show you some translated part of a Dutch website calles Jellinek.
Concomitant use of cannabis and antipsychotics thus exerts an opposite effect on dopamine. Both, however, have a dampening effect on the brains [9,13]. In this regard, they intensify each other [2].
My legs are still restless in te morning and evening when I wake up, or going to sleep. I have restless feelings trough my body and brains. Apathetic, Problems to communicate with strange people, Lost of interessted, Anger, Doom scenarios, Depressive, Feeling of illness(difficult to define), Tremors,Horrible withdrawal symptoms (even when I started again with Risperidon), Less happiness,Scared,Shaking,Headache,Antisocial behaviour,Messed up my brain (way of thinking), More agressive etc.
I did a second try to quit with it, but I cant. It’s doomed to fail.
M 33 2 years
1 mg 2X D
 1  Muscle Pain When I was on 4 mg Risperidon each day I have a lot of side effects.
My doctor prescribe it for muscle pain , but he also knows I smoke Cannabis. He is anti Cannabis use. I found a website in Dutch about interactions between Cannabis and Risperidon. But it was already too late when I discovered that. Because I have a lot of pain in my lower back , and my doctor don’t want to prescribe me stronger painkillers than Diclofenac, I went to another doctor. I asked my new doctor to quit Risperidon because of the side effects and interactions. So he told me to taping it off slowly. 1 mg each 2 weeks. When I was at 0 mg , and I quit use it. My legs become very restless. I also got panic attacks, and I want to jump out of my window. I was crying, and my thoughts go very bad. It almost feels like i was dying. Than they put me on Alprazolam. It helps a little to calm down. But very soon my use of Alprazolam rise to 6 times 0,5 mg Alprazolam each day. And I feel still very ill, and only want t
Risperidoomed! M 33 2 years
1 mg 2X D
 1  Bipolar Mania Extreme weight gain. Numbed emotions. Unusual bathroom habits. This drug really made it so I was not my self. I was only Manic for a period of 2 months, but they still continued to give me this when I was stable. The main reason is because I was on 5 mg a day and they had to slowly take me off it. Only reducing it 1 mg a month to the point that I’m completely off it now. It like I sign away my soul when a toke it. I’m just glad I’m a real HUMAN again. On risperdal I wasn’t one. Never take this drug unless it’s a life or death situation. M 15 1 years
 1  Misdiagnosed psychosis While taking the drug: horrible akathisia, anhedonia, fatigue, suicidal, diminished libido, dizziness, increased appetite, poor concentration, tiredness, difficulty walking, etc.
Took this drug for 1.5 month 3mg a day, now been off it and drug free for 2 months but still have diminished libido/sexual dysfunction and slight tremor in left hand, especially the index and thumb fingers.
It is quite simply a poison, like most psychiatric drugs, and no one in their right or wrong mind should take it. M 21 6 weeks
3 1X D
 1  Bipolar disorder Complete loss of libido for anything, not just sex. Swelling in the tongue and throat areas. Inability to ejaculate. Panic attacks from lack of sleep and swelling of throat area, I was fine for 3 years until my doctor gave me risperdal, then began the hospital visits. This drug destroys you from the inside out, ripping you apart by the testosterone. I was unable to get an explanation why I needed to be on this soul stirring drug, so I ended up booting out my psychiatrist for not listening to me when I listed unbearable symptoms. All I got in response was keep up the dose! 🙂
Unless you are a serial killer or a rapist with behaviour that is so out of control you’re going to rape the next thing that moves, I don’t know why any doctor would ever even think about prescribing this to someone other than ADOLF HITLER.
This drug will take away your life, worse than I’ve seen friends go from massive OPIATE USE. DO NOT TAKE AT ANY COST UNLESS YOUR EXISTENCE PUTS EVERYONE YOU LOVE AT AN EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and HIGH RISK IMPULSIVE.. you get the picture. If you need help getting off this medication with your psychiatrist, there are ways to talk to them to get the REPAIRING drugs you need just to deal with the side effects of this terrible drug. for e.g. in order to ever feel horny again for the rest of your life after taking this drug you need to counteract it with abilify, which in turn gives me the worst acasthesia (restlessness) M 22 3 weeks
4MG 1X D
 3  Psychosis, schizoaffective disorder A lot of weight gain and binge eating issues, sleep duration very long, messed up menstrual cycle, loss of creativity and motivation It’s very hard to control my weight and eating on this. I’m at my wits end with it. It’s helped me out of psychoses and has helped symptoms for the most part except increasing depression which could be a result of side effects. Increasing anxiety too. I feel hopeless on options for meds as I’ve been on so many so I’m stuck with it. Being mentally ill is torture. F 34 4 years
 1  Autism Horrible weight gain, agitation, zombie like days. Restlessness and extreme sleepiness This drug is poison to our bodies. Will start tapering off very slowly to avoid side effects and withdrawl symptoms. Sorry we ever started him on it and looking forward to getting our sweet boy back. M 21 4 months
 1  Depression and autism In the duration that i took risperdone/dal i felt no emotions, i am now off risperdal and am yet to notice a diference i truely cannot feel anything complex like “love,liking,caring,hate” i only retain the most basic, fear sadness and anger. This drug, in my case when paired with lexapro, paxil, escalimariorom,(i just spelled it pheonicly) resulted in a basic semi sociopathic state of mind resulting in asemetrical antisocial behavior. M 16 3 years
 1  Psychotic episodes If I knew about this drug’s withdrawal symptoms getting off of it before I was put on it I would have refused to take it. While taking resperdal I gained 20lbs, slept long hours and took naps during the day. Had terrible acne and migraines. My breasts were lactating and it was very strange. Forget about drinking alcohol and taking this drug the hang over was 100% times worse than a normal hangover. I recently decided after 6 years of being on this horrible Nasty drug it was time to decrease dosage slowly and get off of it completely. The withdrawal symptoms and side effects are very bad. Grinding my teeth, shaky, I smoke more cigarettes, and the worst withdrawal side effect is insomnia. I can’t sleep through the whole night I’m up every few hours and feel tired. It’s only day two of decreasing Resperdal and it’s been a challenge already with these withdrawal side effects. I have no idea why I was on this drug for 6 years when I only had a psychotic episode for a few months and then was I fine. I do not recommend taking this medication whatsoever try an alternative medication or method. Thank God for my friends supporting me on this decision and helping me get through this in assisting me to get off of this drug. It’s a horrible. They should discontinue prescribing it to people and get it off of the market. F 36 1 days
2 mg
 1  depression I’m sure I have gynecomastia from this drug the doctors will not diagnose as such I have taken this medication since I was a child until 18 or 19 years of age caused me to have manic episodes that made me get hospitalized 40 or more times throughout my childhood it’s not all the medications fault the environment I was living in was to blame also the doctors were experimenting on me for a very long time since 7 with different drugs like these not good !!!!!!!!!! SUCKS ARSE M 23 4 years
150 MG
 1  schitzophrenia deadly, over 50 side effects, worst is tinnitus deadly, don’t take M 42 6 months
1 shot 1X M
 3  Insomnia None This was supposed to help me sleep but it really wasn’t all that powerful in the sedation department. I suppose it was better than taking nothing, but I like something with a bit more kick to it to send me off to dreamland on those restless nights. M 29 4 months
N/A 1X D
 1  flashbacks, bad thoughts, anger after taking resperidone i had a follow up appointment with my doctor and told her i have nipple irritation, months down the road i had to go to the hospital twice because i wanted to rip my breasts off my chest because the nipple irritaton was so severe whenever i would hear certain sounds like my mothers voice or someone smacking bubble gum my nipples to this day get irritated, i also experienced breast enlargement, and ever since I’ve been off resperidone i have constant bad thought like i play out scenarios in my head, its like i have constant bad thought, you know how some people say don’t go on those mental meds because they make you crazy its true because ever since the drug stopped working my mind id fucked up like my imagination just runs wild, stay away from resperidone it will make you crazy , now I’m forever on drugs thanks bullshit doctors (currently on invega for bad thoughts) F 20 2 years
0.5 1X D
 1  Asd Severe drooling,right hand twitching,lethargic, constantly not feeling physically well. Our son at age 21 to now age 24 has gained 70 lbs. he is a zombie. His doctor literally jump told him to just stop taking it and now he has to live with horrible withdrawths from these meds. My heart is beyond broken to see him like this and have to feed him Xanax to relieve his withdrawals. This medications is not ok for human consumption and being his POA I am angry and scared! M 24 3 years
3mg 2X D
 1  Hypo mania – psychosis Depression, social withdrawal, increased appetite and the worst one of all when you ejaculate absolutely nothing comes out! It was the strangest thing. I believe this drug should taken off the market. Big pharma works with NWO to reduce population anyway. This is probably a great drug for that. M 39 7 weeks
2mg – 3mg
 1  to stable my moods and for sleep my boobs was leaking milk, and my periods stoped just about 2-3 months ago, And I want to know if they will start back????? F 23 2 years
2mg 1X D
 4  schizophrenia, residual jaw tightness leading to frequent migraines; occasional oversleeping; weight gain (BMI of 30); inability to play my piano as well as I can without the drug. I suffer mostly from paranoia. I have a lot less paranoia when I am on a higher dose of Risperdal than when I am on a lower dose. F 54 7 years
37.5mg 2X M
 1  tourettes Tunnel vision, leaking and swollen boobs, prolactinoma, mood swings (more or less chronical) Do not take. Its poison and changes you. You dont need it and children doesnt need it either. You will regret like I did otherwise F 27 6 months
 2  Psychotic Disorder This drug alters your thinking process, it makes you lethargic and sleepy/drowsy it also takes your drive in life away. I think it makes you paranoid and nervous. I gained over 30 pounds on it. It messes up your sleeping patterns if not insomnia its getting up early in the mornings. It also sexually inhibits you, you lose a lot of emotion and become somewhat impersonal. The worst effect of this medication is if you are drinking the hangover you will experience the next day will be much worse as it is a depressant. I was subscribed this medication as I had a psychotic episode which lasted a couple of months about 5 years ago but I should have been off it at least 3-4 years ago. If you are not meant to be taking this medication it will only make you depressed. I went from a smart student in high school to a failing college student all due to the side effects being too much to deal with. I have been reduced to 5mg dosage once every 3 weeks so I am gradually coming off it my mind and thou M 23 5 years
5mg 1X O
 3  psychotic depression Risperdal made me gain a large amount of weight and made me start lactating even though Ive never been pregnant. F 18 3 months
2 MG
 1  Severe depression and anxiety The first time I had severe akethesia, I could not sit down in the evenings…so I couldn’t sleep. it was terrible. When I was prescribed it 5 or so years later, I started lactating. The worst medication I have ever been on. F 1X D 10/2/2014
 3  Bipolar and Intermittent Explosive The main 2 side effects I noticed right away was an immediate weight gain and severe drowsiness… I’m a naturally skinny guy and being on this stuff made me the biggest I’ve ever been in my life (mainly my belly), I constantly craved food and always did senseless snacking at night..but the drug worked wonderfully for my Bipolar/mania and explosive temper. I did enjoy the good sleep though, but because of the tremendous weight gain I was forced to switch to Geodon which makes me feel more like a “zombie” sometimes… M 27 6 months
 1  Manic depression HORRIBLE immediate weight gain. Numb state, shaky grinding teeth, get cold easily. F 42 2 weeks
1/2 mg 4 x
 2  used to get rid of my anger i am a transgender male and it made me more worser. i was told to stop taking risperdal because it possibly made me gain weight if i were to take pills with food. N/A M 21 3 weeks
0.5 mg 1X D
 5  Bipolar II Lactating, weight gain (although I gained at 13 years old have since lost the weight), vivid dreams My doctor has been surprised that I can be on Risperdal on a very low dose – 1mg once a day. He says I qualify for Abilify because of lactating (since I was 13) but I like Risperdal, I know what to expect and it works. I don’t mind lactating and the weight gain is now weight loss – since I work out 5days a week. I have taken numerous drugs – trying new ones when they come out but always go back to Risperdal. It just works. I’m able to function although I have periods where I can barely get out of bed and I’m completely irrational when I’m angry. Usually I go into a depression mode twice a year – my anger stages are rare and may last for about 2 hours. Depression stages last all winter ( doesn’t help that I live in NJ – might be better if I move to FL for the lovely yearly weather). So that might last about 5 months. I try to work out more and do activities to help keep me going strong, but I usually just want to stay home. F 27 13 years
1mg 1X D
 4  Bipolar II Mania My mania has gotten worse over the past month. I quit the benzos due to me abusing them and having drug dependancy. So I didn’t have a “chill pill”! It was to the point that I was almost arrested for threats I made and being violent. I was even having homicidal thoughts. I was so manic I wanted to die. Dr gave me respirdal 3mg at night. OMG! I can live with myself now. My hubby said I was acting better too. I am not at all agitated like I was. I’m much more chill and relaxed without feeling “drugged”! This is my new best friend. It is supposed to help me go to sleep. It has not worked for that. But I can’t complain. I have not had Any adverse side effects so far! I would definatly recommend this drug to people who are having a manic episode! F 35 3 days
 1  Paranoid Schizophrenia lethargy, depression, suicidal thoughts, lost fantasy and creativity, bad memory, lost ability to feel deeply, lost ability to connect with others, probably permanent brain damage, dependency from risperdal A drug from hell describes it very good. I wish I would never have taken it. After all this time, withdrawal will be hard and I don’t know if I will succeed or suicide. I have no psychotic thoughts but this drug is reason enough not to live anymore. It’s like a progressing dementia, depression and suicidality when I’m only 28 yo. M 28 9 years
2.5-4 1X D
 1  Schizophrenia Shaking, Horrible Nightmares, Restlessness, Lactating Risperdal did not work for me whatsoever, and when I started lactating – I stopped taking it cold turkey and had HUGE withdrawl symptoms which lasted for over a month. F 24 1 years
5 mg 1X D
 5  Amphetamie psychosis Weight gain at 1st but the after a while it levelled out M 46 10 years
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