Homeless Assualted Stolen Guitar Police El Paso Texas

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El Paso, Texas "HUMAN RIGHTS" Violation WATCH!

955 North "D" Street, San Berdarnino, CA  

My experiances over the Week End of December 2-4, 2006, at the hands of “Private Security” in employ of the GREYHOUND BUS LINES; and the LOSS of my CANADIAN “SEAGULL” Grand Guitar, my being for 3 days REFUSED PASSAGE out of El Paso, & the THEFT last night of ALL MY MONEY bu BUS SECURITY OFFICERS,

The subject described above, the Willing & Eagerness of the “Non-Controlled” actions of “Private” Security police, is a 21st. Century “TERROR” most are Well Aware Of! I have been formerly published in indymedia, “The War on the Homeless of San Diego” and am a Prolific & irratating “Commentator” on the VAST DISPARITY betwixt the Poor and the Rich, in America.

The Poor, Shabby, Unkempt person, +++If He/She Refuses to Prostate Himself, with Canine Slavish Obedieance, to the bourgeoisie’s little private police, +++ Are Fair Game for Any Abuses, Criminal Treatment, or Murder, Under Colour of Law!!!!

THIS from Near My Home Town, Hot Springs , Arkansas, just a few months ago!Audio Tapes Released following the Beating of a Russellville Man
Friday September 22, 2006 7:47pm Reporter: Pamela Smith Posted By: Cassie Cummings

Pope County – Disturbing details from audio tapes released by Pope County authorities following the July beating of a Russellville man at the hands of police.

The prosecutor has ruled justifiable force was used to subdue 61-year-old Bobby Joe Rylee but less than a week after his altercation with police he was dead.

(Officer Bobby Stevens) “Yeah, he stabbed me with a pen in the arm.”
(Dispatcher) “You want me to run over there and kick his *** for you?”
(Officer Stevens) “He needs an ***-kicking worse than we gave him.”
(Dispatcher) (Laughs)
(Officer Stevens) “We split his head open. Yep, all the people from the
Waffle House and Exxon started filing out, so we had to lay off a bit.”

Russellville police say their run-in with 61-year-old Bobby Joe Rylee stemmed from his disorderly conduct and resisting arrest July 15 Police first believed the pen used to stab them was another weapon, based on information from dispatch.

(Dispatcher) “Our caller advised the man does carry a knife on his hip and it is on him now.”

Rylee suffered a spinal cord injury and broken neck in the altercation and then later died at a hospital.

The officers involved, Bobby Stevens and Lee Goemmer, say Rylee did have a knife in his pickup truck. They had been on paid leave but are back at work. However, they now both face a civil suit. The city, police chief and sheriff also named. The FBI (website) is also reportedly investigating.

++++I should point out (Editor-Writer) the Bobby Lee Rylee was reported to be “Suffering Paranoia” in the Written Article from the Arkansas Democrat/Gazette I had, and the “QUALIFIER” in the City Attorney’s decision that “Justifiable Force” was used, the Report from the Arkansas State Hospital, to the effect that “at some past time, Rylee was inpatient for a mental condition.”

This is a Legal Excuse for Killing a Resister. In “Terror Storm” by Alex Jones, & in other Police State videos, it is the Present Proceedure to “Take Down” any “Subject” who, after TWO COMMANDS, fails to OBEY!

I have only lost ALL MY MONEY and my 5 month old “Seagull Grande” Guitar, BUT THE TOTAL SCORN, CONTEMPT & UNCARING ATTITUDE of (1) the City of El Paso, (2) POLICE who commented on my “Federal Senior Access Passport-BLM/USPS, NPS” as a “YELLOW SHOWER PISSPORT”, and (3) the CHURCHES, both Catholic (Saint Benidects) and Prostitant (Luthern, Baptist, Episcopial) who ARE ARROGENTLY CONTEMPTIOUS toward my plight, These “IDEALS” should Make One Give Pause….

BUT, I now FULLY understand America’s”WAR ON THE HOMELESS!” Here is a QUOTATION from Engel’s “Condixtion of the POOR in England” from ca. 1850’s…NOTE: 150 Years AGO! NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!!!

Let no one believe, however, that the “cultivated” Englishman openly
brags with his egotism. On the contrary, he conceals it under the
vilest hypocrisy. What? The wealthy English fail to remember the poor?
They who have founded philanthropic institutions, such as no other
country can boast of! Philanthropic institutions forsooth! As though
you rendered the proletarians a service in first sucking out their
very life-blood and then practising your self-complacent, Pharisaic
philanthropy upon them, placing yourselves before the world as mighty
benefactors of humanity when you give back to the plundered victims
the hundredth part of what belongs to them! Charity which degrades him
who gives more than him who takes; charity which treads the
downtrodden still deeper in the dust, which demands that the degraded,
the pariah cast out by society, shall first surrender the last that
remains to him, his very claim to manhood, shall first beg for mercy
before your mercy deigns to press, in the shape of an alms, the brand
of degradation upon his brow. But let us hear the English
bourgeoisie’s own words. It is not yet a year since I read in the
Manchester Guardian the following letter to the editor, which was
published without comment as a perfectly natural, reasonable thing:

“MR. EDITOR,– For some time past our main streets are haunted by
swarms of beggars, who try to awaken the pity of the passers-by in a
most shameless and annoying manner, by exposing their tattered
clothing, sickly aspect, and disgusting wounds and deformities. I
should think that when one not only pays the poor-rate, but also
contributes largely to the charitable institutions, one had done
enough to earn a right to be spared such disagreeable and impertinent
molestations. And why else do we pay such high rates for the
maintenance of the municipal police, if they do not even protect us so
far as to make it possible to go to or out of town in peace? I hope
the publication of these lines in your widely- circulated paper may
induce the authorities to remove this nuisance; and I remain,– Your
obedient servant,
“A Lady.”

There you have it! The English bourgeoisie is charitable out of
self-interest; it gives nothing outright, but regards its gifts as a
business matter, makes a bargain with the poor, saying: “If I spend
this much upon benevolent institutions, I thereby purchase the right
not to be troubled any further, and you are bound thereby to stay in
your dusky holes and not to irritate my tender nerves by exposing your
misery. You shall despair as before, but you shall despair unseen,
this I require, this I purchase with my subscription of twenty pounds
for the infirmary!” It is infamous, this charity of a Christian
bourgeois! And so writes “A Lady”; she does well to sign herself such,
well that she has lost the courage to call herself a woman! But if the
“Ladies” are such as this, what must the “Gentlemen” be? It will be
said that this is a single case; but no, the foregoing letter
expresses the temper of the great majority of the English bourgeoisie,
or the editor would not have accepted it, and some reply would have
been made to it, which I watched for in vain in the succeeding
numbers. And as to the efficiency of this philanthropy, Canon
Parkinson himself says that the poor are relieved much more by the
poor than by the bourgeoisie; and such relief given by an honest
proletarian who knows himself what it is to be hungry, for whom
sharing his scanty meal is really a sacrifice, but a sacrifice borne
with pleasure, such help has a wholly different ring to it from the
carelessly-tossed alms of the luxurious bourgeois.

We have the SAME EFFITE SNOBS today…their Hideous “QUALITY OF LIFE” Laws. They are RICH Piggies, Goyim Swine, and they CANNOT ABIDE to SEE, SMELL or be Pan Handled by VERMIN such as We Are!

IS THERE ANYONE WHO WISHES TO DEBATE my DOGMA? I have been “Homeless” over 30 (Thirty) Years. I am a TORAH Student, and a Parkinsons Syndrone victumn (They called JOHN the BAPTIST, Elijah the Tishbite & Jesus the Christ a Lunitic….I am in GOOD COMPANY!)

e-mail:: boxcarhobo_a1@yahoo.com

homepage:: http://geocities.com/elijahradioprophet/

phone:: 909-496-9204

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