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Health insurer taps voyeuristic vein to encourage behavior changes

Folks visiting America’s consumerist mausoleum, the Mall of America, are getting a lesson in dieting from a guy in living in a fish bowl for four weeks:

Scott, “The Human Do.ing,” will live at Mall of America from March 18 – April 16 to model daily physical activity and healthy eating and show how community support is a key factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He will encourage others to join him in getting fit and eating right, thereby involving all of Minnesota in his quest and inspiring others to start their own healthy lifestyle journeys.

via PR Newswire.

Cell phones weaken bones, study finds

Attention, all you hip-holsterin’ cell phone users: Your must-have wireless gadget is chewing away at your bones.

Docs in Argentina have found that the electromagnetic radiation from cell phones reduce bone density in the parts of the body on which they are carried.

And given the ubiquity of the devices, that “could have a substantial effect on the osteoporosis rate in the population,” according to the authors of the report.

From a recent announcement:

Although small, the new study raises the possibility that long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones could adversely affect bone mineralization. Larger follow-up studies will be needed to confirm or disprove this hypothesis, according to Dr Sravi. He suggests that studies may be warranted in women, who have higher rates of osteoporosis; and children, who would have longer expected lifetime exposure to cell phones.

via Newswire.

Charlie Sheen’s 9/11 “truth” stance made him target of mind controllers, author suggests

Charlie Sheen’s questions about the 9/11 attacks may have him in the crosshairs of mind controllers trying to embarrass the outspoken actor, says Sign of the Times blogger Joe Quinn:

Obviously, the topic I am broaching here is the possible link between Sheen’s public stance on 9/11 and his subsequent psychological collapse and the media portrayal of him with good reason as being ‘crazy’. Despite what many think, the idea that Sheen may be the target of surreptitious psychological interference by those who would prefer he keep his mouth shut about the 9/11 attacks is a reasonable one.

The idea, as in the case of former MI5 agent David Shayler, who become a cross-dresser and a self-proclaimed messiah, is to secretly drug and otherwise destabilize whistleblowers and outspoken government critics…

via Charlie Sheen, Mind Control, 9/11 and The Sixth Extinction — Society’s Child — Sott.net.

Ghoulish organ wagon will race to your home, before you’re dead

Beginning today, drivers of a federally-funded organ-collecting wagon will be monitoring New York’s 911 emergency calls indicating someone might be about to croak in his home.

The so-called Organ Donation Unit and a special ambulance will then hover outside the patient’s residence, waiting for bad news from the emergency workers inside.

Once the patient is declared dead, a team from the organ van will pounce upon grieving relatives, to persuade them to part quickly with their departed loved one’s parts.

From Fox News in New York:

The team — composed of two EMTs, an organ donor family services specialist and a Bellevue emergency physician — will interact with grieving and shocked family members in the limited time available before it is too late to use a person’s organs. A police detective will arrive at the scene before the team to make sure there’s nothing about the death that warrants a criminal investigation.

via MyFoxNy.

A robot exhibits bedside manners — and ethics – The Boston Globe

Two college professors have already given one robot the ability to handle a crabby patient with compassion.

Susan Anderson, a philosopher at the University of Connecticut, and her husband, Michael Anderson, a computer scientist at the University of Hartford, have programmed a robot with the ability to make an ethical choice.

via A robot exhibits bedside manners — and ethics – The Boston Globe.

Human embryos: Now with barcodes

The news is the bar codes that will be added to embryos (no RFID, here) are “biologically inert”:

The bar codes, which carry unique binary identification numbers, are biologically inert: they do not affect the rate of embryo development and are shed before the embryos implant into the wall of the uterus. The technique aims to simplify individual embryo identification, streamlining in vitro fertilisation and embryo transfer procedures.

via Short Sharp Science: Fertilised eggs get microscopic bar codes.

Ben Goertzel: 10 Years To The Singularity

Recently I interviewed Ben Goertzel for Singularity 1 on 1. During that interview Ben argued that the technological singularity is not necessarily inevitable and that The Future Is Ours To Create. Interestingly, in the video below Ben argues that it may not be absolutely ridiculous to consider that the singularity may actually happen as yearly as 10 years from now.

via Ben Goertzel: 10 Years To The Singularity.

Healthcare spin control plan vs. ProPublica

Photo: shanelkalicharan/Flickr CC

Worried by a ProPublica investigation revealing disgusting and dangerous conditions at dialysis clinics nationwide, PR people for the billion-dollar industry braced itself with a spin control document, with talking points.

From an industry PR memo obtained by ProPublica:

Despite our collective efforts, we do not anticipate a balanced presentation (in the ProPublica report), and we therefore feel it’s essential to create the “machinery” necessary to orchestrate an aggressive and prompt community-wide response.

The authors of the spin control doc suggests that docs and administrators, if contacted by the media in the wake of the ProPublica report, emphasize technological advances in the industry — rather than taking criticisms head-on.

The doc also shows industry flacks fretted that the story will get “will get traction through other media outlets.”

The reason my wife watched BSG with me

Photo: Liane Chan/Flickr CC

Battlestar Galactica executive producer Ronald D. Moore barred the BS technobabble that made so much of every show after the original Star Trek series aired.

That’s what allowed the epic space opera to come through.

And the guy he hired to keep the show honest has written a book about it:

Grazier – whose new book The Science of Battlestar Galactica finally puts geeks out of their misery by explaining the “hows”, “whys”, and “what ifs” – is blunt in explaining BSG’s success. BSG, he says, was not a technology show.This formula worked. BSG became a cult and critical hit. BSG was the first ever sci-fi show to earn a prestigious Peabody Award for its treatment of contemporary subjects. It won over fans of the 1970s original who were initially suspicious of Moore’s plans for their beloved show, and BSG secured a rarity for any TV sci-fi creation: the nodding approval of members of the science community.

via Shut up, Spock! – how Battlestar Galactica beat Trek babble • The Register.

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