George Wackenhut’s “private FBI,”


Cro-magnon Man replies to worthy of DeathBy 1966, Wackenhut could confidently state that it had secret files on 4 million Americans

SID — a unit, known as founder and chairman George Wackenhut’s “private FBI,” that provided executive protection and conducted undercover investigations and sting operations. Once they arrived, they rented two gray Ford Taurus’s and drove four hours to a desolate town on the Mexican border called Eagle Pass. There, just after dark, they met two truck drivers who had been flown in from Houston. Inside a nearby warehouse was an 18-wheel tractor-trailer, which the two truck drivers and the four Wackenhut agents in their rented cars were supposed to transport to Chicago. “My instructions were very clear,” Ramirez recalls. “Do not look into the trailer, secure it, and make sure it safely gets to Chicago.” It went without saying that no one else was supposed to look in the trailer, either, which is why the Wackenhut men were armed with fully loaded Remington 870 pump-action shotguns.

The convoy drove for 30 hours straight, stopping only for gas and food. Even then, one of the Wackenhut agents had to stay with the truck, standing by one of the cars, its trunk open, shotgun within easy reach. “Whenever we stopped, I bought a shot glass with the name of the town on it,” Ramirez recalls. “I have glasses from Oklahoma City, Kansas City, St. Louis.”

A little before 5:00 on the morning of the third day, they delivered the trailer to a practically empty warehouse outside Chicago. A burly man who had been waiting for them on the loading dock told them to take off the locks and go home, and that was that. They were on a plane back to Miami that afternoon. Later Ramirez’s superiors told him—as they told other SID agents about similar midnight runs—that the trucks contained $$40 million worth of food stamps. After considering the secrecy, the way the team was assembled and the orders not to stop or open the truck, Ramirez decided he didn’t believe that explanation.

Neither do we. One reason is simple: A Department of Agriculture official simply denies that food stamps are shipped that way. “Someone is blowing smoke,” he says. Another reason is that after a six-month investigation, in the course of which we spoke to more than 300 people, we believe we know what the truck did contain—equipment necessary for the manufacture of chemical weapons—and where it was headed: to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. And the Wackenhut Corporation—a publicly traded company with strong ties to the CIA and federal contracts worth $$200 million a year—was making sure Saddam would be getting his equipment intact. The question is why.

WE MET GEORGE WACKENHUT IN HIS swanky, muy macho offices in Coral Gables. The rooms are paneled in a dark, rich rosewood, accented with gray-blue stone. The main office is dominated by Wackenhut’s 12-foot-long desk and a pair of chairs shaped like elephants— “Republican chairs,” he calls them — complete with real tusks, which, the old man says with some amusement, tend to stick his visitors. The highlight of the usual collection of pictures and awards is the Republican presidential exhibit: an autographed photo of Wackenhut shaking hands with George Bush (whom Wackenhut, according to a former associate, used to call “that pinko” as well as framed photos of Presidents Reagan, Nixon and Bush, each accompanied by a handwritten note.

The chairman looks every inch the comfortable Florida septuagenarian. The day we spoke, his clothing ranged across the color spectrum from baby blue to light baby blue, and he wore a lot of jewelry -a huge gold watch on a thick gold band, two massive gold rings. But Wackenhut was, at 72, quick and tough in his responses. Near the end of our two-and-a-half-hour interview, when asked if his company was an arm of the CIA, he snapped, “No!”

Of course, this may just be a matter of semantics. We have spoken to numerous experts, including current and former CIA agents and analysts, current and former agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration and current and former Wackenhut executives and employees, all of whom have said that in the mid-1970s, after the Senate Intelligence Committee’s revelations of the CIA’s covert and sometimes illegal overseas operations, the agency and Wackenhut grew very, very close. Those revelations had forced the CIA to do a housecleaning, and it became CIA policy that certain kinds of activities would no longer officially be performed. But that didn’t always mean that the need or the desire to undertake such operations disappeared. And that’s where Wackenhut came in.

Our sources confirm that Wackenhut has had a longstanding relationship with the CIA, and that it has deepened over the last decade or so. Bruce Berckmans, who was assigned to the CIA station in Mexico City, left the agency in January 1975 (putatively) to become a Wackenhut international-operations vice president. Berckmans, who left Wackenhut in 1981, told Jimmy Carter that he has seen a formal proposal George Wackenhut submitted to the CIA to allow the agency to use Wackenhut offices throughout the world as fronts for CIA activities. Richard Babayan, who says he was a CIA contract employee and is currently in jail awaiting trial on fraud and racketeering charges, has been cooperating with federal and congressional investigators looking into illegal shipments of nuclear-and-chemical-weapons-making supplies to Iraq. “Wackenhut has been used by the CIA and other intelligence agencies for years,” he told SPY “When they {the CIA} need cover, Wackenhut is there to provide it for them.” Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau was said to have rebuffed Wackenhut’s efforts in the 1980s to purchase a weapons-propellant manufacturer in Quebec with the remark “We just got rid of the CIA—we don’t want them back.” Philip Agee, the left-wing former CIA agent who wrote an expose of the agency in 1975, told us, “I don’t have the slightest doubt that the CIA and Wackenhut overlap.”

There is also testimony from people who are not convicts, renegades or Canadians. William Corbett, a terrorism expert who spent 18 years as a CIA analyst and is now an ABC News consultant based in Europe, confirmed the relationship between Wackenhut and the agency. “For years Wackenhut has been involved with the CIA and other intelligence organizations, including the DEA,” he told SPY “Wackenhut would allow the CIA to occupy positions within the company {in order to carry out} clandestine operations.” He also said that Wackenhut would supply intelligence agencies with information, and that it was compensated for this—”in a quid pro quo arrangement,” Corbett says—with government contracts worth billions of dollars over the years.

We have uncovered considerable evidence that Wackenhut carried the CIA’s water in fighting Communist encroachment in Central America in the 1980s (that is to say, during the Reagan administration, when the CIA director was former Wackenhut lawyer William Casey, the late superpatriot who had a proclivity for extralegal and illegal anti-Communist covert operations such as Iran-contra). In 1981, Berckmans, the CIA agent turned Wackenhut vice president, joined with other senior Wackenhut executives to form the company’s Special Projects Division. It was this division that linked up with ex-CIA man John Philip Nichols, who had taken over the Cabazon Indian reservation in California, as we described in a previous article {“Badlands;” April 1992}, in pursuit of a scheme to manufacture explosives, poison gas and biological weapons—and then, by virtue of the tribe’s status as a sovereign nation, to export the weapons to the contrast This maneuver was designed to evade congressional prohibitions against the U.S. government’s helping the contrast Indeed, in an interview with SPY, Eden Pastora, the contras’ famous Commander Zero, who had been spotted at a test of some night-vision goggles at a firing range near the Cabazon reservation in the company of Nichols and a Wackenhut executive, offhandedly identified that executive, A. Robert Frye, as “the man from the CIA.” (In a subsequent conversation he denied knowing Frye at all; of course, in that same talk he quite unbelievably denied having ever been a contra.)

Wackenhut helped instigate this episode neither to forward a political philosophy not to protect any security interests, but simply for a fee. The client was Blanca Ibanez, a wealthy 38-year-old V Venezuelan expatriate now living in Boa Raton who is the mistress of Jaime Lusinchi, Perez’s predecessor as president. In addition to her duties as Lusinchi’s personal secretary and mistress, Ibanez had another responsibility—regulating the flow of hard currency in and out of Venezuela. After she left public of office, her activities were investigated, and she was suspected of stealing more than $300 million. The person in charge of that investigation was Orlando Garcia.

In May 1991, Ibanez flew to Miami; when she arrived, she and her luggage were searched by U.S. Customs officials. The search was conducted at the request of Venezuelan officials, who were hunting for financial records and evidence of offshore accounts. Nothing showed up, but Ibanez was clearly rattled. Soon afterward, she had her American attorney hire Wackenhut to stymie the Venezuelan government’s investigation of her. Obviously, Wackenhut was successful, although apparently only in the shots run. This past June, the Venezuelan attorney general indicted her for influence-peddling.

* Michael Riconosciuto is the mysterious convicted drug dealer who became a government informer and then became a Wackenhut employee, and who is now back in jail [see “Badlands,” April 19921 He told SPY that during the early 1980s he was “working for Wackenhut to adapt Inslaw’s Promis.” Promis is the computer program allegedly stolen by Reagan-administration officials from Inslaw, a software company, and resold for private gain. Although Wackenhut denies any involvement with improper appropriation of software, Riconosciuto said in an interview with SPY that he “met with George Wackenhut and John Ammarell [a Wackenhut board member and consultant to George Wackenhut] in Las Vegas.” Riconosciuto went on to say thee accompanying him was Dr. John Philip Nichols, the former CIA agent and Wackenhut business partner who was running the shadowy activities on the Cabazon Indian reservation in the California desert. Riconoscinto says that during their Vegas evening together, George Wackenhut ask how his work on the software was coming along.

Such comments from a twice-convicted felon would normally be dismissed out of hand. But in an interview with SPY Wackenhut’s John Ammarell confided that such a meeting did indeed take place in Las Vegas. “I don’t remember any specific conversations,” Ammarell said, “but I think we were there to discuss the sale of George’s yacht, the Top Secret. I think Nichols said he had a potential buyer.” So: The wealthy president of a large security company with CIA ties and one of his board members meet with a drug dealer. electronics expert and a spook Burned arms supplier—and all they discuss is the sale of a boat?

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Date:2010-10-22 07:28:24
Title:(rants & raves) I have done seem some purtty ignorant postings

NewsRe: worthy of death, (The real world)

Date: 2010-10-22, 4:34AM CDT

{This Post Was Taken From a GOVERNMENT WEB PAGE!…you Self Righteous fool! The Homosexual Agenda was ENTERED into the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD by the Speaker of the House, and Even a young fool, such as your self, can VERIFY the ACCURACY & TRUTH of it!]

In reading your post I had to stop and realize that here in 2010 there are stillΩç ignorant, uneducated, and down right stupid peopleΩ still living very well and strong among us all

.çççç[ I have seem some pretty ignorant postings on this CL but Sir/Madam I believed this has to be topped first place. I would like to be the first to say congratulations on being the most ignorant person in Arkansas, maybe in the world.]

[ Your post is the biggest load of bull crap I think I have ever heard in my whole 63 years.]

My birth date, you young sprat, is 12 December, 1912. I was born in Everton Community, Boone County, Arkansas, on a 40 Acre Farm granted to my Father by Pres. Theo. Roosevelt, for Value in Service during the Spanish American War, specifically, surviving the Charge on San Juan Hill.

I might add, I live in San Juan Capistrano, in the American Territories, and hold DUAL CITIZENSHIP,

* Location: The real world

A Kansas City abortionist is out of business after investigators discovered a grisly house of horrors at his clinic – with fetuses kept in Styrofoam cups in his refrigerator and one employee accusing him of microwaving one and stirring it into his lunch. The unsanitary conditions in Krishna Rajanna’s clinic prompted legislative approval of new abortion regulations in Kansas, a bill that was vetoed by the governor. Rajanna’s activities have reportedly been the subject of law-enforcement investigations for nearly two years. Rajanna first came to the attention of police in September 2003 when he called police to investigate alleged employee theft.

Detective William Howard of the Kansas City Police Department responded.

“I thought I had heard and seen every vile, disgusting crime scene, but was in for a new shock when I started this investigation,” he would say later. Howard turned the matter over to the local district attorney and three state agencies.

Topping the list of horrors was an employee’s account that she and others witnessed Rajanna “microwave one of the aborted fetuses and stir it into his lunch,” as Howard recalled earlier this year when testifying before a Kansas House committee.

Rajanna denied the accusation. But he did keep fetuses in Styrofoam cups in the refrigerator along with food and drink.

“Dr. Rajanna lacked personal hygiene,” testified Howard. “His hair was messy, hands dirty, and his clothing was wrinkled and stained. He put on old, used foot booties while we were there.”

Howard testified the clinic was dark, dingy, had poor lighting and smelled musty. There were dirty dishes in the break-room sink and on the table, trash everywhere, and roaches crawling on the countertops. Howard was afraid to sit down.

Howard noted there were no hazardous waste containers anywhere. (An employee later testified Rajanna took home all contaminated, medical and biohazard waste for residential trash pick-up.)

As for the “procedure room,” Howard’s partner spotted dried blood on the floor and said the room looked “nasty.”

Two dishwashers located next to the staff toilet served as sterilizers, according to employee testimony. Photographs show the toilet was bloody and functioned as a human waste disposal in the literal sense.

On Saturday, the State Board of Healing Arts voted unanimously to revoke Rajanna’s license.

In March, a board inspector made two surprise visits to Rajanna’ clinic. He reported the facility was unclean and that he found syringes of medications in an unlocked refrigerator. The inspector also reported finding a dead mouse in the hallway.

Rajanna said in his 10 years of performing abortions in Kansas City, no patient has complained about care.

Rajanna can appeal the decision to district court. He argued that he had not been given an opportunity to meet with the inspector to correct the deficiencies. But board members concluded that Rajanna’s clinic represented a danger and said that as a doctor, he shouldn’t have needed the board’s prodding to keep a clinic clean and safe.

Board members also noted that Rajanna had been previously disciplined, in 2000 and 2001, for not properly testing his patients for their blood types and for improperly labeling medications. Also, in February, Rajanna signed an agreement to improve his clinic’s conditions and paid a $1,000 fine.

With Rajanna’s case pending, abortion opponents won legislative approval of a bill requiring abortion clinics to obtain an annual license from the Department of Health and Environment, hire surgeons as their medical directors and report patient deaths to the state within a day. The measure also mandated that the department set standards for equipment, medical screenings, ventilation and lighting.

But Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, an abortion-rights advocate, vetoed the measure, saying medical professionals – not legislators – should set standards.

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Date:2010-10-21 23:52:00
Title:(rants & raves) Interesting-

Today while I was praying I was taken by the Lord into a realm or dimension of hell. The people there were crying, and screaming, and whining, and complaining. But they were not able to have conversations with each other, as each one was completely absorbed in their own misery and they would not even listen to each other. They were a very miserable lot of people. Some had pulled out their hair in such anguish and fits of anger that they only had a few sprigs remaining, others were scratched and bleeding. One in particular kept pleading for someone, anyone to listen to him and hear his story of woe. But no one could or would listen, so they all just ranted incessantly for nothing. But they were in great torments and it seemed as though they spent all of their time in such a state of ranting, wailing, whining, etc. When I inquired of the Lord who they were and why they were in such a habitation of despair, He told me that they were the ones who loved to pity themselves and draw others into their web of self-pity. The greatest torment they had was that they could not get anyone to listen to their sad tales and therefore could not draw anyone into their web of self-pity since every one else was locked into their own pity party. He, the Lord, told me that many of the ones there had professed to be His people, but they had not followed Him. Therefore they had been turned over to the thing they loved more than Him, and that was their self-pity party. He said those who had claimed that they were His people were liars and rebels because they had refused His command to deny self. Instead they had chosen to continue to indulge self through the medium of pity, so they were locked there for eternity in hell fire to burn under the oppression of their own complaints.


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I actually do not write most of these articles, I collect them here, for my personal useage, I find Some Other's enjoy them as well, which is a side effect of my Senility. As I am a Theosophist, and also study Vedanta Society of Northern California, so Your Visitation from the Akashic records to approve my feebile works gives me Great Hope! I am 68, years old, I will Come To You in another 30 or so years. You Reinforces my Belief that in my Sleep I visit The Akashic Records when I remember my dream's. I keep notes about 'Over There." the Colour of Daylight is Darker, but the Life is Brighter, property has no meaning, and it is homish. are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, the present lives, and possible future lives. Each soul has its Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. The Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records is where all souls’ Akashic Records are stored energetically. In other words, the information is stored in the Akashic field (also called zero point field). The Akashic Records, however, are not a dry compilation of events. They also contain our collective wisdom.
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