Children Murdered by Child Protection Servises

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Relinquishing custody to the foster care system (berkeley)


My name is Heather and I am a student at the University of Oregon. I am also a student researcher as part of the Honors Program.

I am writing to you today because of my research topic. I am researching families who have been forced to relinquish custody of their children in order for their child to receive necessary mental health services. These families typically either lack necessary medical insurance coverage, or they have exhausted their insurance limits. It appears that the Department of Human Services has told thousands of families that their only option left is to surrender custody of their child to the state in order for the child to receive the benefits the state can offer through the foster care program. I personally know of two families that this has happened to, and the knowledge that there are thousands more families like them is what motivates my research. The voices of the parents have not been heard in these cases.

I am looking for families who would be willing to be interviewed for my research. All information is kept strictly confidential. Interviews will be conducted by email or Skype. If you live near Eugene, Oregon, I would prefer to interview you in person.

My goal is to shine more light on this important subject and I hope that it can help start the process for policy change.

You can reach me at:
Th0rnUO @ gmai1.c0m

Thank you so much,

I have personal knowledge being Stepson of a DSS
and CPS Bureau Chief, Asst CEO Lobbyist for Cal assn of services for children.
One of the designers and implementers of the latest policies, they then are invited across the country to teach/help implement the California style of CPS.
There are Federal subsidies that encourage this crime, family courts are a stacked deck, much like that Angelina Jolie movie where the LAPD put her into a state nut house and the Drs were expert at observing something abnormal regardless of what you did or did not do, ask if you are comfortable?
If you say yes, My I would find your plight quite uncomfortable, So you honestly relate how it is in fact not easy and if she mentions her son is missing she is crazy,and deserves to be treated as a sub human.My Stepmother masturbated openly “accidentally” all the time?? she would speed up not slow down as we discovered her “reading”
She said my Brother had raped her one night as my Father was home! and she never told anyone until years later?? I knew that was ridiculous, but I had not told every one her perversions, but many in her circles knew of it anyways, they all were highly placed officials in positions of power to abuse ad they do abuse it for them selves or theirs.
My Stepmother was very good friends with Shirley Miller Loudon the Mother who was shot to death in church by her daughter Tara Loudon!
and also Richard Hamlin former Sac Co Da now serving life
They know kids vanish, they know suicide or prison is the future of many and they are not taking kids from worse places

I’m trying to understand what you’re talking about. Can you give me an example of a situation in which this occurred?

My sister’s daughter had severe problems: I suppose these days her problem would be called autism. State law required the child be enrolled in school, but the public school system wouldn’t take her, nor would local private schools. At the time, the only school that would take her was a boarding school far away with insanely expensive tuition.

Laws have changed a lot and I don’t remember the details, nor do I recall how it was resolved. There was never any talk of foster care, but maybe that is what the state was threatening: enroll your kid in a $50K/year school or we take her away.

At the time, we talked about it as an education problem — because the issue was compliance with state education laws. The state wasn’t ordering the child be institutionalized… just educated. But sure, one could say my sister was being asked to choose between an unaffordable school with mental health services for her child and a nasty alternative.

Is that the kind of thing you’re talking about?

I notice that you have only posted to this one forum. While that may well seem appropriate or optimal to you, since your subject matter enquiry involves “mental health services”, in part, please allow me to inform and suggest a couple of things:

1. These forums are primary “discussion” venues, rather than merely “bulletin boards” for posting announcements, invitations, recruitments, etc. In application, that could mean that discussing your topic or project here with participants (should you wish to) would be compatible as cpmtrasted with posting only to seek further contacts elsewhere and else wise. Craigslist provides a number of other “classifieds” posting categories, outside the forums, some of which could appear to be more consistent with your project recruitment notice postings.

2. Given that your primary express purpose is toward public agency “policy change” and a specific advocacy, that appears to be, in nature and intent, far more of a “political” pursuit and/or, to the extent that you are also seeking to influence and include the participations of others, possibly sociological. Your use of the word “research” may be dubious in this context, as well, since it’s all contextualized as in service to a pre-decided “outcome”.

3. It very well may be that the specified individuals you seek to contact are as likely to be found in other topical venues here, or possibly more likely, such as Parenting.

Otherwise, you raise some interesting and important issues, especially in combination. While the generic term “mental health services” is, of course, so generic I’m sure you agree there is crucial detail necessary in order to properly assess such things – and all the more so when it comes to various “treatments” coupled with State control of people. Yes, this DOES compel concerns, and the basis why and how any parents would become so convinced that any certain version of that was so “necessary” as to justify surrendering their children like that.

Care to discuss?

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I actually do not write most of these articles, I collect them here, for my personal useage, I find Some Other's enjoy them as well, which is a side effect of my Senility. As I am a Theosophist, and also study Vedanta Society of Northern California, so Your Visitation from the Akashic records to approve my feebile works gives me Great Hope! I am 68, years old, I will Come To You in another 30 or so years. You Reinforces my Belief that in my Sleep I visit The Akashic Records when I remember my dream's. I keep notes about 'Over There." the Colour of Daylight is Darker, but the Life is Brighter, property has no meaning, and it is homish. are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, the present lives, and possible future lives. Each soul has its Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. The Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records is where all souls’ Akashic Records are stored energetically. In other words, the information is stored in the Akashic field (also called zero point field). The Akashic Records, however, are not a dry compilation of events. They also contain our collective wisdom.
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