female tech-profession fired for having the temerity to expose sexism (Black Adria Richards)

Is San Francisco Really a Bastion Of Gender Equality? Can this Event be Seen as the Male White Anglo-British Domination and Twitter’s Billions Invested in Gentrification (Genocide) of Blacks, Homeless, Poor Housed in TNDC Housing from off od Market Street from 5th. to 11th, Street? I believe so. As The Filthy White Racists have Gentrified the Hispanics Plumb Off Valencia, these Effete Bicycle Riding “Girly Boys” now seek to remove the unsightly Poor, Blacks, Homeless and Senior Citizens OFF “The Market Street Corridor” to make way for a Better Class Of Humanity.

The annual conference of Python software developers does not usually make news beyond the world of computer geekery. This year’s conference, however has has given rise to a snowballing controversy surrounding female tech-professional and conference attendee Adria Richards. Depending on who you read, Richards is either a tenacious advocate of women’s empowerment in a male-dominated industry, unjustifiably fired for having the temerity to expose sexism on the conference floor — or, alternatively, she is an overgrown school prefect, who overreacted to off-colour humour, and cost a man his job. A third position — that has been heard all to audibly in recent days from the legions of demented 4chan types — is that Richards is a woman on the internet who refuses to imitate a doormat, and as such deserves to be subjected to threats of violence and rape.

Anyway the facts are as follows. Richards, who was watching a presentation from the conference , took offence at a conversation taking place behind her — which pertained to the importance of having a “big dongle”. Feeling that this was all too symptomatic of the sexist atmosphere of the industry she took a photograph of the men who were conversing and tweeted it along with a description of her displeasure at the conversation. She further discussed the matter with the conference organisers who then threw the men out.

The upshot was that one of the men involved — having had his picture and company name publicised — lost his job. The, in turn, provoked fairly widespread outrage, amongst the IT/Developer/internet community, much of it directed acted at Adria Richards. Hacker attacks were made against her company SendGrid, who responded by publicly firing her — prompting accusations that they had caved in to the troll army.

On the internet, mysoginy is prominent and institutionalised, and Richards is no doubt suffering its effects. Yet looking at her account of the conversation that provoked her tweet, it is difficult to sympathise with her actions. No doubt the conversation that she reports involves some low grade sexual humour — the importance of having a big dongle. But there’s nothing that appears particularly sexist. They were not, for example. talking about any particular woman — present or otherwise — who they would “like to do”. Merely floating a sex related analogies to each other.

Indeed other female software types have, understandably, taken umbrage at the suggestion that such chatter is peculiarly offensive women’s ears. As one woman put it “I probably would have been giggling myself. . .It has nothing to do with gender.” Yes there can often be a crossover between sexist humour and juvenile jokes about body party. And yes expressions of sexuality are not made in a social vacuum, but in a society in which sexual relations between men and women are all too often a matter of coercion. Yet the two are not one and the same. And where juvenile toilet humour is not marred by sexism, it ought to be recognised and indeed celebrated by all right thinking people as a fundamental cornerstone of our civilization.

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