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Date: 2006-02-21, 3:38PM PSTof the year, 3.5 million NEW Americans experience homelessness. The number of people living on the streets threatens to grow as hundreds of thousands of peoople lose their homes to URBAN DEVELOUPERS. The criminalization of homelessness takes many forms, including: * Legislation that makes it illegal to sleep, sit, or store personal belongings in public spaces in cities where people are forced to live in public spaces; * Selective enforcement of more neutral laws, such as loitering or open container laws, against homeless persons; * Sweeps of city areas where homeless persons are living to drive them out of the area, frequently resulting in the destruction of those persons’ personal property, including important personal documents and medication; and * Laws that punish people for begging or panhandling to move poor or homeless persons out of a city or downtown area. Criminalization Measures Have Increased City ordinances frequently serve as a prominent tool to criminalize homelessness. Of the 224 cities surveyed for our report: * 28% prohibit “camping” in particular public places in the city and 16% had city-wide prohibitions on “camping.” * 27% prohibit sitting/lying in certain public places. * 39% prohibit loitering in particular public areas and 16% prohibit loitering city-wide. * 43% prohibit begging in particular public places; 45% prohibit aggressive panhandling and 21% have city-wide prohibitions on begging. The trend of criminalizing homelessness appears to be growing. Of the 67 cities surveyed in both NCH and NLCHP’s last joint report in 2002 and in this report: * There is a 12% increase laws prohibiting begging in certain public places and an 18% increase in laws that prohibit aggressive panhandling. * There is a 14% increase in laws prohibiting sitting or lying in certain public spaces. * There is a 3% increase in laws prohibiting loitering, loafing, or vagrancy laws. Another trend documented in the report is increased city efforts to target homeless persons indirectly by placing restrictions on providers serving food to poor and homeless persons in public spaces. While cities are cracking down on homeless persons living in public spaces, according to the latest U.S. Conference of Mayors Hunger and Homelessness report, cities do not have adequate shelter to meet the need: * 71% of the 24 cities surveyed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors reported a 6% increase in requests for emergency shelter. * 16% of overall emergency shelter requests went unmet and 32% of emergency shelter requests by homeless families went unmet in cities surveyed. The Meanest Cities Although some of the report’s top 20 meanest cities have made some efforts to address homelessness in their communities, the punitive practices highlighted in the report impede progress in solving the problem. The top 20 meanest cities were chosen based on the number of anti-homeless laws in the city, the enforcement of those laws and severities of penalties, the general political climate toward homeless people in the city, local advocate support for the meanest designation, the city’s history of criminalization measures, and the existence of pending or recently enacted criminalization legislation in the city. Over the past year, the practices in the following top 5 meanest cities stand out as some of the worst examples of inhumane city treatment of homeless and poor people:

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RE:Take that, intelligent designers!
Date: 2006-02-23, 6:31AM CSTWhen You take The Holy Name of G-D (may His Holiness Always Be Praised!) & Replace G-DLY Charity, Love, & the Ordanances & Precepts Handed By the Finger of G-D (serve Him with FEAR & Reverence!) with the subHuman Mare Daily Scatological Bovine Degredations of Satanism, Despoiling the Flowers of Female Breeding Girls, Promoting Filthy Rap MusiKKK, etc. You are all hereby the Hand of G-D erased out of The Lambs Book of Life & Your Filthy Souls SHALL be Cast Alive into Hades to Burn in Eternal Blazing Torments. 77×7 The Word of God! (I have LEFT Chicage- BUT I STILL WATCH!) 77×7! “Zero tolerance” and “quality of life” policing is a law-enforcement strategy that seeks to create public order by aggressively enforcing laws against minor offenses; for example, public drunkenness, loitering, vandalism, littering or public urination.(206) This method of policing is premised on a theory, which asserts that minor social disorder, if left unattended, causes serious crime. Leading the way for other police departments both nationally and internationally, New York City began implementing a “quality of life” initiative in 1993. While the approach has been credited with a reduction in the city’s crime rate,(207) the increased arrest rates for minor offences, largely involving people of color, have also reportedly led to an increase in complaints of police abuse and misconduct, giving rise to several high profile police brutality cases.(208) cases. NYPD officials told AI that “quality of life” enforcement remains an important aspect of police activity, and is a priority in precincts such as the 6th precinct.(209) Furthermore, a number of “quality of life” provisions have been successfully challenged in domestic courts on the grounds that they are overly vague and afford too much discretion to the police or on the basis of selective enforcement. (210) Reports to Amnesty International in all four cities studied indicate a pattern of discriminatory enforcement of “zero tolerance” and “quality of life” regulations against members of LGBT communities, in particular transgender individuals, LGBT people of color, LGBT youth, homeless and poor individuals, and those engaged or perceived to be engaged in sex work. LGBT individuals may initially be targeted under “quality of life” regulations on the basis of their race, ethnicity, age or socio-economic status, and in many cases it is difficult to gauge whether they were also targeted on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity. While a person may initially be targeted based on their race, for example, the risk of police abuse may increase when the person’s sexual orientation or gender identity becomes apparent.(211) 4.2.1 Discriminatory enforcement of “quality of life” ordinances “If there is a group of queer youth of color hanging out in front of the subway station on Christopher Street the police will tell them they are loitering, but if it’s a group of white tourists blocking the subway entrance they don’t say anything.” Gabriel Martinez, FIERCE!, New York(212) “They see homeless people on the street as committing a crime – but if they cannot get a shelter, what are you going to do?” · Chicago: A young African American gay outreach worker was waiting at a bus stop in December 2003 when Chicago police officers allegedly arrested him for loitering with the intent to solicit, despite providing identification and corroborating information from the organization he represents. He was reportedly detained in a downtown precinct for two days.(219) · San Antonio: Monique, a 17-year-old Hispanic lesbian, told AI that she was with three “straight” friends when park police in Breckenridge Park stopped her in 2003. Officers asked her for her ID and threatened to arrest her. One officer reportedly said, “I could put you in jail for not having your ID.” Monique told AI, “I dress kind of weird. More tomboyish so the police look at me more. They keep asking me questions like `Where do you live?’ `What are you doing out so late?’ My `straight’ friends don’t get asked even if they are the one driving. They ask me all the questions. SAPD are not as bad as the park police.”(220) Discriminatory policing of “quality of life” regulations appears to be strong in gentrifying areas,(221) which have traditionally provided safe space for LGBT individuals. Reportedly, gentrification is frequently accompanied by increased policing of “quality of life” ordinances, as law enforcement agencies are charged with protecting the revitalized space.(222) AI heard that residents’ groups in Chicago and New York reportedly have placed strong demands on law enforcement and municipal authorities to increase enforcement of “quality of life” ordinances, in some cases attempting to drive out perceived “undesirable elements” themselves. (223) AI is concerned that such pressure may foster a climate which is likely to lead to discriminatory application of the law, abuse and misconduct by the police, as they respond to demands to “clean up” the area. The Audre Lorde Project has commented that in relation to gentrification, “it becomes painfully obvious that people who do not fit into these categories (such as LGBTST(224) people and people of color) are virtually powerless and are seen as having little or no value or legitimacy in the larger community.”(225) AI has heard reports indicating that young LGBT people in West Hollywood, California; Chelsea and the West Village, Hudson River Piers and Times Square in New York; Lakeview in Chicago; and the Castro in San Francisco are routinely harassed, ticketed, told to move on or arrested.(226) Amnesty International is concerned at reports in each of the cities studied that “quality of life” ordinances are selectively enforced against homeless individuals. (228) Those within the homeless communities who are particularly marginalized, including LGBT people, youth and individuals of color, are reportedly more likely to be targeted for selective enforcement and other police misconduct. Reports indicate that a significant number of homeless individuals are LGBT. As discussed in later in chapter 9, “Identity-Based Discrimination and Police Abuse,” many members of the LGBT communities face severe economic hardship on the basis of discrimination, particularly transgender individuals, and may face additional discrimination on the basis of race, immigration status, age and gender. It is estimated that in some cities in the U.S. up to 40 percent of homeless youth are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.(229) In some cities, this number may be even higher. (230) Reports also indicate that a significant proportion of the transgender community is homeless, particularly transgender persons of color and immigrants.(231) AI notes that shelters and other resources for homeless individuals do not adequately accommodate LGBT individuals, particularly transgender individuals. (232) Both homeless and young LGBT individuals, particularly individuals of color, have reported frequent identification checks by law enforcement, sometimes resulting in searches, interrogations and the issuance of tickets, as well as arrest, detention and in some instances the destruction or confiscation of identification papers. (234) In Chicago, homeless and transgender youth reported police demanding identification papers, sometimes on a daily basis, and in some instances police allegedly confiscated identification or threw it away.(235) AI is concerned at the impact that such practices could have on the homeless LGBT community and LGBT youth, particularly gender variant and transgender individuals who may not be in possession of identification matching their gender identity or expression. The selective targeting of homeless and young LGBT individuals for identification checks based on their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or race violates standards under ICERD, ICESCR and the ICCPR that prohibit discrimination
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Going Too Far All of the violence, not to mention most of the confusion and ill will, between the sexes comes from a little known fact, one which everyone can verify for themselves if they introspect honestly, but few people ever bother to. It’s a fact that is not at all popular these days which only worsens the situation. The idea is: metaphysically, men are dominant, and women are submissive. Men and women are different. This fact might seem obvious to some of you but it’s failure to understand this idea completely that is responsible for every item on the following list: – the Spanish Inquisition (a religious purge in the middle ages which involved the torture and executions of thousands of innocent people – mostly women – pictured above) – sex killers – the women who offer to marry convicted sex killers – men who womanize – women who are attracted to womanizers – that American Psycho (a book about a man who loves killing innocent people – again, mostly women – in the most brutal ways imaginable) ever got made into a movie – that the female media can’t stop praising it – or romanticizing its male lead, Christian Bale, inspite of the fact that it bombed at the box office and he admits he walked through the movie without even trying – that it was produced and directed by two feminists – Feminism – Male Chauvanism – Wife Beaters – Wives who stay with Wife Beaters – transvestites & drag queens – virgin sacrifices Let’s be clear, men are NOT better or more important than women. Neither sex is better or more important than the other. Neither does either one deserve to be trod upon. BOTH sexes are absolutely unique, vital and glorious parts of the human race. In fact, this is the key to sex in the first place, isn’t it? Sex is a celebration of precisely this idea, of each of our most fundamental natures. It’s a chance to experience our own absolute uniqeness, importance and personal glory in the arms or body of another, on a physical level, as well as a spiritual one. If sex is to be as good as it can be, if we are to experience the full meaning and joy of sex, it must be in accord with our natures, both physically and spiritually. Thus, if great sex is your goal, each member of each sex has a responsibility to themselves. For a man the responsibility is to make himself worthy of the submission of the woman he loves. He must be a great man and must inspire submission in her by force of his character alone. For a woman, the responsibility is different. A woman must be sure to submit only to the greatest man she can find, and seduce. (For an illustration of this principle see any woman’s romance novel.) Let me stress here that it is only sexually – and then only metaphysically – that there is a very real basis for men’s desire to dominate women, and for women to desire to submit to men. There can never be any justification for the physically forced domination of women on the part of men, neither personally or politically, or for that matter, for the willing submission of any woman to any man except to her lover and then only during sex. With this covered we are ready to address the items in the list above. The items in it are all examples of human sexual behaviour without the proper spirit, in which the individuals involved have forgotten or have never learned that the right to dominate or submit must be earned – and granted – by another, through personal accomplishments and the development of character, i.e., by using their heads. Failure to understand this results in certain people acting out their metaphysical-sexual natures in an exclusively physical way. They try to ignore their spiritual natures, which is impossible, which is what tells us that what they are ignoring is human nature, and end up being driven to dominate, violently if need be, or conversely, to compulsively submit. In short, they let their sexual natures run away with them. Let’s see how, item by item. The Spanish Inquisition – This is an example, one of a great many, of men letting an absurd spiritual system – in this case, Christianity – eclipse the true nature of their metaphysical-sexual human nature. It leaves them with no way to experience their own uniqueness and importance through sex. Thus they try to replace these spiritual needs with the power they get from belonging to a gang, and by instilling terror in others. Such monsters are responsible for their actions (because they have chosen of their own free will to ignore the truth, to accept the dictates of others as a replacement for their individual judgment, and to accept the security of the gang as a replacement for the security that comes from Reason), but, ironically, it is their male urge to dominate a woman – their metaphysical-sexual natures – which rewards them with a small, shrivelled spasm of pleasure when killing young women. Sex-killers – These monsters are the other side of the same twisted coin. But instead of torturing and killing young women in the name of Good, they take a special pleasure in doing it in the name of their own particular brand of evil. The women who offer to marry convicted sex killers – These women are the female equivalent of sex-killers, in the metaphysical sense. They take a special pleasure in risking their lives in order to fill their sexual need for ultimate submission, but instead of submitting – or fantasizing about submitting – to a good man, they get off thinking about doing it with a evil man, thus deriving a special thrill from their own evil. Men who womanize – These are guys who recognize the spiritual half of human sexuality only partially. While they recognize that it exists, they do not identify its true nature. They miss the fact that the greatest sexual thrill comes from dominating a woman whose character they admire, not by trickery, but by force of character, and so attempt to replace the quality of a woman, with a quantity of them. Women who are attracted to womanizers – These are the exact female equivalent of the men who womanize. They attempt to replace submitting to a man of quality, with submitting to a vast quantity of men. That American Psycho ever got made into a movie – see That it was produced and directed by feminists That the female media can’t stop praising it – or romanticizing its male lead, Christian Bale, inspite of the fact that it bombed at the box office and he admits he walked through the movie without even trying – see The women who offer to marry convicted sex-killers That it was produced and directed by two feminists – see Feminism Feminism – The great myth about feminism is that it is a political movement. It is not. It is a aberrant sexual movement which has moved into the realm of politics, much the same way that the Spanish Inquisition was an aberrant sexual movement which moved into the Realm of Religion. In the case of Feminists, they’ve mistaken their natural desire to submit sexually as the desire to submit in every way, including morally, politically, and spiritually, and so have rebelled against that nature by adopting the equivalent male nature, which as they see it, is the desire to dominate women, particularly beautiful women, completely and utterly. This is why feminists seem to spend most of their time attacking female beauty instead of pressing for stiffer sentences for rapists. Male Chauvanism – These are guys – and a few women – who swallow the feminists’ line whole. The only difference between them and feminists is that they look down on feminists too. Wife Beaters – These are guys who know that they are not worthy of dominating their woman sexually, and so dominate them physically, as a desperate attempt to be manly. Wives who stay with Wife Beaters – These are women who are terrified that they are not worthy of submitting sexually to a good man and so submit sexually to a bad one in a desperate attempt to be feminine. Transvestites & drag queens – These are guys, like feminists, who see their own sexual natures as bad and so explore their potential to experience the nature of the opposite sex. The difference between Drag Queens and feminists, however, is that Drag Queens are attracted to the nature of the opposite sex because they truly adore it, while feminists abandon their own out of revulsion for it. Feminists are inspired by hatred. Drag Queens, although still aberrant, are inspired by love. Virgin sacrifices – see The Spanish Inquisition except that the societies in which virgin sacrifices occur are not dominated only by the kind of men responsible for the Spanish Inquisition, but by Feminists as well. Both sexes must be dominated by their aberrant, beauty-hating, members for this kind of atrocity to occur. All of the above are examples of human sexuality gone awry because those involved failed to understand the true metaphysical nature of dominance and submission. But this doesn’t mean women can’t have domination fantasies and men submission ones. It’s normal and quite healthy for men to fantasize about being gang raped by all the girls they went to public school with, for example. It allows them to feel important and desirable. It’s also okay for a woman to fantasize about tying up a male model and having her way with him. It allows her to remember that submission does not have to mean losing total control. These are examples of harmless fantasies. They are harmless because they are impossible. They are not meant to be real. They are meant only to induce a good feeling in the person having them – to allow them to experience the full range of subtleties in their sexual nature, including dominance for women, and submission for men. We can flirt with the nature of the opposite sex, but we can never escape our own. Notice that even in the fantasies above the woman chooses to dominate only a man who could easily dominate her, and the man fantasizes about sex only with women he could easily dominate. It’s the inevitability of our sexual natures which makes them metaphysical, i.e., real. And it’s this same inevitability which allows most men and women to get a mild, momentary thrill from pictures like the one above. Apparently it was the hit of the World’s Fair that year. That ‘thrill’ is your inner nature talking to you. For men it’s the desire to dominate a woman completely. For a woman it’s the desire to be dominated beyond her ability to resist. But when we remember that this is NOT a fantasy, that it really happened, that it is tragically real, that young women really were butchered alive in the thousands for the sexual pleasure of priests and feminists, then the ‘thrill’ disappears as fast as it came, replaced by a more proper one based on the circumstances: hatred for the men – and women – who made it happen. Then this painting simply becomes an important chronicle reminding us what can happen when we let our metaphysical natures get away from us, when we allow them outside the sexual realm, and into religion or politics. The poor girl in the picture above reminds us what we have to lose when we ignore the responsibilities of our spiritual natures. Dominating a woman can be thrilling, if you deserve her. Submitting to a man can be ectasy, if you love him. But there is no place for dominance and submission outside of a romantic relationship or sexual fantasy. Going there, is going too far.
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Date: 2006-02-22, 10:24PM PSTa OLD BROAD…broadcasting-LUPIS LUPIS- the DOOM/SOON song. I AM the LAST DAY PROPHET….Joanna d’Arc…..ELIJAH RADIO PROPHET. Believe or BURN 4 EVER. You’ll hear?The Assassinated Press From PAI investigation of Napa death in S&R Full report “Jadeed (22 years old) died (March 1992) alone in a locked seclusion room, his face tucked down into the mattress, following seven and 3/4 hours of physical restraint, unremitting agitation, and distress. According to the psychiatrist PAI consulted, Jadeed likely died from unrecognized and untreated neuroleptic malignant syndrome (a potentially fatal reaction to psychiatric medications) accompanied by a prolonged period of improperly monitored seclusion and restraint.” “Physical restraint or isolation is always a frightening and potentially dangerous procedure.” “Seclusion and/or restraint is always a humiliating and potentially dangerous procedure…” “At CPC Fremont Hospital, a private psychiatric facility, a young man died while face down in restraints. The IU filed an administrative complaint, and Fremont responded by implementing the model procedures.” From PAI-CA Newsletter #59 1997 Uniform seclusion and restraint procedures go into effect Nevada 1997: 28-year-old woman voluntarily committed for treatment of conditions related to child abuse: “Suddenly the guard had a pair of huge leather cuffs with padlocks on them… All I knew was that I was being strapped down to a bed by a strange man with a gun. THIS IS NOT GOOD THERAPY FOR A RAPE VICTIM… All I could do was close my eyes and try and pretend this wasn’t happening to me. I had to hold myself together if I wanted to get out of there… pretending nothing was wrong, just as I had while being molested. The trauma of my day in Hell has been incorporated into the mental problem I was seeking help for when I went there…(its) flashback happened long after the original abuse stopped.” Missouri 2000: Mother reported incident involving her 33 year old son: “Who can survive the torture of 1,851 hours of seclusion? My son was in 4 point tie down straps spread eagle on a bed in a closed seclusion room for 34 consecutive days and on other occasions 26, 10, and 9 days. My son is slowly dying..Please help me save my son.” Massachusetts 2000: A 16 year old boy died after being restrained by two workers during a struggle. The Medical Examiner determined the cause of death to be neck trauma. The workers forced the “patient” to the floor and pulled his head up and backward obstructing the patient’s breathing. Maryland 1997: Woman was locked in a steel room by Emergency Room guards for 10.5 hours. Injected in the arm without consent. Refused access to her own psychiatrist. Not allowed to leave until she “behaved”. Oakland 1989: Newly widowed mother of 3 restrained for 4 hours after refusing medication because she was hoping to nurse her youngest child. “Restraints are used to break your spirit, and the humiliation puts one into a major depression… I don’t think I’ve ever recovered the confidence and self-esteem I used to have.” About two years ago in a Manhattan hospital, I noted a patient that was tied in a restraint. It turned out that he was a methadone patient and was not given methadone for three days. I got very angry and when I spoke to the nurses they brushed the matter off stating that he was difficult to treat and they referred to him as an animal and that it was his fault that he was an addict. I told them that he should be medicated and when he was, he turned out to be a very cooperative patient. I then turned to the nurses and said “who is the animal now?” Dr. Vincent P. Dole Yahweh Elohim GOD ALMIGHTY says TO Americay: “I sent you MOSES JESUS and NOW I send unto you Joanna (Tijuanna Hobo) d’Arc a TATTOOED TRANSVESTITE RAILROAD HOBO FOLK SINGER EX-CONVICT JEWISH ZEALOT, and Hes/She KNOWS you will NOT accept Him/Her, BUT THE “I AM” Has Sent THIS JOANNA/MALACHI/ELIJAH Prophet of DOOM, and WHEN YOU STAND IN THE JUDGMENT, and see Yahshua on my RIGHT HAND & Little Joanna d’Arc “the ELIJAH666PROPHET on my LEFT, and YOU ARE CONDEMNED to HELL FIRE of ETERNAL ANGUISH,….THEN ye shall KNOW that THE MOST HIGH GOD is “NO RESPECTER of PERSONS!!!!!” “Opinion poles are designed to gauge whether the agitprop of the corporate state is having the desired narcotic effect on the general population. The more the average citizen can parrot back what he has been told by his betters, the more democracy, as defined by the elite, can be preserved.”—Edward Bernays
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Hello MURDER_MONSTER_MACHINERY satanic CapitolKillers
Date: 2006-02-23, 8:06AM CSTBy: SARTRE Whether you like the police or not, we all have experiences in dealing with them in one capacity or another. Officers are humans beings, your neighbor and maybe part of your own family. Robo Cop has yet to get a patrol car or go on duty. So why do so many public safety careerists want to be separate from the populace, while chasing a claim of special privilege? The easy answer is that the civic culture of the police: “To Protect and Serve” often translates into harass and control. Protecting the peace is not synonymous or equivalent to the enforcement of the law. Ordinary citizens live lives of voluntary respect for most laws. The threat of punishment or the fear of penalty does not infuse moral conduct. It is the ethos of the individual and their respective community, that produces law abiding citizens. Nearly all people would prefer to get along with the sheriff then to confront them, as most deputies seek to evade, avoidable risky situations. Despite, such norms; frequently, the law is indistinguishable from rogue cops. An outlaw cop is a betrayer of the public trust. Accountability for one’s own actions is essential to every citizen and especially applies to those who wear the badge of public servant. If one is dedicated to authentic protection and service, the constituents for law and order will support the constable. A “Good Cop” has no fear of who he is and who knows it. So why is William Sheehan an antagonist of the State of Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs? At the risk of citing the New York Times, Mr. Sheehan publishes a web site that posts lists of police officers’ addresses, home phone numbers and Social Security numbers. In the spirit of accuracy and fact finding, the site in question is: The stated mission of this endeavor is the dissemination of critical information. “The site’s owner believes that only with a continuing and accurate data base of police officers, prosecutors and those that are part of the criminal justice system, can true accountability in government be achieved . . . When it gets right down to it, our employees are not any more knowledgeable or moral than the rest of us. Yet, they persist in telling us that they know better. They persist on compiling vast databases in order to “police” us. They persist on building empires of bureaucrats, by taxing us far beyond the rate of inflation. Finally, they persist in their resistance any attempt at reform. This site intends to change that.” Do you agree with the intent and essence in this concept? One’s answer may well be determined by your attitude about the nature of any and all, “PUBLIC SERVANTS”. Do they work for you, are you the ultimate boss? Or are you content to be a subject of their orders and obedient to the boot of enforcement? Well, when bill, S.B. 6700 was proposed, passed and signed into law by the governor of Washington State, you got the answer from the Order of the Gendarme. The law stated: “A person or organization shall not, with the intent to harm or intimidate, sell, trade, give, publish, distribute or otherwise release the residential address, residential telephone number, birth date or social security number of any law enforcement-related, corrections officer-related, or court-related employee or volunteer or someone with a similar name, and categorize them as such, without the express written permission of the employee or volunteer unless specifically exempted by law or court order.” Surprisingly, an appeals court in Seattle ruled that the King County Sheriff must disclose full names of police officers and salary information to the publisher of a Web site. The appeals court noted that the lower court’s decision runs counter to the state attorney general’s interpretation of the public records law, which states: “A decision to permit inspection [of public records] cannot be based on the identity of the requester or the stated purpose, if any, of the request.” Finally, as reported by the Gannett News Watch, the court held that releasing the full names of the officers would not invade their privacy. Even if more private information about the officers could be tracked down from their full names, this is “a fact of modern life in this age of technology,” according to the court, so the release of the names — especially when the county routinely releases them in other situations — does not invade the officers’ privacy. Friends, this is a minor victory; not for the usual culture that defends privileged privacy, but for little people – the real chiefs of ALL the police. A policemen can be a “Pig” or a “Super Hero” depending on their behavior and conduct. Most of the time they are doing a job that the vast majority of honest citizens respect. However, the inherent suspicion and recurrent mistrust for strong arm methods and deceitful intimidation, has diminished worthy regard for maintaining the peace. Goon squads have no place in a civil society. Personal privacy has become a figment of the imagination, as the appeals court points out. There is no special status for any government employees. On the contrary, peculiar additional standing belongs to the citizen, since legitimate authority flows from their permission. When bureaucrats are exposed to the same rules, regulations and accountability as the average inhabitant, they will begin to serve their rightful intended purpose. The content on Mr. Sheedan’s site is not out of line, it’s plain old fashioned public record access. No where to hide applies to everyone. Acting responsibly is the duty of all the people – public officials included.
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RE: those who took exception to the DOCTER MURDER MONSTERS
Date: 2006-02-23, 6:56AM CSTasked to put this man out of this world to say no, because I don’t want to kill someone, but those same doctors are completely fine with taking a newborns head and crushing it in a nasty abortion. What did the child ever do? They didn’t ask to be in this world, they didn’t commit a murder. It’s so hypicritical the position people take on these two issues. Yeah! This Sweet Lady is MOUTH_TALK_WITH_VOICE_GODLINESS_HOLY woman! FROM the FINGER OF GOD writing on THIS COMPUTTER PECK IN HUNT…Halle-Jre-Yah! I AM the LORD GOD who MADE ALL you PEOPLES> I AM the TOTAL FINAL AUTHORITY. If you DO NOT want to OBEY MY COMMANDMENTS, which are THE IRON CLAD LAWS of HEAVEN & EARTH…than YOU SHALL BE A BURNING IN THE LAKE OF FIRE which I- THE I AM- have PREPARED for THE DEVIL & his MINGYONS! You LITTLE MAGGOTTY WORMS! WHO ARE YOU TO SUPPORT & ENTER INTO A SATANIC MURDER_MONSTER_MACHINERY CULT KILLING & EATING YOUR OWN LITTLE BITTY BABIES? I- THE LORD GOD- ARE FIERCELY ANGRED at YOU & I AM A-COMING LICKITY-SPLIT to KILL ALL YOU SWINE GOYIM SINNERS & CAST YOUR STINKING CARCASSES into the LAKE-O-FIRE!!! WHOM, Pray Tell, DO YOU swine, swine, swine REALLY think your ARE? HERE IS WISDOM; HERE IS KNOWLEDGE… God does not NEED your faith, Belief is OPTIONAL… HOWEVER- BURNING IN HELL FOR UNBELIEF is MANDITORY! Think on THAT, you SMARTY-BREETCHES! Your High Minded College Professers AIN’T-A GOIN’ TA’ SAVE YO’ ASS from HELL! MAYOR DAILY ain’t-a goin’ ta’ save YOUR ass from HELL! The HIGH SHERRIFT and POLICERS ain’t a-goin’ ta-SAVE YOU ass from HELL! Billy (32nd. Degree Freemason-Hypocrite) GRAHAM ain’t-a goin’ta SAVE your DUMB ASS from FIRES OF FIREY FLAMES when YOU. Mr. & Missie “””Oh, So-ooo-o SOFISTICATED” with yoyu UNIVER-SHITTY DEGREES where YOU slavishly with DIMB CANINE DEVOTION kissed the FILTHY FOOTS of CLOVEN GOAT DICK devil COLLEGE demoniac REPTILLIAN SHAPE-SHIFTER MONSTERS from the DEEP OTRA DIMENISIONS of FAR SHOGGOGHTOTH, under the FILTHY MOUNDS at AKKARDDAHMM, in the REALMS OF DEAD< DEAD>>>He’s SCREAMING for a DROP of WATER to COOL HIS TONGUE! God tells him: TOUGH TITTY, Boy! You HAD YOU RICHES, but POOR OLD LAZEROUS, the BEGGER YOU STARVED TO DEATH…He had NOTHING…NOW YOU BURN IN HELL ForEver & ForEver…BUT POOR FOLKS, the HOMELESS you Hate, THE hobo nut case, my chosen people THE POOR are BLESSED in the EYES of JESUS, ^ And THE FATHER! YOU CHRISTERS are 180 Degrees OFF from TRUE CHRIST/JESUS Taught “EBIONITE” Christianity! YOU BUILD BIG FANCY (Saddleback Church- Riverside, Etc.) OBSCENE TEMPLES of SELF AGGRANDISEMENT! +++GOD SAYS these are ABOMINATION IN HIS SIGHT!” YOU ARE NOT TO ATTRACT sinners by “CARNY MIDWAY SHILL GAMES!” I spent 10 Years as a CARNY JOINTIE! I ran FLATTIES, Fast Counts, Short Counts, & Every other GLAMM! I KNOW the CHRISTIAN CHURCH these past 40 years are NOT OF GOD! The CHURCH was LOSING public interest= TELEVISION was KILLING Churches! The CHRIST-CENTERED Church was OBSOLIETE! They “HIRED A JEWISH Public Relations Firm to ENGINEER a PUBLICITY CAMPHAIGN to ATTRACT MEMBERS! In the 1960’s the “INSTANT GRATIFICATION” Syndrome WAS ALREADY pretty well a FACT! You RICH PIGGIES SHALL HAVE YOUR REREWARD! But WE POOR that YOU SO HATED shall HAVE GODS BLESSED ASSURANCE! Put that in your PIGGIE BANK! GOD KILL THEM ALL RIGHT NOW_ PLEASE~ GOD KILL THEM ALL RIGHT NOW_ PLEASE~ GOD KILL THEM ALL RIGHT NOW_ PLEASE~ GOD KILL THEM ALL RIGHT NOW_ PLEASE~ GOD KILL THEM ALL RIGHT NOW_ PLEASE~ GOD KILL THEM ALL RIGHT NOW_ PLEASE~ GOD KILL THEM ALL RIGHT NOW_ PLEASE~ GOD KILL THEM ALL RIGHT NOW_ PLEASE~ GOD KILL THEM ALL RIGHT NOW_ PLEASE~ GOD KILL THEM ALL RIGHT NOW_ PLEASE~ GOD KILL THEM ALL RIGHT NOW_ PLEASE~ (Formal Thoughts in Archetypal order)a non-scriptorium lack of logical/dislogical association in/of be succeeding thinking thought to supra incoherent speech It is impossible to follow the hobo train of thought (c.f. loosening of associations;pig thinking).paranoid idea eaters: Ideation, of lesser or degradable than delusional perorative, involving suspiciousness or the true belief that one is more than being harassed, by excremental persecutive dodo, or unfairly untreated by debased doctors.persecutory d:ism inrthe central theme is that ones own self (or some one or more than several in one-selves pantheism to whom one is devoted) is being attacked, harassed, cheated, persecuted, or conspired as.Capgras’ syndrome The truism that other selves, or the self, have been replaced by impostors. It typically follows the development of negative feelings toward the MURDER_MONSTER_MACHINERY that the Godly Prophetess cannot accept and attributes to the impostors. The syndrome has been reputed in paranoid schizophrenia

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Tijuana Hobo , Hebrew Hobo Railroad Rabbi, The Truth Teller Tell True Truth Truthfully. If the Truth is Repugnant to you, You are a Reagan Cultist. Ronald Reagan was Taught by L. Ron Hubbard, Reagan & Hubbard FOUNDED THE SCIENCE FICTION MIND FUCKING GAME- SCIENTOLOGY- then REAGAN USED NERO LINGUIST PROGRAMMING as PRESIDENT to MURDER THE MINDS of AMERICANS!
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