THRIVE non-movement?

Article Written by Dave Emory, Radio Commentator of Many Years.

Peter Lavenda has published interesting factual books on The Nazi Link to Space Program, the Links with Alister Crowley’ 0t0   Thelmia   Stanist Falsely so called, Move Acress CAMERON, L. Ron Hubbard, Seances, Jack Parsons, Other High Level Spiritists, Seances to Call Forth Demons…Wierd Stuff that is True Life History…Truth IS Stranger Then Science Fiction!

“Thrive”: Counter-Culture Fascism in Cinema
The advance of fascism features a burgeoning array of media and organizational phenomena that direct people of more “progressive”–even “hip” orientation in the direction of bigotry and rightwing totalitarianism.
In particular, anti-Semitism–denying that it is anti-Semitic–has become something of the “flavor de jeur” for much of the so-called progressive sector. The clouding of minds with mysticism has accelerated this trend, particularly among the young.
A recent issue of the San Jose Metro – a free weekly paper in the Southern Bay Area –featured an incisive analysis by Eric Johnson. This important article dissected the fundamentals of a popular cult film entitled Thrive.
The brainchild of Proctor & Gamble fortune heir Foster Gamble, the film fuses New Age mysticism and cult “free energy” mythology with Old Age anti-Semitic ideology pinning the world’s troubles on the Rothschilds and Jewish control of the financial industry. (Gamble himself holds forth on various subjects in the film itself.)
In addition to Gamble himself, “Thrive” presents the fascist ideology of G. Edward Griffin, a prominent John Birch Society theoretician. (The origins of the John Birch Society are detailed in AFA #11.) In addition to his doctrinaire racism, demonizing the likes of Martin Luther King, Griffin tags the Federal Reserve System as a manifestation of the “Zionist” financial cabal.
The most outlandish of the fascisti whose “thinking” is featured in the film is David Icke. A former soccer player, Icke has reinvented himself as a political guru, disseminating the view that the world’s power structure is controlled by “reptilian shape-shifters” who pose as humans, eat young children and, somehow, are part and parcel to the international financial conspiracy advanced by Griffin, Gamble and company.
Another of the old-line fascists whose ideology is contained in the film is Eustace Mullins, although his influence is upon Gamble’s theoretical outlook, rather than in “Thrive” itself. An unabashed admirer of Adolf Hitler, Mullins is among the seminal fascist ideologues to tab the Fed as an outcropping of the “international Jewish banking conspiracy.”
Not surprisingly Icke, Mullins and Griffin have been extolled by the so-called “Truthers.” Both have also been featured on the program of former Fox pundit Glenn Beck.
In addition to the New Age mysticism, the film’s cache among “progressives” is strengthened by the inclusion of the likes of Deepak Chopra, Amy Goodman and environmentalist (and Baskin & Robbins heir) John Robbins.
This, in combination with the dumbing-down of America, has fueled the popularity of “Thrive.“
Not surprisingly, the film has garnered a considerable following among the “Occupy” movement, according to author Johnson.
“Thrive” appears to be among the most successful manifestations to date of counter-culture fascism, adding something of a bohemian flavor to the old adage that anti-Semitism is “the socialism of fools.”
(Author Peter Levenda, among others, has chronicled the overlap of alternative religions such as Satanism with fascist and Nazi elements in his book Unholy Alliance. The alternative religious connection/New Age phenomenon is central to the success of works like “Thrive.”)

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