This is how Republicoons & Democraps THINK?!!

Dogs apparently believe that religion is given to people along with a personal world view, a group to socialize with and a bag of personal values. Some people may be given religious indoctrination by their parents, but a lot of people go out for themselves later in life looking for something to fill the spiritual gap. Dogs don’t know about those people I guess. Dogs believe that religion is inflicted on people. Dogs see cats through Dog’s Eyes and are missing how cats go about being cats. Dogs believe their own perception entails the subject in its entirety when in fact they seem not to grasp the depth, breadth or diversity of the subject. I also get the distinct impression that these Dogs don’t like Cats, at all. Cats are stupid. Cats cannot be explained because they are just crazy for not being Dogs. There is something wrong with all Cats. Cats are inferior creatures. Cats are plain worthless.

About homelessholocaust

Tijuana Hobo , Hebrew Hobo Railroad Rabbi, The Truth Teller Tell True Truth Truthfully. If the Truth is Repugnant to you, You are a Reagan Cultist. Ronald Reagan was Taught by L. Ron Hubbard, Reagan & Hubbard FOUNDED THE SCIENCE FICTION MIND FUCKING GAME- SCIENTOLOGY- then REAGAN USED NERO LINGUIST PROGRAMMING as PRESIDENT to MURDER THE MINDS of AMERICANS!
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