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Roswell ‘Chicken Man’ blows up house, himself to avoid eviction

Roswell ‘Chicken Man’ blows up house, himself to avoid eviction | News

Jonathan Copsey

ROSWELL, Ga. – Rather than be evicted, Roswell’s “Chicken Man” Andrew Wordes took extreme measures March 26 when he blew up his own house with himself inside.

Witnesses said at about 12:45 p.m., Fulton County Marshals came to the Alpine Drive home to evict Wordes. Wordes allegedly told everyone to get back before an explosion rocked the home.

Witness Lee Hollingsworth said at about 1 p.m., he heard an explosion within the home that blew the roof “a foot into the air and all the windows blew out.”

“It was very scary,” said another witness, Maggie Bean. “Andrew asked if everyone was away from the house and then said something to the effect of ‘it ain’t going to be pretty.’”

Bean said she saw a large puff of smoke come from the garage before flames erupted, engulfing the front of the home.

Fire crews arrived at the home within five minutes of the initial 911 call, which was made by one of the marshals, said Roswell Fire Chief Ricky Spencer, however firefighters did not try and enter the home.

“We did not attempt to go into the house immediately, because the fire was underway,” Spencer said. “About 75 percent of the house was in flames.”

In total, Spencer said it took 21 firefighters with four engines 30 minutes to extinguish the flames.

Police Chief Dwayne Orrick said the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms sent agents to the scene to search for possible explosives; however he said none were found. Reports of a second device were unfounded, Spencer said.

Roswell Police Spokesman Lt. James McGee said fire crews extinguished the fire by about 2 p.m. and had found a body. They are not willing to identify it yet. The body was taken to the Fulton County Coroner.

Wordes, an outspoken gun and property rights advocate, first gained notoriety in 2009 fighting city ordinances that would not allow him to continue raising chickens, turkeys and other fowl on his property. Represented by former Gov. Roy Barnes, Wordes – since dubbed the “Chicken Man” – won the right to keep his more than 100 birds.

A subsequent city ordinance to limit Wordes’ fowl was thrown out by Roswell Judge Maurice Hilliard when the judge ruled he was grandfathered in. But then Wordes began to run into troubles on other fronts. He was stopped by police coming home from a Roswell City Council meeting in December 2009 for a traffic violation and driving on a suspended license.

In 2010, he was cited for a nuisance by city code enforcement for having seven or eight inoperable automobiles on his property, apparently with the intent to repair them and sell them. Then, Wordes violated sediment and erosion ordinances when he did some grading on the property that city authorities said damaged a nearby stream.

Wordes pleaded guilty, had the cars removed and the property repaired. As part of a plea agreement, Wordes agreed to a one-year probation. He was fined $2,000, but was allowed to do 180 hours of community service instead.

Wordes had long maintained he was the subject of a vendetta by the city. When his violations caused liens to be placed against his property, the city notified the holder of his mortgage. That mortgage was sold and the new holder filed for foreclosure of the property.

In July, Wordes found most of his birds had been poisoned. At least 60 animals died from the mystery ailment.

At court Aug. 10, 2011, Hilliard found Wordes in violation of his probation agreement and sentenced Wordes to three months in jail. When he was released, he found his home vandalized and burgled, and accused the city of not protecting it better. Missing were several weapons.

The trail of legal problems culminated Monday when Wordes was to be forcibly evicted from his home.

“I feel sorry for the guy,” Bean said. “It’s just a sad situation.”

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JAMES FETZER Mona Alexis Pressley: Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert


Exposing Faggot hoods and Revealing Fake-Truths

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mona Alexis Pressley: Nobody Died at the Las Vegas Concert

Mona Alexis Pressley 

Touching: Except that they died at different times or different dates or in different states or from different causes of death Those who have been publicly identified as “victims” of the 1 October 2017 shooting in Las Vegas, it turns out, died at other times and other locations and of other causes. Some of them do not even exist but were created through a photo-shop program that produces the illusion of an entirely different person. If this seem initially unbelievable, when you finish this article, look back at the photos of the victims and see if you can find the same person in many of the others. This study will uncover the beginning of the research conducted to this date, with new findings to follow.

It is important that Americans pay attention, stand-up and demand answers and not relinquish until the entire truth comes out. If Americans remain apathetic, in denial, or just plain lazy, we run the risk of losing all freedom, including what’s left of the right to bear arms. It is difficult to wrap one’s mind around a government so corrupt that it could orchestrate a “false flag” event this elaborate, until you reflect upon “Operation Northwoods” of 1962. This unclassified document should be read by every American to teach them the lengths the US government will go to to fund its wars and continue to enslave its own people.

There’s a segment of the world wide web that has been calling the mass shooting in Las Vegas on 1 October a “staged event” or a “false flag”. The brave souls who have been going with their gut feelings after watching the production unfold on television have been getting blasted by the Mainstream Media and the Social Media, which at one time, but no longer, used to be the place to voice daring opinions. Even one’s own peers have put the pressure on “conspiracy theorists”, who are preferably called “conspiracy realists” or “conspiracy analysts”.

This shooting was strikingly similar to the event in Newtown, CT, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 in the manner in which it was presented by the media. For those unfamiliar with the Sandy Hook school shooting, the book NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015) edited by Dr. James Fetzer (from in its 2nd edition but available for free as a pdf in its first) is the best way to catch up on “false flags” and hoaxes that our government conducts in collaboration with state and local authorities. Following that event, which turned out to be a two-day FEMA drill, conspiracy realists went to work and have effectively eviscerated the official account. Let this be true of Las Vegas, too.

The Las Vegas “Victims”

The first victim, Christopher Louis Roybal, born 10/09/1988 was listed as one of the victims of the shooting. However, after searching obituaries there was a discrepancy in the date listed as to when this person died. Both obituaries were found on and listed two different obituaries for Roybal with two different dates of death. The dates were 1 and 2 October 2017. A pattern was emerging that appeared to warrant more investigation.

After a closer look on the internet about Mr. Roybal’s death, this heading and description (“christopher roybal dies on october 2, 2017 in california”) was found on the search engine page:

It was either missed by the production company that put together the shooting (Crowds on Demand) or else the title initially listed cannot be changed. The content was changed but the search engine link, which was created first, tells the entire story. Mr. Roybal passed away, not in Las Vegas, NV, but in Corona, CA. The obituary, but not the search-engine heading for the obituary, was changed, a pattern that we will see emerge again and again.

The second victim, Heather Alvarado, born 9/20/82 had a similar discrepancy in her two obituary notices. An earlier listing places her death in Enoch, UT:

There was an error in the actual obituary where they must have tried to take out the real place she died, which was not Las Vegas, NV, but Enoch, UT. Instead they kept the name of the city, “Enoch”, in between her twice-listed name.

Susan Smith, 53, was the third victim found to have not died at the concert in Las Vegas. The obituary was changed to say she died in Las Vegas, but the rest of the obituary does not talk about any shooting death and also requests donations to the Cancer Society:

As with other examples examined here, the same problem occurs the obituary and search engine page-headline, where the link to the obituary is not the same.

Sandra Casey, born 11/1/1982 was the fourth victim that wasn’t a victim but did die. The search engine in regard to her death listed Sandra passing away in Vermont (below):

Brennan Stewart is the fifth victim to have died at a different location and also a different date. The search engine produced  title that Stewart passed away in North Las Vegas which is on the opposite side of where the Las Vegas shooting took place. It also states in the search engine heading that he died on 2 October 2017, not 1 October 2017.

Angela Gomez was the sixth in the long line of mistakes made in obituary notices in regard to places and dates. In the search engine in regard to her death she was listed to have died in Riverside, CA, rather than Las Vegas, NV, on 1 October 2017.

Jennifer Parks, 35, 1/18/81, was the seventh victim to have died in Lancaster, CA, not Las Vegas, NV:

The eight victim, Carrie Rae Banette, passed away in California, not in Nevada, as listed below in the obits.

The ninth victim, Rocio Guille also passed away in California rather than Nevada:

The obituary that followed the link listed above: 1 October 2017 – Anaheim, California:

The tenth victim, Christopher Hazencomb, passed away 2 October 2017 in Camarillo, CA:

The funeral home wrote up a tribute for him with the information about his passing and other information. Everything but his name was erased but the page remains. Pretty fishy.

The eleventh victim, Victor Link, passed away on 1 October 2017 but again in California:

According to this blog post by his mother, twelfth victim, Jordan McLldoom, committed suicide:

The thirteenth victim, Patricia Mestas, passed away in California:

Jordyn Rivera, the fourteenth victim, also passed away in California on 1 October 2017:

Michelle Vo, the fifteenth victim, passed away in California on 1 October 2017 in both the search engine title and the obit:

The sixteenth victim, Hannah Ahlers passed away in California on 1 October 2017:

The seventeenth victim, Adrian Murfitt, died, not in Nevada but in Alaska on 1 October 2017:

The eighteenth victim was Denise Burditus, who did die in Las Vegas, Nevada, but at a hospital on 2 October and not at the concert in her husband’s arms as he stated in an interview. She passed away at Spring Valley hospital with no mention of having been shot.

The nineteenth victim is the last person even though there are more victims who died in their home state, but the proof will have to be presented at a later date when evidence is available. The nineteenth victim is the most confusing and took a minute to figure out.

Charleston Hartfield, there are two of them. One was born in 1965 that worked for the LVMPD, retired from the military (82nd Airborne) and wrote the book about his experiences on the street. This man is much older then Charleston #2 and the one who died in his home in Henderson, NV. He is also Charleston #2’s father. These pictures are of older Charleston at different ages. The banner Charleston and wife, Denita, are wearing was photo-shopped from 88 to 98:

Here is the search engine title to tell you where the older Charleston died. He is the one buried at the Veterans Cemetery in Boulder City.

Denita is the one in the pics that appears to be the children’s mother but she is really their grandmother. The woman standing with her is the children’s mother, Veronica, and they are mourning their grandfather, thank God, not their Dad.

The younger Charleston is still alive and working in San Bernardino, since they are the ones that listed his picture as a cop or he could be in the military in another state. He is also the one that is in the National Guard or could now be active duty someplace other than Las Vegas.

Where do things stand?
We should also look at the alleged shooter, Stephen Paddock, and his brother, Eric Paddock. My suspicion is that Stephen and Eric probably work for the FBI, where they, as a team, brought the crime scene props, including 23 assault weapons, to the Mandalay Bay suite room and staged the scene there. That is why the police and the FBI do not want to look for a second or a third shooter, in spite of overwhelming evidence that multiple shooters were simulated by video special effects that accompanied the audio special effects: the sounds of automatic weapons firing. According to the official narrative, Stephen is the one and only shooter–and they want to stick with the script!

[Editor’s note: Scott Bennett has done a nice critique of the arrangement in the suite after the event had drawn to a conclusion, where we have a body lying on its back with blood coming from the back of his head. But there are too few shell casing for what would have to have been the expenditure of thousands of rounds, if the audio and visual effects had been produce by real shooting. Not only are they not present, but some shell casings are on top of the blood, when they should be under it; and others are for blanks and CO2s, which are used for pellet guns. Even the suicide weapon is not in an appropriate location, which means that the death scene, like the rest of the Las Vegs event, was also staged:

Las Vegas Update with Dr. James Fetzer and Scott Bennett

All big one big happy drill that the American public were not in on. The crowd at the concert were not in the know and that is why they ran to get away at the sound of gun shots. After everyone was gone, the stage lights went on and the actors got to work setting up the crime scene. There were people who were hurt running away, but no one appears to have been actually shot–and if someone claims they were, then it requires proof by showing the gun wound and medical records (which, alas, can also be faked). The expert analyses of a military surgeon and by an American trauma surgeon, who confirmed that all of the patients shown in hospital rooms are acting, where none of their alleged wounds is real, the presumption should be that the other “victims” are also fake.

Overall, it should be evident that all of these errors in the obituaries are not just just a coincidence along with the rest of the puzzle being added to this article. With the police changing their story, the FBI deleting video recordings on witness phones and laptops, the review of alleged “victims” presented here shows that, time and time again, they were using person who had died in different places or on different dates or in different states and from different causes of death. The Clark County Coroner’s Office is on lock-down, no doubt because it would have been besieged with requests for death certificates and autopsy reports–and they don’t have any! We even have a photograph showing bodies being moved from a funeral home hearse for transport to be used as additional “victims” of the Las Vegas shooting.

Apparently delivering bodies for use as props in the Las Vegas movie

This study has reviewed twenty of the purported “victims” of the Las Vegas event (counting Paddock among the victims, which appears to be appropriate. Twenty is less that the fifty-eight who are alleged to have died. But it establishes a prima facie case in support of the conclusion that the “victims” were fabricated and that nobody died at the concert. In the absence of authentic evidence sufficient to overcome that presumption, that inference deserves acceptance in the tentative and fallible fashion of science. The proof of fakery appears to increase by the day.

With access to additional evidence, we have the prospect of confirming or disconfirming the best supported hypothesis, which is that the Las Vegas event was not real but was a movie: a made-for-television production. So much has emerged about those who benefit by selling their stock (only to buy it back at a vastly reduced price), by putting shorts on MGM/Mandalay Bay (to make vast sums if the stock should drop) and even the prediction that scanners will now be required at every hotel and casino. There are other fringe benefits, but it certainly looks as though buying extras via CrowdsonDemand was a cost-effective expenditure.

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JAMES FETZER posing Falsehoods and Fake-Truths Fired by Jeff Rense for Disputing Las Vegas Fantasies

Friday, October 20, 2017

Fired by Jeff Rense for Disputing Las Vegas Fantasies

On “The Raw Deal” (19 October 2017), after I had featured an audio/video professional who had confirmed that the sound of gunshots in Las Vegas was prerecorded and played over the concert’s PA system and a second guest who has found that various of the alleged “victims” died in different locations of different causes, some on different dates, I was fired by Jeff Rense.

These findings reinforce the medical evidence from experts, including a military surgeon and an American trauma surgeon, that the patients shown in multiple videos are actors with fake wounds. Which may explain why the Clark County Coroner’s Office is on lock-down. They would have been besieged with requests for death certificates and autopsy reports when, under the circumstances, there aren’t any.

Rense is promoting the completely absurd idea that this was an attack by ISIS in Las Vegas, where the shooting and injuries inflicted–including the dead and wounded–are real and that it was carried out by MUSLIMS! He had mocked my research during the third hour of his own show the night before (18 October 2017), where I confronted and dissected his indefensible claims during mine the following day. Apparently, he didn’t like what I had to say.
Because the medical, audio and video evidence I presented–which builds on the medical evidence I previously published and discussed–blows his theory apart, I have embarrassed him. He already knew that Scott Bennett and I would be leaving for another network on 1 November–of which I had previously informed him (17 October 2017)–and (my best guess is) he needed a cover-story to explain our departure away (see
But how could anyone buy any variation on this having been a bona fide event? We know James Murren, the CEO of MGM/Mandalay Bay, sold 80% of his stock in advance–no doubt, to buy it back at a much reduced price and pocket the difference–and that George Soros had placed a $42 million short on the company, which, of course, made him a bundle when the stock fell following the shooting. The motives in this case extend to making billions by placing X-ray machines not only in resorts and casinos in Las Vegas but hospitals, schools and more across the USA.

Scott Bennett and I have presented an overview of the evidence using nearly 100 slides. There is no case for a single shooter, for ISIS involvement or of any role for Muslims! Egad! The FBI has wiped clean the cell phone and laptop pictures and videos of witnesses at the scene! How could anyone continue to take seriously the official narrative when the FBI ITSELF is engaging in the destruction of evidence and the obstruction of justice? That our own federal government is covering up what happened in Las Vegas demonstrates that the public is being misled.

The Jesus Campos Deception
Another is that the security guard, Jesus Compos, who has disappeared and whom the authorities claim they are unable to locate, turned up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He was waiting to do five interviews–including one with Sean Hannity on Fox–when he completely disappeared! No one seems to know his whereabouts, yet he turns up on TV, no less, with Ellen DeGeneres. Take a look and form your own impressions of the exchange between them:

He seems a bit anxious and insecure, but that could be attributed to being on television. Less easy to overlook, it’s not the same guy! Here are some images of the man on Ellen’s show to show the difference. He must weigh 30-50 lbs more than the original “Campos” (left) and has a larger cranium and a much fatter face. The eyes and eyebrows are close but not the same and is missing moles on the lower-left of his chin. These are clearly not the same “Jesus”:

Notice, too, that the original “Campos” wears glasses, but the “Campos” on Ellen does not. He was also giving a story line (about his confronting the shooter at the END of his spree), which has been officially changed to his encounter having occurred BEFORE he began. We never see the audience, either, which suggests that this was taped early on a stage with no audience present (sound track added). As though that were not sensational enough, the original “Campos” appears to be the husband of the allegedly married “terrorists” in the San Bernardino event:
Here’s a video investigation I did, “The Real Deal: Staging Attacks from Sandy Hook to San Bernardino”, with a highly qualified EMT, who explains, in detail, how none of the standard procedures (SOP) for medical emergencies were followed in Sandy Hook or in San Bernardino. We even have the Craig’s List ad for extras in San Bernardino, with “good pay” and coverage for expenses, Call Date of 1 December 2015, going LIVE on 2 December 2015:

Las Vegas, San Bernardino, Sandy Hook

The blatancy of these charades boggles the mind. The government of the United States has become complicit in the production of one staged event after another, which followed in the wake of the nullification of the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which precluded the use of the same techniques of disinformation and propaganda within the United State as were being used without. It was done by Barack Obama by signing the NDAA for 2013. This is his legacy.

Just as we have the Craigslist ad for extras in San Bernardino, we have the ad for extras in Las Vegas 15 days before the event, which was just enough time to gather them together and explain their role as extras in a made-for-TV movie. By combining audio special effects with video special effects and having members of the crowd of 20,000–perhaps numbering a few hundred–it was possible to induce the spectators to stampede!

How would it be possible to have over 500 wounded by the impact of high velocity bullets and yet have the three hospitals in closest proximity to the crime have no admissions of gunshot victims! To which Jeff Rense replies, “Well, of course they are going to say that. They have been told to deny all inquiries about everything, of course they are going to say that, they are not going to release the names and give pictures of the wounds and wounded”, which is frankly absurd.

As I explained during “The Power Hour” (18 October 2017), “It was a movie! It was a made-for-TV production with auditory and visual special effects”, which had a producer and a director, even though at present we may not know their names. The abysmal state of the union manifests itself in the on-going determination of local, state and federal officials–including of the FBI–to mislead and deceive the public by staged events that are calculated to instill fear into the nation to promote a political agenda. They continue to perform acts of terrorism upon the American people.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. The co-editor of, he has a new radio show, “Bad Deals”, on Revolution Radio, which will begin broadcasting on 2 November 2017. 


  1. I don’t know whether anyone died or not. I just hope your new network does as good a job archiving shows as rense did!

    I did however want to call your attention to this article that claims the main to hospitals that took gunshot victims at night we’re not any of the three that you called and asked


  2. Of course he didn’t call EVERY hospital in the area. And he wants death certificates and autopsy reports on demand.

  3. I called the three hospitals myself and confirmed what she had been told. One said “No comment”, which I took to be a “No”. The other two said they had admitted no gunshot victims. These were the three closest and would have been overwhelmed had this been real.

  4. Did you call University Medical Center or St. Dominican Rose? A no comment doesn’t mean No!!!

  5. We called the three closest to the scene. I can see that you are eager to support the official account–as though there were one!–and do your best to undermine me. The evidence that it was a theatrical event is overwhelming. Believe what you want. One more shill–dime a dozen!

  6., I myself called University Hospital and was told that the official numbers have already been given to the media, granted that does not mean no one was taken there. The hospital’s Jim listed are three of the closest hospitals to the shooting, and gun shot victims were reported to have gone to those hospitals since they are part of the Valley and Dignity Health systems. University Hospital, however, would have been the main hospital since it had the highest trauma level in the area, that being said no proof directly that anyone was taken there except for news reports.

  7. Valley is low trauma level (6 separate locations) and Dignity-St Rose (3 separate locations) is trauma level III.
    Sunrise is level II, and University has the highest standard for the most severely injured, level I.
    I ran down the stats of patients from news reports, to estimate how many gunshot wounds. posted in CSTT facebook.

  8. It doesn’t matter. Considering the numbers, every hospital would have been heavily obliged to receive patients.

  9. Thank you for that article. It offers no real proof–just more fake news propaganda. These photos are so staged that I find them sickening.


  10. Your ouster from Rense was long overdue. Kudos to Jeff.


  11. When you can show I have something wrong, speak up. Remarks like this are displays of your ignorance. You would do yourself a favor by not speaking out when you have no idea what you are talking about.

  12. Amen Jim. The shills must not be paid top wage because the quality of their argumentation is so poor these days.

  13. Rude, unnecessary, unappreciated, UNHELPFUL comment. Apparently you have time to waste.

  14. If fetzer was to leave rense nov 1 anyway, I can see this as a knee jerk reaction from rense. Just normal human reactions. Fetzer became the star at rense with the breaking story. A tough loss with him leaving.

  15. Bill Rowett has 3 whole followers and an empty FB page

  16. Rense has done a great job of providing numerous examples of why your inane theories on Vegas are bogus.


  17. No, he has not. He cites second or third or fourth party reports. It is embarrassing that you would make such a claim when a blog here by Anastasia Smith reviewed 33 videos from the scene and found NONE OF THEM showed anyone hit by a bullet or actually wounded. Lots of SOUNDS OF BULLETS but no evidence of any real ones.

  18. Sir, you are certifiable. Whether or not you believe Paddock acted alone, or was involved at all is one issue, but to claim people did not die based on the flimsy and incompetent evidence you’ve cited is RIDICULOUS.

  19. PROVE IT by finding the dead people. Challenges without proof amount to nothing.

  20. Hey genius, if the bodies of these victims were delivered to you, lunatics like you and Fetzer still wouldn’t believe it. Steven Paddock may have indeed been patsy in this operation, but human lives were lost. Period. Death certificates and autopsy reports are NEVER available to the public. These are self fulfilling prophecies for people using it was a distraction in claiming no one died.

  21. Well said, Bill. I haven’t really followed Fetzer that closely the past couple years because it is all so predictable–always find the most outlandish of the theories of a particular event and run with it (as Jim Dieugenio pointed out in a long article on Fetzer awhile back).

  22. Do you believe DiEugenio? I spent 7 hours going through his attack and refuted every claim of any significance: IT WAS ALL BULLSHIT” Here is the 5th our of the 7: You can believe any rubbish you want (and appear to be doing just that). But you are a fool to believe anything DiEugenio clams:

  23. Anonymous and Rowett are intesting cases. One sign of a shill is that they make attacks with no evidence to support them. In the case of this guy DiEugenio, I even published a 7-hour rebuttal he neglects to cite, which demolishes the attacks he launched on me. Review them here, archived at Anyone who thinks he has a leg to stand on will be invited on my new show and we can debate the merits of his attack.

  24. See if Eugenio will debate you, Jim. That would be interesting.

  25. I will send him an invite. Not a chance. But I like the idea. I have already taken apart every attack he has thrown up against me. Why don’t you write and tell him I have agreed and will he debate me.

  26. Which one of Jim Fetzer’s many conspiracy theories do you believe and why? Also, which one’s don’t you believe and why.

  27. Jeff Rense is not to be trusted as an infallible source of good information by any means. His harping on “Islamic terrorists” at every turn and his blanket condemnation of Muslims and Jews speaks for itself. While his site can be useful (for instance his posting of the pdf of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook), exercise caution when visiting.


  28. Rense uses talented people to boost his advertising revenue by having interesting content, then dumps them when they show him up for being smarter than he is and also a lot more honest. Not surprising really is it. is an entertainment site, not a reliable news site (for all the good Jeff does, point taken).


  29. This comment has been removed by the author.


  30. It would appear that Jeff Rense has shown himself to be aligned with the Council for National Policy and would get the same orders that Alex Jones does now as well. Interesting, how Rense formerly worked for GCN and Jones still does, I wonder if Rense still has contact with the Khashoggi family?

  31. Just like ((tool)) Alex Jones who cries for Netanyahu the pig who attacked us on 911… Rense is also compromised ..he has had a lot of stupid guests on lately take a listen to this fraud! And read the comments.
    Mr Fetzer has a good show with Scott Bennett and Donald Grahn..much better then disingenuous Rense and spit!

  32. I knew that this parting of the ways between Dr. Fetzer and Jeff Rense would come soon.

    Almost, or maybe over, a year ago Rense started harping on the Muslims. There was a stark departure from his predominant mantra over the years as the Jews being his main target. Recently he only mentions the Jews in passing, almost as a second thought.

    Some one or some thing has purchased Jeff Rense. Many of us stopped going to his website,, shortly after he made the sea change to the Muslims being the main culprit in everything.

    It is correct and of imperative importance to expose the works of the “Mossad, the Sayanim, the Zionists, the Israelis, the neoconservatives and “the Jews” in relation to the USA and in relation to historical and current world geopolitics, but it must be done in the right way. It must be done from a traditional historical Roman Catholic perspective for it to NOT be “racist” or based on biological determinism which is anti-Christ, anti-Christ’s Church philosophy and is the usual charge waged against truth speaking Catholic commentators.
    (see for openers…… Bishop Donald Sanborn sermon
    Christianity vs. Judaism)

    Just as the followers of the One Who is Truth will be persecuted in this world, so also will secular researchers who adhere to logical reasoning and factual data in evaluating all hypotheses regarding a given matter be ostracized and fired and spoken about untruthfully by those who do not care about any semblance of truth but only their image and income in this fallen world system.

    I hope that Dr. Fetzer will tell us soon where and when we can listen to his new show on the Internet.


  33. You need to expound on your comment that confronting the enemy comes from the traditional Catholic Church. Plus, the CC has been compromised, infiltrated and does not function as the universal Christian church it is supposed to. And, if one is not semetical, how can factual criticism of their behavior, policies, etc be antisemetic?

  34. Beginning on 2 November, my new show, “Bad Deals”, will be broadcast over Revolution Radio from 4-6 PM/ET (3-5 PM/CT; 1-3 PM/PT) on Schedule B. It’s already up but begins in two weeks.

  35. According to a recent book by Edward Hendrie, called ‘Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great’,
    the one-world religion, Mystery Babylon warned of in the bible, is both of Zionism and of Rome. ‘The evidence’, says Hendrie, leads to the inevitable conclusion ‘that the Roman Catholic Church was established by crypto Jews as a false “Christian” front for a Judaic/Babylonian religion.’ Moreover, ‘that religion is the nucleus of a world conspiracy against man and God.’

    Philip Schaff (1819-1893) in his History of the Christian Church explains that from the beginning the Christian church was in a spiritual struggle against Judaism. Judaism could not win a head to head spiritual contest against Christianity. It was necessary, therefore, for the Jews to throw their efforts behind undermining the Christian church by injecting it with a Judaic contagion. Their long-term strategy was to change the Christian church from the inside out to align more closely with the Judaic/Babylonian theosophy. After the fall of Jerusalem, Cabalistic Jews migrated to Alexandria where they synthesized their Chaldean witchcraft with Neo-Platonic philosophy and cloaked that religion in Christian terminology. They then tried to introduce this new heathen Gnostic philosophy into the fledgling Christian Church. The attempt to penetrate the true spiritual church of Christ was futile. However, what this Judaizing strategy did accomplish was the creation of a new ersatz ‘Christian’ church, which grew into what we know today as the Roman Catholic Church.

    Since its foundation, the Catholic papacy has been zealous and often brutal in its endeavor to establish an empire of the Pope This determination was witnessed during the Inquisition where countless thousands died cruelly for resisting Rome. By the 1520s, Martin Luther’s ideas crystallized opposition to the abuses and totalitarian control of the Church. This widespread theological revolt, called the Protestant Reformation, severely damaged the influence of the Catholic Church. In response, the Catholic Church founded the counter-reformation in order to destroy Protestantism.

    This Counter Reformation was largely headed by Ignatius Loyola, who founded the Jesuit Order in 1545 and launched an all-out attack against those who dared stand against the papacy and Rome. Loyola had been a member of a Secret Mystery Babylonian religious sect called Los Alumbrados. Loyola styled the Jesuits as a military order with the stated purpose of overthrowing the Protestant Reformation and bringing about a return to the Dark Ages by restoring the political and religious dominion of the Vatican over the world. Loyola’s operative principle was that ‘the end justifies the means’. Thus any means of restoring Vatican dominion was to be acceptable. Protestants and all other non-Catholics must be converted or eliminated. The saying among the Jesuits was that ‘it is not a sin to kill a heretic’.

    What most do not know is that the Jesuit order is a Crypto-Jewish** order of priests. While it may have gentile priests as members, it was founded by Jews and today has close secret ties with other clandestine Jewish organizations. Benjamin Disraeli, a Jew and former Prime Minister of England, revealed that the first Jesuits were Jews. Ignatius Loyola’s secretary, Polanco, was of Jewish descent and was the only person present at Loyola’s deathbed. Loyola himself was a crypto-Jew as were many Alumbrados. A crypto-Jew is a Jew who converts to another religion to escape persecution and outwardly embraces the new religion, while secretly maintaining Jewish practices.

    **’The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews’

  36. ‘The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews’ by Dr. Robert Aleksander Maryks, Boston College February 24, 2010. On the early Jewish Jesuits Ignatius of Loyola and his secretary Juan Alfonso de Polanco, who was also secretary to Loyola’s successors Diego Lainez (another “converso”) and Francis Borgia.

  37. take a hike with that catholic bullshit.

  38. I also noticed that Rense had started harping on muslims and was giving jews a break. In retrospect, that was very odd. The only logical conclusion you can make is that he either had a brain transplant, or he sold out.

  39. Oh no. Here I go with another rant:
    Dachsie is no doubt sincere in what he says and in his trust of the Roman Catholic institution. Modern Catholics don’t connect their church to the atrocities of the Inquisition just as they don’t connect their local parish church to the pedophilia of Roman catholic priests in which the highest levels of the Roman hierarchy are involved. As shown in the movie ‘Spotlight’, the Roman Catholic institution is complicit by harboring, aiding, abetting and participating in this ongoing criminal activity. The local parishioners seem unconcerned about the implications of being a member of a criminal organization which stands in opposition to God, Jesus and the Bible. Somehow, even though they are members of a criminal organization they don’t feel like they are criminal. It seems that the U.S. government is in agreement as they allow the Roman Church, a foreign sovereign entity, to continue to operate with impunity in this country.

    The influence of the Jews through the Jesuits in the Roman Catholic Church has been manifested from the beginning in Catholic doctrine. The Council of Trent was an attack on
    Christianity with anathema after anathema against Christian doctrine that was orchestrated by the
    Jesuits. The control of the Jews over the Vatican is so complete that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), who is [was] the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, issued an official doctrine of Catholic faith that accepts the Jewish view that the messiah is yet to come. There is apparently much double talk in the document, as it accepts the Jewish view of a coming messiah [and therefore the implied rejection of the one who has already come] without overtly rejecting Jesus. The document is contained in a small book titled ‘The Jewish People and the Holy Scriptures in the Christian Bible.’ It is no surprise that this Jewish/Catholic doctrine was drafted by a Jesuit named Albert Vanhoye.

    According to the document:

    ‘It would be wrong to consider the prophecies of the Old Testament as some kind of photographic anticipations of future events. All the texts, including those which later were read as messianic prophecies, already had an immediate import and meaning for their contemporaries before attaining a fuller meaning for future hearers. The messiahship of Jesus has a meaning that is new and original.’

    But according to Jesus and his Jewish disciples:

    ‘…”These are my words that I spoke to you while I was still with you, that everything written about me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled.”‘ (Luk 24:44 ESV)

    ‘Philip found Nathanael and said to him, “We have found him of whom Moses in the Law and also the prophets wrote, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.”‘ (Joh 1:45 ESV)

    From the document:
    ‘Should not Christians henceforth read the Bible as Jews do, in order to show proper respect for its Jewish origins? [No]… For to read the Bible as Judaism does necessarily involves a…full acceptance of what Judaism is, in particular, the authority of its writings and rabbinic traditions, which exclude faith in Jesus as Messiah and Son of God.

    [however]… Christians can and ought to admit that the Jewish reading of the Bible [i.e. the messiah is yet to come]is a possible one, in continuity with the Jewish Sacred Scriptures from the Second Temple period, a reading analogous to the Christian reading which developed in parallel fashion. Both readings are bound up with the vision of their respective faiths, of which the readings are the result and expression.’

  40. These people are clueless..why would one ask if you were referring to the “drill?” Let them sleep they can follow Rense into the ISIS rabbit hole ..they are not worth your time. Rense just like AJones have their orders for (((divide and conquer))) and blame the Muslims for everything..haven’t these morons learned anything from 911? Obviously NOT. Maybe there is some truth that Vegas was done by ISIS if you realize ISIS was created by the CIA and Mossad ..then by ISIS they mean the USA and Israel.. that works.


  41. Bingo, Littlefaith! .

  42. I have noticed James Corbett and Alex Jones are partial to a little Chinese bashing too.

  43. Bashing the Chinese goes hand in the hand with the Council for National Policy narrative. It is why North Korea is next and Joel Skousen rants and raves about NK and China all the time. In addition, always remember what the CNP tells us. Russia is a major threat and communism is the only boogeyman.

  44. Rense makes the list of CIA “fakes”. Right up there with Alex Jewns. Keep up the good work James Fetzer.


  45. I agree with your analysis one hundred percent. This was the most blatant crisis act to date! Even the pictures alone on the “news” sites like CNN and the rest are so staged. In one picture the people were climbing over the fence supposedly in a panic but just over that fence were people sitting calmly at what appeared to be a bar and drinking and chatting with each other completely oblivious to what was happening just a few feet behind them. There were so many things wrong with this act from the beginning. I would suppose that now in America do not believe anything until it is proven to be real. prove it. I have a feeling that will be an impossible task.


  46. “…sitting calmly …” I had not know that! – In (what I call) the “amateur EMT” video (abt 4min) there is – from auditory evidence – a fairly sizable crowd not too far distant whoopin and laughin and having a good old time throughout the entire video

  47. I am really disappointed in this drscision from rense, although I don’t know behind the scenes activity and kind of surprised because I though freedom of speech was important for the country according to intro before each show


  48. Not a real good idea to call hospitals. ( listening to the power hour ) A guy on youtube that did a lot of work on the Boston Bombing did that in Europe and they locked him up first in jail and then in a mental ward for evaluation. His youtube channel was Peekay.I think they finally shut him down but he was really good. And funny.It was the first time I saw the LAX dummy that they wheeled across mainstream media pretending that it was a human that had been shot and it was so obvious it was a dummy I had to laugh. Loved the article Jim and the Power Hour Interview.


  49. Not Europe, Australia. Legal trouble for his efforts subsequent to the Melbourne 2017 Jan 20 event. Youtube censored some of his channels, but see

  50. Your blog is very nice,Thanks for sharing.



  51. Fetzer’s articles and commentary on Las Vegas make perfect sense to me. If you bother to review the facts, common sense will tell you this event is fake. If this were a bona fide ISIS shooting, rather than destroying evidence, the government would make every bit of it available to the public.

    Rense must be either dimwitted or compromised.


  52. This comment has been removed by the author.


  53. Looks like the Las Vegas ‘shooting’ was being planned at least a year ago:

    The Las Vegas police officer knew he would ‘die’ soon.
    ‘A year ago, Hartfield created a computer file titled “Charleston Hartfield Memorial Service.’

    ‘Funeral today for Metro officer killed in Las Vegas shooting [no death certificate]*
    Charles “ChuckyHart” Hartfield, a Las Vegas police officer and 17-year veteran of the U.S. Army [and CIA operative?] in the 82nd Airborne Division and the Nevada National Guard, was laid to rest. A year ago, Hartfield created a computer file titled “Charleston Hartfield Memorial Service.” He addressed his wife: “Veronica, if you’re reading this, I’ve been called home,” Hartfield wrote. “Please do not allow anyone to wear black; black is totally depressing.” He got to the facts: Johnny Cash and Nina Simone should be played at the service. And everyone should remember him how he was. “I would like everyone to enjoy themselves. And remember me for who I was. The truth only. None of that stuff about how great I was. Only real stories.”’

    Pasted from

    *no death certificate


  54. Hang in there, Jim Fetzer. You’re the best! I hope Ole Dammegard has you on his show soon. The two of you are investigators extraordinaire.


  55. I NEVER trusted Jim Rense , and after this unjust treatment of Dr. Fetzer, IT only proves that Rense is a shill for the zionist pigs.


  56. I NEVER trusted Jim Rense , and after this unjust treatment of Dr. Fetzer, IT only proves that Rense is a shill for the zionist pigs.


  57. Jim Fetzer, why did you originally decide to leave Rense? I looked up your new site, they make you pay to use the archives. You seem to be the most accurate of all the “truther” shows. You have it in for the Talmuds, your choice, but it makes it hard to share/link your work for others to read, who may be offended or even litigious or in Germany they put may you in jail.


  58. I will find out more about their archives. I have heard there is a $5 fee to access them, but I do not know if that’s for a month or a year. I will do what I can to make them available. This will be my eighth radio show. Rense is the only one who charged the hosts, when he should have been paying them! I am glad to be free and clear of him because he was becoming a propagandist for Israel by attacking Muslims with no proof. It was highly disconcerting.

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. in the words of the infamous William J. Casey, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

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  66. Jim Fetzer you seem to be the best on the “truther” type news. We should be able to have freedom of speech. To put people in jail for their views is giving up the freedoms we supposedly fought for. I agree with you that there people of Jewish and non-Jewish descent that have been a part of 911 etc. But on the thing about the Talmud, I looked up the Jewish defence of the contentious verses and it seems they can justify the Talmud verses if they are taken in context.

  67. From Boston to most in Europe, the movie sets have been talked about by extensively by Ole Dammegard who used to work as a movie extra.

    He has given MANY examples of what to look for: from grip trucks, blocking off of areas being filmed by fire trucks, buses, semi trucks, etc. Peekay Truth from Australia had even done a trilogy movie of Boston where he literally nailed every single “victim”, the directors, etc.

    Peekay had also been a movie extra and had gotten a few “on camera” shots in background scenes. If *anyone* had taken the time to see the ridiculous downtown Melbourne (where he lives) movie shots of the stunt driver doing donuts and the most VISIBLE directors giving hand signals to him (even the childish hands on steering wheel …turn, turn movements) before he is directed where to go. Four cop cars were there and slowly took off behind him. Again, this is one where he supposedly “plowed through a busy crowd” WITH HIS BRAKES ON and even swerving to avoid hitting a crisis actor who had tripped in the way. Not to mention Melbourne at LUNCH time with few to little amount of people??

    Knowing a few movie positions (Foley artists = sound effects) is just one.

    If you contact these companies (and there are MANY) the crowd control pros are actually called “wranglers” and there should a certain ratio as not all on the scene are “in on it”. This is to keep crowds from stampeding and someone actually getting hurt. is a corporation that brags they can do FIVE of these simultaneously. In their Crisis Cloud they listed: 1.) NYC (done); 2.) Manchester (done) and the third was Edinburgh. Perhaps being outed by Ole stopped it; however, I suspect Ireland or N. Ireland may be hit soon as they have a very ACTIVE BDS population.

    Jim, I want to THANK YOU for having the courage to break this very complicated event down. I listened to you and Rense about this event and when he blurted out firmly about JUST THINK HOW MANY MUSLIMS WOULD BE WORKING THERE I did wonder what personality this chameleon was at the time.

    Since I was very ill and in hospital with sepsis at the time, I had to attempt to backtrack what the heck had happened and put the pieces together — especially since Robin of HowISeeTheWorld has been knocked off YouTube as well as PK, etc.

    Besides, I’m not interested in his crazy guests about playing dialogue backwards, etc.
    Please advertise on FB where your new show can be found. I can assume Gary King but will wait for more information.


  68. All I know is that I know someone with a much larger circle of acquaintances than I, who knows several people who have friends or relatives that were wounded. Not sure how to reconcile that as I too think these events are staged. They may have answered the ads of craigslist for all I know.


  69. that’s like saying you have jewish friends.

  70. Read the blogs about the military surgeon, the American trauma doctor, the FBI wiping the cell phones and laptops of the witnesses clean, and the review of 33 videos from the scene, which are linked in the blog above. Nobody died in Las Vegas. It was a made-for-TV production.

  71. I have a friend that claims two of her friends died in the Las Vegas shooting. And, today as I was scrolling down the headline news on Rense, he had a posted video of an interview of a trauma team at a Las Vegas hospital. They claim they treated 216 shooting victims. It seems to me there is much confusion of the “facts”. I would like to know what Dr. Fetzer’s response is.

  72. A genuine scientist does not allow himself to become so attached to any one hypothesis that he has to hide from new information. It is the truth that counts. But such admirable detachment is not so common. Just consider how attached even scientists are to the big bang or to the materialistic hypothesis that consciousness is manufactured by the brain.


  73. I can’t believe how much of a retard Rense is being about this…..This reminds me of the time Rense banished Henry Makow for reporting that izrahelli contractors confirmed working at Fukushima that day purposefully caused the meltdown there….


  74. Surely whatever the event actually was there are persons who were harmed psychologically and perhaps physically by the stampede. They can and should bring a law suit against various parties involved including the LVNPD and the FBI; also MGM. Failure to do so will look suspect. What about the 58 funerals that should have by now taken place and been covered in the media? And without death certificates there can be no insurance payments. What a confused mess!


  75. Rense is sort of a half step away from mainstream media. And he does publish articles from around the world with some value. Finally Islam is a problem.


  76. I listened to that Rense segment and didn’t hear them mention you once, Jim. I guess he mocked you without even mentioning you? Your paranoia is growing dangerously large.


  77. You mean, “by name’? But everyone who has been following this case knew exactly who he was talking about. I am sorry, but you are displaying the level of superficiality that Jeff Resnse was displaying in his attack on me. By not mentioning my name, he makes his position more difficult to evaluate. You are speaking on Jeff’s behalf, when there is nothing to be said in defense of his position.

  78. Yes, Rense did not name Fetzer by name but he was attacking his narrative. I could sympathize with Rense more if he was being critical or put forth evidence to disprove Jim, but he did none of that, instead he insulted Jim’s work and narrative with no merit.

  79. THIS POST BY FETZER PROVES HIS POINTS, AS USUAL. FETZER AND RENSE ‘HAVE BEEN SHILLING FOR ISRAEL BY SUPPORTING DONALD TRUMP.’ FETZER HAS CALLED ‘TRUMP THE ZIONIST JEW SHILL HE TRULY IS,FINALLY.’ I HAVE POSTED MANY COMMENTS ‘ADMONISHING FETZER’ AND POINTING OUT ‘HE WILL BE WRITING A BOOK ABOUT TRUMP AND HIS ALPHABET AGENCIES ATTACKING US, FOR ISRAEL.’ FETZER SAYS ‘HE’S WRITING A BOOK ABOUT THE LAS VEGAS ATTACK.’ I’LL BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO PURCHASE IT. IT’S GOOD TO SEE ‘FETZER TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT ZIONIST JEW PUPPET, MAFIA DON, TRUMP”!!! ANALYSIS THIS TIME, HE DIDN’T SOUND LIKE AN EMBITTERED OUTSIDER With US president in his corner, Netanyahu brings new swagger to his UN address ‘IT’S NOTHING SHORT OF HISTORIC,’ SAYS IAF GENERAL In first, US establishes permanent military base in Israel Head of IDF’s Aerial Defense Command lauds new air defense facility as a symbolic and operational achievement Meet Trump’s New Boss, Benjamin Netanyahu US Opens 1st Military Base In Israel Ever!,7340,L-5015792,00.html Russia urges Syria not to respond to Israel’s attack Ronen Bergman, Moscow|Published: 12.09.17 , 21:22 How Trump became the Russian Mafia’s bitch (Updated) The story essentially starts in 1983 as mob boss and attorney Roy Cohn and his protege underboss Donnie ‘Kiddie Hands’ Trump were using mob money, mob concrete and mob labour to build a headquarters for the global criminal organisation Cohn has spent 20 years building. TRUMP, PUTIN ,RUSSIA, THE TIES THAT BIND CHABAD ,RUSSIAN MAFIA AND SEMION MOGILEVICH In the 1970’s when Trump was in his 20’s he hired Roy Cohn as his attorney and “fixer” as he took over his father’s New York real estate and construction business. Trump and Cohn were regular companions at Studio 54 where Cohn was the lawyer. Trump reportedly even kept a photo of Cohn in his office. In 1979, Cohn introduced Trump to a political dirty-tricks specialist named Roger Stone. Trump and Stone remain close to the present day. Stone, who has worked with Trump on campaigns since 1987, including the present Presidential bid, was charged and fined along with Trump for illegally breaking campaign rules as they fought the development of Indian casinos, competition for Trump’s Atlantic City casinos. Stone’s advice to Trump and other clients was, “Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack….When somebody screws you, screw ‘em back—but a lot harder.” Trump learned Stone’s method well. In 2015 Trump again hired Stone for managing his GOP Presidential bid, but reportedly fired him in August, 2015 for taking too much credit for Trump’s growing success. The Don likes to take all credit. He is, after all, grandi


  80. WOW! I have been reporting on the role of Israel in 9/11 and a host of other events, including (currently) the otherwise baffling collisions of US warships with lumbering cargo vessels off the coast of Japan; the hurricanes in Texas and Florida, where you can’t get hurricane assistance in some cities unless you agree not to ban Israeli products; the sonic attack in Cuba and the fires in California. My take is that Bibi is VERY PISSED OFF that we did not deliver Syria on a platter. I originally believed Trump was an honest broker, but I now regard him as a shill for Israel. Check out my AMERICA NUKED ON 9/11: COMPLIMENTS OF ThE CIA, THE NEOCONS IN THE DOD AND THE MOSSAD (2017), which is available at


  81. Wow, what the heck is wrong with Rense? Strangely, in addition, he put some MOSSAD mouthpiece on his YT channel and got pummeled by his subs.


  82. Professor Dr. Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. is one of the top and most honest and ethical analysts of all these fake false flag terror events in the U.S. mostly by its own government to seek to fool its own citizens into a compliant country of sheep and cattle which will believe all their lies hook, line and sinker. “You are the easiest person to fool.” Richard Feynman, Ph.D., Physics. But not Dr. Fetzer for long. You can even convince him to change his position on a subject but you had better have the evidence and facts to prove it. He also admits it if he made an error. Say a prayer of thanks for Dr. Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. outstanding scientist and top American from Pasadena, California. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics


  83. I second! – but in this case not enough evidence to be confident that “nobody died” – Not impossible someone was running the fake theater stuff (at the concert) and doing actual wet work at the same time – seems as if it was a multi-venue event.

  84. They appear to have brought bodies in to serve as “casualties”. When medical experts conclude that the patients in hospitals are actors and their wounds are fake and 33 videos from the scene have sounds of shots but record no actual hits, we have enough to know it was fake through and through. We are only fine-tuning exactly how it was done.

  85. Rense is not the brightest. I have always thought that he can’t process all the info at a high level. Thanks for your work. It seems very thorough. It appears the right angle. The drills have got more sophisticated with after event crisis actors. Initially I thought no one died, it seemed like a crisis actor event, but witness’ came out debunking this. Now it appears witness were crisis actors and a bigger drill going on, and the initial thought correct.


  86. You nailed it!

  87. Jim, u probably was starting to surpass Jeff in listeners. If u went head to head u probably start pulling his audience. There is a void with AJ going turncoat.


  88. Dr. Fetzer, I am following you on Freedomslips! I’m so thankful I found out, accidentally tonight, about this unfortunate happening FOR RENSE that only involves you! My Spirit NEVER received anything as “real” from this Las Vegas false flag, and true intellectuals like yourself offer concrete proof of the lies. Congratulations in moving to bigger and better! Blessings.


  89. Jim- As always, excellent work on Las Vegas. Too bad about Rense, but I’ve never trusted him completely, and certainly never considered him an expert at figuring out these staged events. It took him a while to finally grasp that Sandy Hook was a hoax. And I’ve noticed that he’s been going overboard on demonizing Muslims (by now, he should know that most of these supposed terror attacks blamed on islamic terror are done by the CIA, Mossad and other intelligence agencies) ever since he had that horrible car accident. I also think Rense has some serious ego issues and that once he invested himself in the narrative that this was a real event, he couldn’t go in any other direction.

    Thanks for all of your hard work and your commitment to the truth.


  90. This Campos character looks remarkably like another character,as well as the bloke in the San Bernardino incident, or caper. If it is the wayward “Russian”.(actually Chechen) hacker that claimed to be able to hack and control “toys” (think drones) from remote distances, he might have been able to simultaneously manipulate the carrier object and “throw” sound from seemingly three directions and avoid sighting using bkackscreen techniques that have Proven effective against Chechen in the last eighteen months. If Vasily Inizinya and Jesus Campos are the same man,the possibility of Renses assertations being even slightly reasonable are Nil.
    Hopefully Rune Udal correctly evaluated the encrypted signal emitted from the hotel during the alleged window of time described as the assault time which ended within seconds of the police finally entering the shooters “nest,many bets could be off.I am still waiting for an acqaintence in Romania to confirm the incoming numerical codes for livestream video transmission to eastern European base channels during event time.Did the hotel room transmission go to more than one preferred destination as well as a cache site destination or just the opposite? Cyrillic letters are pretty uncommon in rollover combinations of predominantly numerical identifier combinations. That being said,those letters only appear once during the multiple isp rescrambles receiving the transmission. Proxies are the obvious given,of course,but hopefully Udal can utilize the cat servers he had linked by TransEuropa after the Hebdo circus.Those networks don’t miss mmuch.trackdown may even be complete within days we are will mean a total reset for the narrative.part if this may account for the three cchanges of timelines by the sheriff .it may not even be intentional.mandalay bay security may have accidently picked up this transmission, or parts of it,though it would have to be decoded.


  91. Just saw the comment above from anon.

    Great to see you will be on
    Tues and Thurs 4-6 starting Nov 1

    These days I don’t have much time to look into these staged events, but I know I can always count on you to get to the truth.


  92. Finding this video from Sane Progressive pretty convincing on the hoax claim:


  93. excellent! thanks for posting.

  94. Thank you Jim Fetzer for your tireless work on this (and of course other events as well). I suspected it was a false flag with fake victims when I watched the videos for myself. It’s funny how we hear testimonies of people being shot left and right but yet in the videos you do not see that. Also why did some run and some linger? Also why did so many crouch and get down if the shooting was coming from way above their height? I think with this event the powers that be have done a better job infiltrating the conspiracy community with their version and stories supporting a version with real victims. And why can anyone (who is a complete stranger to me online) expect me to believe them when they say that they know of someone who was killed? Even Alex Jones seems to have been fooled or is purposely going along with this ISIS nonsense. But good that there are still some free voices out there.


  95. I have known that Jeff Rense is an Establishment shill for years. Now the chickens come home to roost.


  96. This comment has been removed by the author.


  97. Just as with 9-11 and Sandy Hook and Boston, I see a progressive “improving” of the after-the-event disinformation and misinformation techniques.

    With Las Vegas, I think I see now for the first time that those “eyewitnesses” who are now coming forth and claiming multiple “shooters” are made up of not only those sincere people who really perceived being shot at from more than one angle and direction AS WELL AS crisis actors claiming multiple shooters.

    It used to be that we questioners of false events would think that someone who came forth and told their impression of multiple shooters was brave and worthy of listening to and giving them a way to tell their story on alternative media and even worthy of protecting them from the perpetrators who would want to silence them.

    Now it appears the Sunsteinian crafters of these false events are ramping up their muddying of the waters techniques by having crisis actors playing the role of courageous truth tellers.

    In like manner, over the last few years some reporters and “eyewitnesses” who are not on the side of fact and justice more and more mention Israel, Zionists and the Mossad to give themselves the appearance of truth tellers.

    Now it is more important than ever to search out the backgrounds of these people who give these after the event testimonies to try to determine if they are the real deal or are crisis actors, but we cannot do that because the algorithms for databases and search engines are noticeably and deliberately failing us in uncovering a person’s history.

    These tricks have probably been employed for a very long time and I am just noticing them.


  98. If you are going to make comments, in this instance about the role of the Catholic Church, you need to provide facts to back up your assertions. It helps the truth community and makes yourself stronger because your argumentation will be better.

  99. Jim’s presentation of the evidence with Scott Bennett as interviewed by Kerry Cassidy (link below) is the most accurate and comprehensive I’ve seen, and definitively demonstrates a criminal coverup with connection to the myriad false flag crimes of the staged event.

    Rense, VT, and others who “attack” while refusing reasonable discussion of the evidence are reacting with cognitive dissonance: an irrational display failing to meet any standards of basic integrity to take claimed data points one-by-one to consider any factual errors and/or need to include other missing data.

    Jim Fetzer is a true leader because he goes first with research, public presentation of available data, and analysis of what meaning he finds. The definition of “leadership” includes going first into difficult and dangerous territories. Jim’s leadership should be soooo highly appreciated, and especially by people like Rense doing great work in other areas for Truth, and with full recognition that leadership will be supplemented as we learn more facts.

    Therefore, Rense should simply list any points of contention for public consideration, but can’t/won’t because such documentation would prove the limitations of his argument. Rene Descartes describes this condition:

    “But now, after having once and for all put to the test the judgments of men, I here again approach these same questions regarding God and the human mind, and at the same time treat the beginnings of the whole of first philosophy, but in such a way that I have no expectation of approval from the vulgar and no wide audience of readers. Rather, I am an author to none who read these things but those who seriously meditate with me, who have the ability and the desire to withdraw their mind from the senses and at the same time from all prejudices. Such people I know all too well to be few and far between. As to those who do not take care to comprehend the order and series of my reasons but eagerly dispute over single conclusions by themselves, as is the custom for many-those, I say, will derive little benefit from a reading of this treatise; and although perhaps they might find an occasion for quibbling in many spots, still it is not an easy matter for them to raise an objection that is either compelling or worthy of response.” – Rene Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy, 1641, “Preface to the Reader.” Descartes is considered the founder of modern philosophy, the founder of analytical geometry (which led to calculus), and a founder of the Scientific Revolution. Descartes was well-known in his age, but highly controversial. His work was condemned by the Roman Catholic Church in 1633, and his books put on the Index of Prohibited Books in 1663. The University of Utrecht condemned his work in 1643, where he had previously taught.


  100. Of course it’s nonsense.

    Whenever these things occur in the future, there needs to be a more proactive approach to fighting it.

    My recommendation is to not make presentations about conspiracy, but rather keep quiet and take notes. Once it is a confirmed BS game, identify all participants from top to bottom level and then hunt and kill them.

    I wonder how it would effect their patterns of behavior and modus operandi.


  101. Hey Jim, you could have also put the link to the video clip on the crisis actor Rocky Palmero

    Seriously, how stupid is the typical American that watches this bullshit and believes it? Takes a high powered shot to the right side that should have killed him but this lucky bastard gets is up and about ready to get discharged the next day?

    Another element that needs to be brought up is the typical number of people who enter hospitals with gunshot wounds and succumb to those wounds is around 20 to 25%. That would mean another 100 deaths should have been reported by now. Where are they?

    I’d say wake up people but it’s already too late. Your fates are sealed and most of you won’t be around by this time next year.


  102. It’s Lunacy to consider this a “hybrid” event where some people were rumored to be shot but every victim on camera is a certified fake victim. No such thing as a hybrid FEMA drill.


  103. Alex Jones just blurted out “many more dead people are being reported and this is being covered up.”

    This would never be covered up because it plays right into the government’s hand. This is ridiculous.


  104. He’s full of it. His job working for Mossad and CIA (or whoever) is to lie, to deceive and manipulate the public, to mind other people’s business.

    He’s pure evil and needs to be shot in the head. …the sooner the better.

  105. A confessedly free speech platform, (as Rense Radio assures listeners it is before many if not all programs), should be more than capable of handling differences of opinion and interpretation.

    The only issues in contention are evidentiary. Examine and debate the evidence and the inferences that may legitimately be drawn. Emotional attachment to an interpretational narrative is facile, if it cannot stand up to rigorous interrogation of the underlying data.

    This Rense thing is a big disappointment. Jim Fetzer has always been an enhancement of the network and to lose his always thought provoking analysis is going to be a big hit to Rense’s standing.

    Whether you always agree with Jim, or always disagree, there’s absolutely one constant in the way an event is approached: data first. I’ve never seen the Professor shrink from an argument over the nature of evidence or its interpretation.

    If you don’t agree, then argue your case: challenge the evidence; challenge the inferences; challenge the overarching reconstruction. Name calling and spite is for the playground.


  106. I totally agree. Professor Jim deserves much credit for his courage and intellectual honesty. Thank you Sir.

  107. It looks like Jeff is the only horse on his own network now. His guests leave a lot to be desired as of late. Maybe he needs to live life a bit and hang it up.


  108. Extremely disappointed with Rense over this… I am reminded how he and his friend Jay Weidener pontificated about Sandy Hook in the exact same manner… shaming and insulting the disbelievers until one day I suppose the evidence became overwhelming and they changed their minds.

    Dismissing Jim Fetzer, instead of hearing him out, is an intolerable disgrace to the notion of truth-seeking. I don’t think many are falling for it, nor the heap of so-called ‘witnesses’ and idiots that Jeff keeps parading on his show. Listening to these programs has become a real drag lately.

    Sorry Jeff… I’ve enjoyed your show on the basis of your objectivity as a host… Not because of your own opinions. You’re a smart guy but I’m not interested in being told what I should think, ok? Do your job, man. Just do it.


  109. Yes, I remember this too: ” I am reminded how he and his friend Jay Weidener pontificated about Sandy Hook in the exact same manner… shaming and insulting the disbelievers until one day I suppose the evidence became overwhelming and they changed their minds.”

  110. awwww. poor fetzer. you and Rense have both been shilling for Trump and blaming the left, Clintons and “antifa” for over a year and now you are trying to pretend you have seen the light? Selling out couldn’t mend the tear between you and rense? You shouldn’t have sold out in the first place. Karma is a B****. Stop crying. You sold out and pushed the left/right paradigm crap for months and you want us to feel sorry for you? You didn’t get tricked into supporting the israel shill Trump, you sold out. And now that same hand is burning you now. You could of been a legend. Shame in the final few years you have on earth, you permanently tarnished your career as a truth teller. Maybe Alex Jones has a spot for you at Infowars.


  111. I don’t think Fetzer deliberately misled us.

    Trump was the best of a bad lot, and I don’t think Fetzer was ever “certain”, he just gave Trump the benefit of the doubt.

  112. The Corbett report said they are all crooks tricking us with the left/right paridy, but Corbett said once Larry Silverstein may have been a Patsy? And the says The Elders of Zion is made up and not real? So who do you trust? I like Fetzer the best? He has obviously stuffed up on Trump, either the man or the system got to the man and Fetzer was right.

  113. Alex Jones was right about the USS Liberty. LBJ gave the orders to sink the USS liberty, it seems the Zionists were following his orders. It would have been different if JFK was in power, not LBJ, that is why they swapped LBJ for JFK, no refunds given.

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JAMES FETZER: The Holocaust LIE!: Politics of Donald Trump is Science

JAMES FETZER: The Holocaust Narrative:  Trumps Antisemitic Science Politics

by Jim Fetzer

[NOTE: Because of the great interest shown in my research on the Holocaust–which, like my work on JFK, 9/11 and other events, such as Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, has been in collaboration with other students–I am republishing it here in order to preserve it on the record.]

“The fastest way to get expelled from a British university is by saying you are looking at chemical evidence for how Zyklon was used in World War II, with a discussion of how delousing technology functioned in the German World War II labour camps”—Nicholas Kollerstrom

The author of this refreshing scientific study of the Holocaust, Nicholas Kollerstrom, may be the most honorable man whom I have ever had the pleasure to know.

In response to PM David Cameron’s denunciation of 7/7 and 9/11 skeptics as on a par with ISIS, he went to Scotland Yard with a copy of Terror on the Tube (3rd ed., 2011) and turned himself in.

A distinguished historian of science with multiple degrees, including from Cambridge, he has published on 9/11 and especially 7/7, about which he appears to be the world’s leading expert.

When his attention turned to research on the use of Zykon B as a delousing agent in the labor camps run by the Germans during World War II, however, he was treated as an outcast.

He lost his position at University College London, which he had held for 15 years, where university officials did not bother to extend the opportunity of a rebuttal before they sacked him.

The Holocaust – Myth and Reality

The situation is completely absurd. No subject generates responses as extreme and irrational as what has come to be known as “the Holocaust”. Unlike any other event in human history, including even the most sacred religious beliefs, for anyone to question, dispute or deny its occurrence qualifies as “a hate crime,” where Holocaust denial is even a prosecutable offense in certain jurisdictions. Unlike any other, this crime involves the expression of forbidden thoughts about a subject that has become taboo.

The underlying desideratum is whether history is supposed to be accurate and true or, as Voltaire has put it, be merely “a pack of lies the living play upon the dead”. Just so we know what we are talking about: In its broadest outlines, “the Holocaust” can be defined by means of its three 236 references before Nurembergprimary elements, which I shall designate here as hypotheses (h1), (h2) and (h3):

(h1) that Hitler was attempting to exterminate the Jews and succeeded by putting around 6,000,000 to death;

(h2) that many of those deaths were brought about by the use of cyanide gas in chambers for that purpose; and,

(h3) that the chemical agent that brought about those deaths was Zykon B, to which the victims were subjected.

The science of the Holocaust does not leave any room for doubt about (h2) and (h3), insofar as the laws of biochemistry and of materials science—laws which cannot be violated and cannot be changed—entail that the bodies of those who are put to death using cyanide turn pink, while the walls of chambers used for that purpose would turn blue. But none of the bodies from those camps has been reported to have been pink; and empirical examination of the “gas chambers” has determined that, unlike the walls of the delousing chambers, none of them turned blue. Which means that (h2) and (h3) are not simply false but have been scientifically refuted.

Holocaust science “cut and dried”

As Nicholas Kollerstrom documents in this astonishing and brilliant book, the science of the Holocaust is this “cut and dried”. To the extent to which the Holocaust narrative depends on (h2) and (h3), therefore, it cannot be sustained. The questions that remain about (h1) are a bit more complex but appear to be equally contrived. There are more than 236 references to 6,000,000 Jews who are either in acute distress or about to be assailed in the newspapers of the world prior to the Nuremberg Tribunal— the first of which appeared in 1890. The number seems to have no basis in fact but to have theological origins—from a disputed passage in Leviticus—as to how many Jews must perish before they can return to “The Promised Land”.

Recently released records (ICRC)To the extent to which the number of Jews who died in the camps can be objectively determined, the most reliable numbers appear to come from the records of the International Committee of the Red Cross, which visited the camps and kept meticulous records of the identities of those who died and their cause of death. Not one is reported to have been put to death in gas chambers, and the total it reported in 1993 for all of the camps was 296,081 combined. Even rounding up to an even 600,000 victims—gypsies, Jews and the mentally and physically infirm—the empirical evidence thus contradicts the contention that 6,000,000 Jews were put to death and thereby falsifies hypothesis (h1).

Counting deaths attributed to the Holocaust—apart from the records of the International Committee of the Red Cross—turns out to be an exercise in “fuzzy math”, because none of them add up. As Faurisson observed during an interview on 13 December 2006, the Yad Vashem database was built up by “simple unverified declarations emanating from unverified sources and processed in such a way that one and the same person can be recorded as having died several times, even, it seems, as many as ten times”.[1] And even the most complete archives are not collated to make total numbers accessible but only individual cases—which appears an obvious measure to preserve the untestability of (h1), the hypothesis that 6,000,000 Jews had perished.

Holocaust story falsified

So, insofar as we depend upon empirical evidence and laws of science, the Holocaust story appears to be false and cannot be sustained. The question that therefore arises is how the Nuremberg Tribunal—widely cited as a paragon of intellectual integrity and of the application of moral principles to historical events—could possibly have produced such a highly misleading account of crucial events at the conclusion of World War II. The answer to this, I believe, has been provided by Robert Faurisson in his paper “Against Hollywoodism, Revisionism,” who explains the daunting task confronting the Allies to conceal or justify war crimes that they had committed in winning the war.[2]

Effects of Allied Bombing

The Allies’ systematic and massive destruction of German cities not only brought about the deaths of hundreds of thousands of German civilians but also interdicted the railroad lines that would have re-supplied those camps, which were located near major industrial plants and whose inmates were providing labor to run them. It would have been poor business practice to exterminate the work force, but the large number of deaths from starvation because the Third Reich could not re-supply them provided an opportunity to deflect responsibility from the Allies onto Germany, which the Allies seized. A Hollywood director was brought in and shot 80,000 feet of film at the camps, where 6,000 feet (7.5% of the total) was used to shift the blame for those deaths onto Nazi Germany, which was an easy sell, all things considered.

As Kollerstrom explains, Zyklon B was used at the labor camps, not as a method of extermination but for the sake of maintaining hygiene among the inmates. Typhus and dysentery were omnipresent problems, where Zyklon B was applied in copious quantities—but as a disinfestant, not as an agent for bringing about the deaths of millions of inmates. And in response to the color pink-and-blue findings, an alternative explanation has been given that they were killed using diesel exhaust fumes, but unlike carbon monoxide, diesel exhaust fumes bring about nausea and severe headaches but usually do not bring about death by asphyxiation.

Classified British documents

Among the most valuable contributions of this study derives from Nick’s use of classified records acquired by British authorities, who were skeptical of claims that mass gassings were being carried out and had reports in hand of the use of Zyklon for the purpose of delousing the inmates, where infestations had become alarming. Many tons of Zyklon were consumed at Auschwitz-Birkenau from the summer of 1942 on, as Kollerstrom reports, which is easy to confirm because it soaked into the walls of the disinfestation chambers and is still there. His essays on the subject—“The Walls of Auschwitz”, “Leuchter Twenty Years On” and “The Auschwitz Gas Chamber Illusion”[3]—would become the cause of his removal from a post-doctoral post he had held for 15 years!

Piles of bodiesAs a professional philosopher of science, I appreciate Nick’s references to Sir Karl Popper, who advocated the method of falsificationism, whereby the truth of theories in science and in history can be tested by attempts to falsify them. When they resist our best efforts to refute them, then we have good reason to believe they might be true. But equally applicable here are the reflections of Imre Lakatos, who discussed research programs with hard cores of claims,[4] such as Newton’s laws of motion or, in the case we are considering, the above-mentioned hypotheses (h1), (h2) and (h3). When the defenders of these hypotheses are confronted by the risk of refutation, they can appeal to auxiliary hypotheses in an attempt to deflect the refuting data and thereby preserve their theory.

A stellar example arises in the context of the attempt to explain away why the number of those who died as substantiated by the meticulous records of the Red Cross supports the inference that less than 10% of the 6,000,000 claimed actually died from all causes—and none from death in gas chambers. To cope with that finding, the claim has been made that the records are incomplete because large numbers of Jews were taken directly to the gas chambers and never registered—not even by name. Not only are contentions of this kind unfalsifiable, untestable and hence unscientific, but they reflect the degenerating character of the Holocaust paradigm, which has spawned no new data or research that could possibly overcome the mountain of evidence against it.

Excluding falsifying data

Another method for immunizing a hypothesis from refutation is by the exclusion of falsifying data.[5] The defenders of hypotheses (h1)-(h3) have committed a mind-boggling example of fallacious science, which further manifests their commitment to a degenerating research program. When the Auschwitz museum was confronted with the fact that the innocuous delousing chambers at Auschwitz have blue walls—due to being saturated with blue iron cyanide compounds—but the alleged homicidal gas chambers have not, they commissioned their own chemical research. Instead of testing wall samples for the chemicals that had caused the blue stains, the researchers they commissioned simply excluded those chemicals from their analysis by employing a procedure that could not detect them.[6]

They justified this measure with the claim that they did not understand exactly how these compounds could form and that they might therefore be mere artifacts. Researchers who don’t understand what they are investigating have no business becoming involved. In this case, however, it appears to be deliberate. They have deliberately ignored an obvious explanation—that Zyklon B was only used for delousing—which would have remedied their lack of comprehension.[7] As a result of this failure to adhere to the principles of science, they produced a report of no scientific value, which they used to arrive at a predetermined conclusion.[8]

That Nicholas Kollerstrom was booted from his post at University College, London—and without any hearing or opportunity to present his defense, where the truth of his observations, one might have thought, would have made a difference—is one of a large number of indications that Origin of the myth of the 6,000,000even our best academic institutions and societies are not capable of dealing objectively with the history of World War II. Indeed, it struck me like a bolt of lightning out of the blue when, during a talk by Gilad Atzmon in Madison, Wisconsin, about Jewish identity politics, I realized that the Holocaust mythology benefits Zionism and the government of Israel by playing, in the promotion of its political agenda, upon a Western sense of guilt for the death of 6,000,000 Jews during World War II.

The claim that someone is “anti-Semitic” or a “Holocaust denier” is taken to be the most severe form of ethical damnation possible in this time and age. But distinctions must be drawn between criticism of the acts and policies of the Israeli government and discounting the worth or value of human beings on the basis of their ethnic origins or religious orientationCondemning the Israeli government for its vicious and unwarranted onslaught of the people of Gaza, for example, is not “anti-Semitic”. And if exposing the Holocaust narrative as political propaganda makes one a “Holocaust denier,” all of us who put truth before politics ought to wear that label as a badge of honor.

The ISIS fiasco

As an illustration of the depths of depravity of those who would uphold the myth, consider that, as an historian of science, Kollerstrom was invited to contribute three entries—including that on Sir Isaac Newton, which is the most important—to theBiographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers (2007), which has more than 1550 entries by some 400 authors from 40 countries. Yet Noel M. Swerdlow of the University of Chicago, a reviewer for Isis, the journal of America’s History of Science Society, recommended that the book be sent back to the publisher andBEAcoverpulped because Kollerstrom had been involved in research on the Holocaust! This was such an outrage that I wrote to the editorial board ofIsis, which allowed a Letter to the Editor to appear.

Something is terribly wrong, when the world’s leading society on the history of science does no more to correct a grotesque abuse by one of its reviewers on a book that involved so many contributors and an enormous investment in time and money, where the moral issues are so blatant and obvious. It is ironic that the Nuremberg Tribunal would declare “collective punishment” a war crime. The Allies were responsible for the collective punishment of German civilians by their systematic bombing of German cities. Isis has committed a comparable intellectual crime by tolerating collective punishment of 400 scholars for the purported offenses of one. By acquiescing to its reviewer’s abuse, Isis has committed the fallacy of guilt by association and has displayed an appalling lack of journalistic ethics.

But far better than reviewing them, read this brilliant study by the world’s leading iconoclast, Nick Kollerstrom, my dear friend, whom I admire beyond words as a splendid example of what historians should be doing in their professional work by getting history straight—lest Voltaire’s admonition continue to apply—including about the atrocities of World War II. There were real atrocities committed by all sides, just not the ones about which we have been told.


[1] “Interview with Professor Robert Faurisson at the Guest House of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran,”, December 13, 2006.

[2] Ibid., February 3, 2012.

[5] Sir Karl Popper systematically investigated the diverse methods of immunizing theories in his The Logic of Scientific Discovery, Hutchinson & Co., London 1968, pp. 82-97.

[6] Jan Markiewicz, Wojciech Gubala, Jerzy Łabędź, “A Study of the Cyanide Compounds Content in the Walls of the Gas Chambers in the Former Auschwitz and Birkenau Concentration Camps,” Z Zagadnien Nauk Sadowych, Vol. XXX (1994) pp. 17-27 (

[7] They quoted but ignored a book which had exposed their fallacious approach (Ernst Gauss, Vorlesungen über Zeitgeschichte, Grabert, Tübingen 1993; Engl.: G. Rudolf, Lectures on the Holocaust, 2nd ed., The Barnes Review, Washington, DC, 2010).

[8] See Germar Rudolf, “Polish Pseudo-Scientists,” in: G. Rudolf, Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz-Lies, 2nd ed., The Barnes Review, Washington, DC, 2011, pp. 45-67.

[9] Veterans Today, February 4, 2012;

[10] On my blog at, June 13, 2011.

James H. FetzerJim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, has published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality. McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, he has also conducted extensive research into the assassination of JFK, the events of 9/11, and the plane crash that killed US Sen. Paul Wellstone. The founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, his latest books include The Evolution of Intelligence (2005), The 9/11 Conspiracy (2007), Render Unto Darwin (2007), and The Place of Probability in Science (2010).

Amid the harrowing coverage of the murder of 26 children at Newtown, I found an article entitled: “Did Mossad death squads slaughter American children at Sandy Hook?”

The argument is monstrous, calumnious, demented bilge and comes from no reputable news outlet. It was published by Press TV, the English-language arm of Iranian state propaganda, and a website called Veterans Today. Despite its name, Veterans Today has nothing to do with the welfare of retired servicemen: it promotes conspiracy theories, including Holocaust denial.

The author is Jim Fetzer, a leading figure in the 9/11 Truth Movement, which maintains that the destruction of the Twin Towers in 2001 was perpetrated by the US Government. I cite Fetzer not for any merits of his argument (there is none) but because he illustrates a thesis I now regard as proved. Conspiracy theories are inherently, and not merely incidentally, a threat to the Jews.

Conspiracies do happen. Watergate, the Suez invasion and (in Israel) the Lavon affair show that even democratic governments have unavailingly resorted to them. But a conspiracy theory argues more than that truism. It explains history with reference to an overarching plot by powerful interests, and disposes of every piece of countervailing data by positing one more twist in the supposed conspiracy.

They alight on small items of discrepant data

This is where the danger, and not only the intellectual disrepute, of conspiracy theories lies. If their exponents need to keep expanding the imagined conspiracy in order to explain inconvenient facts, they will sooner or later (and usually sooner) turn to a highly familiar staple of such notions. They will blame the Jews.

That depraved mode of reasoning characterises the 9/11 Truthers. Like all conspiracy theorists, they alight on small items of discrepant data that inevitably arise amid a complex set of events. They then draw the wholly unwarranted and implausible inference that the discrepancies point to an official conspiracy. That in turn prompts the question of the identity of the purported conspirators.

The baseless libel that the Jewish state shoots American schoolchildren belongs in a tradition that has done catastrophic harm. Norman Cohn, the historian, wrote a seminal work in 1967 on the Tsarist antisemitic fabrication The Protocols of the Elders of the Zion. He called it Warrant for Genocide, for it fuelled Nazi fantasies of global Jewish conspiracy.

It’s obvious that a malevolent conspiracy theory such as Holocaust denial draws from the wellspring of antisemitism. It’s not quite so obvious that ostensibly apolitical conspiracy theories do likewise. But they do.

Consider the proposition, dramatised in Roland Emmerich’s film Anonymous, that the works of Shakespeare were in reality written by the Earl of Oxford. The originator of this hoary conspiracy theory of the 1920s decried democracy. Its most prominent recent advocate, Joseph Sobran, was a notorious antisemite who addressed a Holocaust denial conference in 2002.

In the fantastical world of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists, it is again the Jews who are behind momentous world events. It is nonsense, of course; but it is worse than that.

Oliver Kamm is a leader writer for The Times

Promotion of conspiracy theories

Claiming an interest in alleged government conspiracies that dates to the 1963 assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, Fetzer became “a familiar and controversial figure in the JFK research community”.[14] With Don “Four Arrows” Jacobs, Fetzer claimed that the 2002 airplane crash that killed US Senator Paul Wellstone was an assassination.

Fetzer alleged that the 9/11 attacks were treason, and called for military overthrow of President George W. Bush.[7] He has asserted that the World Trade Center buildings collapsed by controlled demolitions or by high-tech weaponry, although his speculations have drawn further critics.[7] In 2005, with Steven E. Jones, Fetzer co-founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth.[7] Jovian Byford criticized Fetzer’s speculations that Jews or Israel were involved in a conspiracy to commit the 9/11 attacks as “a contemporary variant of the old, antisemitic conspiracist canard about the disloyalty of Jews and their usurpation of power in the name of communal interests and the accumulation of wealth.”[28]

An article by Fetzer published by Press TV and Veterans Today (a site, according to Oliver Kamm, which “promotes conspiracy theories”)[29] titled (by the latter) “Did Mossad death squads slaughter American children at Sandy Hook?” was described in January 2013 by Kamm in The Jewish Chronicle as “monstrous, calumnious, demented bilge” that “violates all bounds of decency”.[29] In 2015, Fetzer published a book titled Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It Was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control.[30]

Regarding the Holocaust, Fetzer has written: “My research on the Holocaust narrative suggests that it is not only untrue but probably false and not remotely scientifically sustainable.”[11][31]

In 2013, officials of the University of Minnesota said that “Fetzer has the right to express his views, but he also has the responsibility to make clear he’s not speaking for the university.”[15] He is retired and no longer employed by the university.



Fetzer, Jim (July 2, 2015). “The Holocaust Narrative: Politics Trumps Science”. James Fetzer. Retrieved September 24, 2015.


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Susan Poff and Robert Kamin of Oakland (Got me my Studio Apartment then were Murdered)


Susan Poff and Robert Kamin of Oakland (Got me my Studio Apartment then were Murdered)

image 1 of 2

On Jan. 26, 2012, Moses choked Poff to death when she returned from work. He then waited until Kamin came home, and strangled him too.
My Authorization to Move Into Senior Supportive Housing was her Last Act on her Job. She actually Saved My Life then went home to Lose Her Life!

Friends and relatives said Susan Poff and Robert Kamin of Oakland were the perfect pair to adopt a foster child.

They had dedicated their careers to helping others escape poverty, she as a physician assistant in a city-run clinic in the Tenderloin and he as a clinical psychologist for inmates in the San Francisco County Jail system.

But now, less than a decade after they adopted, their 15-year-old son stands accused of strangling both Poff, 50, and Kamin, 55, then hiding their bodies in the back of the family’s PT Cruiser.

Police were called to the family’s home on Athol Avenue on Friday by a co-worker who was concerned when Kamin did not show up for work.

According to an Oakland police source familiar with the case, the co-worker first called the son, who said his parents were out for a walk. Police arrived at the home Friday, spoke with the son, and didn’t find anything unusual. When the co-worker called the boy a second time later in the day, the son said he was in the bathroom and couldn’t pass the phone to his parents. Suspicious, the co-worker called police again.

Officers returned that night and noticed charring on the car, parked in front of the house, as if someone had tried to set fire to it. Then they looked inside the automobile.

Initially the son, whose name is being withheld because of his age, denied any involvement, but later told officers what had happened, authorities said. He was arrested on suspicion of murder Saturday and is being held at the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center in San Leandro.

Co-workers said Poff and Kamin were having some arguments with their son, some of it having to do with him spending too much time in the Occupy Oakland encampment, but nothing that sounded beyond the scope of typical teenage rebelliousness.

“I never heard her express any fear about her kid, ever,” said Joshua Bamberger, medical director of the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Housing and Urban Health Clinic, where Poff worked.
Advocates for the poor

The news hit hard in both San Francisco and Alameda public health communities, where Poff and Kamin spent decades as passionate advocates for the poor, as well as mentors to their younger colleagues.

Staff members gathered Saturday at Bamberger’s house to console one another, and on Sunday more left flowers at a growing memorial in front of the couple’s home near Lake Merritt. They had recently moved to the Athol Avenue home from another section of Oakland and were in the middle of a renovation. The bottom floor was gutted and held up by supports, and the kitchen was newly constructed.

“Susan was the sweetest woman at the clinic, even when she was running around like crazy serving the homeless in the Tenderloin, she’d take time out for you when you had a question,” said nurse manager Mike Arrajj of San Francisco, who stopped by the Oakland home to leave candles and flowers.

At the Housing and Urban Health Clinic, Poff saw patients and prescribed medicines. She also screened homeless applicants looking for permanent housing in one of the health department’s 1,500 Direct Access to Housing units.

“All the cops, and all the people at S.F. General knew to call her to help get someone into the system,” Bamberger said.

Her career began after graduating from UC Berkeley, when she went to El Salvador to volunteer in a health clinic. She took a job working at a low-income health clinic in New England before returning to San Francisco to work in the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic. There she provided free health care and mentored hundreds of medical students and nurse practitioners.
Met through friends

Poff and Kamin, a graduate of Stanford University, met through mutual friends. Kamin’s interest in mental health came from his family, said his brother Bruce Kamin of Oakland, who worked for nearly two decades as a psychiatric social worker for Alameda County. Their father is a psychiatrist. Kamin said the family’s interest in mental health stems in part from wanting to help their oldest brother, who has a mental disability.

“This whole thing is unbelievable, but at the same time I have to believe it,” Bruce Kamin said.

“Bob was my brother and my best friend. I feel shock now, and soon I’ll feel the sorrow. Then anger could possibly come up later,” he said.

The couple adopted because they were unable to have a child of their own, and because they wanted to help a child who’d had a rough start, Kamin said. They enrolled their son in a charter school in Oakland and drove him to karate lessons, where he advanced to the level of black belt, Kamin said.

But the boy’s infatuation with violent video games was starting to give his uncle pause.

“Bob’s strength was dealing with people in jail, who are in terrible situations and very demanding. It’s too bad that his own son couldn’t benefit from that.”

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A Deliberate Creation by Psychopath Twins: Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin

if your light is too bright

Above is a Picture. It is not Terence McKenna , it is a Picture of a Artist Redendation of Terence McKenna who only looked like that ONE TIME in all Eternity! When I met Terence McKenna ^^he did not look like this, and neither did I.

Only Fools Die.
5 Whoso keepeth the commandment shall feel no evil thing: and a wise man’s heart discerneth both time and judgment.

6 Because to every purpose there is time and judgment, therefore the misery of man is great upon him.

7 For he knoweth not that which shall be: for who can tell him when it shall be?

8 There is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit; neither hath he power in the day of death: and there is no discharge in that war; neither shall wickedness deliver those that are given to it.

9 All this have I seen, and applied my heart unto every work that is done under the sun: there is a time wherein one man ruleth over another to his own hurt.

10 And so I saw the wicked buried, who had come and gone from the place of the holy, and they were forgotten in the city where they had so done: this is also vanity.

11 Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

12 Though a sinner do evil an hundred times, and his days be prolonged, yet surely I know that it shall be well with them that fear God, which fear before him:

13 But it shall not be well with the wicked, neither shall he prolong his days, which are as a shadow; because he feareth not before God.

14 There is a vanity which is done upon the earth; that there be just men, unto whom it happeneth according to the work of the wicked; again, there be wicked men, to whom it happeneth according to the work of the righteous: I said that this also is vanity.

15 Then I commended mirth, because a man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry: for that shall abide with him of his labour the days of his life, which God giveth him under the sun.

16 When I applied mine heart to know wisdom, and to see the business that is done upon the earth: (for also there is that neither day nor night seeth sleep with his eyes:)

17 Then I beheld all the work of God, that a man cannot find out the work that is done under the sun: because though a man labour to seek it out, yet he shall not find it; yea further; though a wise man think to know it, yet shall he not be able to find it.

1 For all this I considered in my heart even to declare all this, that the righteous, and the wise, and their works, are in the hand of God: no man knoweth either love or hatred by all that is before them.

2 All things come alike to all: there is one event to the righteous, and to the wicked; to the good and to the clean, and to the unclean; to him that sacrificeth, and to him that sacrificeth not: as is the good, so is the sinner; and he that sweareth, as he that feareth an oath.

3 This is an evil among all things that are done under the sun, that there is one event unto all: yea, also the heart of the sons of men is full of evil, and madness is in their heart while they live, and after that they go to the dead.

4 For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion.

5 For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.

6 Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun.

7 Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart; for God now accepteth thy works.

8 Let thy garments be always white; and let thy head lack no ointment.

9 Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest all the days of the life of thy vanity, which he hath given thee under the sun, all the days of thy vanity: for that is thy portion in this life, and in thy labour which thou takest under the sun.

10 Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.

11 I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

12 For man also knoweth not his time: as the fishes that are taken in an evil net, and as the birds that are caught in the snare; so are the sons of men snared in an evil time, when it falleth suddenly upon them.

13 This wisdom have I seen also under the sun, and it seemed great unto me:

Don’t die. Every ego-poisoned critter you ever outshone will slither out to defame you for the rest of time. Never mind how weak-minded the accusation really is, how contrived the “proof”, little men will make a living stripping their brothers and sisters of the benefits you left.

If you go to the video at the bottom of the image linked and riddled-with-factual-inaccuracies piece — Irvin will not stop insisting his “proofs” are nothing of the sort, doggedly increasing the volume of his hallucinatory takes on information that does not say what he keeps asserting over and over and over and over — calling you all kinds of names to make you stop pointing at his error — go ahead and try — and play the little snippet at issue, you will notice that McKenna says, “You mean, am I the alien ambassador whether I like it or not?” and mentions being at the end of his rope in La Chorrera in 1971 when “they” recruited him. If you have read True Hallucinations you will know that at La Chorrera, in the jungles of Colombia, he and even more his brother, eating mushrooms in conjunction with harmaline, felt they had experienced contact with aliens… with an alien intelligence. It is 100% crystal clear to anyone who has read or heard of their time in La Chorrera that he is speaking of being recruited by these aliens.

There can be no doubt of this because that was how he prefaced his answer to the man’s question. He invokes the aliens, and he mentions the setting. There were no company men down there with them at the time. There are creatures on the other side of the mushroom, and not only according to Terence. I am not sure if these “aliens” of 1971 metamorphosed in his mind to become the “machine elves” he so often referred to later, but that’s moot because he set the scene back at La Chorrera.

But it’s not enough that it’s just Jan Irvin working out his demons on Terence’s memory by trying to muscle that “confession” into something it clearly wasn’t to make his point. No, no, Jay Weidner has to chime in, take it to a broader public on Rense. The squished ego problem is made even more explicit with Weidner than the pathetic persistence of Irvin on this fantasy.

“Deep background” is a journalism term. It’s about gathering information not to be published, even with anonymous attribution. It’s about getting a feel for a subject that, while useful for the journalist’s understanding, isn’t explicit in the reporting. I suppose covert ops might come up with information that could be used as a sort of “deep background” for persons-of-interest’s FBI or CIA files, but McKenna, clearly, was talking about deep background on the psilocybin aliens… “about which the less said the better”… because it was beyond the pale Out There and written about extensively already… and a deep background joke demands, by definition, that one does not go ahead and explain.

Then he gets shifted to “public relations”… for the psilocybin aliens… clearly. After his encounter with the aliens in La Chorrera, he spent the rest of his life doing public relations for psychedelic mushrooms. I have read his books and listened to many hours of his lectures and he never once did anything approximating PR for the feds. This is just ludicrous.

But the catch is, not many people out there are as thoroughly versed in Terence McKenna as I am, and whenever you try to speak sense to Irvin, he pulls his own litany of the debating fallacies he insists he reviles to blot out that ugly old inconvenient Reality. I know this because I have tried. Whenever you try to speak sense to Weidner, he simply starts raving that you are a bad person, a maniac, an ill-intensioned archon. I know this because I have tried.

It’s utterly ludicrous.

Even if there were merit to it, which there simply is not, it doesn’t bear on right now… on fixing the problem of social engineering and the soft kill going on all around us… let alone the slaughter and mayhem. So, not only is it transcendentally ludicrous, it’s unspeakably trivial. I have not wanted to keep belaboring this precisely because it is so trivial, and intellectuals are notorious for compensating for their underdeveloped gonads this way… to the point where it is beneath mention. This is why I have stayed mum on it for so long, but today I find that it is starting to go viral.

I think to myself what harm comes of these assholes besmirching a dead man who helped so many people learn there is more to consciousness than the insufferable left-brain-farts Irvin and Weidner are letting off in our faces over their Terence McKenna envy? Their Esalen paranoia? Excuse me, but it’s moot who put up the money for Eselan. I know intimately people who worked there for a long time… held workshops, lectured, met with peers there… and can say with authority that they had not Thing One or even Thing Point Zero Zero One to do with the feds… unless you count reviling them. So, but, do I want to spend my time seeming to be stumping for psychedelics? Is that worth enduring this shit to put forth?

Maybe it is. I don’t think I needed psychedelics to convince me of the range of consciousness, to bump me out of my conditioned mentality long enough to get a glimpse of something more like the real landscape… mindscape… because I did, and do, that without assistance from plants or pharmacologic agents. I took psychedelics a few times and found it extremely interesting, learned a lot, but not vital to my personal growth. Except, I am weird. Yes, yes, I know this is a startling revelation, but my point is that most people, very evidently, could really use this clue… the psychedelic clue. Not that they need to dedicate themselves to repeated “heroic doses” or anything like Terence’s involvement, but I have known too many people who would never have known to seek spiritual enlightenment if it had not been for LSD or mushrooms. I have known too many people who would never have known to seek mental health without that vital clue, too. There are way too many humans out there who don’t know they have anything to wake up, think they are already as awake as it gets, when what they are is hypnotized and locked in a mental prison cell that one little mushroom trip would at least unlock, if not drag them from it out into the fresh air of freedom.

So, here, I have bothered to bring this up on that account, and how dare these so determinedly-deluded wimps try this hard to deprive you of what might be your best chance to finally see?

Two days later, I find more of the viraltude, with some great comments by someone called “siphersh”….

I have the same problem with this as with the FoIA response, when Jan Irvin wrote that “it very clearly says their search revealed “an openly acknowledged affiliation””. There was a lot of handwaving going on, Jan Irvin trying to explain his “logic”, but the response obviously didn’t “clearly” say that. It’s just not true.

Similarly, Jay Weidner says that “Terence McKenna admits clearly that he’s an agent of the US. government”. And Jan Irvin used the word “admitted” as well. What they are saying is just simply not there.

The trivium, that Jan waves around so much is logic, rhetoric and grammar. You only need to have an elementary (and I mean elementary) skill with grammatical cohesion and rhetorical coherence to see that Terence was obviously talking about the transdimensional tykes from hyperspace, and not a worldly agency. To misunderstand it, you not only need to take it out of context, you then also need to confer the imagined meaning onto it.

I understand that you can argue how this may be some hidden or sub-conscious projection of a supposed government affiliation. But it’s clearly not an “admission”, and certainly not a “clear admission”.

One must be rigorous with the logic, comprehend the semtantics and understand the textual coherence when dealing with investigations like this, or otherwise you will conjure up a runaway sequence of sloppy logic, semantic misapprehensions and loose associations.

I’m not trying to talk against the conspiracy theory per se. I’m just saying that there’s a reason why it’s important to be stringent on the level of the particular pieces of information. Those are the foundations of the thought process. And a theory is only as strong as its weakest link.


And while I’m at it, let me share my impressions about the research.

I read all of Jan Irvin’s articles on the topic, and I downloaded the TheBrain database. I was looking for sources that would reveal some kernel of truth, so to speak, so that I can maybe learn something new, juicy, interesting about the history of the psychedelic movement. I was focusing on Wasson’s expeditions, because that’s where the CIA involvement seems to be the most tangible.

And I did find an interesting source. It seems that a chemist working on psychedelics for the CIA was piggybacking on one of Wasson’s expeditions in search of the mushroom.

But beyond that, it’s pretty underwhelming. It’s really bizarre how Jan Irvin seems to be aware of the concept of logical fallacies, at least on the level of rhetoric, but at the same time his argument consists of a bunch of non sequiturs chained together, as if they would somehow add up to a valid argument by virtue of quantity. They don’t. That’s exactly the point of the whole logical fallacy issue.

As for the thesis itself, I think it’s very improbable. The central idea seems to be that the CIA never noticed, not in the sixties, and never since, that psychedelics are deconditioning agents, and that on the societal level they catalyze dissent, scepticism, and even revolutionary ideas. That they think that psychedelics are automatic brain-washing agents, that will make people docile and easier to handle.

How could they have not noticed the obvious about psychedelics? It’s just an extremely absurd idea, in my opinion.


Here’s what Terence has to say about Jan Irvin’s theory during the same Esalen workshop at 33:58

“The cultural enterprise is not being managed. It’s out of control. Which is good news, I think. Because if it were under control, it would probably be under the control of someone with plans not terribly pleasant for the rest of us. I think the great good news is that the cultural process is expressing its own dynamic.”

For anyone who’s listened to the whole recording, or is familiar with his talks in general, it must be very clear that he was talking about having been recruited by the psychedelic entities.

For Terence, the original central issue about psychedelics is that there are these seemingly autonomous, mischievous beings in the DMT experience, that seem to have an agenda, and they insist on getting you do something important.

They went to La Chorrera in 1971 with the intent of finding a long-lasting version of DMT, so that they can better explore this “ecology of souls”. And that’s how they got involved with the mushroom.

He was always talking about this relationship with “the other” in mushrooms and DMT and the role of the psychedelic messenger.

“In many languages the word ‘shaman’ means ‘go-between’.” – 1:34:55

“[…] that you would burst into some place somewhere where there would be these chattering, self-transforming, linguistic creatures, that are made out of light and punning intentionality, and are trying to get you to perform some unimaginable task that is somehow caught up with the unravelment of the space-time continuum and the destiny of the species, and so forth, and so on…” 3:06:30

“The entities inside the DMT trance are real entities. […] This then has to be taken seriously. Questions like where are they, who are they, what do they know. […] Are these things here for no reason? […] Is there a message? Is there a purpose?” – 5:00:48

In one of his talks he likened the “elves” to shady peddlers who are trying to sell you something, and convince you to trust them, but they act really suspicious.

He even uses the phrase “alien ambassador” when he talks about how “they” recruited him.

Even if one doesn’t know anything about him, it should be very easy to recognize the textual cohesion and find the word “alien” that “they” refers to. It’s elementary school level text comprehension, really.

It’s so very obvious, that the audience reacts immediately with laughter. There’s no slight pause, it’s not some intricate, obscure joke. It’s something that you’d expect. Becasue it’s what Terence was always talking about. The aliens, the message, the agenda and the messenger, in the role of the go-between, the alien ambassador. That’s his main shtick.

siphersh ended this last comment with the link to the whole thing, and seems to me to have done a better job on this than I have in many respects. In fact, if I could bring myself to sign up for that commenting service, I’d get in there and tell him/her so, but I guess this will have to do instead.


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Edward L. Bernays invented a New Version of the Classical Trivium (Jan Irvin, master of stupidity)


Edward L. Bernays invented a New Version of the Classical Trivium (Jan Irvin, master of stupidity)

In the first interview with Odening we are told what the Trivium is (A foolproof methodology of critical thinking)

In the first interview with Odening we are told that the Trivium is the educational method, ancient in origin, which is even now taught at the boarding schools of the elite. The purpose of the Trivium is to develop critical thinking. It essentially is a tool to see through the bullshit, to expose the conditioning, propaganda and manipulation that we all face. So far so good. A foolproof methodology of critical thinking is definitely desired.
The three arts are conveniently broken down as follows:
[1] General Grammar
(Answers the question of the Who, What, Where, and the When of a subject.) Discovering and ordering facts of reality comprises basic, systematic Knowledge
[2] Formal Logic
(Answers the Why of a subject.) Developing the faculty of reason in establishing valid [i.e., non-contradictory] relationships among facts, systematic Understanding
[3] Classical Rhetoric
(Provides the How of a subject.) Applying knowledge and understanding expressively comprises Wisdom or, in other words, it is systematically useable knowledge and understanding

Sounds great. Comprehensive and handily applicable. It actually sounds strangely familiar. Oh, I remember where I heard something like this — in a talk by Terence McKenna:

The world is so tricky that without rules and razors you are as lambs led to the slaughter. And I’m speaking of the world as we have always found it. Add onto that the world based on techniques of mass psychology, advertising, political propaganda, image manipulation…There are many forces that seek to victimize us. And the only way through this is rational analysis of what is being presented. It amazes me that this is considered a radical position. I mean, this is what used to be called a good liberal education. And then somewhere after the sixties when the government decided that universal public education only created mobs milling in the streets calling for human rights, education ceased to serve the goal of producing an informed citizenry. And instead we took an authoritarian model: the purpose of education is to produce unquestioning consumers with an alcoholic obsession for work. And so it is. [at 12:55 minutes]

Here McKenna almost sounds as if he listened to Jan Irvin’s podcast — except that this was recorded way back in 1994. The similarities between the two, though, are striking. By “a good liberal education” Terence is undoubtedly referring to the Seven Liberal Arts which includes the Trivium.

His concerns are also identical to Irvin and Odening. He is advocating a “rational analysis of what is being presented,” a system of “rules and razors,” in order to deflect the “many forces that seek to victimize us.”

The one glaring difference between Irvin and McKenna on this point is their view of the sixties. According to McKenna students and other protesters gained their critical view of the establishment through a public liberal education and the use of psychedelics.

According to Irvin and Atwill it was the use of psychedelics and the lack of a proper liberal education that so definitely duped the sixties generation. How could such divergent opinions be both generated by two seemingly sincere advocates of critical thinking and the Trivium?

But beyond this how could McKenna, that outed agent and psychedelic snake-oil salesman, be an advocate for the Trivium at all? Is he just lying? Are we to assume that every time he tells his audience to “question authority — even my own” and “try it for yourself” that he actually means “do exactly what I say”?

There may be a solution to this puzzle. As we progress through Irvin’s “Trivium Education” podcasts we come to a very fascinating interview with Kevin Cole, a Trivium Method student of Odening and Irvin. Cole relates how in his own research he discovered that Edward L. Bernays invented a Better New Version of the Classical Trivium and the Seven Liberal Arts as a complete propaganda system of control by the elite for centuries.

The Classical Trivium, we finally learn, is entirely different from the Trivium Method (perhaps we should start to call it the Trivium Method™?) which was developed by Odening and interpreted by Irvin in order to free minds rather than to enslave them.

It’s obvious, therefore, that McKenna is only an advocate of the Classical Trivium and not the liberating Trivium Method™.

The similarity of language and purported methodology is only there to deceive. That clears up that. But hold on a sec — weren’t we told on the first of these podcasts that the Trivium Method™ was ancient and that it is still taught to the children of the elite? A confused commenter’s to the Cole episode, and a now distraught former acolyte, expresses similar concerns:

To be honest, this upset me quite a bit. This shed light on the enormous amount of bullshit about the classical trivium that was spewed for a few years by Gnostic Media and Tragedy And Hope.

Here are some questions I have for you:

What form of education, if not the classical trivium, is taught to the “elite?” It seems that all of your previous claims about the trivium being taught to the “elite” was pure conjecture.

If we are inherently free, why do we need a “liberating” education?

Why was Gene Odening so misinformed about this? Why should I, after watching this video, continue to use the “trivium method” which is now so clearly a misunderstanding of the true classical trivium on the part of a “self-taught scholar?”

These are only some of MANY questions that need to be answered. I’m sure I’m speaking on the behalf of many others who feel the same about this issue. There’s been a lot of conjecture and bullshit, and we demand answers.

Jan Irvin, master of Rhetoric, responds with his usual balance of wisdom, subtlety and eloquence:
We have ALWAYS explained that the trivium was used for mind control. If you haven’t caught on to that, you weren’t paying attention. There was 3 years of grammar alone that had to be done to flush all of the misapplication of the trivium out. Gene has always explained from day one that it was used for control. He never said it wasn’t. That was the ENTIRE PURPOSE of releasing it! To level the playing field for EVERYONE! If you want to be controlled by those who misuse it, then don’t study it and live in ignorance. It seems you weren’t even paying attention to what this video had to say, as the video explained that what Gene has put forth is the first time it’s been used for FREEDOM. Can you show us were we haven’t said it was used for control by the elites?

Ah… so the trivium is not the trivium. There is no contradiction here. The trivium can be used to both liberate and ensnare. Kind of like a good trip and a bad trip? If we accept, though, that Odening’s new Trivium Method™ is a way to liberate the masses while the old Classical Trivium is used for mind control there is no need to additionally accept that the TM™ is ancient and therefore well-tested. Like any new system of thought, or any ancient system, every aspect of it must be held up to full scrutiny.

I got the revolution blues, I see bloody fountains,
And ten million dune buggies comin’ down the mountains.
Well, I hear that Laurel Canyon is full of famous stars,
But I hate them worse than lepers and I’ll kill them in their cars.

The spaghetti theory of conspiracy is nothing if not psychedelic. In a psychedelic fashion, though, conspiracy theory loops back upon itself, paranoid and snarling. As I’ve tried to show with these posts just as conspiracies extend and branch out from the tiniest biological organisms to the realm of the gods themselves, conspiracy theorizing is likewise diverse, contradictory and in a marginal existence of ceaseless vicissitude.

For this reason conspiracy theories about the psychedelic movement especially, one would think, should mirror the groundless, fluctuating nature of their subject. Not necessarily so. In very recent years, in contrast, there is a fast-growing tendency to conclude that the psychedelic movement emerging out of the sixties and continuing in fractured pieces even today can be explained very simply: the whole tie-dyed cloth was designed and manufactured by the malefic Powers That Be.

A Deliberate Creation

This is exactly the thesis of a May, 2013 article by Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin entitled, “Manufacturing the Deadhead: A product of social engineering.” Beyond the title itself, the authors explicitly state their full thesis early on in the long essay.

Most today assume that the CIA and the other intelligence-gathering organizations of the U.S. government are controlled by the democratic process. They therefore believe that MK-ULTRA’s role in creating the psychedelic movement was accidental “blowback.” Very few have even considered the possibility that the entire “counterculture” was social engineering planned to debase America’s culture – as the name implies. The authors believe, however, that there is compelling evidence that indicates that the psychedelic movement was deliberately created. The purpose of this plan was to establish a neo-feudalism by the debasing of the intellectual abilities of young people to make them as easy to control as the serfs of the Dark Ages.

Such a thesis, denying “blowback,” accidents, spontaneity, unforeseen consequences, unpredictability, limited autonomy, etc. is thoroughly absolutist in nature. Absolutist conspiracy theories, as explored in previous posts, however satisfactory they are in creating a comprehensive narrative to ostensibly explain the current sociopolitical reality, do not accurately reflect the complexity and nuances that make up that reality.

There is really no doubt that government and far more nefarious agencies were and are involved in promoting and “manufacturing” various aspects of the psychedelic counterculture. The name of their game, after all, is control. However, we go far astray in our analysis, I believe, when we conclude that every facet of this movement was contrived and engineered from the get go. Such a conclusion is not only inaccurate, failing to account for obvious complexity, but it also robs us of taking inspiration in and gaining knowledge from genuinely liberatory elements of the sixties counterculture.

It is crucial that we attempt to know precisely how we are being manipulated and hoodwinked, and in this the research of Atwill and Irvin, as well as others like Dave McGown, is indispensable. We must not cling to illusions. But we must also not make the opposite mistake. The same dominant faction that gains from tweaking and prodding the counterculture in desired directions also gains in the widespread acceptance of conspiracy and revisionist theories that reject the counterculture in total. Such theories promote paralysis in the face of a seemingly omnipotent elite and they also severely limit our own options of resistance.

The present post, then, will not try to demonstrate that the counterculture which captured the attention of the world in the sixties and onward is wholly good. Neither, though, will it conclude, along with Atwill and Irvin that it was and is just a product of social engineering, just a colossal hoodwink. Instead I hope to show that any comprehensive theory of the psychedelic movement, and similar movements, must be psychedelic in itself — spaghetti-like. This doesn’t make for an easy-to-grasp, black-and-white, Hollywood storyline, but is reality ever really like this?

Mud humping

There is no need for a point-by-point refutation of Atwill and Irvin’s article. Much of their research appears pretty sound. Jan Irvin’s research on R. Gordon Wasson is especially revealing and alarming if accurate. The authors present a somewhat garbled grab-bag of every available anti-counterculture conspiracy theory and criticism, from Timothy Leary being a CIA spy to Woodstock being a designed spectacle to debase US culture through its images of stoned hippies humping in the mud. The John Birch Society in its heyday likely could not have produced a more damning indictment.

Unlike the more conventional right-wing based attacks on the counterculture, however, which made the case that the hippies were a sort of Trojan Horse for world communism, Atwill and Irvin go much further in their conclusions. The goal of the Agenda, as we’ve seen, is not communism but a neo-feudal Dark Age featuring eugenics, depopulation and near universal, back-breaking servitude for the masses.

Where did Irvin and Atwill come up with this horrific vision of the near future? In fact, their view is not so different from other absolutist conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and especially the very articulate Alan Watt. If there is a “mainstream” of absolutist conspiracy theorizing Irvin and Atwill fall firmly within it. If anything, though, it is their emphasis that makes them unique. To bring about this New Word Order of shit-kicking peasant stinkards and their transhuman lords and masters, they conclude, the psychedelic movement was absolutely essential.

As evidence for this Agenda the authors cite the work of Terence McKenna. Didn’t McKenna, the indefatigable psychedelic evangelist, constantly promote the idea of an Archaic Revival? Isn’t the Archaic Revival entirely synonymous with the Dark Age? Didn’t McKenna admit in an interview, published in The Archaic Revival and quoted by Atwill and Irvin, that he was a “soft Dark Ager“?

I guess I’m a soft Dark Ager. I think there will be a mild dark age. I don’t think it will be anything like the dark ages that lasted a thousand years…

This certainly appears to condemn McKenna. He is clearly advocating neo-feudalism! He must be an agent of the Agenda! It is worthwhile, though, to look up McKenna’s entire quote. Jan Irvin, to his credit, constantly exhorts his readers to check his facts. I’ll take his advice. McKenna is asked if he thought, in agreement with certain futurists, that humanity would have to pass through a new dark age in order to attain a higher state of collective consciousness. Here’s his full response:

I guess I’m a soft Dark Ager. I think there will be a mild Dark Age. I don’t think it will be anything like the Dark Ages which lasted a thousand years — I think it will last more like five years — and will be a time of economic retraction, religious fundamentalism, retreat into closed communities by certain segments of the society, feudal warfare among minor states, and this sort of thing. I think it will give way in the late ’90s to the actual global future that we’re all yearning for. Then there will be basically a 15-year period where all these things are drawn together with progressively greater and greater sophistication, much in the way that modern science, and philosophy has grown with greater and greater sophistication in a single direction since the Renaissance. Sometime around the end of 2012, all of this will be boiled down into a kind of alchemical distillation of the historical experience that will be a doorway into the life of the imagination.    

Terence is obviously quite off in his timing but there is no indication that he is in any way advocating a new Dark Age as a positive end for social control — quite the contrary. He is saying that there may unfortunately be a wholly undesirable and unnecessary, yet extremely brief, period of reaction before the real goal emerges: the “doorway into the life of the imagination.

It is readily apparent to anyone spends any amount of time listening to or reading Terence McKenna that he is in no way an advocate for a Dark Age as he defines it — economic retraction, fundamentalism, closed communities, feudal warfare, etc. His advocacy of the Archaic Revival, on the other hand, is completely antithetical to this. And, once again, McKenna is very lucid in what he means by this term.

Terence argues that in a time of general crisis a society will naturally look back to a time in its history when possible solutions or the means of resolving the current crisis might be found. Thus, during the dissolution of the medieval worldview individual Europeans turned to the classical age of Rome and Greece to find new inspiration, resulting in the Renaissance.

McKenna, an admirer of both the Renaissance and classical Greece, concludes that the combined crises of modernity are so dire that we must look back even further to a time before the State, before organized religion, before the hierarchical stratification of society, before the severing of humanity’s link with the rest of nature — all key features of both the Dark Age and today.

This time is found in the long archaic (not ancient and definitely not medieval or feudal) age of the paleolithic. And, to anticipate a stupid objection, McKenna is not advocating a return to the Old Stone Age. He is saying that there are many things that we urgently need to learn from our “primitive” ancestors and still existing hunter-gatherer tribes

Fortunately, movements in art and in the wider culture and counterculture have from the late-19th century onward attempted to learn these lessons. Anyone who would equate the terms “Archaic Revival” with “Dark Age” in McKenna is either completely missing the point or is consciously misrepresenting his message.

The Fungal Bureau of Intoxication

Could it be, though, that McKenna is being devious in his presentation? If, as Irvin and Atwill assert, McKenna is an agent of the nefarious Agenda then isn’t it very possible that he is seducing people with his highly-cultivated charm and elocution to accept a vision of the Archaic Revival which is actually something completely opposite to what he says it is, namely a new Dark Age? If this is the case, Irvin and Atwill present no evidence of it. Irvin does claim, however, to have caught McKenna admitting that he is just this sort of agent.

Irvin presents this evidence, “an explosive audio clip,” in an article from August of last year explosively entitled, “NEW MKULTRA DISCOVERY: Terence McKenna admited that he was a “deep background” and “PR” agent (CIA or FBI).” The clip can be listened to here, but this is the damning quotation:

And certainly when I reached La Chorerra in 1971 I had a price on my head by the FBI, I was running out of money, I was at the end of my rope. And then THEY recruited me [laughter from his audience] and said, “you know, with a mouth like yours there’s a place for you in our organization.” And I’ve worked in deep background positions about which the less said the better. And then about 15 years ago THEY shifted me into public relations and I’ve been there to the present.

What is conspicuously absent from Jan Irvin’s account of this is the laughter. McKenna’s audience during the talk and nearly all of his subsequent listeners have realized that Terence is making a joke about being recruited by the Mushroom. Absolutist conspiracy theorists, in contrast, are notorious for not having a sense of humour. In objection to this fairly basic interpretation of McKenna’s words Jan Irvin reveals that he is definitely well within the absolutist camp:

1) Do mushrooms have organizations, deep background and public relations (propaganda)? Or does a spy agency?
2) What would mushrooms need with a public relations or propaganda department? Or is that something a spy agency would have?
3) Would mushrooms tell him the less said the better: “deep background positions about which the less said the better”, or is that something an agency would do?
4) Do mushrooms have “positions”? Or does an agency?
5) Are the mushrooms able to pay him because he’s out of money? Or is that something an agency could do? (remember he’s in trouble for smuggling)
6) Are mushrooms able to get him out of trouble with Interpol and the FBI for DRUG SMUGGLING? Or is that something an agency like the CIA or FBI could do?
7) Do mushrooms answer the story of what happened to him after his arrest? Or is that something that his employment as an agent would do?

Wow. Irvin does seem to have a point (or seven!) here. All those who laughed will surely not laugh last. The evidence is in! If there is anything, though, to take seriously I think it is McKenna’s confession that he was recruited by the Mushroom. He is admitting to a conspiracy here, and it is one that is far vaster in scope than anything the CIA and the FBI combined could think up. Irvin, unfortunately, does not appear to take this sort of conspiracy seriously.

The less interesting, more banal story of McKenna as FBI/CIA agent has been thoroughly “debunked” elsewhere on the web so there is no reason to go over the boring business again here. It is interesting (and funny) to hear Terence’s brother Dennis’ take on the whole thing. Here is Dennis in an interview from May, 2013 (at 35 minutes in):

I just feel kind of sorry for Jan, actually. He seems to have this need to see conspiracies where none exist…. This is the web of delusion that you can fall into if you’re not careful and I think he has. … It looks like pathology to me, and a lot of people see that. But then Jan will say, well, you won’t go through these 20 databases that I’ve sent you and these 200 links. And you’ve got to understand, no Jan I won’t, because for one thing I don’t have time and the fact there are connections does not necessarily a conspiracy make. I mean, yeah, Terence talked at Esalen and Aldous Huxley talked at Esalen that doesn’t mean that Esalen is involved in some plot for world domination. … I just don’t buy it.  It just seems like a waste of time. … I would think I would know that [Terence was an agent]. I would think he would have said something. You know, we were close. But then maybe he was but he didn’t even know he was. I don’t think so. I don’t know if you’ve seen Jan’s website? What is that? This is… like the [Terence’s] Timewave in a way — this elaborate model that you come up with that explains all and everything if you could just see it. I’m not seeing it, Jan, sorry.

Pathology or not (and, to be fair, Dennis is calling his brother similarly nuts), the obvious response for an absolutist conspiracy theorist would be to claim that Dennis is also a part of the conspiracy. This is essentially Jan’s response. A big deal will be made out the fact that Dennis didn’t directly deny that his brother was an agent. This, according to absolutist logic, is tantamount to admitting that he was an agent.

If this was all Irvin and Atwill had on Terence McKenna it would seem like pretty flimsy stuff. Yet of course this is not their full argument. As Dennis explains, Terence is condemned for connections, real or illusory, that he had with institutions and people like Esalen, Huxley, Teilhard de Chardin, Marshall McLuhan, etc. As a lover of synchronicity I will accept all of these connections and more. I just doubt that any of these prove that McKenna was, consciously or not, working for an Agenda to enslave humanity.

For me to try to refute these assertions would involve plunging into the “20 databases” and “200 links” and that is not really my purpose here. McKenna himself is only one small facet of Atwill and Irvin’s mega-thesis and even to definitively prove that McKenna was a saint, which he by no means was, would not really shake the core of their claim. It is a good idea to look into some of this research, though, just to see if it stands up to scrutiny.

A Dose Of Disinfo

Another key player in the conspiracy, according to Atwill and Irvin, is Albert Hofmann, the inventor of LSD. If a psychedelic conspiracy really exists then Hofmann has got to be in the thick of it, right? Atwill and Irvin present their most damning evidence against Hofmann:

Though like many of those associated with the origins of the psychedelic movement, Albert Hofmann is called “divine,” evidence has come to light which exposes him as both a CIA and French Intelligence operative. Hoffman helped the agency dose the French village Pont Saint Esprit with LSD. As a result five people died and Hofmann helped to cover up the crime. The LSD event at Pont Saint Esprit led to the famous murder of Frank Olson by the CIA because he had threatened to go public.

A footnote informs us that this “evidence” is taken from journalist Hank Albarelli’s 2009 book, A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments. If we look into the mass poisoning event in Pont-Saint-Esprit in 1951, we quickly find that Albarelli is about the only person claiming that the CIA dosed the village with LSD. Steven Kaplan, a professor of history at Cornell University who also wrote a book about the events of the French village, has described Albarelli’s theory as “absurd.”

I have numerous objections to this paltry evidence against the CIA. First of all, it’s clinically incoherent: LSD takes effects in just a few hours, whereas the inhabitants showed symptoms only after 36 hours or more. Furthermore, LSD does not cause the digestive ailments or the vegetative effects described by the townspeople…

Now it could be that Kaplan is himself a conspirator assigned the task to whitewash the odious deeds of the CIA, but oddly it is not Kaplan that Irvin and Atwill place under suspicion. It is Albarelli. Apparently it was Albarelli who attempted to thwart Irvin’s research into Gordon Wasson’s ties to the CIA:

An example of how Wasson’s activities for the CIA have been kept hidden is the work of MK-ULTRA “expert” and author Hank Albarelli, a former lawyer for the Carter administration and Whitehouse who also worked for the Treasury Department. Though Albarelli presents himself to the public as a MK-ULTRA ‘whistleblower’, he apparently attempted to derail Irvin’s investigation into Gordon Wasson.

But wait a minute. If Albarelli has been outed by Irvin and Atwill as a disinfo agent then why is he cited as the sole source of “evidence” that Albert Hofmann assisted the CIA in dosing a French village with LSD? Might not this also be disinformation? At the very least this is an example of extremely sloppy research by Irvin and Atwill. To use a source which these authors themselves go on to discredit in order to attempt to slag Hofmann is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. One wonders how much more of Irvin and Atwill’s research, if one was feeling particularly masochistic and had a ton of time to sift through it, would similarly transmute into shit.

Leveling The Playing Field For Everyone

Fortunately, though, Jan Irvin has education on his side. Real education — not the kind we plebs get from ordinary public schools and universities. Jan has rediscovered the Trivium — the ancient arts of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric, which along with the Quadrivium make up the Seven Liberal Arts. On his website we can listen to a genuinely fascinating series of podcasts on the Trivium, largely presented by Gene Odening.

In the first interview with Odening we are told that the Trivium is the educational method, ancient in origin, which is even now taught at the boarding schools of the elite. The purpose of the Trivium is to develop critical thinking. It essentially is a tool to see through the bullshit, to expose the conditioning, propaganda and manipulation that we all face. So far so good. A foolproof methodology of critical thinking is definitely desired. The three arts are conveniently broken down as follows:

[1] General Grammar
(Answers the question of the Who, What, Where, and the When of a subject.) Discovering and ordering facts of reality comprises basic, systematic Knowledge

[2] Formal Logic
(Answers the Why of a subject.) Developing the faculty of reason in establishing valid [i.e., non-contradictory] relationships among facts, systematic Understanding

[3] Classical Rhetoric
(Provides the How of a subject.) Applying knowledge and understanding expressively comprises Wisdom or, in other words, it is systematically useable knowledge and understanding

Sounds great. Comprehensive and handily applicable. It actually sounds strangely familiar. Oh, I remember where I heard something like this — in a talk by Terence McKenna:

The world is so tricky that without rules and razors you are as lambs led to the slaughter. And I’m speaking of the world as we have always found it. Add onto that the world based on techniques of mass psychology, advertising, political propaganda, image manipulation…There are many forces that seek to victimize us. And the only way through this is rational analysis of what is being presented. It amazes me that this is considered a radical position. I mean, this is what used to be called a good liberal education. And then somewhere after the sixties when the government decided that universal public education only created mobs milling in the streets calling for human rights, education ceased to serve the goal of producing an informed citizenry. And instead we took an authoritarian model: the purpose of education is to produce unquestioning consumers with an alcoholic obsession for work. And so it is. [at 12:55 minutes]

Here McKenna almost sounds as if he listened to Jan Irvin’s podcast — except that this was recorded way back in 1994. The similarities between the two, though, are striking. By “a good liberal education” Terence is undoubtedly referring to the Seven Liberal Arts which includes the Trivium. His concerns are also identical to Irvin and Odening. He is advocating a “rational analysis of what is being presented,” a system of  “rules and razors,” in order to deflect the “many forces that seek to victimize us.”

The one glaring difference between Irvin and McKenna on this point is their view of the sixties. According to McKenna students and other protesters gained their critical view of the establishment through a public liberal education and the use of psychedelics. According to Irvin and Atwill it was the use of psychedelics and the lack of a proper liberal education that so definitely duped the sixties generation. How could such divergent opinions be both generated by two seemingly sincere advocates of critical thinking and the Trivium?

But beyond this how could McKenna, that outed agent and psychedelic snake-oil salesman, be an advocate for the Trivium at all? Is he just lying? Are we to assume that every time he tells his audience to “question authority — even my own” and “try it for yourself” that he actually means “do exactly what I say”?

There may be a solution to this puzzle. As we progress through Irvin’s “Trivium Education” podcasts we come to a very fascinating interview with Kevin Cole, a Trivium Method student of Odening and Irvin. Cole relates how in his own research he discovered that the Classical Trivium and the Seven Liberal Arts were actually used as a complete system of control by the elite for centuries.

The Classical Trivium, we finally learn, is entirely different from the Trivium Method (perhaps we should start to call it the Trivium Method™?) which was developed by Odening and interpreted by Irvin in order to free minds rather than to enslave them.

It’s obvious, therefore, that McKenna is only an advocate of the Classical Trivium and not the liberating Trivium Method™. The similarity of language and purported methodology is only there to deceive. That clears up that. But hold on a sec — weren’t we told on the first of these podcasts that the Trivium Method™ was ancient and that it is still taught to the children of the elite? A confused commenter to the Cole episode, and a now distraught former acolyte, expresses similar concerns:

To be honest, this upset me quite a bit. This shed light on the enormous amount of bullshit about the classical trivium that was spewed for a few years by Gnostic Media and Tragedy And Hope.
Here are some questions I have for you:
What form of education, if not the classical trivium, is taught to the “elite?” It seems that all of your previous claims about the trivium being taught to the “elite” was pure conjecture.
If we are inherently free, why do we need a “liberating” education?
Why was Gene Odening so misinformed about this? Why should I, after watching this video, continue to use the “trivium method” which is now so clearly a misunderstanding of the true classical trivium on the part of a “self-taught scholar?”
These are only some of MANY questions that need to be answered. I’m sure I’m speaking on the behalf of many others who feel the same about this issue. There’s been a lot of conjecture and bullshit, and we demand answers.


Jan Irvin, master of Rhetoric, responds with his usual balance of wisdom, subtlety and eloquence:

We have ALWAYS explained that the trivium was used for mind control. If you haven’t caught on to that, you weren’t paying attention. There was 3 years of grammar alone that had to be done to flush all of the misapplication of the trivium out. Gene has always explained from day one that it was used for control. He never said it wasn’t. That was the ENTIRE PURPOSE of releasing it! To level the playing field for EVERYONE! If you want to be controlled by those who misuse it, then don’t study it and live in ignorance. It seems you weren’t even paying attention to what this video had to say, as the video explained that what Gene has put forth is the first time it’s been used for FREEDOM. Can you show us were we haven’t said it was used for control by the elites?

Ah… so the trivium is not the trivium. There is no contradiction here. The trivium can be used to both liberate and ensnare. Kind of like a good trip and a bad trip? If we accept, though, that Odening’s new Trivium Method™ is a way to liberate the masses while the old Classical Trivium is used for mind control there is no need to additionally accept that the TM™ is ancient and therefore well-tested. Like any new system of thought, or any ancient system, every aspect of it must be held up to full scrutiny.


Irvin is fond of saying, for example, “do not put your Logic before your Grammar.” By this he means to not approach a situation with a ready-made theory of why it is like it is. Instead we must first compile and examine all of the available facts of who, what, where, and when (the Grammar) and only then can we attempt an explanation (the Logic). A valid explanation can only arise if the basic facts do not contradict one another.

A problem emerges, however, with determining these “facts.” If we say, for example, that who Aldous Huxley is, is an evil promoter of eugenics and world government then we already have reasons why we have concluded this. We have already put our Logic before our Grammar. Each fact is at first a theory. But a supporter of the TM™ might say that this is acceptable because our reasons for concluding that Huxley is a supporter of eugenics and world government are also based on facts — Huxley’s family ties to the Eugenics movement etc.

This might all be valid. These facts might in turn be very sound, but we still would have reasons for accepting them as facts. A pure fact though, pure Grammar, the whats and whos and wheres, may be impossible to separate from why. This may seem like nitpicking, but over and over I’ve seen the no-logic-before-grammar clause being used by Irvin in an attempt to out argue his opponents. It doesn’t hold water.

As an example, if we accept as fact, as Grammar, that Aldous Huxley is a tireless advocate for totalitarian rule then the letter he wrote to George Orwell, cited by Irvin and Atwill, discussing which of their dystopic visions is more accurate, will strike us as being very sinister. If in contrast we view both Brave New World and 1984  as novels intending to warn people against creeping totalitarianism then our reading of this letter will be very different.

Within the next generation I believe that the world’s rulers will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience. In other words, I feel that the nightmare of Nineteen Eighty-Four is destined to modulate into the nightmare of a world having more resemblance to that which I imagined in Brave New World. The change will be brought about as a result of a felt need for increased efficiency. Meanwhile, of course, there may be a large scale biological and atomic war — in which case we shall have nightmares of other and scarcely imaginable kinds.

If we have already concluded as fact, as Grammar, that Albert Hofmann is a CIA agent then it is easy to believe that he helped poison a French village with LSD, even though our only source for this “fact” is from a writer that we have already discredited.

Like every other human theory, Irvin and Atwill’s theory on the manufacture of the counterculture is supported with cherry-picked “facts.” This is not so much a condemnation of their theory as it is to state that they are, like anyone else, all too human. The application of the Trivium Method™ no more guarantees the truth of their theory than does the application of the apologetics of Thomas Aquinas.

What happens when “facts” are encountered that don’t appear to fit this theory? What do we do, for instance, with Mae Brussell’s well-reasoned theory that the Manson murders were an Establishment psyop designed to disorientate and discredit the growing counterculture which directly threatened elite control?

If, as according to Irvin and Atwill, the hippies were “manufactured” in order to transform culture then why would TPTB try to bring down their own creation just a couple of years after it gained mainstream attention? Was Mae simply wrong? Was she also an agent?

And what about the conservative reaction in the Reagan eighties against all vestiges of the former counterculture? What about the “Moral Majority”? What about the promotion of “family values”? What about the “culture wars”?

Are Reagan and Pat Robertson the good guys here? Did the CIA’s program fail or did another phase of their manipulation kick in — the clichéd and misunderstood Hegelian dialectic, perhaps? And then there were the nineties when the psychedelic pied pipers like McKenna and others were once again set loose to dose the imaginations of a whole new generation. Did the Agenda move back on track or did it even more come off the rails?

I’m not saying that these facts cannot be worked into the theory of Irvin and Atwill. Absolutist conspiracy theories can usually absorb any fact that is thrown at them. As far as I know, however, they have not yet been shoehorned into the mix, and when they are the resulting mess is not necessarily going to be logical.

Uncertain and Incomplete

And yet increasingly in recent years logic is equated with certainty. Debunkers and “skeptics” of every stripe are on the march. “Pseudoscience,” claims of the paranormal, conspiracy theories, spirituality, alternative medicine — the whole ball of “woo” is in the crosshairs. In the face of this, into the viper’s den of pop-up fallacies and rational wikis, steps fearless researcher and podcaster extraordinaire, James Corbett.

In a largely overlooked Aug. 2012 podcast entitled “Logic Is Not Enough,” Corbett dares to present a bit of heresy — humans are really not all that logical and logic itself can only take you so far. He illustrates this by simply showing how even the most logically sound argument can reach a false conclusion if its premises are wrong.

Beyond the scope of formal logic, Corbett explains that Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle in physics and Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems in mathematics both demonstrate that even within these hardboiled fields of study unpredictability and indeterminacy rear their ugly heads. With or without logic, certainty is elusive.

Buckminster Fuller, in a conversation from 1967, takes this all much further than Heisenberg (or Corbett!):

Heisenberg said that observation alters the phenomenon observed. T.S. Eliot said that studying history alters history. Ezra Pound said that thinking in general alters what is thought about. Pound’s formulation is the most general, and I think it’s the earliest. [quoted in Hugh Kenner, The Pound Era]

By studying the history of the sixties counterculture, Atwill and Irvin are altering history. By thinking and writing about their theory, I am altering it. Both alterations are fine and should be expected. The problem arises when we think that we have captured the history or the idea.

To tie a living thing down, to analyse it and to categorize it, is to change it. And by attempting to do so it changes us. It should not take a physicist or a mathematician to “prove” this. And it is, of course, the poets who would realize this first. (I’ll discuss in depth the wisdom and folly of Ezra Pound in the second part of this essay.)

In his podcast, Corbett reminds us that much of the “Agenda” aims to refashion irrational individuals into logical machines. Elite control freaks like George Bush Sr. avow that ‘‘The enemy is unpredictability. The enemy is instability.” To be truly logical is to be entirely predictable, entirely stable. A logical person, a person well-trained in the Trivium Method let’s say, can be counted on to say and do the logical thing at every step. He or she is not overly emotional, not contradictory in his or her actions and thoughts, and is entirely stable. A clockwork orange.

The usual argument on why the CIA gave up its research on LSD and other psychedelics is precisely because they have unpredictable effects. They can be used to decondition people but they are very poor at reliably reconditioning people. Who in the world has ever had a predictable psychedelic trip?

Irvin and Atwill are correct to warn us about how post-Freudian sorcerers of schlock like Edward Bernays use advertising and propaganda to target us emotionally, scramble our logic, and to direct the course of culture. Irvin and Atwill’s attack on the state education system and the entertainment industry as instruments to “dumb down” is indispensable. Critical thinking and reason, more than ever, are required.

There is a broader way to look at all of this, however. In Corbett’s podcast episode we briefly hear a clip from an interview with cognitive scientist, George Lackoff. Lackoff explains that reason, contrary to what was thought in the 18th century and what is still accepted by political and social institutions even now, is not fully conscious, unemotional or subject to formal logic. Instead it is embodied, it is driven by empathy for others over “enlightened self-interest”, and it frequently perceives metaphorically not logically.

An individual human is by no means a logical machine, nor is he or she entirely driven by irrational emotions. We are complex even contradictory creatures. It may be that there is no possible way, in disagreement with Huxley and Orwell, for our psyches to be fully bridled. On the other hand, it may be equally impossible to develop a foolproof method for preventing attempts to bridle them.

All methods fail for some and succeed for others. Psychedelics aren’t the whole answer, neither is the Trivium Method™. Contradictions are out there and in here always. As Walt Whitman wrote:

Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.


The conspiracy, the conspiracies, are also contradictory. They are also embodied, emotional, metaphoric, fluid, unpredictable, multitudinous. So is the counterculture. So is a psychedelic trip. So is Jan Irvin. So is this post. The pop-up fallacy machine would likely blow a gasket processing what I’ve written here. I really don’t care.

Corbett mentions one last fallacy that might help me out: the fallacy fallacy. This is the false presumption that just because a claim is poorly argued, and/or it contains many fallacies, that the claim itself is wrong. It may just be, though, that I’m making a fallacy fallacy fallacy: the equally false presumption that the fallacy fallacy somehow excuses poor argumentation and/or the use of fallacies. There’s a conspiracy theory for you. Here’s another:

Conspiracy theory, in my humble opinion, is a kind of epistemological cartoon about reality. Isn’t it so simple to believe that things are run by the greys, and that all we have to do is trade sufficient fetal tissue to them and then we can solve our technological problems, or isn’t it comforting to believe that the Jews are behind everything, or the Communist Party, or the Catholic Church, or the Masons. Well, these are epistemological cartoons, it is kindergarten in the art of amateur historiography.

I believe that the truth of the matter is far more terrifying, that the real truth that dare not speak itself is that no one is in control, absolutely no one. This stuff is ruled by the equations of dynamics and chaos. There may be entities seeking control, but to seek control is to take enormous aggravation upon yourself. It’s like trying to control a dream.

The dream or nightmare may not be controllable, but it does have a certain structure, a patterned energy, a flux of phosphenal filaments. And it is both bound and sent spinning by spaghetti.


  1. As I read your highly informative and entertaining post, it made me increasingly curious (curiouser & curiouser! – Alice) as to whether Joe Atwill or Jan Irvin ever “dropped?” As that other nefarious CIA operative of the sixties, Ken Kesey used to say…

    “You’re either on the bus… or yer off the bus.”

    – Cheers


  2. Jan, at least, has definitely been “experienced.” This is why his current position is all the more fascinating.

  3. I still believe there is a small chance that Jan is playing a very complicated game, and/or is himself being financed by a very wealthy and cunning organization to essentially play a role, a role we haven’t seen in a very long time. I think Irvin’s character challenges us to do a few things: stop preaching to the choir, stop settling for the “it’s all good” mentality, and to preemptively dissect antagonistic viewpoints before they manifest with full force. The one thing he gets absolutely correct is the existence of a psychedelic elite; McKenna even noted that the people in his lectures belong in such a category, based on education (access to books pre-internet), economic status, nutrition, set and setting, and availability of psychedelics. An elite is still an elite. That being said, the character he is playing is a baffling dichotomy of scholastic accomplishment and absurd conclusion. I think this mirrors those that flip enantiodromia style against psychedelics, psychedelic thinking, and those who crawl back to Faith in Religion (imagine if a Joe Rogan type had twice the audience and found Jesus, born again? How many could he bring with him? It happened to Larry Flynt and Bob Dylan). All in all the world is certainly better with Jan Irvin in it because, oddly enough, like Crowley, he is arguing for a stricter examination of the whole picture. Some of his conclusions are baffling, but he puts the most importance in how you get there……


  4. I totally agree. Whatever game Jan is or is not playing he is making us all think. Any attempt to squeeze reality into a simplified system, and the Timewave is also this, will always provoke a reexamination of complexity. And there’s also that famous proverb from Hell: “Opposition is true friendship.”

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    x1 Corinthians 11:24 And when he had given thanks, he brake it, and said, Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me.
    xExodus 16:14 And when the dew that lay was gone up(time of day), behold, upon the face of the wilderness(location) there lay a small(size) round(shape) thing….
    xExodus 16:15 And when the children of Israel saw it, they said one to another, It is manna: for they wist not what it was. And Moses said unto them, This is the bread which the LORD hath given you to eat.
    x Ezekiel 4:15 Then he said unto me, Lo, I have given thee cow’s dung for man’s dung, and thou shalt prepare thy bread therewith.
    xThere is only one small round thing that appears in cow dung on the face of the wilderness when the morning dew lifts. It is the psilocybin mushroom. Psilocybin mushrooms are the only visionary mushrooms that grow in cow’s dung.

  7. God wants us to eat psilocybread mushrooms daily/continually/always….xMatthew 6:11 Give us this day our daily bread.
    Luke 11:3 Give us day by day our daily bread.
    x2 Chronicles 2:4 Behold, I build an house to the name of the LORD my God, to dedicate it to him, and to burn before him sweet incense, and for the continual shewbread, and for the burnt offerings morning and evening, on the sabbaths, and on the new moons, and on the solemn feasts of the LORD our God. This is an ordinance for ever to Israel.
    x Numbers 4:7 And upon the table of shewbread they shall spread a cloth of blue, and put thereon the dishes, and the spoons, and the bowls, and covers to cover withal: and the continual bread shall be thereon:
    x 2 Samuel 9:7 And David said unto him, Fear not: for I will surely shew thee kindness for Jonathan thy father’s sake, and will restore thee all the land of Saul thy father; and thou shalt eat bread at my table continually
    Exodus 25:30 And thou shalt set upon the table shewbread before me always

  8. 1 Corinthians 10:16 The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread(psilocybin mushrooms) which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ?

    2 Corinthians 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

    2 Corinthians 13:14 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen

  9. The mechanics of Jan Irvin are genius the more I think about it. An academic psychedelic head who provides all the answers simply breeds a horde of followers; an academic psychedelic head who provides the wrong answers breeds a horde of students, challengers to the conclusions that don’t add up.

    I’m not sure if my timeline is correct, but Jan’s work seems to have changed right around the time he was courted by Joe Rogan and appeared on his podcast. If you listen to that show (I am only aware of one appearance) it is a disaster. If I were Jan I would have walked away from that show feeling sick to my stomach, and I would have been very afraid at the Nu-Psychedelic army represented by Rogan’s schtick. I can see Jan coming to a few frightening conclusions after that….


  10. This actually makes some sense. If nothing else it provides an out for Jan. At some future point he could announce, “Ah, you finally got it. Welcome to the Higher Mysteries, my grasshoppers.” Presumably, if this were the case, he would only make such an announcement after we cracked the code, after the psychedelic movement dejockified and smartened up once more. We may all be a part of psychedelic sage Jan’s grand strategy for universal awakening.

  11. Having dropped with some folks at Sensei, I can speak experienced. Can I speak enlightened, yes. Is the psy of the 60’70’80’ important for the planet and gnosis me thinks, hell yes. Laurel canyon had it going on? No more than some hippies from Oregon. The walls melt for a reason, bring the problematic ego to some sense of community and life force. Shine forth by day. Dennis


  12. I only skipped this one, after the quote from Dennis McKenna I felt too exasperated – either he’s very naive or he’s being disingenuous by suggesting that the intrigue and manipulation would at such an obvious level. I haven’t read Jan’s stuff and it may well be that he’s drawing too literal, simplistic a picture (likely), deliberately or otherwise. Conspiracy/espionage research can be so overwhelming when the extent if it begins to be seen that the temptation to take refuge in absolutism (“It’s all a Plot!”) is near-irresistible, because the alternative is to try and understand and convey every nuance and intricacy, which would require the sort of wisdom that not even the manipulators themselves possess (as individuals at least).

    For the record, I found the refutation of Irvin’s contention about McKenna wholly unconvincing, and the idea that TM might joke about something while at the same time be admitting to it went unexplored, even tho, as we’ve seen most recently in the case of Jimmy Savile, it is not uncommon for undercover agents to want to brag about their power. But whether or not TM or anyone was a knowing agent of this or that agency or agenda is less important than how they may have been used by same. And McKenna, like Huxley, like Leary, like Manson, certainly seems to have been useful.

    Regarding this comment: If, as according to Irvin and Atwill, the hippies were “manufactured” in order to transform culture then why would TPTB try to bring down their own creation just a couple of years after it gained mainstream attention?

    No offense but this is a bit like an amateur chess player wonder why a chess master went ahead and moved his knight in such a silly way that he lost it, and then three moves later took his opponent’s queen. I don’t think conspiracy theories ever make sense if you try and understand them within the terms laid down by ordinary social awareness and in the context of a few years, or even decades. The way that works for me is to look at them through a psychological lens, as I suggested earlier about the “good cop/bad cop” routine being used collectively. The same principles that work on individuals (eg, Stockholm syndrome) may also be applied to groups of people, and entire nations.
    Lloyd deMause writes about how a period of liberation leads one of social restriction, and vice versa, and understanding this principle and knowing how to manipulate it may be behind a great many of the events and movements being shaped, which leaves plenty of room for the supposed random element to give them the flavor of the spontaneous and authentic, as the counterculture had. But as long as the general overall outcome, psychologically, is the same, then the Powers That Be, like the master chess player, are ready with their next move, and so on.

    As to it being malign or not, I think it’s best to approach that question as if we were talking about human beings somewhat like ourselves, with conscious desires underneath which work unconscious drives, the latter being what determines the outcome of their plans and agendas. The nostalgia for ancient Greece for example, may be sourced in the desire to have sex with children, and all the master plans of the elite may be directed towards this single personal end, and everything it entails. For example. At the very least, it brings the octopus down to manageable proportions.


  13. Thanks for the critique, Jasun. A lot to mull over.

    Keep in mind that my questions in the article are not (merely) sarcastic/rhetorical. I’m genuinely fishing for answers. You came up with a theory, a variation on the old conspiracist “Hegelian dialectic” shibboleth, and I appreciate that. Here’s another version: the design from the get-go was to divide the U.S. along Culture War lines. Each side was prodded and provoked to completely despise the other. This has continued to the present day and virtually ensures that a Civil War can be very easily sparked off to prevent a situation where the people unite and truly start to rise up against their masters.

    Such theories can be multiplied endlessly, especially if we are convinced that we are dealing with a purported “chess master.” He literally could have anything up his sleeves, and while we might be looking two moves ahead he already knows the endgame. I understand that. Please do not think I’m overlooking that.

    But wouldn’t another strategy of the “chess master” be to project an image of his invincibility, even if it was only a projection? If the “master’s” opponent was convinced that he was essentially doomed from the start the chances of that opponent fumbling is much higher. Instead of sticking with strategies that had worked very effectively in the past, the opponent, thinking that the “master” had seen through these schemes from the outset, would resort to moves that he was not at all confident about. Or the “chess master” might trick the opponent into thinking that he had no real options left, that it was better to give up now instead of prolonging his eventual demise, even though the opponent was actually in a pretty good position to win.

    This is basically the tactic that HAL successfully deploys in 2001. Frank is so convinced of HAL’s inherent superiority that he gives up before realizing that HAL is cheating.

    So this is what I’m exploring. Why is it that Rockefeller-funded organizations like the John Birchers are the ones that refashioned the old Illuminati conspiracy theory for our time? Again, another genuine question. It seems, more and more, that the purpose of “conspiracy theory” is to hoodwink people into thinking that all forms of resistance — political organization, alternative lifestyles, individual creativity, art movements, mystical experience, even psychedelic exploration — were actually manufactured by the omnipotent ELITE. Is it not reasonable to suggest that this could all be bunkum? That the whole “revelation of the method” is a trick to make us lay down the best weapons at our service, and to distrust and ridicule others that still use them?

    Whatever the validity of Irvin’s theories, then, I think this other possibility must also be taken into account. It would certainly also be easy to make the case that Irvin himself, unwittingly or not, is being used by TPTB to get us to disempower ourselves. Forget psychedelics, forget visionary experience, ignore visionary writers and artists of the past, don’t bother to explore your own imagination. All of this has been co-opted, planned and manipulated for centuries before we were born.

    And maybe all of this is true. I certainly don’t rule it out. I also don’t rule out that McKenna was literally recruited by whatever intelligence lies behind the Mushroom. I was serious about this. The conspiracies, benign and malign and neither, are in all probability way more complex than anything speculated upon here. I actually thought Dennis’ comment that his brother’s Timewave and Irvin’s megaconspiracy theory were very similar is highly profound in this regard.

    You wrote: “…the alternative is to try and understand and convey every nuance and intricacy, which would require the sort of wisdom that not even the manipulators themselves possess (as individuals at least).” This is exactly the direction where I think research should be going.


  14. The film “Omega Man” provides a nice image of Woodstock as Irvin, which in turn presents the difficulty of the superficial interpretation. When Heston’s “Omega Man” sparks up a generator in an abandon theater to watch the epic “Woodstock” movie, he seems to be looking back at a point in history that marks the beginning-of-the-end of so-called Civilization. At the same time, the Omega Man is himself a symbol of the failure of the capital and democratic version Civilization.

    This pairing seems to be a paradox but it is not. Woodstock may appear to represent a socially destructive trend, but in fact is a cypher for the primordial stew from which human reality emerges. The same applies for the Omega Man. The character stands in for the complete failure of the post-industrial human complex, and yet serves well as a rejuvenator of the same.

    Out of this come the cyclical proclamations of Marxism–a cycle driven by the promise of upcoming torment. But the Marxist cycle too is a parody of its own modelling, because as sure as the Marxist model keeps on “revolving”, few notice that the wheel is not touching the ground.

    Thus, at least to me, Irvin becomes an entertainer rather than a philosopher. Corbett is the much better philosopher… but philosophy is a consolation. The resounding truth that “no one knows whats going on” is kind of like a Lynch movie, and this type of transcendental observation does not provide the meat and potato deep down fill you up goodness desired by folks who actually desire to see “the good guys win”.

    The sort of theater that galvanizes the everyday emotions is driven by the desire for the vindication of its audience. Justice is what people think they want, and Irvin delivers the trumped up narrative as required.

    Contrarily, Truth does not vindicate, but implicates to the into formless depths of dharma.

    People DO NOT want the Truth, so in the spirit of a top entertainer, Irvin delivers.


  15. Jan Irvin is (or comes across as) quite possibly an Agent Provocateur, working for the DEA or related agencies in the “Intelligence Community”. If he is, he is doing his job well by sowing paranoia, suspicion, and turmoil. Well played!

    He goes after dead people, who are well known not able to defend themselves. That in itself is pretty sad.


  16. I hear you and I’ve thought this myself. I’m hesitant to make this conclusion, though. Even if he isn’t an agent actively he could be one unwittingly. So might I! It’s really difficult to make this call and it’s interesting that it’s a judgement that JI applies to others all of the time.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. I used to defend Jan quite a bit, but when his self contradictory behavior was turned in my actual direction, I had to quit on him. Under a video where he discusses how you should not get too emotional, how you should always cooly and calmly assess all the data, etc., he just started spewing hate, bigotry and intolerance at me on this ridiculous level just because I was nicely trying to discuss a few things. He acts like his brain is short circuited, and if it’s true he did as many shrooms as he claims he did, then maybe his brain really is fried. He does treat the trivium like how an ex meth addict turned christian treats “the lord.” And now he’s attracting equally obnoxious and arrogant materialist/logical positivist types who love nothing more than to slam things with “witty” commentary. Jan loves to snark with them at people who are simply trying to bring up points of research that might be at the very least worth looking at. But no. Jan goes against practically every single thing he lays out in his own ideology and method of “collecting and assessing information.” Say one thing, do another. Why? Well because he can. He’s special. He can get away with literally everything he says you shouldn’t be able to get away with, and he’s so far up his own rear end in this way that it’s hard to find a place to start in rebutting anything… because you’re just so, in a way, lost. You can’t believe the sheer level of contradiction in behavior you’re witnessing in this person, while at the same time another part of you wants to actually “engage” them and make your point.

    He’s actively censoring my input in the discussion where he was blowing up on me, so now I’m done with the guy. I used to defend him, but now I’m done. He’s long disappeared up his own contradictory ass, and the dead eyed tough guy can rot there.


  19. Thanks for this interesting post. I too have tried to engage Jan on the subject and was met with explosive anger in response to what I thought were reasonable questions.. He kept telling me that my “religious leader” TMK was up to that sneaky business… If he only knew. I can’t help but pay attention to his wild-ass theories though!


  20. follow the money, and you will find the conspiracy. No theories required.


  21. Steve is that you? How long have you really known Jan Irvin? And how long have you listened to him before contacting him? How much money have you given him Mr. Cocophany Society?

  22. This gives a coherent narrative of what really went on. Still don’t know if Mckenna and Kesey were fully aware of what the government was doing and in on it or were ignorant dupes. But it does explain what the CIA was really up to.


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