A Clear Look at Reality Demands Access to Both Sides of the Debate.
GMOs..the truth (Reality Land) ((Old Tired Propaganda))
As a Dairy Farm Family member, and Seeing the Effects of Bovine Growth Hormones (Monsanto Product) on Our Herd, and seeing Bloody Pus in our Raw Milk, I believe your missing the mark.
When VP Geo. H.W. Bush made his Public Service film visiting Monsanto Labs, & Assured all that Hunger will be a Awful but Distant memory…A Thousand Lights will Open the Heavenly Cornbread Factory and Will All 3rd. World Nations Adequately Fed , Clothed & Housed, America’s Manifest Destiny, as the Leader of a New Order of World Peace, Safety & Eternal Wholesomeness, thanks to Crop Science.
And the Propaganda Tract from which you quote is as Dated as George Herbert Walker Bush, the Wedge that made the American Simpleton Embrace the Boy President, a Woman’s President. William Clinton’s long list of Presidential Orders are Chronically Listed at, and therein you can discern that Cash Talking in any number of Devious Designs to Crush the Farmers & Uplift the International Agra Businesses.
After all, Tyson was Bill’s Bosom Buddy, and during the Clinton Regime (as Attorney General, then 3 Term Governor of Arkansas, then 2 Term as President) the Hand Writ Largess to Big Agra. Smithfield became the Largest World Agra Mega Corporation, owned by a South American Family.
And Bill Clinton embraced Gerald O. Barneys Conception of Sustainable Human Habitats, Global Villages, where are no Automobles , Communitarian Housing, equally low income and “Subsistence” Takes on a New Level of Reality.
And in spite of your Pure Silly Untruthfilled Depiction of Science Falsely So Called, the More Level Heads in Europe have done America One Better in One-upmanship, BANNED these Un Tested and “possibly” dangerous foods, as has Mexico, Japan, China, ….a Great Awakening in the “Non Propagandised” Free World.
Your Drivel dates back to 1989, the Year my Vintage Joe Pass Jazz Guitar was Built, in America. My Guitar allows my Modest Talents to Create Satisfying Music.
Your Propaganda created CANCEROUS TUMOURS the size of which would
A Clear Look at Reality Demands Access to Both Sides of the Debate.

RE:A Clear Look at Reality Demands Access to Both Sides of the Debate.


Apparent some Lying Money Backed Paid MONSANTO SHILL thinks Freedom Applies Only to the DEATH MONGERS; MONSANTO .Obvious that JEW HATE is alive and well in San Francisco. JEW HATE you say?

A Jewish Boy Raised on a Dairy Farm in Oklahoma? Screw Him, Flag his ass! No Jews Need Apply!

Every morning before breakfast, Rabbi Rafoel Franklin, 60, an Orthodox Jew living in Swan Lake, N.Y., puts on tefillin, says his morning prayers, and then heads outside to milk his 30 cows. Three decades ago Franklin and his wife, Naomi, left Monsey, N.Y., the ultra-Orthodox hamlet outside New York City, to start their farm in the Catskills. Franklin, who became religious as an adult, had spent his childhood in Montana and once worked as a wildlife biologist. He moved out of Monsey because he wanted to live a life that reflected his love of the natural world as well as his devotion to the Torah. “In Monsey I was working as a shochet”–a ritual slaughterer–“and I was dissatisfied by what I saw,” Franklin told me.

A Grand

GMOs..the truth (Reality Land)
Factoids. You would be hard pressed to find any packages sugar that does not come from sugar beets and more than 90% of the sugar beets are GMOs.
All cattle and pigs are fed GMOs.
Humans have been altering the genetics of organisms since the beginning of agriculture, 12,000 years ago. Since that time we have genetically altered plants and animals by a number of ways.
1. Selective breeding
2. Mutagenic breeding
3. Shotgunning
4. Specific gene insertion
For most of the 12 thousand years, selective breeding was the only method available. With animals, if you had 2 hens and one of them laid 3 eggs a day and the other one egg a day, you bred the one that laid 3 eggs a day. Since the dawn of animal domestication, we have bred animals for traits we desire; increasing the amount of milk from a given cow to the increased breast meat in domestic turkeys). We have also taken a basic wolf like creature and from it created both Chihuahua and Bull Mastiff.
There is not one plant crop that has not been specifically altered. Many rather recently in history. In addition, we have created crops that could not survive in the wild. Think of seedless oranges and watermelon.
Mutagenic breeding is the process of exposing seeds to chemicals or radiation in order to generate mutants with desirable traits to be bred. From 1930–2014 more than 3200 randomly made mutagenic plant varietals have been created and on the market. Crop plants account for 75% of the mutagenic species with the remaining 25% being ornamentals or decorative plants.
Yet another method, the shotgun method, coat gold or tungsten bullets with DNA and shoots it at plant material with a shotgun-like device. It is another random method with the hopes that specific traits will be transferred; and sometimes they are.
The above methods never developed the antagonism that the current method has and the resulting organisms were helpful and not harmful. The same basic digestive system physiology that showed they were safe also shows that the current method is even safer and has more control over the resulting organisms.
The last method, direct specific gene transfer, is what is today called GMOs, a misnomer. It is simply one technique for making a GMO and the most direct and specific. The gene that makes insulin in the pancreas was inserted into bacteria and now the bacteria make cheap available insulin. In the recent past, insulin was expensive and was obtained by the regular killing of millions of cows and pigs (bovine and porcine insulin, respectively).
So why all the controversy? Good question. But first, we will/must separate the science from the politics and business aspects. Issues of Monsanto owning patents (easy to disagree with) are not the object here. How much money can be obtained from sales is not the issue here.
One relevant issue is whether or not GMOs are safe to ingest. Many people have questions about eating the DNA of GMOs. When you eat any DNA, whether plant or animal, it gets chemically digested to structures called nucleotides. It is only these nucleotides that can be absorbed into the body from the intestines; DNA cannot. There are only 4 nucleotides; adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine and these are identical chemicals no matter the source. Thymine found in an amoeba is the same exact thymine found in human cells.
As the function of DNA is to produce proteins, can these proteins be harmful? Given that we know the sequences of DNA we know what the introduced proteins will be. Allergens are readily testable and are regularly tested. That is the normal pattern for the development of any strain.
Note that there were no public demonstrations or health concerns regarding the mutagenic and shotgun methods. Why this specific technique? This technique is also responsible for the production of cheap and available insulin.

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Tijuana Hobo , Hebrew Hobo Railroad Rabbi, The Truth Teller Tell True Truth Truthfully. If the Truth is Repugnant to you, You are a Reagan Cultist. Ronald Reagan was Taught by L. Ron Hubbard, Reagan & Hubbard FOUNDED THE SCIENCE FICTION MIND FUCKING GAME- SCIENTOLOGY- then REAGAN USED NERO LINGUIST PROGRAMMING as PRESIDENT to MURDER THE MINDS of AMERICANS!
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