Propaganda is making the Truth Movement Totally Irrelevant

Propaganda is making the Truth Movement Totally Irrelevant

There are innumerable propaganda campaigns being launched within what has become known as the Truth Movement. I would like to discuss a few of the most prominent aspects of these campaigns, in the hopes of helping folks weed through some of the disinformation. We are going to have to understand the true nature of what we are dealing with if we are ever going be able to make an effective stand against it.

With the popularization of the internet and the monumental increase in the accessibility of information, it was necessary to subvert and neutralize any grassroots opposition to the coming global system and the mechanisms behind it, which would inevitably form if given the chance, by any means necessary. The preferred method for doing this has been to take the basic truths about what is happening, mix it with bizarre, fantastical, or emotionally significant propaganda, and then create “leaders” to distribute this tainted information.

What happens is that people are intrinsically drawn to the truth that is given by these seemingly heroic leaders that they are presented with. They then accept the disinformation that said truth is mixed with, as a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, and because they have begin to idolize the leaders that they have been given, as it often seems humans are genetically programmed to do.

The first major result of this is that when a person tries to share the true information with other people, it is immediately dismissed, as they will not only relay the actual hard facts, but also disinformation, which falls into the category of “conspiracy theory” (the term “conspiracy theorist” has been popularized by the media as a derogatory term for anyone who does not accept the official propaganda line; sadly, many people have taken this term, and now refer to themselves as such). In fact, if one were to simply present the official plan by the elite of the world to create a one world scientific state, there would be no need for any type of theorizing, as the people and organizations planning this agenda have been rather straightforward about where they intend to take the world in their own publications over the last 100 years.

The second major result is that the various groups, following their respective leaders, fight with one another exponentially more than they attempt to inform others about what is happening. This is hopeless in the extreme, and seems to be escalating every day, as people are driven by their own egos, rather than a genuine desire to save our species from the hell that awaits it.

If we are able to cut through the mass of disinformation, and get to the heart of what is happening, we can all work together to present this global conspiracy in a factual manner to those around us, thus leading a greater portion of the public into a movement geared at developing realistic means of creating a real future for humanity.

There is a propaganda campaign geared at each and every personality type. Some of the propaganda lines encourage people to develop tunnel vision when looking at the global agenda, focusing on one group, when in fact the system is monolithic in nature, encompassing all institutions of power across the globe. Others neutralize people by pushing them off into religious or semi-religious fantasy. Both methods are equally effective.

I doubt that anyone reading this will not be offended by some aspect of it. I am not asking you to agree with everything I present here; I am merely asking you to read it, and instead of dismissing it immediately, let it stew in your brain for a while. Perhaps you will have an epiphany.

I am not prepared to call out anyone in particular as a government agent, I simply wish to state my criticism of the various elements of the Truth Movement. Propaganda may be distributed knowingly or unknowingly, and unless direct evidence is provided against someone, there is really no way of knowing for certain what the true circumstances are. However, it seems clear that a large percentage of the people working in this field are probably doing so with the blessing of the ruling powers, if not working directly for them. We all remember when the right-wing pundits of AM radio were called into a meeting with George Bush, to discuss propaganda strategy. I have no reason to believe that the alternative media does not function in a similar, though much more clever way. The American shortwave radio circuit was originally setup by the CIA, supposedly to combat Soviet propaganda, and the government has admitted to using the internet for counterintelligence operations. These are things one should certainly keep in mind when analyzing these self-professed beacons of truth.

For the sake of simplicity, I will try to separate each piece of propaganda into a category. In reality, all of the campaigns mix various pieces together, to form mind-boggling propaganda collages. Below are brief summarizations of the origins and effects of the main elements of the propaganda campaigns as they are presented by the would-be leaders of this movement.

The Alien Agenda

One of the largest and most bizarre disinformation campaigns is based around the concept of beings from other planets somehow being involved with or responsible for the conspiracy. David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, the Red Ice Creations web radio program, and the biggest of all, the Coast to Coast AM radio program (founded by Freemason and advocate of world government, Art Bell), are among those presenting this view and mixing it all up with the facts. They play off of the endless amount of science fiction that a large percentage of the western world has been fascinated by for decades.

All of this started in the 50’s, when the CIA began working with film studios to produce movies about invasion from outer space. Given that humans are biologically designed to base their understanding of the world on their own experiences, the simulated experience of audio visual entertainment directly manipulates an individual’s perception of reality on a subconscious level.

Originally this propaganda was invented as a means to see if they could get enough people to believe in the possibility of an actual invasion from outer space. If they could, the idea was that they would stage a fake one, and use it as a means to create a world government, following the script of The Day the Earth Stood Still. This idea was thrown out by the Club of Rome, one of the high level think-tanks which scripts world events; they chose instead to use the manmade global warming mythology as the world unification mechanism. The Alien Agenda is still used as a psychological operation against those who are waking up to the truth.

It is also a very effective means of covering up the fact that the government has had the technology and has been building anti-gravity planes for decades; anyone who sees one assumes it must be aliens, and is afraid to discuss it for fear of ridicule, or does discuss it and is looked at as insane.

The Alien Agenda has been largely promoted by mainstream media outlets such as the Discovery Channel and the History Channel, and has now moved even further into the arena of what are generally thought of as “respectable publications”, being routinely reported on by major newspapers. Many of the UFO groups are funded by the United Nations, and the Disclosure Project was bankrolled by the Rockefellers.

The largest part of the Alien Agenda is entirely based on the erroneous scholarship of the Freemason Zachariah Sitchin. Sitchin is a professor of ancient Near Eastern studies, who despite the ridicule of every single expert in his field, has incessantly pushed the idea that ancient aliens from a planet called Niburu came to earth and altered human DNA in order to create a creature capable of doing labor for them. He does this by asserting the characters of Babylonian Mythology, which others would argue simply symbolize various aspects of human existence in the same manner as the gods of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, or any other mythology, are in fact real entities from outer space.

I have no desire to discuss whether or not the existence of aliens somewhere in the universe is likely or unlikely. The fact is there is absolutely no evidence that aliens from outer space are present here on earth, or have ever been.

Those who believe we are fighting technologically advanced creatures from outer space, which in fact created us in the first place, are helpless to do anything to oppose the agenda. How can you fight the beings who created you? They also live in a fantasy world where nothing is objectively true, and thus are much less serious than those who look at the facts exclusively. They are among those who refer to themselves as “conspiracy theorists”, and they consider the quest to understand what is going on in the world as more of a hobby than the key element of a life and death situation.

New Age Solutions

The New Age religion was invented by the Freemasons, and is in fact simply a rehashing of the official dogma of Freemasonry, which is in turn based on the ancient Mystery religions, the most prominent modern incarnation of which is Hinduism. There is actually nothing “new” about it.

The official magazine of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, now simply called “The Scottish Rite Journal, was from the early 1900s up through the 1970s, entitled The New Age Magazine. They discussed in this magazine how they would bring in the New Age religion, under a psudeoscientific guise, to overtake Christianity, Islam, and the other old religions. Freemasonic scholar Manly P. Hall wrote extensively about this coming new religion. The Theosophical society, given a Masonic charter and founded in 1875 by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, was intended to bring women into the religion of Freemasonry. The writings of Blavatsky and her followers, along with the works of Freemason and MI-6 agent Aleister Crowley, laid down the entire premise for the New Age religion. Though the New Age movement is a thriving religion in and of itself, widely promoted by such individuals as Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey, I would like to focus here on how it is being incorporated into the Truth Movement, using pieces of truth as a vehicle to recruit adepts into the fold of this neo-Masonic system.

The New Age religious propaganda within the Truth Movement is usually, but not always, coupled with the Alien Agenda. The afore mentioned promoters of the Alien Agenda are all also promoters of the New Age religion.

The key dogma of the New Age religion is that there is Kabbalistic doctrine that there is no truth other than the truth of the individual’s own belief system. From this stems the ideology that reality is an illusion, and that human beings are able to effect change in the physical world by simply thinking about it. The people promoting this concept within the context of the Truth Movement are talking about using these magic powers to fight the New World Order.

David Icke and others parroting him have claimed that if we stop thinking about the negative things that are happening, the people in control (who he believes are actually space lizards) will stop being able to use the energy of our thoughts, and then the whole system will simply disappear and we will all be free. Michael Tsarion, follower and promoter of both Crowley and Blavatsky, says we can use divination and tarot cards to channel our spirit energy to fight them. And so on. I should not have to explain that if in fact reality is real, which I hope most people still believe to be the case, making people believe that it isn’t would be very beneficial to those in power.

Being that the New Age religion is basically Pantheism, it has all sorts of different themes, all of which are being mixed in with the Truth Movement. These include many different aspects of Freemasonry, such as sacred numerology and geometry, past lives, the Sacred nature of ancient Atlantis, etc., as well as even more bizarre concepts, such as using drugs to contact creatures from other dimensions (a concept heavily promoted by Alistier Crowley) and setting pieces of metal and quartz into resin shapes as a way to harness the energy of the orgasm to fight the negative energy released by cell phone towers.

The New Agers also have their own version of the Christian “Rapture” (described below), with their 2012 mythology. They believe, based on some very shoddy (read: made up) scholarship claiming that the Mayan Calendar (most scholars in the field admit they don’t even know if it is a calendar) supposedly predicting the dawn of a New Age in the year 2012. There is also a large body of fabricated science talking about a galactic alignment that no actual astronomer has ever even heard of. The idea is that some energy within the universe will come and cleanse the planet of “negative energy”, and maybe bring some sort of technological utopia with it. Conversely, some New Agers claim that all life will be wiped from earth. It is all a laugh-down-your-sleeve inside joke of the elite who are funding this propaganda, as the plan is to have the United Nations take over as supreme world government in the year 2012. Many of the New Agers will celebrate this.

The most disturbing aspect of the New Age movement is it’s obsession with channeling disincarnate entities. This is sometimes under the guise of alien being or inter-dimensional super-intelligences speaking through people, and sometimes under the guise of ascended masters reincarnating into people and asserting control over their bodies. This is also a key part of Hinduism and Freemasonry. I believe this practice of channeling is very dangerous. One should never allow or believe to allow an outside entity into ones own mind.

The New Age is incredibly fascinating, even to ones such as myself who are able to see through it. I have found the works of Sitchin and Von Daniken to be very entertaining. Many of the people caught up in the New Age movement are simply fascinated by all of the journeys of the imagination the leaders of the movement are taking them on, and are eventually able to break out of it. I have been contacted by many people who have discovered my work, who described to me the epiphanies they came to, breaking free and seeing the New Age Agenda for what it is. For these people there is hope. Regrettably, there are many within the movement who can be called “true believers”, and just as the followers of any dogmatic religion, they will not be swayed. These people can be left to their fantasies and 320$ DVD sets, and the real Truth Movement will be all the better for their having done so.

Jesus Will Save Us

I am not opposed to using the teachings of Jesus Christ as a source from which to draw one’s personal spiritual and moral outlook on life. In fact, I think this is very admirable, if one is true to the essence of the teachings. Sadly, most Christians are not true to the teachings themselves, and instead follow the mass propaganda that has been distributed by the corporate Christian establishment over the last 100 years or so. Because this is something with deep emotional ties, as it is propaganda that one receives as a child in a brilliantly manipulative way, those who begin to learn the truth about what is happening can often be funneled back into irrelevancy when facts are mixed with the New Agey science fiction that is modern Christianity.

The leaders of this particular branch of truth movement propaganda preach that “Jesus is the answer”, not in the sense that if we are guided by the teachings of Christ we will be able to effectively combat the global agenda, but in the sense that if we do nothing, Jesus will come down from outer space and save us.

I am not going to go into a dissertation on the history of dispensationalist Christianity here, but the “Rapture”, which is the New Age idea that Jesus will come down out of the sky to save everyone from the “end times”, was invented in the 1800s by a man named John Nelson Darby, and had not hitherto been a part of Christian eschatology.

Many Christians who are informed about the general workings of things believe it is all being done by God as part of some plan he has, and that if they were to fight against it, they would be fighting against God himself. They also believe that if they simply wait and watch it all happen, Jesus will come down out of the sky and save them.

As long as people believe that what is happening is God’s will, and they cannot fight it, they won’t. Combine this fatalistic perspective with the notion that they will all be saved from suffering when Jesus comes down out of the sky to save them, and you have completely neutralized an entire body of otherwise well informed people.

There is no God in heaven who would force this hellish future upon his creation. I believe we were created by some thing for some purpose, and that purpose is most certainly not to sit by and wait for hell to break loose, claiming that our inaction is in accordance with the will of God. A benevolent Creator would allow us to choose our own path, and that is what we must do. A choice not to act is still a choice, and by choosing inaction, the Christians are dooming themselves to unimaginable hell.

The Christian perspective on the conspiracy is often combined with or played off against the New Age conspiracy movement.

Taking Back America

Though I understand the instinctive desire people have to defend their homeland and their way of life, what is called the American Patriot Movement, promoted all over the internet by followers of the shows which air on Genesis Communications Network and Republic Broadcasting Network, is for the most part chasing a rapidly fading dream. We can not ever return to the way this country once was, not through political means, nor through violent revolution. America is gone forever. We have been completely integrated with the global system to such an extreme degree. This is no going back. We can only move forward.

We are not going to elect Ron Paul to save us, as the media controls elections, and if that were not the case, the Diebold voting machines do, and if somehow he did get elected, they would kill him. I was supportive of Ron Paul when he first started, as it was exciting to see someone actually presenting real issues to the general public. Quickly though people stopped understanding that this was the point, and started believing he could somehow win, take office, and save the world. It was utterly ridiculous, and I think it created a lot of disillusion among the people who got caught up in it.

Neither are we going to fight some civil war against the government. I have a sort of respect for the gun-toting Rednecks who believe this is possible, but they are living in a fantasy world no different from the people talking about 12-foot-tall talking lizards from outer space. The government wants us to fight them with guns. They have been planning this scenario for decades, building up this internal army of cops under the guise of the drug war. They have admitted in the recent DoD report, DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036 (pdf), that they are going to spray us with chemical gas and nuke us if we riot when the system collapses. They also have futuristic space weaponry, capable of targeting a person with satellite based lasers. Violent revolution is exactly what we do not need.

When analyzing the Patriot Movement, one must also consider that these people are making an incredible amount of money. Of course, all of the people involved in the “leadership” of any of these movements are making money (which I personally find very hard to reconcile, given the monumental importance of all of this), but the Patriots make it in a very specific, exploitative way: they sell fear. All of the products they advertise, from gold to solar power to terror attack preparation supplies to body cleansing formulas, are sold to people who are scared of what is happening or going to happen. When selling fear, one must keep their target market constantly afraid. Though this is a very effective marketing strategy, I think there is a bigger agenda behind it. When people are in a state of endless fear, they become almost catatonic; they are incapable of thinking strait, and thus incapable of even functioning properly in their personal lives, let alone effectively combating the system.

These fear-based broadcasters bring their listeners to this state by creating hysteria, blowing things out of proportion, and also by overloading people with rapid bursts of information in an erratic and overwhelming fashion. I myself stopped updating my old news site, on which I would post at least 100 articles a week, and switched to this present format, due to the response I was getting from readers, which seemed to be very panicked and confused. This is called “information overload”. Understanding every minute detail of everything that is happening is unnecessary. We need only to understand the big picture, and then the details are irrelevant.

The people involved in the Patriot Movement are not far off base. They simply need to come to terms with the fact that we are never going fight this system using their system of politics, nor are we going to fight it using their system of violent warfare. Many of the broadcasters are beginning to take baby-steps toward putting things into a larger context, and I sincerely hope that this upward trend in the quality of Patriot radio will continue indefinitely. Perhaps the disillusion surrounding this Ron Paul fiasco will help move them in the right direction. Most of those who call themselves Patriots are very well informed, and given this, along with their vast numbers, getting them to the point where they can really effect change by seeing the system for exactly what it is and hitting ot head-on is probably our best hope.

Jesuits and the Black Pope Control Everything

The entire “Jesuits run the planet” propaganda movement appears to stem from one man, a very silly snake oil salesman named Eric John Phelps. It is also promoted by RBN broadcaster Greg Szymanski, supposed “Illuminati defector” Leo Zagami, and others who all generally parrot Phelps. Phelps’ main tactic is to go into long spiels about the actions of the Masons or the Jews, giving real information, and then at the end attach some nonsensical reason why they are all controlled by the Vatican. It is almost impossible to believe that anyone buys this stuff, as it is by far the weakest of all of the propaganda campaigns. I have often said that if the Jesuits were running everything, these people would have to be working for them, to make the very concept look so incredibly stupid.

The Jesuit Agenda propaganda campaign largely appeals to Protestant Christians, who have had decades of priming in the theory that the Catholic Church is the Anti-Christ.

If we were to go back a few hundred years, we would find a world where the “Jesuits run the world” idea would hold a lot more water. For over a millennium, the Catholic Church was the main governing body of the Western world, driving virtually all of the wars of empire. The Catholic Church is still a reasonably influential institution of power, but over the last couple centuries, the torch has been passed on to secular forces, and the largest part of the world system is effectively run by banks, corporations, intelligence agencies and the military industrial complex.

It is worthy of note that a few months ago, a member of the Outlaw Forum did some digging, and uncovered the fact that the figurehead of the Jesuit propaganda movement, Eric John Phelps, through his company, Lowvehm, which also publishes his book, is involved in the trading of Israeli diamonds and the selling of New Age magic machines, along with “financial consultation”. I find it very interesting that a man involved in such lucrative business ventures would also be asking for donations on his webpage.

The Jesuit conspiracy believers are totally separated from reality, and incapable of making sense of anything that goes on in the world. They are also some of the most vitriolic and hateful promoters of infighting within the Truth Movement. However, many of them are reasonably informed about the various machinations of the system, and if they are able to sacrifice their egos and break their paradigm, deny their Israeli diamond merchant hero, and see the bigger picture, they too are capable of becoming effective members of a real opposition.

About homelessholocaust

Tijuana Hobo , Hebrew Hobo Railroad Rabbi, The Truth Teller Tell True Truth Truthfully. If the Truth is Repugnant to you, You are a Reagan Cultist. Ronald Reagan was Taught by L. Ron Hubbard, Reagan & Hubbard FOUNDED THE SCIENCE FICTION MIND FUCKING GAME- SCIENTOLOGY- then REAGAN USED NERO LINGUIST PROGRAMMING as PRESIDENT to MURDER THE MINDS of AMERICANS!
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16 Responses to Propaganda is making the Truth Movement Totally Irrelevant

  1. dill says:

    This would be interesting if you provided real information and not your own postulation.

  2. chaukeedaar says:

    Hey there,
    I can’t believe this clever article did not get any comments yet! Especially given that almost everybody in the movement gets his share of “shaking-your-believe-system”, or ego-bashing, so to speak 😉

    My heart made a jump of joy when reading this one, couldn’t have put my own philosophy more precisely:
    “I am not opposed to using the teachings of Jesus Christ as a source from which to draw one’s personal spiritual and moral outlook on life. In fact, I think this is very admirable, if one is true to the essence of the teachings. Sadly, most Christians are not true to the teachings themselves”
    “I believe we were created by some thing for some purpose, and that purpose is most certainly not to sit by and wait for hell to break loose, claiming that our inaction is in accordance with the will of God. A benevolent Creator would allow us to choose our own path, and that is what we must do.”
    Now that you are talking about that Jesus-is-saviour propaganda, that reminds me of that weird character “chainmaker” who came over to my article about Vigilant Citizen being a disinfo agent, and capturing the discussion with that exact strategy (if you don’t believe Jesus will clear your sins you’re going the hell-n-stuff). Weird, but effective!

    I don’t know if you would agree, but the only thing I’m missing is the idea that we can also extract SOME truths of most of these disinformation strategies. Some insights on the esotheric level of New Age have proven to be true in my own life’s observation. The Alien topic does not seem to me to be entirely constructed or staged – there are some sources where there hasn’t been contructed a line back to the masonic deceivers/agenda.
    From your rather sceptic/scientific approach of looking at things we would perhaps also not agree that the only solution to “fight” the NWO is to refind a true sense of spirituality and to reconnect to God…? Just wondering as I did not spot much of a solution in that one article.

    “Sitchin is a professor of ancient Near Eastern studies” – this seems to be a little error, when reserching a bit for my article about him (
    “Sitchin graduated from the London School of Economics, University of London, majoring in economic history., Wikipedia”

    Keep up the precise work!
    Peace, Chaukee

  3. Nice, very conscice with your points. Though I don’t agree 100% with all of it. I will say that you are totally right, in that we need to ask more questions, not take any of this “truth” movement to be 100% true. We won’t alway’s have all the answers , and minute details on the reality of this manipulation. But we need to be critical, ask questions, and find the right answers.

    • phair2 says:

      ANyone with a limited brain, limited eyesight, limited hearing, limited thinking capacity and imagination will not ever have ALL the answers. Only someone outside of this restrictive earth environment would have a much more comprehensive library of answers–but still not likely ALL answers.

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  5. io says:


    While I can respect and understand your perspective on a few of your points, I find your overall view rather extreme. I am not a follower of any one movement or group, nor do I claim anyone as my leader; yet I don’t agree with dismissing anything that does not fit with one’s perceived view of how the world operates, as being disinformation. I also find that there may be a few issues with how you rationalize that certain individuals are agents of disinformation. For instance, if Stitchin was the ridicule of every single “expert” in his field, why should we give the so-called experts more credibility and authority than Sitchin? Wouldn’t said “experts” not be the ones who have been brainwashed into accepting what the manufactured, carefully-controlled system promotes or deems to be acceptable information? You also made a similar argument in reference to the belief in a 2012 galactic alignment when you stated: “There is also a large body of fabricated science talking about a galactic alignment that no actual astronomer has ever even heard of.” Why do you trust that these astronomers are providing you with accurate information? If all organizations have been penetrated by disinformation, then who’s to say that these so called expert academics, scientists, and astronomers aren’t agents of disinformation well? Since one cannot say with certainty in favor of either case (i.e. the likelihood of a galactic alignment, the existence of reptilians); then why not simply leave it open to being a possibility?

    I think that as seekers of truths we should be open to various possibilities, even ones that may sound like pure science fiction. I don’t quite understand how you can state with such certainty that there is “absolutely no evidence” of the presence of extraterrestrial beings, as you have not personally examined all of the proposed evidence yourself. I believe in the existence of other beings and other worlds but I do not emphatically state this as fact, I simply leave it open to realm of possibility. What’s wrong with that?

    Again, I do not disagree with all of your points but the closed view you take in regards to certain topics and how you choose to accept or dismiss certain information is what I am having difficulty comprehending.

    • Rereading the Critique by “IO” again, 2016, I recognize that this above “IO” is nothing worth consideration, a Chicken Little scratching in the Dirt, seeking some Dung Beetle to Peck at.

      It’s entire little construct of senseless contraryian ideas is the marque of a Scat Invested Scat promoter, and as a Scatological Scum Bag, i am going to soon REMOVE this fools remarks and ban this idiot from coming again to spew Raw Sewage in my Personal Domain.

      The way I frame my thinking is SUBJECTIVE, a Year ago I believed entirely differently. [ the closed view you take in regards to certain topics and how you choose to accept or dismiss certain information is what I am having difficulty comprehending

      Perhaps the study of the German Philosopher will open your eyes as towehy you are deceived into irrationally thinking [that as seekers of truths we should be open to various possibilities]

      You are mind washed, the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC you are proposing has made you incapable of forming a strong mind; therefore you think as a silly old woman.

      • io says:

        Great, but you still didn’t address the specific points I made –the most important one being why you trust certain sources and not others. A “strong mind” is a matter of opinion (I certainly do not consider myself to have a “weak mind”), but I suppose my “silly old woman” mode of thinking is not up to par with your superior, subjective, and philosophical all-knowing one.

      • Don’t be a Silly Old Woman! be a UGLY old woman, like me! I’m readin Nietzsche again. My mind will metamorphoze in another SUBJECTIVE paradighm. Paranoid Schizophrenia Paradigm

      • moodymane says:

        Couldn’t have said this better myself. The replies to this comment should be enough to show people that these guys are confused and pretty far gone. Keep searching guys, just be able to pick out the bullshit.

      • Wow. Apologies, y’all. I will respond, moodymane; I used psycheledics in the 60’s. Belladona, Mescalaia , (i can’t spel)(oh I am smoking Medical Larry OG which caused to to write a whole comment on the Wrong Keyboard! I have had a number of Unusual Experiences.
        but my voracious Reading & Internet searching makes me Rethink Often with Rejection of Former Beliefs if evedance warrents a shift.

        Here is an example. about 2000 I read Robert Eisenman’s “James the brother of Jesus.
        It made me Question the Authopurity of My Faith.

        Then I found Harvard’s First Century History by John Duran HARVARD’S 1ST CENTURY HISTORY Version 1.2 BY: JOHN DURAN,, which I think is also on This Blog,

        Then I Heard Robert Anton Wilson’s Lecture about The Vatican, Clinton Cocaine, Mena Murder, etc,

        And havingread the writings of Martin Luther founder of Protestant religion,

        and Knowing that Luther was a Secret Agent of Jesuit Order, to Gather Whores under the Skirts of Rome.

        And the 5,000 Years of Inbred Jew Haters never failing to act like Dumb Ravaning Beasts in Attacking the Jews for any reason,

        and It was NOT until 1959, (I Was in 5th. Grade) Catholic Dogma and Euchorist “DROPPED” The JEWS are guilty of Murdering GOD for Crucification of jesus,

        I have finally become Convinced that , Christians are the Spawn Of Satan.

        NOW, here is wisdom; Hebrew Old Testament never teaches a “Being” called “SATAN” , the word means an Accuser, or a Enemy, or a Person who Seeks To Murder Jews.

        Ah, perfect descryption of Christernity, after Constinine “CREATED” christernity as a “WAR EMPIRE” “In This Shall I Slay” is what Constantine alledged Jesus Told Him from a Vision in the Sky!

        Come on, people. Read John. 8:44. Read any of Pauls Writings! He Was a Greek Graduate of Philosophy Schools. Greeks still HATED JEWS! Get a Catholoic Bible read Macabees Wars against Alexander, JEWS RUINED the GREEK EMPIRE, these Wars also weakened Alexander’s Uncles in fighting a multi fron battle against JEWISH FREEDOM FIGHTERS! JEWS TOPPLED the Great Greek Empire.

        The History Of Western “Thought” (LOL) sets on the shoulders of Plato, Solon, Socraties, Aristotle, ALL Subscribed to Plato’s Republic as a MODEL SOCIETY. Eh! Eh!

        BOYS WERE TAKEN TO PRIVATE SCHOOLS to be Sodomised! Here in San Francisco, and anywhere, “Doing It GREEK” is Sodomy. (I Admit, I am a Old Retired Drag Queen, I KNOW my GREEK, girlfriend, don’t even try me!) I need another BONG HIT…..

        okay…the keyboard is now in 7 Deminions…Even with 16 Fingers I have trouble….Hope this Answer Answers Answers that You had. OOOooo/?/

    • phair2 says:

      Agree with you totally !

  6. IO has not responded? Perhaps because IO is not IO, I AM PAN- IO, the TWEAKER, SPRITE, the GNOME under the CARPET, I am COYOTE, LITTLE WOLF ( Chreokee) I AM MYTH-I0-Tutruth.


    TIME is a FALSE PARADIGM Created to ENSLAVE your SOUL.

  7. Reblogged this on think-and-discern and commented:
    Still as relevant today as when it was written.

  8. Moodymane, appros of What? your thinking is irrational.

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