Nicolas “Nagara” Duplessis

Big Oil & Civil Rights in Plaquemines Parish. The burden of Plaquemines & Big Oil has shaped my entire life.

by Nicolas “Nagara” Duplessis

First, I must state,that I am beyond oil. The issues which I write about are not issues faced by me but faced by others, whom Big Oil doesn’t see as a threat or simply too dumb to catch them in any wrong doings, which is almost every American. Big Oil has basically treated me like King Louie of France, simply in an effort to keep me quiet and happy but oil companies have not stopped their criminal practices and recently, even send me a special package, to show me how much of power they now had in current days, compared to when Big Oil first entered my ancestors world in early 1900’s La.

When B.P. was first paying claims, they were only going to pay claims for me, nungessor and others, with a voice, but I took it upon myself to write and publish a Press Release about B.P. paying claims-which was then taken by someone in St. Bernard Parish and also published on facebook, forced B.P. into having to set up a claims line, even before they had time to consult with their attorneys.

The B.P. Disaster was the first time, that I looked around the room and saw other people from Plaquemines Parish standing up next to me but for too long, people allowed government to concentrate too much of power to Big Oil in La. State.

As oil companies have moved from being a good ole boy Texas ring of corruption, destroying lower Louisiana State and turned into multi-national players of destruction on a grand scale, I have also turned my attacks on them into international weapons of PR. Only days following the Deep Horizon Rig in the Gulf Disaster, B.P. was set to kick off a “love tour” in California and even gave a business, 2 blocks away from my home in Ca., a 1 million dollar donation-but this rural kid from Plaquemines was also waiting and kicked off a PR campaign against B.P. in Hollywood and with North Cali Environmental Groups. Having to write an open letter, publish it in Hollywood, yelling at James Cameron to get out of the Amazon rain forest and get into La. State, made every stop and look into how lawless oil companies really operate. Needless to say, even with oil companies spending hundreds of millions in Ca. this election, there is absolutely no base or area, that will follow Big Oil. As Arnold Schwarzenegger moves out(not before a lashing out at Big Oil) and someone else goes into the Ca. State Gov’s Office, I will be right there making sure that no people suffer, like the people in Plaquemines Parish.

While whites did not want to deal with the corruption by Bush or even his token, Jindal the blacks now do not want to deal with the obvious oil whore corruption of Obama-which once again, leaves me standing alone. My email in box has gone from La. people, Tx people and folks in the Mid West along with law enforcement to now being from foreign governments and oil executives. I know that these people should have better things to do, so what is so threatening about simply telling the reality of government and big oil, in their big cluster fuck of corruption? I did not inject myself into this pathetic state of the U.S. but this reality has injected itself into me. I write and bare witness, which is what god gave me the ability to do and I have done alot more than what others have done.

Getting Editors to Publish what was unpublishable in La. State: Stories of Racism.

From the ages of 15 to me now almost pushing 40, I have been the lone voice in Plaquemines Parish on many fronts. My great grandfather was the most successful man of color(Italian-Jewish, Mixed Race and African American),in La. State, during much of the 40’s, 50’s, and even 60’s. He rented and sold land to blacks, that traveled from other parts of the South, because they could not find a way to get their 40 Acres and a Mule. When an educated black man could not get voted into Parish Council because it was filled with whites, who didn’t even have a diploma from Boothville-Venice High School, it was always me, who had to tell the story in the newspaper. Civil Rights issues, didn’t get raised unless I told them in La. State, for at least the entire time that I grew up there. Never underestimate someone who can get La. State, in an area of mostly rural, blue collar whites-to publish gripes for some black people. There was even a color line, that was broken by me time and time again on behalf of black issues in the area.

It was always me, as a teenager, who had to push for the New Orleans Times Picayune to publish David Dukes Concentration Camps, after a deliberateand shocking silence by the media-with daily callings to some hotline the T.P. had set up, for feed back0which I filled every day after school.

Nicolas Duplessis’s Early Activism in Plaquemines Parish as a high school teenager: Bohemia Spillway, Land Rights and fighting judges/Big Oil as an afterschool activity.

Before Jet Magazine, did that one story on native blacks in Plaquemines Parish, that were being jerked around by the oil companies and state, over a 80 year old crime against humanity, Bohemia Spill Way, it was I who was publishing and re-educated my parents and my generation, on what exactlyhappened to our ancestors and oil companies. There was no internet, simply me and pen. It is very sad, that almost all the knowledge of Bohemia Spillway, comes from me. After the NAACP or other groups, ignored the families (including my own)-I ended up being the only read writer on the subject and if I didn’t write it, than I likely was embarrassing the media, so much, that they had to do a write up.

When Chevron moved in to take land in Plaquemines Parish, it was me who would call up the judge and demand to know how much of bribe money he had taken from the oil company, which the judge would yell back and tell me that I have no proof and my grandmother had the only lawn, that displayed signs about oil company land theft and corruption, once again, I was still in High School & none of the adults, in the parish, were doing shit.

After Bohemia Spillway, some oil companies & Texas and Republicans, like Billy Nungessor’s family, were funding in the notorious Plaquemines Parish Perez Brothers, and pushing for the jailing of blacks in a concentration camp, which would be located across from Fort Jackson in the Parish. After Katrina, when Nungessor, got into office, it was a slap in the face for many of us and I had to put back on my “reporter” cap and work to get this offensive and racist man out of office, not just do to the corruption but coming directly from the same people, who were just 30 years ago, not the 60’s but 70’s, trying to jail blacks in a swamp, to clear land-had many sick to their stomach. I never played up that angle, even though I am old enough to remember it all, being that some whites in the Deep South may have found that appealing, therefore I just kept it generic and kept myself sick for years.

Spike Lee and CNN’s Promotion of Nazi Perez Backers in Plaquemines Parish:

Spike Lee, HBO, Time Warner, 40 Acres and Mule, is foolish enough to go down into the Deep South and just put any white person on t.v. or in his supposedly “pro and uplifting black” production, being that he also attacks Tyler Perry, has plenty of people disgusted. Shouldn’t some alleged black militant like Spike Lee, know something about the history of the people, that he is promoting, when it comes to the Deep South and black safety? Did Spike Lee, think that I was going after Billy Nungessor because I have nothing better to do? I understand he is jealous of Tyler Perry from Nawlins, but really? So, is there any other black Hollywood directors, that might wanna come and make David Duke look like George Clooney? Any others?

My phone rung off the hook, with people being sick to their stomach at the promotion of Billy Nungessor on CNN and after appearing on MSNBC, Nungessor went around saying that Chris Matthews had called me a lunatic.

Oil Company mail out, new Science Books, which now had their legal case backed by fake science-all due to a “Dead Zones” post that I wrote on Plaquemines Parsih, Oil and Oysters!

The Lunatic Label being slapped on me by pr attacks, white oystermen who I have helped more than any other person in this nation and even rumors of MSNBC, Chirs Matthews weighing in, while he interviewed Billy Nungessor during the B.P. Oil Spill:

O.K., lets look at this lunatic narrative. For 20 years, I watched oil companies pollute the habitat that was around to sustain my Native American Ancestors and through the years, many people have come off the boat from some where else due to oil companies. Finally in my lifetime, I outlined dead zones in the bayou, due to decades of no real regulations and pollutions. Evidently, some white oystermen, who previously were just taking it up the ass, decided to sue. Now according to the oil companies, I was forcing white people to sue, and some of the same dumb white people, who were taking it up the ass, (he knows who he is)-started a PR Campaign against me, the very same person, who has been the only voice against oil pollution, in that Parish, since I was in diapers & now I am pressing Ca. State to get rid of all books which comes from Texas because the more they know about how oil politics work, the more outraged they become and in a state, that is home to the most famous people on the planet, I have a whole new crowd that can undo, what La. State never made an attempt to even try, due to the funding in of mostly every politician, editor and judge within La. State by Big Oil!

So, the oil companies, used the “Katrina Card” and said that Hurricane Katrina has caused dead zones, and actually put the lie that 100 years of oil companies doing whatever the hell they wanted to, was really caused by a 2 day storm! So, while some oil company paid writer and some head oysterman (the same white oysterman that I wrote about as a teenager for not having a diploma but getting into Parish Council)-were sitting around and calling me names. Mean while, the oil companies know that my family were around with them, when most of these white people were in some Eastern European Dump.

Oil companies are the reason that I have never trusted science because science is political and has outcomes depending on whom ever is funding the science. He who has the gold gets to make the science in the United States. In the late 1800’sthe United States had entire medical books, backed by science saying that a white person would die, for simply standing too close to a black person! The mixture of politics,corporate agenda and science can never be denied in the U.S. Like the EPA and BP’s science, saying that the oil in the Gulf is no longer there, science simply creates a reality, which isn’t accurate and depends on who funds the science. Oil Companies fund the science departments at LSU, which is why LSU stated repeatedly that there was no harm to marine life, in the Gulf, even as the entire world watched what was happening!

So, while I started my PR campaign to lay the ground work for justice, oil companies saw that I became the topic and now the debate was on my “radicalism”- so they arrogantly delivered a new and updated college level Science Book, written in Texas, and taught in states like California, highlighting the parts, which now read that dead zones, in La. State, were caused by Katrina. So, once again, this wasn’t aimed at me but they wanted to show me what they could do. Just to rub it in my face, that they had the power, to make the very same people from my rural home town, parrot their lying attack propaganda, these oil industry liars topped it off with new school books, which the oil companies wrote, where they distanced themselves from pollution in La. State! All the oil companies know that my family is next to that former Buras Middle School & that’s exactly where they mailed those books in 2008 & 2009!


After I got my hands on the Science Book, which they had mailed to rural La., just hot off of the presses in Texas, I called the Science Departments of colleges in Los Angeles, and they were all reading from this oil whore text book, being that Ca. State is the largest buyer of text books from Texas State.

So, while I deal with mess like this from the oil companies, people (white people, who just got off a boat a few years back in Plaquemines Parish) who have benefited from me creating a means to undo Big Oil, simply had nerve to talk about me.

After, running Chevron away, for their warped eminent domain bribe laws, they get the failed oil man from Texas, to change the entire meaning of the U.S. Constitution, and only some people in New York, made a peep. So, once again oil companies showed me what they could do… other people because thus far, unlike the case with other families in the Parish, the oil companies steer clear of and land connected to me.

But with all that said, when the B.P. Disaster happened, I was the first one on the phone, to corporate offices, and getting a claims line set up for everyone. Did you hear me? I didn’t get information, I acted as if they already had a claims process and simply began making a damages claim, when I saw the oil heading in a North East directions. B.P. was not even entertaining the thought of setting up a claim’s line and from what I understand-not Obama, not Jindal, not Nungessor not Vitter-not anyone had called to work out a claims process. So, I worked it out and the next day, B.P. set up the monthly payments and claim process. Jindal and Obama told everyone to take out a loan and get food stamps!

While I may have bitched about B.P., my bitching was for the misery of others, because people like Nungessor & I, had our claims paid before everyone else and I actually had a personal liaison at B.P., simply because oil companies know who in lower La., will catch them and expose them in their crimes. The oil industry wanted to get rid of me so fast, that I could have gotten that entire 20 Billion BP fund for myself, if I would just go away or at least start up on Chevron, but with Tony Hayward smirking about the deaths of the oil rig workers, he had to go also and that’s mostly due to David Brinkley the historian. David Brinkley and I stayed non-stop on Tony Hayward until his butt was back in Kent,England which is what I predicted days after this mess happened. Enough is enough.

Bohemia Spillway settlements, had white people even taking 300.00 for 100 years of terrorism by BIg OIl and after their stolen land made Big Oil, billions in oil profits-but my family’s settlement has been individually taken care, of and every tract of land is counted, unlike the others in the Parish, who simply do not speak up for others or themselves.

So you see, nothing that is done by oil companies anymore really affects me, like it does others, but unlike some of these last century newly arrived Euro trash whites and dumb, def and blind blacks-I almost have a hard time trashing oil companies, because they know that I am one of the last standing people, with the capacity to lay out their entire history of abuse and who operates with their very same mentality & very few problems are thrown at me from Big Oil-I am on their “Make Happy” list along with the politicians, Parish Presidents and others-so now I have to look at what they are doing to other people, to see who I need to expose and how I need to expose them.

Oil Companies are now trying to push into California, but when they read the political and literary push back in Los Angeles against them, it isn’t coming from Hollywood or the environmentalist-the exposing of their oil whore tokens and of their dirty habits in La. State, is once again being driven by me. So, the oil companies may be the government, as they let me know, and may be able to change Science Books, to reflect their fraud argument, over a post I wrote on oil pollution- but I have not stopped and with exception of B.P., who gave millions of dollars to businesses in a Ca. neighborhood, which I lived, immediately following the B.P. Oil Disaster-I made sure that everyone in Ca. State, knew about their bribes.

Like in Plaquemines Parish, it started with Big Oil and the victimizing of my ancestors in Bohemia Spillway, so to have silly people, who just came off the Euro-Trash Boat in the 1900’s-taking my data and fighting back on one hand, but to then start taking aim at me-is simply foolish. I knew Katrina was coming, which is why I was in NY and knew that BP cancer causing pollution was coming, which is why I was setting up what I could for everyone else, from my balcony, over looking the Pacific-so trust me, that at the end of the day, when La. is all forgotten about, Big Oil knows that I am the Plaquemines Parish Heat Seeking Missile, that will follow them to the edges of this Earth and tell the story of Big Oil, Project Creole, Bohemia Spillway and Plaquemines Parish. Oil companies can not just trash Plaquemines, La. and then simply waltz and do this to other states, with that lie about safe drilling.

I have a whole new grade of white people in Ca., that are rich, famous and hates Big Oil & Texas, just needing me to get them in step. That’s what I have been doing all this month, which is why oil companies will not gain an inch. I am very excited about my new model whites, which run smoother and are more efficient on less fuel.

About homelessholocaust

I actually do not write most of these articles, I collect them here, for my personal useage, I find Some Other's enjoy them as well, which is a side effect of my Senility. As I am a Theosophist, and also study Vedanta Society of Northern California, so Your Visitation from the Akashic records to approve my feebile works gives me Great Hope! I am 68, years old, I will Come To You in another 30 or so years. You Reinforces my Belief that in my Sleep I visit The Akashic Records when I remember my dream's. I keep notes about 'Over There." the Colour of Daylight is Darker, but the Life is Brighter, property has no meaning, and it is homish. are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, the present lives, and possible future lives. Each soul has its Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. The Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records is where all souls’ Akashic Records are stored energetically. In other words, the information is stored in the Akashic field (also called zero point field). The Akashic Records, however, are not a dry compilation of events. They also contain our collective wisdom.
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