In the US, politics is the art of smearing the opposition

In the US, politics is the art of smearing the opposition (berkeley) (berkeley)
Correct. And therefore since That Is The American Way, why should people despise posters who are Following The American Way…Mudrucking! The “Jewish (hobo-jazz) Extremist” is no different than H. L. Menkin or Samuel Clemmons, George Seldes would applaud his Writings! Only he has to Proof Reader! Imagine the Great Writer Hidden behind his Archaic Usage of “Approbate Rustic Speech” in the style of Mark Twain’s renderings of Black Slave Speech in Huck Fenn, whose Relative “William Fenn” AKA Billy Fenn lives at 6th. Street & Howard Street, in our Fair City? And employs a Notable Russian Computer Scientist’s Russian Born Son as his “House Boy?” through IHSS?
IHSS SF forced to have changed its name.
“In Home Sex Slaves “was found operating out of Quantico, VA with web address so In Home Health Care was told by CIA “Change YOUR Name, putz! WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT! STFU!”

About homelessholocaust

Tijuana Hobo , Hebrew Hobo Railroad Rabbi, The Truth Teller Tell True Truth Truthfully. If the Truth is Repugnant to you, You are a Reagan Cultist. Ronald Reagan was Taught by L. Ron Hubbard, Reagan & Hubbard FOUNDED THE SCIENCE FICTION MIND FUCKING GAME- SCIENTOLOGY- then REAGAN USED NERO LINGUIST PROGRAMMING as PRESIDENT to MURDER THE MINDS of AMERICANS!
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