But at least I can spell the words “cell” and “”Benghazi” (see, I’ve already improved things!)

But at least I can spell the words “cell” and “”Benghazi” (see, I’ve already improved things!)

You are so smart! You have NOTHING TO SAY, but Others who DO have something, you Abuse! I found out where you get your Script….

Maybe Obama Built Too Many Cell Phone Towers in Benghazi? (Loused Up the Zoo Expansion There Too?)
I just thought i’d get creative
and combine three (3) different spambots into one – economy of effort!
Honey, in order to ‘think’ one needs a functioning ‘brain.’

But at least I can spell the words “cell” and “”Benghazi” – see, I’ve already improved things!

Honey, in order to ‘think’ one needs a functioning ‘brain.’ Obviously the Fun part of your “FUNctioning” is to be abusive, callous, foolish, disingenuous, ignorant, and to spread excrement around like a Financed Troll, which, of course, is what you are. The Koch Brothers, through the Syndicate behind “A.L.E.X.” pays low level morons, such as yourselves, to smear, debase, slander & make false allegations against those who are merely saying in Public what is actually “Our Protected Constitutional Right! Apparently, you are totally unworthy of citizenship in the Nation of Free Speech. LOL!

I am sure they will rant on me and put the hate speech all over this place about me, but that kind of totally proves my point.

A city is where you can sign a petition, boo the chief justice, fish off a pier, gaze at a hippopotamus, buy a flower at the corner, or get a good hamburger or a bad girl at 4 A.M. A city is where sirens make white streaks of sound in the sky and foghorns speak in dark grays. San Francisco is such a city.
Herb Caen

hope I go to Heaven, and when I do, I’m going to do what every San Franciscan does when he gets there. He looks around and says, ‘It ain’t bad, but it ain’t San Francisco.’
Herb Caen

About homelessholocaust

I actually do not write most of these articles, I collect them here, for my personal useage, I find Some Other's enjoy them as well, which is a side effect of my Senility. As I am a Theosophist, and also study Vedanta Society of Northern California, so Your Visitation from the Akashic records to approve my feebile works gives me Great Hope! I am 68, years old, I will Come To You in another 30 or so years. You Reinforces my Belief that in my Sleep I visit The Akashic Records when I remember my dream's. I keep notes about 'Over There." the Colour of Daylight is Darker, but the Life is Brighter, property has no meaning, and it is homish. are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, the present lives, and possible future lives. Each soul has its Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. The Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records is where all souls’ Akashic Records are stored energetically. In other words, the information is stored in the Akashic field (also called zero point field). The Akashic Records, however, are not a dry compilation of events. They also contain our collective wisdom.
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