Blogger boxcarro said…

I have purchased your Seattle programme from Alt-Radio, and listened at least twice a day. I also listen to (over 5 hours) Age of Manipulation series (Pts 1 & 2) where Disney CEO alleges “We are proud to be First, to Band that Child, and then we OWN that child for years… (also) We are in the business of Making people BUY things Thet DO NOT need.

Yes, the American Psyche is a Viod. Only a void can be filled with this type of Branding [as Cattle, or slaves]

Your statements on Hegel and the Negative personia, the Virulent Hatred Americans reap upon OUR OWN CITIZENS who become “Homeless” is a Obvious Product of this
American fear nothing but their own secret knowledge of their total GOYSHEISM….We are Cattle.

I have spent my entire life (since age 17- 1967) as a Nomad, a seeker, and your advise to “Get Out” is the only Reasonable advise I ever have heard. Others offer “Solutions” to SELL BOOKS, to MAKE A LIVING off Misery.

We as a People are UNABLE to ACCEPT that BERSEN-BELGAN, ASCHWITTZ, Slaughterhouse 7 is our Future..
as you said, “I fear it could become very nasty, very soon…

John C. Bernays, Great Nephew of Edward Lewis Bernays.

5:38 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…


What happened is a little strange. Two days ago I ordered the entire trilogy (TAC, DAA, and WAF) to be delivered to a friend in Chicago. Initially I specified two-day delivery. Amazon said it will be shipped in 2 packages, with delivery for WAF and TAC being Feb 7, and gave me a DAA delivery window of Feb 15 – Feb 23. My friend then said that he is leaving on trip on Feb 7, so less than an hour after I placed the initial order I went back to amazon and upgraded it to next day delivery. So the following notification from amazon was that WAF and TAC will be delivered on Feb 4 (as they were indeed delivered today by a company called Ensenda). But the odd part was that DAA is now expected to be delivered on Feb 8. This works fine, as my fiend made arrangements to have the DAA package accepted by a neighbor. However, I wonder why couldn’t amazon come up with DAA for a reasonable two-day delivery, but somehow managed to for a next day order. Do they print DAA on demand, like they do with the Create Space stuff?


6:53 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said…

Anon, you’ll have to check out the latest video depicting a family that wants to euthanasie their child who has turned into a vegtiable on her iPhone.

7:59 PM
Blogger Jerry said…

Professor Berman,

Regarding book availability: is it possible to order your novel Destiny through local, independent bookstores? I know that some CreateSpace titles are widely distributed (“expanded distribution”), and I am reluctant to order from Amazon: does not stock the title (the title takes up to 4 weeks to ship) and charges shipping fees to Canadian addresses. I’d prefer to order it from Munro’s or Bolen if the book is carried by independent distributors as it would arrive sooner and I wouldn’t need to pay shipping charges.

Speaking of Bolen: the store sold out of its stock of Why America Failedand the book is on re-order.

Speaking of Amazon: is it possible that B&N isn’t carrying WAF because of the company’s dispute with Amazon? I recently read that B&N won’t be stocking titles published by Amazon, but I hope that they’re not ‘blacklisting’ authors who’ve published with Amazon in the past…

Cheers from Victoria,


8:34 PM
Blogger Morris Berman said…


“Destiny” is sold via expanded distribution, as well as on an individual basis, so it’s possible for any bkstore to order it, I believe.


I honestly don’t know what Amazon is up to, or how they work. But I can tell u that the only bks of mine that are “on demand” are the Create Space ones, ie Destiny and QOV.


Thanks for writing in. It’s not too often that I get letters from actual relatives of Freud.


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