If you reaaly “care” about the homeless why don’t you all take one or two home with you to live. And when the lunitcs rape your 12 year old daughter, don’t worry it wasn’t their fault it was societies.


hello josh the troll

21.04.2005 11:03

Josh the troll said, “when the lunatics rape your 12 year old daughter”..

Usually don’t respond 2 trolls, but since u brought it up,

Corporate media scapegoating homeless people as rapists and child molesters when most rapists/molesters are in reality “family men” usually unhappily married, holding a well paying career and driving a nice car. They usually molest or rape somebody they know and due to their higher standing in the community are often not held accountable for their actions. The victim is also less likely to press charges because they are powerful and respected people in the community, and the reaction may be to blame the victim. Patriarchy is alive and well in the court of public opinion, and wealthy powerful males are still able to escape judgement for their crimes of violence and rape..

Lower income people don’t have this luxury and therefore are convicted as guilty when in reality they may be innocent but easier to blame and scapegoat..

Would like to compare scapegoating violence on homeless to the litter problem often blamed on homeless people. The visiblity of the homeless living in a campsite is obvious, and any litter strewn about their campsite is blamed on them, regardless of origin. If a police officer wishes to give the housless campers a bad name, it is easy to carry a large garbage bag of litter from their police cruiser to the campsite, then strew the litter about and quickly leave (5 min)..

This is done when the homeless are away from the campsite. This was witnessed in Arcata California when the APD was attempting (they did) to shut down a campsite free space near the Arcata marsh. We were attempting to mirror the Dignity Village concept in Portland. The presence of litter is than blamed on the homeless and given as reason to move the homeless from this space, charging them with littering and tresspassing..

Don’t some homeless people litter? Of course. There are always people who will give a bad name to their peers. The presence of litter makes it difficult for all homeless, it only takes a few to give everyone a bad name. This doesn’t imply that the police can use the litter as a means to speed forced evacuation of a homeless camp. If someone returns to a campsite and notices litter that wasn’t there when they left, the police are the likely cause, or some resident who dislikes homeless people and wants them to go away..

Littering and rape are very different, yet the similarity of scapegoating and stereotyping of homeless for both these offenses shows that society views humans with blinders on. While individual homeless people also rape, murder and molest children, assigning this behavior to a large and diverse group is ignorant and foolish. Wearing blinders also enables the real criminals to escape while innocent people are blamed because of prejudice..

If anyone was perceptive enough to notice a pattern with child kidnappings, femicide and rape (example; murder of 400 + women maquiladora workers in Jaurez) and the lack of effective police response combined with police/politician scapegoating of women as dressing seductive and therefore enticing their attackers, maybe their eyes would open to a very unpleasant reality. Patriarchy and police state tactics go hand in hand with blaming the victim and enabling the powerful wealthy males to escape judgement. Instead the peanut police blame the usual suspects, an Egyptian chemist and a gang of narco traffikers. No homeless here, but the truth is still buried under so much patriarchal bullshit that justice is once again delayed to benefit the wealthy..

People want to belive that drug dealers, foreigners, homeless, etc are the criminals responsible for the femicides and the wealthy powerful males are noble good citizens who love their family and community. Just look at all the good work they do!! How could these wealthy family men be rapists and murderers of women?? Of course not, it had to be that disgusting, dirty homeless drug addict. Now we all feel better, right America??

Puddin’ POP anyone??

The above are also blanket statement generalizations but most likely more accurate than Josh Troll’s statement that automatically labels homeless as lunatics. This is a bait and hook tactic on Josh Troll’s part, yet it is also possible to throw this antagonism back atcha and bring up a related thread dealing with the fearmongering, stereotyping and scapegoating of homeless people..

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I actually do not write most of these articles, I collect them here, for my personal useage, I find Some Other's enjoy them as well, which is a side effect of my Senility. As I am a Theosophist, and also study Vedanta Society of Northern California, so Your Visitation from the Akashic records to approve my feebile works gives me Great Hope! I am 68, years old, I will Come To You in another 30 or so years. You Reinforces my Belief that in my Sleep I visit The Akashic Records when I remember my dream's. I keep notes about 'Over There." the Colour of Daylight is Darker, but the Life is Brighter, property has no meaning, and it is homish. are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, the present lives, and possible future lives. Each soul has its Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. The Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records is where all souls’ Akashic Records are stored energetically. In other words, the information is stored in the Akashic field (also called zero point field). The Akashic Records, however, are not a dry compilation of events. They also contain our collective wisdom.
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