Making Vagina Food

How to Make Breakfast With Your Vagina

So why did you post my story on craigslist?
— Why is it Your Story?

SATIRE is a wonderful form of Literature. I am from Racine, Wisconsin.
You apparently are affiliated with UWmadison.
I thought it was a Wonderful Piece, but at 65 Years my Vagina probly ain’t up to snuff.
I may be coming to Wisconsin next year, my Son will be Released from Fox Lake Prison after 12 Years in Prison, & I want to Give him a Gibson Les Paul Guitar I Purchased from
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Between Ur Legs
The idea first came up while a friend and I were discussing the vagina’s probiotic properties. “Why is there a whole cookbook of cum-based recipes and not a SINGLE THING on Google about culturing jazz juice?” she wrote in a message to me and a few of our friends.
So, as the disapproving ghost of Julia Child looked on, she grabbed a spoon, a pan, and a candy thermometer, and set out to create yogurt from her vagina–the ultimate in locally-sourced cuisine.
Cecilia Westbrook is a friend of mine, and an MD/PhD student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. We had joked before about making yogurt from vaginal secretions–predictable jokes about the dietary benefit of eating pussy, about naming the product ‘Queeffer’–but then a Google search was performed and: nothing. Not even in medical literature. Curiosity piqued, Westbrook began to research in earnest. What choice did she have but to try it herself?
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Tijuana Hobo , Hebrew Hobo Railroad Rabbi, The Truth Teller Tell True Truth Truthfully. If the Truth is Repugnant to you, You are a Reagan Cultist. Ronald Reagan was Taught by L. Ron Hubbard, Reagan & Hubbard FOUNDED THE SCIENCE FICTION MIND FUCKING GAME- SCIENTOLOGY- then REAGAN USED NERO LINGUIST PROGRAMMING as PRESIDENT to MURDER THE MINDS of AMERICANS!
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