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Friday, August 17, 2007
Alex Jones Exposed!
Audio Interview with Eric Phelps on “Cloak and Dagger” and much more… (Commented here by Wes Penre, Aug 17, 2007)
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Wes Penre

as Alex Jones allowed to expose the Bohemian Club because he needed a sensation to be able to get a lot of followers?
If so, he could thereafter, in a big soup, mix truth with half-truths and stir together correct with misleading information, which will confuse and point the public in a wrong direction, By also excluding vital information, as of who are the top Illuminati, just adds to the mix. [i]
In this audio interview with Eric Phelps, expert on the Jesuit Order and the Roman Catholic Church, he clearly proves how Alex Jones has deep Jesuit (top Illuminati) connections, and how he suppresses all information related to the Jesuits, and how he deliberately censors everyone on his show who is trying to bring up the Jesuit Order. [ii]
Also, later on in this article, don’t miss the late Bill Cooper’s “Hour of the Time” Radio Show from January 2000 on Alex Jones, and how the latter terrified all his listeners on Dec 31, 1999 regarding what would happen at midnight of Y2K. People were so frightened that they literally ran for the hills. Like Cooper says here, the reason for this Y2K fear mongering was to hopefully, from the government’s perspective, create so much fear that people would do something stupid towards the government – stupid enough to implement Martial Law. Fortunately it didn’t go that far. In perspective, we know nothing serious happened at midnight of 2000. Cooper looked through Alex Jones already 7 years ago.
Here are some interesting comments from the Eric Phelps interview:
Viet D. DinhViet D Dinh, a Roman Catholic Vietnamese attorney, professor at the Jesuit run Georgetown law school, CFR member, is the originator of the Patriot Act together with the racial Jew Michael Chertoff (Georgetown University graduate). Alex Jones never mentions this, and does all he can to suppress this vital information.
Jesuits, (who are Globalists and working towards a fascistic World Government) hate the thought of a limited government, something that was built into the Constitution of the United States (9th and 10th Amendments).
On Homeland Security:
Michael P. JacksonThe Homeland Security is totally run by the Knights of Malta, which is one of the most important Illuminati secret societies.
Alex will not touch who’s the leader and Father of Homeland Security; an Irish Roman Catholic, member of the Jesuit Volunteer Core (Georgetown University).
Alberto Gonzales is also a Knight of Malta, as is Michael P. Jackson, who is a Georgetown graduate as well.
The Bohemian Club:
Alex also pretty much broke the story of the Bohemian Grove and mentions the huge statue of the owl there but doesn’t mention the statue of Saint John of Nepomuk who is the Official Patron Saint of the Bohemian Grove.
The Club’s patron saint is John of Nepomuk, who legend says suffered death at the hands of a Bohemian monarch rather than disclose the confessional secrets of the queen. A large wood carving of St. John in cleric robes with his index finger over his lips stands at the shore of the lake in the Grove, symbolizing the secrecy kept by the Grove’s attendees throughout its long history.
Read the whole Wikipedia entry for this Saint in the link above it is very important.
Here’s the link to the 1981 video of the news report mentioning the Saint John of Nepomuk.
On Martin and Charlie Sheen:
Martin Sheen is a Jesuit coadjutor. He even changed his last name to Sheen after a certain Jesuit Bishop named Sheen, who was also a Freemason. Bishop Sheen was a very sinister person, and still Martin took his name. His son, Charlie, is a Jesuit as well, and a good friend of Alex Jones. It’s all a farce and very much staged, folks.
On Pat Buchanan:
There is a strong connection between Alex and Pat Buchanan, who is a Right Wing Roman Catholic, connected to the highest level of the Knights of Malta, a Georgetown graduate and is Jesuit trained. Still, Alex Jones has Pat Buchanan as a regular guest on his radio show(!)

On the 911 Truth Movement:
Phelps shows how the Knights of Malta is occupying the entire 911 truth movement. They are also deliberately excluding the Jesuit Order from the picture.
On David Mayer de Rothschild:
David Meyer de RothschildAlex Jones has also interviewed David Mayer de Rothschild, another Knight of Malta, besides that he is a Rothschild, of course, and a bankster to the Pope. Quite interesting.
Don’t be confused if you notice that I still post articles on my website written by Alex Jones or his staff (like the Watson brothers). I do so only because it is accurate information or information worth pondering. Remember this: in this field of work, NEVER throw the baby out with the bath water! Even disinformation agents are telling the truth sometimes – even most of the time. However, what they do is to exclude the most important information from there package, or lie about the things that could really hurt the elite. For example, excluding the Vatican and the Jesuit Order from the picture and blaming the New World Order exclusively on the Zionists and/or the International bankers IS disinformation, and Alex knows better, he is a brilliant man.
Personally, I am not even saying that the Jesuits are at the top of the Pyramid, but they are the Gatekeepers between higher dimensional forces and the people on Earth, and it certainly looks as if Alex Jones is one of those Gatekeepers, most likely being a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and alternative Media Gatekeeper for the Vatican.
When you go against Rome, the world becomes your enemy.
Listen to this very revealing interview with Eric Phelps here: Audio 30min 47sec
And here is something unique: Listen to this amazing “Hour of the Time” Radio Show with the late Bill Cooper talking about, and revealing Alex Jones already in the year 2000: Audio 1hr 1min
The Alex Jones Affair: A Christian Family Betrayed [1]
When one remembers that messy business in Waco involving the Branch Davidians, it’s not difficult to think that Texas seems to be particularly in the grip of the Antichrist spirit. At this writing, another family there is also under siege. John Joseph Gray and his wife and kids have been in a stand-off with the authorities since January, 2000. His daughter and grandchildren were being sought for a custody battle as well. As in the Jane Davila case (see Christian Media Volume VI #1), this is simply the Beast encroaching into constitutionally guaranteed rights that are reserved to the individual.
As a patriotic Christian man, John Gray has simply declared enough is enough and has refused to cooperate any further with the Beast system. The conflict stems from yet another attempt by the government to steal the children, because the government thinks they make better parents than children’s own parents. This is particularly true for Christians, patriots, home-schoolers, and anyone else that stands up for their God given rights.
This is the shape of things to come. Because the Texas authorities are still smarting from the extensive criticism they received during the Waco murders, in addition to the recent election of Texas favorite son George Bush Jr, thus far the Beast has not moved to take the Grays by force. However, they will most likely make a violent move against them at some point as government consistently tries to give the public the impression that ‘resistance is futile.’
What makes the Gray case particularly interesting is how the Patriot community has been deceived concerning what has really occurred there in Trinidad, Texas. The Genesis Communications Network, a so-called “patriot” network, and their premier host Alex Jones, have now been implicated in the betrayal of the Gray family.
In addition to his visibility as a Shortwave/Satellite radio host on the Genesis Communications Network, Alex Jones is best known for his investigative videos that seek to expose various New World Order practices. Alex Jones’ broadcast on Genesis is considered the flagship program of the network. Furthermore, Alex Jones is widely seen as one of the top patriot leaders in the American political underground. Likewise, Genesis (also called GCN) enjoys the leadership role in so-called “patriot” broadcasting.
After the Gray siege began, Alex Jones and an associate named Mike Hansen went to the Gray property and asked John Gray if they could videotape an interview. John Gray agreed under one proviso: the tape footage was to be used for a documentary that could only be viewed after the siege was concluded. Alex Jones agreed to these conditions.
It seems that after Jones shot the video he wanted, including footage from within the premises showing crucial defensive locations from within the Gray residence, Alex Jones turned around and sold the video tape to a television network to be aired on the 20/20 news magazine program! Furthermore, it has now been established that Ted Anderson, the head of the Genesis Communications Network, has participated in a cover-up to keep the public from learning the truth about the treachery of his top host!
This incredible betrayal is very similar to that of Judas with his famous kiss. Both betrayals involved monetary compensation for the treachery. In the case of John Gray, the Alex Jones betrayal has placed the lives of the entire Gray household in jeopardy. Remember, the last time the authorities moved against Christians in Texas in a siege situation, they murdered everyone there — including the children.
Because the Gray’s revealed significant logistical information to Alex Jones on camera, that information is now in the hands of the Texas authorities because of the unwanted television broadcast.
John Gray sought to get these facts out to the public. Based on his contacts with Genesis, it quickly became clear that Genesis was seeking to cover up the matter. Thinking that Genesis was unaware of the type of treachery Alex Jones had committed, Gray attempted to inform the radio network of what had happened. After several attempts of this nature, John Gray concluded that Ted Anderson, the head of Genesis, directly censored one of his own hosts (John Stadtmiller) that was attempting to tell the Gray story on the air. At that point, Gray was under the impression that Stadtmiller was interested in airing the truth, but he was being censored by Anderson. This was only partially true.
After John Gray realized he had been betrayed by both Alex Jones and the Genesis Network, he wrote a letter to Christian Media’s James Lloyd. We have reproduced that letter in its entirety (see John Gray Letter attached to this work).
When I received the letter from John and Alicia Gray, I had already had several interactions with the Genesis people and had become convinced that the organization was completely corrupt and unscrupulous.
It should be noted at this juncture that Alex Jones represents what is usually called ‘the franchise’ at Genesis. His program is the number one show on the network. Indeed, the entire business plan at GCN has been focused on furthering the listenership of Alex Jones through affiliate AM and FM stations. It’s clear GCN has sought to make Alex Jones the next Michael Savage or Rush Limbaugh.
The fact that radio figures like Savage (and even the CFR affiliated fraud Rush Limbaugh) have become so popular is because the country has experienced a shift in consensus to a hipper Republican right from the previous liberal left. Thus, GCN clearly hopes to ride that political swing to riches with their golden boy Alex Jones.
Such media ‘franchises’ are worth millions of dollars — thus any public scrutiny that would expose Alex Jones as a cheap entertainer posing as a patriot would be disastrous for the large investment that Genesis has made in the Austin based broadcaster.
After the Christian Media newspaper printed the story of Alex Jones’ betrayal of a patriot Christian family to the mainstream television media, I received an angry phone call from John Stadtmiller. Although John Gray seems to be under the impression that Stadtmiller would have told the truth on the air concerning Alex Jones had it not been for Anderson’s censorship, it is clear that John Stadtmiller’s sympathies are with Alex Jones.
The veteran “patriot” radio host indicated he would tell me the “truth” of the matter — a version of the “truth” that would presumably discredit John Gray and exonerate Alex Jones’ from his role as Judas to John Gray’s version of Jesus in the affair. However, Stadtmiller said he would only speak to me concerning the Alex Jones affair “off the record.”
This is precisely the sort of back-room tactic that brought Amerika to the desperate straits the country is currently experiencing. Indeed, if the US had a powerful media that was independent of the giant multi-national corporate tentacles of commerce, we would at least have a measure of balance in our present precarious political quagmire. A media ‘watchdog’ is a good thing as evil is frequently afraid to misbehave for fear of exposure. Thus, the ‘smoke-filled room’ deals that are made under conditions of secrecy are the antithesis of a fair and balanced media.
It should also be stated that there is probably at least one inaccuracy in the John Gray letter (reproduced at the end of this essay). For example, there are indications the amount of money received by Alex Jones for the videotape he sold of the Gray siege defenses is likely overstated. John Gray can hardly be faulted if this figure is too high (having some familiarity with television, it sounds high to me for file clips purchased on the open market), as the flow of information to him has been severely hampered by the fact that he is barricaded away without regular contact with the outside world. And that’s just the point.
On the one side, the Gray family is in a siege position with arrest warrants issued if they come out of their defensive posture. On the other side, Alex Jones and Genesis refuse to comment in any way concerning the matter. Thus, a thorough examination of what really happened is being thwarted to this very day. Because the Grays are simply unable to provide more detail due to their circumstances, and Genesis is after all, a media organization that obviously wants no media attention to the matter, we can’t help but conclude that Genesis is seeking to cover-up the truth of the Alex Jones affair.
When John Stadtmiller called me after the story was printed in the Christian Media newspaper and said he would only speak off the record, I was faced with a choice. Because we are sincerely trying to behave in a New Testament fashion, and Jesus Christ has instructed me to “Let your yeas be yeas, and your nays be nays,” I refused to speak off the record with John Stadtmiller. He angrily screamed at me and hung up the phone. I’m told by others this is how John concludes a significant number of his telephone conversations.
Of course, one might theorize that John Stadtmiller wanted to ‘dish the dirt’ about Alex Jones and Genesis without jeopardizing his own position; but then John would have to explain why, as a professing Christian, he continues to maintain such close ties with such a sleazy bunch. After all, the Bible is very clear about being “unequally yoked” with evil.
Or, it could be that John wanted to slander John Gray in some fashion in an effort to whitewash the simple fact that Alex Jones betrayed a patriot Christian family for money. The fact that Stadtmiller has since drawn considerably closer to Alex Jones — even regularly co-hosting programs with him on Genesis — leads me to believe that this phone call was just another effort at damage control, and that the entire organization is one large commercial mouse-trap simply masquerading as patriots in a transparent effort at empire building. Indeed, in virtually every exposure I’ve had with Alex Jones, the Genesis management, and the network’s hosts, I’ve had the impression that GCN is just a loose coalition of liars that posture as patriots so the public will support their programs
And apparently the listeners are considered fair game. For instance, at least one GCN listener wrote to me stating that GCN (which is backed by a gold and silver brokerage and the Berkey water filter people) had offered a precious metal coin as a premium to anyone that made a specific donation to another “paytriot” broadcaster named Pastor Butch Paugh.
This listener sent in funds, but Ted Anderson (who heads Midas Resources as well as Genesis) refused to honor his own offer! There are several other incidents of this nature that indicate John Gray’s expectation that Alex Jones and GCN are actually interested in the truth is unrealistic.
Christian Media has repeatedly sought to expose the treachery at the Genesis Communications Network for several years now. They stole their original equipment from another patriot network named Republic Radio. Fraudulently claiming they had purchased the network, the management of Genesis literally backed up a U-Haul, and loaded up the broadcasting equipment while the rightful owner was out of town!
The victim of this theft was Loris Thompkins, then owner of the now defunct Republic Radio Network. Loris then formed the Heritage Network and promptly sued Genesis for their theft of her assets. In an interesting side note, although the Genesis Network was defended by a high-priced law firm, Loris was helped by certain patriot figures conversant in law as she sued Genesis on a pro-se basis representing herself.
This was because the stolen network represented her entire net worth and she was virtually penniless after being fleeced by Genesis. Ted “Goldfinger” Anderson (the key man at Genesis and gold broker Midas Resources), on the other hand, is said to be a millionaire.
In case anyone is interested, Loris Thompkins has now been proven to be the wronged party. On February 22, 2001, Genesis settled with Loris Thompkins for a significant sum of money. This is the equivalent of a tacit admission of guilt. Incidentally, a complete history of the Genesis Communications Network, including its unsavory origin through theft and deceit, is covered in the book Shortwave Wars (see the catalog at Also, Loris Thompkins periodically addresses the subject on radio as she now broadcasts on The Christian Media Network with a program called To Tell The Truth.
Over the last couple of years, John and Alicia Gray have sent out several handwritten letters updating their status. They have steadfastly stuck by their charges that Alex Jones sold them out to the authorities. Conversely, Alex Jones has steadfastly refused to publicly account for his role in the matter.
Genesis, and every host that has any knowledge of the matter, has uniformly refused to address the issue in any public forum. All callers to any of the various GCN programs that even hint of mentioning the matter are immediately taken off the air and hung up on. The Genesis tactic has been to completely bury the story, and refuse to allow any scrutiny of Alex Jones.
At this point, it should be clear to all informed parties that the trust which has been placed in the Genesis network in general, and Alex Jones in particular, is misplaced. To put it another way, would you want to be in a foxhole with someone who would sell you out for money?
—— James Lloyd
The John Gray Letter [2]
(The following is a computer transcript taken word for word, without editing, from the handwritten letter sent to Christian Media by the Gray family — as it was printed in Christian Media, Volume VII, Issue 3)
Dear James Lloyd, we support you in what you are teaching. We know the frustration within your heart about friends you think you have that forsake you.
A story I can tell you about Ted Anderson and Alex Jones (Genesis Communications Network). I don’t know if you are familiar with my situation here in Trinidad, Texas or not, but my name is John Joe Gray. I’ve been in a standoff with the highway bandits since January 8, 2000 when I was released from jail.
We got word the authorities were coming in on us in August of 2000. Alex Jones and Mike Hanson came out late that night and did some video taping at the gate. Alex promised me this would only be used for documentary purposes when this was all over. We had several witnesses to this. Alex came back twice within a week or so and wanted to film more. He also assured us again none of the video would be shown anywhere.
Alex later called and asked about 20/20 interviewing me. I did the interview at my gate, not down at my house. Alex kept asking me to let 20/20 video at my house which I kept telling him no! I told Alex he was the only one I had let video around the house and that was only for a documentary. The day 20/20 was to air my story, Alex called me and said he had done something very wrong. He had let 20/20 have the video. They aired it, then patriots came and talked to me — John Stadtmiller being one of them.
I told John that Alex said he had sold the video to 20/20 for $700.00. A few days later, Alex and Mike showed back up out here wanting to know how we could work this out. I told Alex just to apologize to me and to get on the air and apologize and tell the patriots what he had done. Alex was afraid the bad patriots would take him out, those were his words.
I talked with John Stadtmiller on the air about people betraying me and mentioned Alex’s name. After I got off the air a guy by the name of Keith who knew Alex came on the air. Keith said Alex told him that he had a signed contract with me. John wanted me to come back on the air to verify if this was true. When I called back, Ted Anderson would not let John put me back on the air.
After the show I called Ted Anderson at his request. He wouldn’t let me talk on the air because he didn’t want his hosts to be squabbling on the air. I just wanted to verify that I didn’t sign a contract or give Alex any permission to air the video on 20/20. This guy Keith also said on the air that day that Alex received $25,000 for the video he sold to 20/20. We found out later that Alex had sold the video to 20/20 before coming back the second time. This is what Alex told us.
We shall know them by their fruits. You cannot serve two masters! God be with you and keep you and bless your network.
[signed] — Joe, Alicia and family

PROOF: Alex Jones Sells-Out to ABC [3]
by Victor Thorn
Knife in the backInvestigative researcher Thomas Holbrook has done some outstanding work in shedding new light on a case which has become known as The Alex Jones Affair: A Christian Family Betrayed. For those of you not familiar with this inexcusable example of betrayal, allow me to quickly rehash what took place. Before beginning, though, I must add that all credit for what follows goes to Mr. James Lloyd, whose outstanding article this overview is based upon. Then, after introducing you to this story, we’ll follow-up with Thomas Holbrook’s latest revelations.
In January, 2000, patriot John Gray and his family came under siege from government authorities in Trinidad, Texas; and they have been living under these conditions ever since. Shortly after this Waco-like situation developed, Alex Jones and his cameraman Mike Hansen visited the Grays and requested a videotape interview. Mr. Gray gave his permission under one condition: the film could only be released after the siege came to an end. Jones agreed to this request, as John Gray recounts (verbatim): “Alex promised me this would only be used for documentary purposes when this was all over. We have several witnesses to this. He also assured us again that none of the video would be shown anywhere.”
Please keep these words in mind, for they will become very important.
So, after gaining Gray’s trust, Jones was permitted to film this family’s residence, including, as James Lloyd writes, “crucial defensive locations” that “revealed significant logistical information.” This point is also vital, because the last time there was a stand-off in Texas against a family of Christian patriots, we all know what happened. David Koresh and 80+ other men, women and children were burned to death in a blazing inferno. And, considering 9-11, Oklahoma City, Randy Weaver, and many other government-sponsored acts of terrorism, another Waco is not outside the realm of possibility.
Anyway, shortly after documenting the Grays, Jones returned to their home a few days later, but this time he had a very peculiar request. He wanted John Gray to let the ABC News show 20/20 videotape him.
Now, before continuing, I have a question. First, how did Jones come in contact with 20/20? In case you need reminding, ABC is the enemy! In fact, they epitomize the New World Order’s corporate-controlled mainstream media; and they’ve done serious damage to the Truth Movement over the past few decades with their cover-ups and lies. Why in God’s name is Alex Jones working in unison with them? Please think long and hard about this point, because just recently the station which Jones broadcasts his radio show on – GCN – became an ABC satellite affiliate, and they’re also carrying ABC programming and advertising. How can the alternative media remain viable and trustworthy if they’re openly consorting with the enemy?
Naturally, John Gray refused time-and-again Jones’ persistent requests to let ABC inside his house, so when 20/20 was set to broadcast this story, guess what happened. Jones told Gray that he SOLD his videotapes to ABC’s 20/20! According to Gray, “Jones called me and said he had done something very wrong. He had let 20/20 have the video.” In addition, “Alex said he had sold the video for $700.00.”
Consider for a moment that Alex Jones was the only person allowed inside the Gray residence. He was also the only one allowed to shoot any video, and he was the only one entrusted by John Gray. Yet what does Alex Jones do? He blatantly betrays this family and endangers their lives by selling his soul to ABC for a lousy $700.00. Not only is such an act despicable, it should also send red-flags up to every patriot in this movement; because if Jones could so easily sell-out this family, how much loyalty do you think he has to the rest of us?
But, despite being Judas’d by Jones, John Gray showed his true Christian colors by telling Alex that all he wanted him to do was “get on the air and apologize and tell the patriots what he had done.” That’s not much to ask, yet Alex responded that he was “afraid the bad patriots would take him out” (his exact words).
Incredibly, once again we see Jones’ unbridled paranoia and drama queen theatrics – y’know the kind where he gets all hysterical every few months and says the New World Order is trying to kill him. But as we’ve pointed-out numerous times before, if these monsters truly wanted to snuff Jones, guess what they’d do. They’d KILL HIM and not just talk about it for ten years. How do you think government hit men operate? Do they post a flier in town square saying they’re going to murder Alex Jones? Hell no. They just off him, no questions asked. Thus, the whole “death threat” scenario is another hyperactive ruse where Jones is either a bald-faced liar, or he’s so whacked-out off his rocker that he should be locked in a rubber room and fed massive doses of thorazine.
To make matters worse, Jones began lying by telling people that John Gray had signed a contract with him. But as Gray states very clearly, “I didn’t sign a contract to give Alex any permission to air the video on 20/20.”
To prove that he was telling the truth, Gray contacted GCN president Ted Anderson and wanted to broadcast his grievances on-air. But he soon discovered that, “The Genesis tactic has been to completely bury the story, and refuse to allow any scrutiny of Alex Jones.” James Lloyd also adds, “Every host that has any knowledge of the matter has uniformly refused to allow the issue in any public forum. All callers to any of the various GCN programs that even hint at mentioning the matter are immediately taken off the air and hung up on.”
I don’t know about you, but doesn’t this sound exactly like the way the government and mainstream media operate? If they don’t want you to know about something, they simply bury it. It seems Ted Anderson and Alex Jones are absolutely horrified of this story; for once they’re exposed as money-grubbing turncoat betrayers for the world to see, their Wizard of Oz cover will be blown to kingdom come once-and-for-all.
So, this is where journalist Thomas Holbrook enters the picture. He’s been investigating GCN and the Gray Affair for the past few months, and has finally tracked down the elusive John Gray via United States Postal Service general delivery. The following responses came to Holbrook via a letter, where John Gray unflinchingly says, “After this thing with Alex Jones, we do not trust anyone in the media, newspapers, magazines, even shortwave.”
After being raked over the coals and betrayed by Alex Jones, I can’t say I rightly blame Mr. Gray for his suspicions.
Also, Gray stated that he stood by everything written by James Lloyd in his article, and that, “90% of everything Alex and Mike [Hansen] said were lies! Alex has all the people on shortwave convinced that we are feds and nuts.” He continued, “We did not contact Alex for publicity. We are not feds or Masons!!!”
Y’see, Jones was the one who opportunistically contacted John Gray, and similar to every other venture he engages in, Jones found a way to make $$$$$ off of it (this time by selling out the Grays to ABC News). Also, Jones has used the exact same disinformation techniques on us here at WING TV when we started uncovering his censorship practices (among other things). Y’see, whenever Alex gets exposed for his dirty-dealings, the first thing he does is lie and say that the ones exposing him are COINTELPRO or government agents. This tactic is pathetic beyond words, especially when Jones contacts a family under siege – the Grays – then betrays their trust, endangers their lives, and ultimately profits from selling them out to a tentacle of the NWO. In my book, this makes Alex Jones a coward and a low-life rat that absolutely cannot be trusted any longer.
Finally, John Joseph Gray reiterated much of what James Lloyd covered in his original article, while adding a new twist:
“Alex got real jealous because we wouldn’t call them when Chuck Norris came out here. That’s when he began to badmouth us. Alex just sold us out. He thought we would be dead before 20/20 was aired. He’s just trying to cover himself. Alex tried to talk me into letting 20/20 come up to the house and video. I told him he was the only one who had taken video around the house which wouldn’t get out till this was all over with, and I didn’t want 20/20 up here. I met 20/20 at our front gate when they came in, and stayed several yards away from the house.”
After reading these words, I feel it is appropriate to hearken back to how John Gray opened his letter to Thomas Holbrook: “Thank you for being concerned. The truth will get out on Alex before it’s over with.” God bless John Gray, and yes, he is correct – the truth is getting out about the way Alex Jones operates.
Of course there are still many unanswered questions, such as how Chuck Norris fits into the picture. But Thomas Holbrook is following up with the Grays, and hopefully more information will arise in the near future.
In the meantime, we are going to post a list of questions to Alex Jones on Monday concerning his betrayal of John Gray, along with his affiliation with the ABC News network. In addition, I did leave a message for Alex Jones before running this article, but once again he chose to hide instead of returning my phone call. Considering his repeated exhibitions of cowardice, how are we supposed to believe that this guy is going to “fight the New World Order” when he’s not even man enough to answer our questions and take responsibility for his actions? Worse, if Alex Jones has already sold his soul to the dark-side once, who’s to say that he hasn’t done it again? [3]
Update Oct 11, 2007:
Alex Jones Calls Vatican Critics and “Catholics Run It All Crowd” Mentally Ill and Liars[5]
by Greg Szymanski, Oct 10, 2007
He also criticizes people who present history lessons critical to the
Vatican, saying “it’s all made up or it’s twisted…”
Alex Jones has finally gone off the deep end, ranting and raving about the so-called “lying truth tellers” accusing him of being a Vatican shill controlled by their henchmen in the Jesuit Order.
In the past several months, Jones has been the brunt of severe criticism by thousands of internet readers across the globe who question why he “can’t read history and protects the Vatican.”
“I don’t think he is used to getting this type of treatment but when the facts are presented to him regarding the history of the evil Jesuit Order and the Vatican, he reverts to name calling and will never deal with the true facts regarding the Vatican, the Jesuit Order and the Knights of Malta’s involvement in the New World Order” said one Vatican researcher, who claims Jones’ job is to keep the heat off Vatican intrigue.
Jones recently said on what has become his fear-mongering radio show full of half truths that anyone who reads history and criticizes the Vatican are “mental cases and liars.”
Further, he claims that hidden history regarding the Vatican and Jesuit Order’s involvement in things like Abraham Lincoln’s assassination and the Nazi Party are “made up.”
Past documents including a court case where a Catholic priest was framed by the Jesuits, involving Lincoln as a young attorney defending the good priest, prove the Vatican and Jesuit Order’s conspiratorial actions along with European monarchs who wanted to end freedom and liberty in America.
Further, documents prove the Vatican protected and hid-out John Surratt, one member of the Jesuit-backed hit team who killed Lincoln, the lone gunman theory being factually dispelled just like it has in the JFK assassination.
Further, books by patriots during the Civil War days, including one by Samuel Morse, the inventor of the Morse Code, and warnings by Lincoln himself, prove the Vatican and Jesuit Order were involved up to their necks in a conspiracy to overthrow the young American Republic just like they are today with what has come to be known as the Vatican-led New World Order.
“So the question becomes,” said another Vatican researcher. “Who are you going to believe: President Abraham Lincoln or Alex Jones? I think the answer is obvious.”
This obvious historical denial about one of our most beloved and honest Presidents, say several Vatican researchers, is a clear indication Jones is a Jesuit shill since any intelligent human being would never make the statement that all history critical to the Vatican and Jesuit is “made up.”
“This tells you without a doubt he is a Jesuit co-conspirator, as he relies on personal attacks and will never deal with the solid facts I present in my book, Vatican Assassins,” said author Eric Jon Phelps.
Further, evidence that Jones covers for the Vatican is his blatant lack of coverage and total disregard of the federal lawsuit going on in San Francisco where the Vatican through the Pope’s lawyer, Mr. Leno, admitted to Vatican involvement in the Croatian 1940s genocide of more than 800,000, claiming, however, it was justified under international law.
The incredible statements were made in a November 2006 motion in the 1999 case of Alperin v. Vatican Bank. The motion made by the Vatican defendants has not yet been ruled on by the federal judge, but the case has been completely ignored by the media, including Jones and others in the alternative media covering for the Vatican.
Besides Jones’ statement that all history critical to the Vatican is “made up”, he also said in an arrogant manner that he wants to sue the Vatican truth-telling crowd but later added “I don’t have the time.”
“The truth is Jones will never sue anyone because if he doesn’t know, let me tell him a little about libel and slander law: truth is a perfect defense to libel and slander and I don’t think he and his Jesuit advisors want to open up court discovery about the allegations made about Vatican corruption in the present and in the past,” said Greg Szymanski of the Arctic Beacon.
“Jones recently called me a liar and mentally ill as obviously everyone knows I am one of the ‘Vatican crowd.’ Jones should watch his mouth unless he can back up what he says with facts. I never backed down to bullies and liars when I was kid, and I will never back down to this big mouth. I will debate him anytime and in any place but he will never accept because Texas bullies are usually Texas chickens. At least that is what we say on the streets in Chicago where I grew up.
“Also, the big Texas idiot said something must have been done to me when I was kid growing up in the Catholic Church, referring to pedophile priests.
“Coming from Jones low blows like this can be expected, but FYI nothing ever happened to me at St. John’s grammar school or Notre Dame HS. The people and the priests there were all respectful and decent. I never have bashed Catholics but only the evil hierarchy of the Vatican and Jesuits which use the church as a front, using good priests and good Catholic people to hide the hierarchy’s evil intentions and enormous wealth and power in the secular world. If Jones wants to sue me, go ahead.
Rush Limbaugh”I am willing to defend my statements that the Vatican and Jesuit Order are involved behind the scenes in the New World Order. I will defend my statements by relying on facts and history, not personal attacks like Jones. I am also ready to defend my statements that Jones has been covering for the Vatican for a hidden reason. His lack of coverage proves his connection to his real masters since it takes a special kind of blindness not to see what the Vatican and Jesuit Order are involved in.
Jones, called the Rush Limbaugh of the alternative media for his rude and abrasive ‘know it all’ style, never has been able to counter his critics that he covers for the Vatican with facts, but relies merely on character smears and nonsensical statements.
Here are quotes from one of his recent radio shows, showing his true scarlet red Vatican colors:
Alex JonesAlex Jones: “I’ve found no one as bad as the mental case(s), Catholics run it all crew.”
“I’m not going to have people on who are liars. I mean, I can sue them into oblivion but I don’t have the time.”
“It’s completely nuts, my family’s famous Protestants on both sides. I mean, founding Texas. Bringing Bibles in Galveston with Catholic Priests trying to kill them.”
“And they’re all former Catholics who, I guess, stuff was done to them when they were kids. They’re all freaked out. They’re seeing it as their view.
“And for me it just makes me mad because I’m tired of people saying things about me that isn’t true.”
“And then I hear them do their history lessons, and (stutters) it’s all made up or it’s twisted or it’s a guy in a hotel told me once and that’s their proof…”
“…(stuttering) it’s it’s it’s, and I will not be bullied, into obsessing on Catholics or obsessing on Jews. I’m going to cover news and information that i believe is the truth”
“and again, a lot of this is cointelpro, uh Kurt Nimmo,..”
Kurt NimmoKurt Nimmo: “we’ve seen the force from the trees (??), you know, as opposed to Zionism or Catholicism or even monarchies, it all at it’s roots stems back the Power, and you know and business.”
Alex Jones: “… exactly! you could ban Catholicism tomorrow and the people running it would just jump into some new group.”
Kurt Nimmo: “that’s right, and the people who rise to the top of the cesspool the sociopathic personalities who gravitate towards power so it doesn’t matter if they’re Jews or Catholics or Irish or from the planet Neptune you know, what matters is that they uh this is a personality type that gravitate to these power centers. and that’s precisely what’s happening. and people are wasting our time by pointing their fingers and Zionists or anybody else. now I can talk about Israel, but that’s because Israel is so egregious in it’s foreign policy in what it does to Palestinians and our foreign policy is co-opted by them..”
Jones interrupts: “Absolutely! ….(ends segment)”
Updates Oct 12, 2007:
Below, a video message from Thomas Richards. A little more in depth talking about Alex Jones, the catholic church and the Bible. Alex Jones started off in radio trying to be like “Crazy Eddie”. I believe Alex Jones is an actor. I believe he’s a bad actor. I don’t believe he infiltrated Bohemian Grove. The statue of the owl there is not Molech. He ignores the Patron Saint of bohemian grove St John of Nepomek. Charlie Sheen’s father is a big Jesuit Coadjutor who took his name after a charismatic bishop Fulton Sheen. Charlie Sheen kept the same last name while his other brothers and sisters kept Estovez. After Sheen came forward w/ Alex Jones Sheen became the highest paid sitcom star on Television. It keeps going and going…
Awakening, Alex Jones and the Catholic “Church”[6]

The people behind Alex Jones are experts at starting movements and making them look legitimate. They even look way more legitimate than the legitimate ones. Alex Jones, agent of the CIA in media manipulation via the continuation of Project Mockingbird.
Why Alex Jones Is So Successful at Deceiving the People[7]

Here is more highlighting Alex Jones lies and deception. William Milton Cooper gets credit for going public with the US Government Plans assisted by infiltrators at the command of the Pope and Black Pope, The Knights of Malta and the CIA with Top Secret Jesuit involvement in bringing about a NWO.
William “Bill” Cooper (1943-2001) and family
William “Bill” Cooper (1943-2001) and family

Alex Jones with his bullhorn
Alex Jones with his Bull Horn
Endnotes and References:
[i] Although there is much talking against Alex Jones, this article is still speculations, because we don’t have the final evidence that he is a disinformation agent.

Now in 2015 Absolute Ironclad Proof of Alex & David Ivke as Hired, Paid, Backed and Turned into MASTERS OF TROLLING, master baiters. IS DOCUMENTED.

However, there is quite a strong case against him, and the possibility that he is a disinformation agent and a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor seems to be the only thing that makes sense and connects the dots. If being a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor was a crime per U.S. law, this information would most probably be enough to take him to trial in a court of law. If Alex ever responds to this article, I will post his comments unedited at the end of this article. Wes Penre.
[ii] With “Top Illuminati” I mean the people who basically run this planet behind the scenes, but are NOT at the absolute top of the Conspiracy. Even the Jesuits answer to “higher powers”. It’s a game, within a game, within a game… Wes Penre
[2] ibid.
[4] For a lot more information on Alex Jones, see

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