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Wednesday, Jan 18 2012 3AM -5°F 6AM -9°F 5-Day Forecast
Chemical found in deodorants, face cream and food products is discovered in tumours of ALL breast cancer patients

* Parabens are a chemical compound found in everyday toiletry products
* ‘The fact that parabens were present in so many of the breast tissue samples does justify further investigation,’ say study leaders

By Claire Bates

Last updated at 3:09 PM on 12th January 2012

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Underarm risk? No link has been proven between deodorants and breast cancer

Underarm risk? No link has been proven between deodorants and breast cancer

A chemical widely used as a preservative in cosmetics, food products and pharmaceuticals has been found in tissue samples from 40 women with breast cancer.

A number of studies since 1998 have raised concerns about the potential role of these parabens in breast cancer as they possess oestrogenic properties.

Oestrogen is known to play a central role in the development, growth and progression of breast cancer.

Parabens are a chemical compound found in everyday toiletry products including moisturisers, make-up, shaving foam, tanning lotions and toothpaste.

They are also found in numerous brands of underarm deodorant. However, a causal link has never been found between them and breast cancer.

They are present in processed meats such as sausages, pies and pastries along with other savoury snacks.

Parabens are a chemical compound of para-hydroxybenzoic acid. They are most widely used in cosmetics to extend their shelf-life by protecting them from microbial growth.

The most common parabens used in cosmetic products are methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben.

Less common types include benzylparaben and sobutylparaben.

These ingredients must be printed on the label.

Parabens are also used in drugs and as food additives.

They occur naturally in some foods like blueberries.

Parabens have been found to have an oestrogen-mimicking effect – however this is at a far lower level than the amount of oestrogen produced naturally in the body.

The research team led by Dr Philippa Darbre from the University of Reading studied tissue samples from 40 women undergoing mastectomies between 2005 and 2008 for first primary breast cancer in England.

In total, 160 samples were collected, four from each woman. They found 99 per cent of the tissue samples contained at least one paraben and 60 per cent of the samples had five.

The team found women who didn’t use underarm deodorants still had measurable parabens in their tissue, suggesting they must enter the breast from other sources.

Co-author Mr Lester Barr from the University Hospital of South Manchester, said: ‘Our study appears to confirm the view that there is no simple cause and effect relationship between parabens in underarm products and breast cancer.

‘The intriguing discovery that parabens are present even in women who have never used underarm products raises the question: where have these chemicals come from?’


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Dr Darbre added: ‘The fact that parabens were detected in the majority of the breast tissue samples cannot be taken to imply that they actually caused breast cancer in the 40 women studied.

‘However, the fact that parabens were present in so many of the breast tissue samples does justify further investigation.’
Research leader Dr Philippa Darbre: She said further investigation was needed into the presence of parabens in breast tissue samples

Research leader Dr Philippa Darbre: She said further investigation was needed into the presence of parabens in breast tissue samples

Responding to research, Catherine Priestley, Clinical Nurse Specialist at Breast Cancer Care told Mail Online: ‘The debate about the link between parabens and breast cancer is not a new one, and this report serves to highlight the need for further research.

‘There is currently no conclusive evidence to suggest that the use of products containing parabens is directly linked to the development of breast cancer.

‘Whilst there are a number of factors that may slightly increase the risk of a person developing breast cancer, increasing age, gender (being female) and a significant family history are the three main risk factors.

‘It is important that people should have access to information on this issue and about their risk factors for breast cancer so that they can make informed lifestyle choices.

‘For more information on breast cancer, breast health and risk factors for breast cancer, visit or call our free, confidential helpline on 0808 800 6000.’

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Comments (126)

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Dihydrogen Monoxide is found in ALL tumours, is the main constituent of acid rain and all vegetables no matter how much you wash them are contaminated with this toxic stuff.

– Tony, London, 15/1/2012 00:38
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It’s all very well saying we should avoid deodorants. Alternatives are not only pricey, but ineffective, and there’s nothing worse than being near someone who stinks – and I’ve been around plenty of foul smelling people in my time. Gross. Such a shame the industry cannot make something wthout using dangerous chemicals which actually WORK and have a nice smell. I’ve tried using them, and within half an hour, I smell and out, sadly, comes normal deodorant which is the ONLY thing, in my experience, that combats odour.

– Tracey, Sidmouth, UK, 13/1/2012 13:29
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Through perspiration, waste is eliminated from the body. Thus, preventing this from occurring, as in anti-perspirants (deodorants), cannot be a good thing. In addition, it is the presence of aluminium in particular in these products that causes problems. Just imagine, it’s a short distance from the armpits to the breasts via the lymphatic system. I avoid using them.

– M., London, 13/1/2012 12:42
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I’ve had email since 1986 when I was a teen. BACK then we got emails stating that women should not use deoderant/anti-perspirants because they lead to breast cancer. BUT all the studies poo poo’d it. Looks like someone in the 80’s knew what they were talking about.

– Mags, Hazlet NJ, 13/1/2012 11:05
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Plenty of natural products are widely available these days via health food shops and the net. Just google organic deodorants, body lotions, etc. They don’t have to be overtly expensive either, although you won’t get any for a £1 or 3 for 2 offers. Try Jason soaps for family use, they are very affordable in 1 litre bottles.

– Katte, Mcr, 13/1/2012 08:28
Click to rate Rating 42

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I have always maintained that all additives and chemicals added to our foods etc is the main cause of all our problems,we have no idea how things are processed and check out ingredients etc unless you are a very clever person you wouldn’t know what it means,

– Not amused, Broadstairs, 13/1/2012 07:20
Click to rate Rating 93

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There are so many legal toxics on sale to every age group but as long as the public parts with its cash, no government would dare to put out an honest health and safety warning.

– ex-Londoner, Mannheim, 13/1/2012 07:17
Click to rate Rating 82

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to: TOM BOWDEN, PERTH AUSTRALIA…. hope you don’t mind me asking but who are they?????? – janie, portsmouth, 13/1/2012 3 I fully understand that seeing my name on a comment sends you into bouts of apolexy, but you aren’t alone. You ask who are they? If you are so lazy that you cannot do a basic bit of research, then remain in ignorance. You are not my problem, they are.Or are you one of them? Lol

– tom bowden, perth australia, 13/1/2012 06:10
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Who would have thought that smearing chemicals all over you body could cause damage. dont foget the chemicals in the water, yep ingesting chemicals another great think to do. Flouride in the water which is supposed to protect teeth (although not proven) calcifies the pineal gland in the brain, yep it makes a piece of your brain go hard (I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to do that) which in turn leads to less melatonine, the impacts of this are but not limited to slowing down your metabolism which leads to increased weight gain. Ever wondered why so many children are obese? ever wondered why you may eat healthy and exercise but can lose weight? these impacts are more pronounced in some than others hence why we arent all obese.

– tim, oz, 13/1/2012 03:03
Click to rate Rating 77

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They are killing us, they are killing us.

– Jimmy Wiseman, Wisdom, 13/1/2012 02:25
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