Ever Heard of Dr. Peter Beter? No? Well Here Is Why!

Ever Heard of Dr. Peter Beter? No? Well Here Is Why!! Please Read W/Open Mind., page 1

I happened to stubble across some information concerning a man named Dr. Peter David Beter. I had never heard of him, or of his research, but when I started I could not

stop.In the following thread I will show and revive some of the greatest things that I have heard and read, and now that I have learned more about him, I know why he wasn’t

given more credit, and was lost amongst the favorite whistle blowers, and well knows of our time.

A bit about who he was. He was not a basement dwelling looney, but a very well educated man, with credentials that are very prominent. I will add a link to his bio on wiki, but believe me thats the last you will see from that site on here.

Peter David Beter (June 21, 1921 – March 1987) was an American attorney[1] and financier[2]. He ran for governor in 1968 in the Republican Party primary in the state of West Virginia (although he was formerly a Democrat), but lost[3]. Politically, he was a staunch admirer of ex-Alabama governor George Wallace for his ethics; Beter also drafted Wallace as the American party candidate in 1973 but numerous republicans opposed such efforts[4]. Nonetheless, he later became a member of his Draft-Wallace committee[5].
Beter is a native of Huntington, son of Lebanese immigrants who became grocers after coming to the United States in 1899. He graduated from West Virginia University and later got his Doctor of Juris degree in law from the law school of George Washington University[6][7]. Beter practiced law in Washington D.C. from 1951 to 1961. He was the general counsel for the American Gold Association (now called the Gold Prospectors Association of America) from 1958 to 1961[8]. In 1961, he was appointed by President John F. Kennedy as general counsel for the Export-Import Bank of the United States, where he served until 1967. [9] [10] Beter also co-founded a mining exploration company in Zaire, and represented international financial interests in Europe, South America, and the Middle East[11].


Ok enough about that.

It took me quite a while to get all the info needed, but I will compile the things that he has said, wrote, and was concerned with in his time. That have become the future, and may even go further then that.

Excerpted from the Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER(R) REFERENCE DIGEST

Copyright (C) Audio Books Inc., 1983

The AUDIO LETTER cassette tape reports were recorded over a period from June,
1975, to November, 1982, by Dr. Peter Beter. Each AUDIO LETTER tape report is
approximately one hour in length. The basic schedule of release was once a
month, but the exact date of release each month was flexible to accommodate
events. There were also two periods during which the AUDIO LETTER reports were
suspended temporarily. The first, which extended from May to August 1977,
separated AUDIO LETTER issues #24 and #25, and took place due to an action
campaign by Dr. Beter with his listeners. The second suspension extended from
February to June 1980, and separated issues #54 and #55. It was brought about
by a major heart attack which Dr. Beter suffered while in the midst of recording

Dr. Beter terminated his AUDIO LETTER cassette tape report series in

November, 1982, after recording AUDIO LETTER #80. Having fought heart-related
ailments for years, his health was declining. After conferring with doctors,
he decided that the time had come to discontinue recording the tapes.

The Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER series grew out of Dr. Beter’s collaboration with

supporters who first learned about Dr. Beter by way of radio talk shows in 1974.
At that time Dr. Beter was in great demand to appear on talk shows nationwide,
which he did in most cases by long-distance telephone hookup from his residence
in suburban Washington, D.C. After many years as a highly successful
Washington attorney, government official and international legal and financial
consultant, Dr. Beter had become famous in 1973 as the author of a best-selling
book, The Conspiracy Against the Dollar.


More is explained at the above site.

Dr. Peter Beter Audio Letter.

I thought it would be better to read what was said during the audio, as some have bad download speed, and many of us prefer to read. And this shouldn’t be missed.

These amazing books explain many of the hidden political agendas of the world’s elite in the 1970s and 1980s.

Learn about:

how the Soviet Union almost took over the United States in a bloodless coup

how the global battle between the Left and Right almost destroyed the world with nuclear war that was averted at the last moment

the secret military missions of the Space Shuttle

the accidental plutonium poisoning of Americans and the cancer it is causing

remote-controlled dirty nuclear bombs planted around the United States and their exact coordinates

the theft of the United States’ gold reserves from Fort Knox;

…and many more behind-the-scenes intrigues that will make all of the strange newspaper headlines of the day make sense – when you understand the reasons behind them.

Dr. Peter David Beter was General Counsel for the Export-Import Bank of Washington; a candidate for governor for the state of West Virginia; cofounded a mineral exploration company in Zaire called SODESMIR; represented American gas utilities while they built a pipeline the length of Argentina; represented mining interests in underwater manganese nodule exploration in the Pacific; and was a featured speaker at financial seminars in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, Geneva, and other international financial centers. Dr. Beter practiced general law in Washington, D.C., from 1951 to 1961, becoming a member of the U.S. Court of Military Appeals in 1952 and the U.S. Supreme Court in 1964.

Many of his cases were against the federal government, all of which he won – including one case in which he caught none other than the U.S. Department of Justice burning records in an attempt to defeat him. The resulting decision (Farley vs. U.S., 131 C. Cls. 776 [1955], 127 F Supp. 562) made new law.

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy appointed Dr. Beter Counsel to the U.S. Export-Import Bank, the largest government-owned bank in the Western world, where he served until 1967. After leaving the Export-Import Bank, he became an international financial and legal consultant, as well as one of the chief developers of private international business in the Republic of Zaire.

He was a member of the Judicature Society, the Bankers’ Club of America, the Royal Commonwealth Society of London and the United States Naval Institute. He was listed in biographical reference works such as Who’s Who in the East, the Blue Book of London and 2000 Men of Achievement (London). As a political and economic commentator, Dr. Beter worked with many international business luminaries where he learned the inner secrets of the elite world controllers.

He wrote prolifically, including his masterwork Conspiracy Against the Dollar. In 1975, he began releasing his Audio Letters, which are transcribed in this book, and continued until 1982, producing a total of 80 one-hour Audio Letters that show the inner workings of those who would attempt to control the earth.

Dr. Beter died on March 14, 1987.

An open license for reproduction of these Audio letters was granted after his death.


The following are the audio number and what is discussed with a link to each one.

Important Secrets and Empowering People – Dr. Peter Beter – Behind the Scenes Summary

Important Comment Repeated From the Beginning of This Essay:

Though this material was compiled in 1983 and some of Dr. Beter’s predictions did not come to pass, many of his key predictions did come true, and the principles and political factions discussed continue to play a key role.

You may find some of this information to be quite unbelievable and difficult to verify. Even so, we invite you to consider that the underlying concepts can greatly assist in understanding current developments deep behind the scenes in world politics.

For an intriguing 1979 article in the Washington Post on Dr. Beter and his theories from the Post archives, click here pqasb.pqarchiver.com…:129968082&FMT=ABS&FMTS=ABS:FT&date=APR+15,+1979&author=BY+R UDY+MAXA&pub=The+Washington+Post&desc=FRONT+PAGE+PEOPLE&pqatl=google.

Audio Letter Nº 1

(1) An important matter concerning evidence in the Fort Knox Gold Scandal
(2) Recent indications from President Ford that the plans for economic depression and dictatorship in America are still on track
(3) An introduction to our next president and would-be dictator, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller


Audio Letter Nº 2

(1) First signs that the four Rockefeller brothers are beginning to lose their grip on events
(2) Super-secret domestic military preparations for massive unemployment riots
(3) The secret central core gold vault that the Fort Knox visitors did not see in September, 1974, and how it was used in the theft of America’s gold


Audio Letter Nº 3

(1) The truth about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy
(2) Some little known examples of economic power held by the Rockefellers, and how they hold that power
(3) How the Rockefeller plans for World War III are being altered by Indira Gandhi’s crackdown on the CIA in India


Audio Letter Nº 4

(1) The International Monetary Fund gold sale agreement and the dethroning of the United States dollar
(2) Assassination politics and subtle maneuverings in the countdown toward dictatorship
(3) The rapidly merging outlines of the planned 1977 war in Asia


Audio Letter Nº 5

(1) The CIA, Fort Knox, and the poisoning of America

(2) How the Rockefeller brothers are preparing to sacrifice New York City to trigger general economic collapse

(3) The continuing buildup to a new United States constitution and war in Asia


Audio Letter Nº 6

(1) The Ford depression, Asian war, and the impending doom of the OPEC nations
(2) Fort Knox plutonium and our sellout by Congress
(3) Gerald Ford’s last days as president


Audio Letter Nº 7

(1) How political control produces cover-ups and paralysis instead of truth and action
(2) How economic control produces deepening artificial depression and monetary chaos instead of real prosperity
(3) How the alliance between Rockefeller corporate socialism and Soviet state socialism is taking us into nuclear war


Audio Letter Nº 8

(1) Our charges for a citizen’s indictment on the Fort Knox twin scandal/cover-up
(2) Rockefeller progress and problems in their drive to drag our economy down to the Soviet level
(3) So-called detente, and the ignored prophetic warnings of George


Audio Letter Nº 9

(1) How you are a target in the secret Rockefeller takeover of the United States Postal Service
(2) How the coming wars will affect you and your family
(3) How you are to be a pawn in the game to make Nelson Rockefeller our first dictator


Audio Letter Nº 10

(1) World government and the destruction of family life
(2) World monetary chaos and the coming crash here in America
(3) World War III and the planned declaration of national emergency


Now I only added 10, but there are 80 in total, and all can be found here.


You thought that was it? Nope.

Here are some other contributions by Dr. Peter Beter.

(#80 audio letters of Dr. Peter David Beter covers period from June 1975 till November 1982. He is author of the the non fiction book ‘The Conspiracy Against the Dollar’ (1973)
Some interesting info from these audio letters:

Soviet hovering electro-gravitic platforms (Cosmospheres – hovering in electrostatic field of Earth): manned Cosmos Intercept. Killer Satellites (normal battle satellites), Cosmospheres, “Super Heavies” or “Jumbos”, (Cosmos 929 – 1st one) armed with charged particle beam weapons.

US Secret Beam-weapons base on the Moon (Secret US Space Program at Diego Garcia Island, Indian Ocean): September 27, 1977 – Battle of the Harvest Moon at Copernicus crater, which America lost when Russia’s Cosmospheres killed all astronauts in their base by neutron particle beam weapon (Cosmos 954). Then Russia established seven bases on the Front side armed with powerful charged particle beam weapons, and three supporting bases on the back side of the Moon…
Coordinates are:
Near side of the Moon:
1. 55 54′ N, 51 00′ E …East of the Sea of Cold.
2. 16 33′ N, 48 51′ E …West of the Sea of Crises.
3. 31 53′ S, 73 09′ E …Southwest of the Sea of Fertilio.
4. 72 26′ S, 67 30′ W …Near the South Pole on the SW side.
5. 50 53′ S, 57 49′ W …Near Phocylides Crater in the SW quadrant
6. 09 26′ S, 66 52′ W …Southwest of the Ocean of Storms
7. 01 23′ S, 12 27′ W …Northeast of the Apollo 14 landing site.
Far side of the Moon:
1. 36 00′ S, 147 00′ E …Jules Verne Crater.
2. 13 36′ S, 108 26′ E …Southwest of Pasture Crater.
3. 51 03′ N, 095 00′ E …Southwest of Compton crater.
1st. Russian manned landing on the Moon at October 16, 1977 (on the Back Side of the Moon at ‘Jules Verne’ crater: Kovalyonok and Ryumin)
Underwater missile crises of 1976
April 20, 1978. Shot-down of Korean Air Line Boeing 707 flight 902 (Regarding spy mission of Murmansk, Supersecret Plesetsk Cosmodrome…America’s spy satellites were already blasted off from the orbit)
Russia’s Cosmodromes:
1. Plesetsk: 65 40′ N, 40 10′ E
2. Kapustin Yar: (East of Volgograd): 48 36′ N, 45 48′ E
3. Baikonur: 47 22′ N, 65 45′ E
4. Tyura-Tam: (together with Karsakpaj it is part of Baikonur)
Cosmosphere Bases (Support Locations):
1. Semipalatinsk
2. Novosibirsk
Australia, New Zealand December 30, 1978 Cosmosphere incident filmed as UFO story aired by CBS Walter Cronkite.
Destruction of Secret Russian missile base at Guyana (as cover-up was used agent Jim Jones and the massacre which is well known…)
Project Z (planned III World War (I Nuclear War) 3 PM Sept. 17, 1982).
Rockefeller’s fortified family hideaway at Mt. Desert Island and Barlett Island, Maine. Nuclear safe zone in that time…secret agreement between Rockefellers and Russians
Secret of Russia’s Organic Robotoid, Rothschild Synthetics (Connected with cattle mutilation in Northern America. See audio letter #53, topic 1) : Artificial, living, robot-like creatures. This led to the ‘war of doubles’ (Replicas or Clones) thanks to advanced DNA knowledge…), Some mentioned Robotoids & Synthetics: Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Prime Minister Begin, Stansfield Turner CIA director, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Ambassador Thomas Watson, Space Shuttle Astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen (Real died in 1st STS Columbia), Shah of Iran…etc. (Boris Yelcin also didn’t look very healthy too…)
October 30, 1981, November 4, 1981 Two Russian manned spaceship blasted off for Venus.
July 4, 1981. Two naval vessels have been destroyed. Greatest US naval disaster since W.W.II.
Skylab shoot down by Russia’s Cosmospheres (October 18, 1977 – dead of 5 astronauts),
Destruction of all America’s spy satellites by Russia’s Cosmospheres… They were all gone till April 1978. Including one above Petrozavodsk September 20, 1977. According to UFO magazines it was UFO but it was not, it was the end of one US satellite thanks to Russia’s Cosmospheres. (In this case: Cosmos 929…)
Strange disappearance of Satellites like at December 11, 1979: ‘Satcom 3’ made by RCA and at May 9, 1980: ‘Agami 2’ made by Japanese were pulled inside to Cosmosphere cargo bay.
MX Minuteman cover-up for traveling TX Minuteman (railroad) Missiles;
Destruction of Secret Military Naval Base at South Georgia Island (cover-up: Falkland war…)
Disaster of Space Shuttles Columbia 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (cover-up),
New developments in the military:

And there is tons more to be found here.

I am personally very thankful to have found this, and to share it here. I hope you all enjoy, with an open mind of course.

There will be more added. BTW, if anyone would like to include any of the predictions that have come true

concerning Dr. Beter, please do. I will be adding as well. Thanks for your time.

Peace, NRE.

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The Age of Anger

By Chris Hedges

The nihilism and rage sweeping across the globe are not generated by warped ideologies or medieval religious beliefs. These destructive forces have their roots in the obliterating of social, cultural and religious traditions by modernization and the consumer society, the disastrous attempts by the United States to carry out regime change, often through coups and wars, and the utopian neoliberal ideology that has concentrated wealth in the hands of a tiny cabal of corrupt global oligarchs.

This vast, global project of social engineering during the last century persuaded hundreds of millions of people, as Pankaj Mishra writes in “The Age of Anger: A History of the Present,” “to renounce—and often scorn—a world of the past that had endured for thousands of years, and to undertake a gamble of creating modern citizens who would be secular, enlightened, cultured and heroic.” The project has been a spectacular failure.

“To destroy a people,” Alexander Solzhenitsyn noted acidly, “you must sever their roots.” The wretched of the earth, as Frantz Fanon called them, have been shorn of any ideological or cultural cohesion. They are cut off from their past. They live in crushing poverty, numbing alienation, hopelessness and often terror. Mass culture feeds them the tawdry, the violent, the salacious and the ridiculous. They are rising up against these forces of modernization, driven by an atavistic fury to destroy the technocratic world that condemns them. This rage is expressed in many forms—Hindu nationalism, protofascism, jihadism, the Christian right, anarchic violence and others. But the various forms of ressentiment spring from the same deep wells of global despair. This ressentiment “poisons civil society and undermines political liberty,” Mishra writes, and it is fueling “a global turn to authoritarianism and toxic forms of chauvinism.”

Western elites, rather than accept their responsibility for the global anarchy, self-servingly define the clash as one between the values of the enlightened West and medieval barbarians. They see in the extreme nationalists, religious fundamentalists and jihadists an inchoate and inexplicable irrationality that can be quelled only with force. They have yet to grasp that the disenfranchised do not hate us for our values; they hate us because of our duplicity, use of indiscriminate industrial violence on their nations and communities and our hypocrisy. The dispossessed grasp the true message of the West to the rest of the planet: We have everything, and if you try to take it away from us we will kill you.

The more that Western elites are attacked, the more they too retreat into a mythological past, self-glorification and willful ignorance. Mishra writes:

Thus, in the very places [in the West] where secular modernity arose, with ideas that were then universally established—individualism (against the significance of social relations), the cult of efficiency and utility (against the ethic of honour), and the normalization of self-interest—the mythic Volk has reappeared as a spur to solidarity and action against real and imagined enemies.

But nationalism is, more than ever before, a mystification, if not a dangerous fraud with its promise of making a country ‘great again’ and its demonization of the ‘other’; it conceals the real conditions of existence, and the true origins of suffering, even as it seeks to replicate the comforting balm of transcendental ideals within a bleak earthly horizon. Its political resurgence shows that ressentiment—in this case, of people who feel left behind by the globalized economy or contemptuously ignored by its slick overlords and cheerleaders in politics, business and the media—remains the default metaphysics of the modern world since [Jean-Jacques] Rousseau first defined it. And its most menacing expression in the age of individualism may well be the violent anarchism of the disinherited and the superfluous.

The proponents of globalization promised to lift workers across the planet into the middle class and instill democratic values and scientific rationalism. Religious and ethnic tensions would be alleviated or eradicated. This global marketplace would create a peaceful, prosperous community of nations. All we had to do was get government out of the way and kneel before market demands, held up as the ultimate form of progress and rationality.

Neoliberalism, in the name of this absurd utopia, stripped away government regulations and laws that once protected the citizen from the worst excesses of predatory capitalism. It created free trade agreements that allowed trillions of corporate dollars to be transferred to offshore accounts to avoid taxation and jobs to flee to sweatshops in China and the global south where workers live in conditions that replicate slavery. Social service programs and public services were slashed or privatized. Mass culture, including schools and the press, indoctrinated an increasingly desperate population to take part in the global reality show of capitalism, a “war of all against all.”

What we were never told was that the game was fixed. We were always condemned to lose. Our cities were deindustrialized and fell into decay. Wages declined. Our working class became impoverished. Endless war became, cynically, a lucrative business. And the world’s wealth was seized by a tiny group of global oligarchs. Kleptocracies, such as the one now installed in Washington, brazenly stole from the people. Democratic idealism became a joke. We are now knit together, as Mishra writes, only “by commerce and technology,” forces that Hannah Arendt called “negative solidarity.”

The backlash, Mishra writes, resembles the anarchist, fascist and communist violence and terrorism that took place at the end of the 19th century and in the early 20th century. In one of the most important parts of his brilliant and multi-layered analysis of the world around us, Mishra explains how Western ideas were adopted and mutated by ideologues in the global south, ideas that would become as destructive as the imposition of free market capitalism itself.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s Islamic revolution in Iran, for example, borrowed liberally from Western ideas, including representation through elections, egalitarianism and Vladimir Lenin’s revolutionary vanguard, which was adapted for a Muslim world. Nishida Kitaro and Watsuji Tetsuro of Japan’s Kyoto School, steeped in the romantic nationalism of German philosophers such as Johann Gottlieb Fichte, transformed the glorification of the German nation into a glorification of imperial Japan. They “provided the intellectual justification for Japan’s brutal assault on China in the 1930s, and then the sudden attack on its biggest trading partner in December 1941—at Pearl Harbor.” South Asia’s most important writer and scholar, Muhammad Iqbal, provided a “Nietzschean vision of Islam revivified by strong self-creating Muslims.” And the Chinese scholar Lu Xun called for Chinese to exhibit the “indomitable will exemplified by Zarathustra.” These bastard ideologies cloaked themselves in the veneer of indigenous religious traditions and beliefs. But they were new creations, born out of the schöpferische Zerstörung, or the “gale of creative destruction,” of global capitalism.

Nowhere is this more true than with the modern calls for jihad by self-styled Islamic radicals, most of whom have no religious training and who often come out of the secularized criminal underworld. The jihadist leader Abu Musab Zarqawi, nicknamed “the sheikh of slaughterers” in Iraq, had, as Mishra writes, “a long past of pimping, drug-dealing and heavy drinking.” The Afghan-American Omar Mateen reportedly was a frequenter of the nightclub in Orlando, Fla., where he massacred 49 people and had been seen there drunk. Anwar al-Awlaki, who preached jihad and was eventually assassinated by the United States, had a penchant for prostitutes. Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, a senior leader of Islamic State before he was killed, called on Muslims in the West to kill any non-Muslim they encountered. “Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison,” al-Adnani told followers.

The idea of Mikhail Bakunin’s “propaganda by deed” is, Mishra writes, “now manifest universally in video-taped, live-streamed and Facebooked massacres.” It grew, he writes, “naturally from the suspicion that only acts of extreme violence could reveal to the world a desperate social situation and the moral integrity of those determined to challenge it.” These imported ideas filled the void left by the destruction of indigenous beliefs, traditions and rituals. As Mishra says, these jihadists “represent the death of traditional Islam rather than its resurrection.”

“As it turned out,” he writes, “the autocratic modernizers failed to usher a majority of their wards into the modern world, and their abortive revolutions from above paved the way for more radical ones from below, followed, as we have seen in recent years, by anarchy.”

The terrorist attacks in Paris or London were driven by the same ressentiment, Mishra points out, as that which led Timothy McVey to bomb the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995, killing 168, including 19 children, and injuring 684. And when the American was imprisoned in Florence, Colo., the prisoner in the adjacent cell was Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, the mastermind of the first attack on the World Trade Center, in 1993. After McVey was executed, Yousef commented, “I never have [known] anyone in my life who has so similar a personality to my own as his.”

Mishra writes, “Malignant zealots have emerged in the very heart of the democratic West after a decade of political and economic tumult; the simple explanatory paradigm set in stone soon after the attacks of 9/11—Islam-inspired terrorism versus modernity—lies in ruins.” The United States, aside from suffering periodic mass killings in schools, malls and movie theaters, has seen homegrown terrorists strike the Boston Marathon, a South Carolina church, Tennessee military facilities, a Texas Army base and elsewhere.

“The modern West can no longer be distinguished from its apparent enemies,” Mishra notes. The hagiography of the U.S. Navy sniper Chris Kyle—who had a tattoo of a red Crusader cross and called the Iraq War a battle against “savage, desperate evil”—in Clint Eastwood’s movie “American Sniper” celebrates the binary worldview adopted by jihadists who deify their suicide bombers.

“The xenophobic frenzy unleashed by Clint Eastwood’s film of Kyle’s book suggested the most vehement partisans of holy war flourish not only in the ravaged landscape of South and West Asia,” Mishra writes. “Such fanatics, who can be atheists as well as crusaders and jihadists, also lurk among America’s best and brightest, emboldened by an endless support of money, arms, and even ‘ideas’ supplied by terrorism experts and clash-of-civilization theorists.”

Donald Trump, given the political, economic and cultural destruction carried out by neoliberalism, is not an aberration. He is the result of a market society and capitalist democracy that has ceased to function. An angry and alienated underclass, now making up as much as half the population of the United States, is entranced by electronic hallucinations that take the place of literacy. These Americans take a perverse and almost diabolical delight in demagogues such as Trump that express contempt for and openly flout the traditional rules and rituals of a power structure that preys upon them.

Mishra finds a similar situation in his own country, India. “In their indifference to the common good, single-minded pursuit of private happiness, and narcissistic identification with an apparently ruthless strongman and uninhibited loudmouth, [Indian Prime Minister Narendra] Modi’s angry voters mirror many electorates around the world—people gratified rather than appalled by trash-talk and the slaughter of old conventions,” he writes. “The new horizons of individual desire and fear opened up by the neoliberal world economy do not favour democracy or human rights.”

Mishra excoriates the West’s idealized and sanitized version of history, “the simple-minded and dangerously misleading ideas and assumptions, drawn from a triumphant history of Anglo-American achievements that has long shaped the speeches of statesmen, think-tank reports, technocratic surveys, newspaper editorials, while supplying fuel to countless columnists, TV pundits and so-called terrorism experts.” The mandarins who spew this self-serving narrative are, as American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr called them and their ilk, the “bland fanatics of Western civilization” “who regard the highly contingent achievements of our culture as the final form and norm of human existence.”

The roots of modernization and colonization are, as Mishra writes, ones of “carnage and bedlam.” The rapacious appetite of capitalists and imperialists never considered “such constraining factors as finite geographical space, degradable natural resources and fragile ecosystems.” In carrying out this project of global expansion, no form of coercion or violence was off-limits. Those who opposed us simply learned to speak our language.

“The intellectual pedigree of today’s nasty atrocities is not to be found in religious scriptures,” Mishra writes. “French colonialists in Algeria had used torture techniques originally deployed by the Nazis during the occupation of France (and also were some of the first hijackers of a civilian aeroplane). Americans in the global war on terror resorted to cruel interrogation methods that the Soviet Union had patented during the Cold War. In the latest stage of this gruesome reciprocity, the heirs of Zarqawi in ISIS dress their Western hostages in Guantanamo’s orange suits, and turn on their smartphone cameras, before beheading their victims.”

The West’s dangerous faith in the inevitability of human progress is chronicled by Mishra through the dueling French intellectuals Rousseau and Voltaire, as well as Bakunin, Alexander Herzen, Karl Marx, Fichte, Giuseppe Mazzini and Michel Foucault. This intellectually nuanced and philosophically rich book shows that ideas matter.

“The Hindu, Jewish, Chinese and Islamic modernists who helped establish major nation-building ideologies were in tune with the main trends of the European fin-de-siècle, which redefined freedom beyond bourgeois self-seeking to a will to forge dynamic new societies and reshape history,” Mishra writes. “It is impossible to understand them, and the eventual product of their efforts (Islamism, Hindu nationalism, Zionism, Chinese nationalism), without grasping their European intellectual background of cultural decay and pessimism: the anxiety in the unconscious that Freud was hardly alone in sensing, or the idea of a glorious rebirth after decline and decadence, borrowed from the Christian idea of resurrection, that Mazzini had done so much to introduce into the political sphere.”

Mishra goes on:

ISIS, born during the implosion of Iraq, owes its existence more to Operation Infinite Justice and Enduring Freedom than to any Islamic theology. It is the quintessential product of a radical process of globalization in which governments, unable to protect their citizens from foreign invaders, brutal police, or economic turbulence, lose their moral and ideological legitimacy, creating a space for such non-state actors as armed gangs, mafia, vigilante groups, warlords and private revenge-seekers.

ISIS aims to create a Caliphate, but, like American regime-changers, it cannot organize a political space, as distinct from privatizing violence. Motivated by a selfie individualism, the adepts of ISIS are better at destroying Valhalla than building it. Ultimately, a passion for grand politics, manifest in ISIS’s Wagnerian-style annihilation, is what drives the Caliphate, as much as it did [Gabriele] D’Annunzio’s utopia. The will to power and craving for violence as existential experience reconciles, as [philosopher and social theorist Georges] Sorel prophesized, the varying religious and ideological commitments of its adherents. The attempts to place them in a long Islamic tradition miss how much these militants, feverishly stylizing their murders and rapes on Instagram, reflect an ultimate stage in the radicalization of the modern principle of individual autonomy and equality: a form of strenuous self-assertion that acknowledges no limits, and requires descent into a moral abyss.

Philosopher George Santayana foresaw that America’s obsessive individualistic culture of competition and mimicry would eventually incite “a lava-wave of primitive blindness and violence.” The inability to be self-critical and self-aware, coupled with the cult of the self, would lead to a collective suicide. Cultural historian Carl Schorske in “Fin-de-Siècle Vienna: Politics and Culture” wrote that Europe’s descent into fascism was inevitable once it cut the “cord of consciousness.” And, with the rise of Trump, it is clear the “cord of consciousness” has also been severed in the twilight days of the American empire. Once we no longer acknowledge or understand our own capacity for evil, once we no longer know ourselves, we become monsters who devour others and finally devour ourselves.

“Totalitarianism with its tens of millions of victims was identified as a malevolent reaction to the benevolent Enlightenment tradition of rationalism, humanism, universalism and liberal democracy—a tradition seen as an unproblematic norm,” Mishra writes. “It was clearly too disconcerting to acknowledge that totalitarian politics crystallized the ideological currents (scientific racism, jingoistic nationalism, imperialism, technicism, aestheticized politics, utopianism, social engineering and the violent struggle for existence) flowing through all of Europe in the late nineteenth century.”

Mishra knows what happens when people are discarded onto the dung heap of history. He knows what endless wars, waged in the name of democracy and Western civilization, engender among their victims. He knows what drives people, whether they are at a Trump rally or a radical mosque in Pakistan, to lust after violence. History informs the present. We are afflicted by what writer Albert Camus called “autointoxication, the malignant secretion of one’s preconceived impotence inside the enclosure of the self.” And until this “autointoxication” is addressed, the rage and violence, at home and abroad, will expand as we stumble toward a global apocalypse. The self-alienation of humankind, Walter Benjamin warned, “has reached such a degree that it can experience its own destruction as an aesthetic pleasure of the first order.”

The conflicts in Egypt, Libya, Mali, Syria and many other places, Mishra notes, are fueled by “extreme weather events, the emptying of rivers and seas of their fish stocks, or the desertification of entire regions on the planet.” The refugees being driven by their homelands’ chaos into Europe are creating political instability there. And as we sleepwalk into the future, the steady deterioration of the ecosystem will ultimately lead to total systems collapse. Mishra warns that “the two ways in which humankind can self-destruct—civil war on a global scale, or destruction of the natural environment—are rapidly converging.” Our elites, oblivious to the dangers ahead, blinded by their own hubris and greed, are ferrying us, like Charon, to the land of the dead.

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The Law Enforcement Spy Fear Industry

The Law Enforcement Growth Industry,


Russia’s Top Cyber Sleuth Foils US Spies, Helps Kremlin Pals

Author: Noah Shachtman. Noah Shachtman Magazine

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Crooked Trump Supporters

Media Bypass Magazine-The only reason Republic Radio
> is even on the air is because Stadtmiller and crew came
> down to Indiana, broke in and stole the satellite uplink
> from Media Bypass’ headquarters. According to James Thomas
> at Tree Top Communications, Republic Radio ripped his
> company off of more than $8,000.00 in long distance service
> before coming in the night and stealing all of the
> satellite equipment out of the studio. Jim filed a police
> report on the theft, but, since Stadtmiller had been doing
> business with Media Bypass and took all of the equipment
> out of state, Evansville police told Thomas it was a civil
> matter. “We now have a court judgement against them. I
> intend to arrange for the Sheriff up in Battle Creek to
> recover all of my equipment eventually,” he said.  (For
> verification of the theft, phone bill and judgement, call
> Jim Thomas at (812) 477-8670.)

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http://www.museumoflondon.org.uk/archive/images/r_broth.gifhttp://www.grouptravelorganiser.com/assets/3/2/Waddesdon_Manor_fullsize.jpgThe House of the Rothschilds                              Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire – London Home of the Rothschild Dynasty


Rothschild Sabbatean Zionist State of Israel preparing the Future Home for the Returning Ten Tribes of the House of Israel

The Divine Mission to Restore the Lost Sheep (Tribes) of the House of Israel

Part Eleven

Section Thirteen

By Robert Mock M.D.


April 2009




The Jewish Connection – The Sabbateans Goal: ‘To Eliminate the Opiate of the Jews”

Almost sixteen hundred years after Joseph of Arimathea and the twelve Jewish Culdees (Refugees) were exiled from Judea and landed on the coastline of Marseilles France, a new messianic phenomenon erupted upon this globe in central Europe.  The Culdee Nazarene mission was to bring the Jewish messianic message of salvation and redemption for all mankind; Jews and Gentiles alike.  The new apostate Jewish Messianism was to bring an era of destruction, insurrection, imperialism, oppression, world wars, holocausts and massive economic chaos. The fullest revelation of this false messianic idealism is only being revealed today as the entire economic world order, built on premises of fraud and deceit appears to be collapsing before our own eyes. 

The year was 1666, and the Turkish Kabbalist (not Kabalist, Cabbalist or Qabbalist) Jew, Shabbatai Tzevi announced to his Jewish followers that the day of the messiah had come.  Actually that “day” was calculated in advance to be on a specific date, June 18, 1666.  With a little insight we begin to see the strange relationships of this specific date to the arrival of the future anti-Messiah in the years just preceding the coming of the true Jewish Messiah. On this date, the pristine mystical truths of the World of the Divine as given and preserved by the Jewish sages began to be corrupted by the demonic forms of evil in Christian Kabalism or Cabalism and Islamic Qabbalism.


Medieval Portrait of “Sabetha Sebi”


This date would be denoted by the triple numerical insignia, 666 for the date of Shabbatai Tzevi’s messiahship was to be on June (6th month), 18 (6+6t+6) in the year of 1000 + 666.  The Jews sold all of their homes and businesses, and were waiting in expectation on the hillsides for the entrance into a new messianic age. 


This event was not unlike the Great Awakening in New England seaboard states of the United States when on October 22, 1844, the Karaite Jewish appointed day of Yom Kippur, the early Adventists (Christians awaiting a literal Advent of the Messiah) quit their jobs, sold their businesses and homes for pennies to the dollar to await the literal coming of the Messiah on hilltops and farms in the New England States of the United States.   

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f7/Shabbatai1.jpgWhat was also little perceived the God of Israel was preparing to launch in the year of 1666 the prophetic players that would bring this world of corruption and greed to its knees and begin the days of redemption and restoration.  The Almighty One would prepare this globe for the fires of His judgment at the time of the event.  He was also preparing the primary actors, the Jews and the Lost Tribes of Israel for the Final Act of the Drama of the Ages.

Shabbatai Tzevi the False Jewish Messiah in the Year of 1666

These Sabbatean actors would arise from within the Jewish faith, yet they would soon abandon the commands of the Torah and reject the God of Israel as they spread their messianic faith around the globe.  The quest of Shabbatai Tzevi was imbedded not only in medieval Judaism, but also in Islam, and within the heart of apostate Christianity. The very heart of mystical Judaism that came from the revelations of the true Jewish kabbalist’s “Tree of Life as envisioned and revealed in print by the esteemed Jewish sage Rabbi Isaac Luria in the 16th century at Safed  was now ripped from its authentic Torah foundation, corrupted and remolded into the heart of Roman Catholicism by Jewish Jesuits and imbedded within the heart of the Islamic faith by the secret Dolmeh Society, later known as The Turks”.   

Shabbati Tzevi, as he first started his Jewish movement also selected his own “false prophet, called Nathan Levi of GazaIt may be just an interesting fact, that out of the heartland of the people that would become the greatest antagonists and bitter enemies of the Jews, the Hamas chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood, in the 21st century would give birth also to the prophet who would help the new messiah twist and contort the true kabbalist’s understanding of the World of the Divine. They would turn their theology into the most fulminate and virulent form of spiritual anti-Semitism, that was anti-Jewish, anti-Judaism, anti-Torah and anti-God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob from its very core and foundation. 


Nathan Levi of Gaza, the Prophet of Shabbatai Tzevi


http://www.havelshouseofhistory.com/Emden.jpgAccording to Shabbatai Tzevi, the messianic days of the redemption were upon us and when this era arrived, “godof the Sabbateans would permit everythingAll the prohibitions by the God of Israel in the Torah would be rescinded in the new messianic era.  In the Ten Commandments, it said, Do not kill but when the messiah comes, they were permitted to Kill”.  These same 10 commands also said, “Do not commit adultery yet in when the messiah comes, it was said that you may commit adultery”.  These same commandments said, “Remember the Seventh Day (Seventh-day Sabbath Shabbat) to keep it holy”, yet when the messiah comes, any day you wish to worship could be your holy day.  It was also the Chief Blessing of the followers of the false Jewish messiah, Shabbatai Tzevi, called Sabbateans, when they said, “Blessed is he who permits the forbidden”. This was their most profound blessing and it swept over half of the Jewish people in Europe within its clutches.

Famed 17th century Talmudist, Rabbi Jacob Emden

Would it be profound enough also to learn that Shabbatai Tzevi was also born in Smyrna, Turkey. The key to this satanic inspired transformation from true Torah into an anti-Semitic virus against the Torah Revelation of God was exposed just before the end of the 1st century CE.  Here we meet the Jewish Apostle John who gave the verdict by the God of Israel in the Revelation of Jesus the Messiah (Book of Revelation), when it made this exposé of the people of Smyrna.  

Revelation 2:9-10 – “And to the angel of the church of Smyrna write, ‘These things says the First and the last, who was dead, and came to life: ‘I know your works, tribulation, and poverty, (but you are rich); and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.”

It was the esteemed Talmudist  Rabbi Jacob Emden in the early 17th century that became the first to expose the dangers of the teachings of the Sabbateans in the European region of Poland.  It was BibleSearchers in the year of 2006 that investigated this era in the series of articles titled, Jesus the Pharisee from the School of (Beit) Hillel in the Eyes of Talmudic Scholar Rabbi Jacob Emden”.  Rabbi Emden became the most passionate defender of covenanted orthodox Judaism against the infiltration of the Sabbateans and the http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/94/Shabbatai2.jpgprofound destruction of what they were doing in the heart of Judaism in Europe.  It was also during this great crisis of faith for the Jewish people with the messianic uprising of the false messiah Shabbatai Tzevi that Rabbi Jacob Emden went back to review all the fifty odd messiahs that had risen over the prior 16 centuries.

Shabbatai Tzvi enthroned as the Messiah – Jewish publication, Tikkun, Amsterdam, 1666

When he came to the life and ministry of Yahshua HaMaschiach (Jesus the Messiah) in the 1st century Judea, he found a Jewish Messiah that was profoundly different that all the rest.  Here was a Jewish messiah that not only lived the life of Torah, but lived and taught that His disciples were to live the precepts of all the Torah above and beyond the “letter of the law”.  In his charges against the heresy of Shabbatai Tzevi, Rabbi Emden wrote a letter defending the life, ministry and the Torah of Yahshua the Messiah in The Letter of Rabbi Jacob Emden, the Seder Olam Rabbah Vezuta (1757) to the Jewish Council of Four Lands”.  Here was the opinion of this sage of Judaism concerning Yahshua HaNotzri (Jesus the Nazarene):


Rabbi Jacob Emden – “Certainly, therefore, there is no doubt that one who seeks truth will agree with our thesis, that the Nazarene and his Apostles never meant to abolish the Torah of Moses from one who was born a Jew. Likewise did Paul write in his letter to the Corinthians (I Corinthians) that each should adhere to the faith in which each was called? They therefore acted in accordance with the Torah by forbidding circumcision to gentiles, according to the Halakha, as it is forbidden to one who does not accept the yoke of the commandmentsThey knew that it would be too difficult for the Gentiles to observe the Torah of Moses. They therefore forbade them to circumcise, and it would suffice that they observe the Seven Noahide Commandments, as commanded upon them through the Halakha from Moses at Sinai.

It is therefore a habitual saying of mine (not as a hypocritical flatterer, God forbid, for I am of the faithful believers of Israel, and I know well that the remnant of Israel will not speak falsehood, nor will their mouths contain a deceitful tongue) that the Nazarene brought about a double kindness in the world. On the one hand, he strengthened the Torah of Moses majestically, as mentioned earlier, and not one of our Sages spoke out more emphatically concerning the immutability of the Torah.

And on the other hand, he did much good for the Gentiles (providing they do not turn about his intent as they please, as some foolish ones have done because they did not fully understand the intent of the authors of the Gospels.)”


Yet the virus of destruction continued to permeate through the Sabbatean Jews around the world.  It would not be until just before the 200 Anniversary (1776-1976) of the Sabbatean Masonic birth of the United States of America that Rabbi Marvin Antelman, the Jewish Chief Justice of the Jewish Supreme Court of America became the first modern Jewish rabbi to exposed the modern agenda of the Jewish Sabbateans. In the year of 1974 he wrote a book called “To Eliminate the Opiate, Volume I that you will find heading the list of every classic list of books on modern conspiracies.  It was be followed by the sequel, “To Eliminate the Opiate, Volume http://biblesearchers.com/reflections/2004/augustkerry_files/image013.jpgII”, twenty four years later in the year of 1998 that exposed the vast influence of the Sabbateans within the modern Jewish Zionist State of Israel, and why their symbiotic relationships with the globalists was and is so profound to Jewish orthodoxy and covenanted Jews.


Former Chief Justice of the Rabbinic Court, Rabbi Marvin Antelman


This was also the same Rabbi Marvin Antelman who as the Chief Justice of the Jewish Supreme Court in the United States, ex-communicated Henry Kissinger from Judaism in the 1974 Rabbinic Council for his ties with the Council on Foreign Relationship and as the United States Secretary of State sought to destroy Israel during the Yom Kippur War of 1976 and to this day, Rabbi Antelman continues to expose the criminal activities of these Jewish Sabbateans.

Henry KissingerIt was Rabbi Antelman, who has been the most profound voice exposing the satanic roots of the Jewish Sabbateans.  With great deliberation, he exposed the insidious evil that the Sabbateans were committing to destroy the orthodox Jewish people all around the world.  It was also Antelman’s most famous protégé, the Jewish investigative reporter and author, Barry Chamish who BibleSearchers has used in the past for his investigative studies on the corruption and evil within the Labor Zionists of Israel.

Henry Kissinger, the Jewish 56th United States Secretary of State (1973-1977)

In the following article, Barry Chamish documents the insidious evil the Sabbatean Jews have committed upon the orthodox Jewish people.  It will be this exposé taken from the written manuscript of a speech Chamish gave just before the expulsion of the 10,000 Jewish orthodox farmers, nurserymen and families from Gush Katif at Gaza that will be the foundation of this manuscript.  Part of this exposé will be Ariel Sharon, as the Prime Minister of the Labor Zionist government of the State of Israel in 2005, who exiled his own Jewish orthodox people, for the Labor Zionist government of the State of Israel.   What we will learn he created thousands of Jewish refugees, of which a majority of productive farm families are still refugees within their own land of IsraelWe given credit to the brave and intrepid Barry Chamish for his speech titled, “Shabtai Tzevi, Labor Zionism and the Holocaust that is now in book form by the same name.

It was the Sabbateans who were the first to believe with all their hearts that the messianic era would be instituted when Jews would systematically begin breaking every law of the Torah and defy their judgments by the God of Israel.  Their era of the messiah never came to their expectations in the 17th century


In fact, Mehmed IV the Sultan of Turkey (1648-1687) in September 1666 had Shabbatai Tzevi arrested.  For awhile he was allowed to have his own royal court in prison until he was given the ultimatum and a promise.  If the rabbi would give up his Judaism and his Torah, renounce Judaism, and convert to Islam, the Sultan would relinquish his sentence of a “long, tortuous death”.  To the amazement of the orthodox Jews, not only did he convert to Islam, but he twisted his interpretations of the Torah and took a large percentage of Judaism into Islam with him. Yet, a problem existed, soon may of the followers became crushed or disillusioned with Sabbatean theology and returned back to Orthodox Judaism.

Jacob Frank, the Islamic Dolmeh Emissary to Europe

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d9/Shabbatai3.jpgEven so, a larger group of Jews did convert to Islam and became a cult in Turkey called the Dolmeh Cult, for it was they, who proclaimed, “We infiltrate Islam and other religions, but keep our Sabbatean beliefs with us at all times. And to this day, the Dolmeh continue to infiltrate into other religions and cults to our modern era.


Shabbatai Tzvi as a Prisoner of the Turkish Sultan in Abydos – “Ketzer Geschichte,” 1701, Published in the 1901-1906 Jewish Encyclopedia


At the time while Shabbatai Tzevi was alive, it was the Turkish cult that were called the Dolmeh that lay dormant until the years surrounding the 1770s when Jacob Frank, a European Sabbatean who had lived and studied with the Dolmeh Turks, returned to Europe and spread a new messianic heresy across the continent of Europe. This time, the target was not just to the Jewish people but to the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel who had populated and now claimed Europe to be their own homeland.

With the inward desire that power, greed, and control rules, Yacov (Jacob) Frank who first went to the elite of the European countries and became a darling in the courts of the royalty.   As was written by BibleSearchers Reflections in the subarticle titled, Jacob Frank and the Jewish Alliance with the Illuminati and the Rothschildswe read:

BibleSearchers Reflections“The time of the end did not come and the millennial kingdom did not arrive.  The works and studies of Shabbatai Zevi went underground.  Fifty years later, Yakov ben Judah Leib Frankovich (1726-1791) was born to a Jewish rabbi in Podolia in old Poland in the region of modern Ukraine.  From Poland he traveled to the Middle East as a cloth merchant.  There in Turkey he was initiated into the secret Shabbatean rites of Donmeh Shabbataism.  When he returned to the Ashkenazi Polish Jews they thought he was a Turkish Sephardi Jew and called him frenk, which in Yiddish means a Sephardi Jew.  He soon assumed a new family name, Frank’.   At the age of twenty nine (1755) Jacob Frank returned to Poland; he had been fully indoctrinated into the mystical anti-Torah, anti-Talmudic teachings of mystical Shabbataism.  He transmitted his teachings to central Europe.  He posed as an orthodox Sephardi Jew from whence came his name, Frank, which in Jewish Ashkenazi Yiddish means a Sephardi. There he founded the heretical Jewish sect called Frankists.”

Now accepted by the Sephardi Jews in Poland, Jacob Frank convinced the Roman Catholic bishop of his province in Poland that his Sabbatean group was against the Jewish  and were not Jews, but were allies with the Roman Catholic Church in suppressing the http://eretz.cz/images/stories/dnesek-v-dejinach/2006-11-22.jpgJews. Within his Catholic diocese, the bishop offered Jacob Frank and his followers protection from the Jews.  In verification and support of the Roman Catholic Jewish suppression by the Roman Catholics, there suddenly erupted numerous book burnings until all the Jewish Talmuds were destroyed in this Polish diocese.

The Burning of the Jewish Talmuds in Poland

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9b/Jakub_Frank.jpgThis act was impressive to his Catholic benefactors for the Catholic hierarchy now felt that they had legitimate allies with the former Jewish FrankistsWith the verification of their evil deeds, the Frankists were able to establish a power base in Poland from which to spread their seeds of destructionWhat was even more important, they were now financed by the Roman Catholic Church. What the bishop did not know was that his allies that had now become official Roman Catholics were still living dual lives and in their duplicity, within this province of Poland, sexual orgies became the “purification of the soul” and secretly during the Purim festivals, this day became an annual wife-swapping event for hidden Frankists.  They not only debased their new Catholic religion but they also debased their own spiritual heritage in Judaism.


Jacob Frank (Yakov ben Judah Leib Frankovich1726-1791)

Suddenly the new wave of Catholic conversions came under the ministry of Jacob Frank and the Sabbateans as hundreds and even thousands of Jews were baptized in huge ceremonies.  What a revival these were. In one giant baptism ceremony, Jacob Frank officiated with the baptism of 5000 Jews into Jesuit Illuminati Catholicism but in secret they knew themselves as Frankists not necessarily Roman Catholic Christians. With thousands of new converts under his control, Jacob Frank began to organize them into underground or clandestine cells of small and separated groups of whom only he knew and controlled. To the Frankists, this Christian conversion was only an interlude, an intermediate growth stage into the future when the final messianic era would be revealed.  As BibleSearchers continued:


BibleSearchers Reflections – “Jacob Frank soon began to have direct revelations from heaven and admonished his followers to convert to ChristianityThey began to practice an underground religion that was anti-Torah and like Shabbatai Zevi and Nathan of Gaza engaged in sexual activities forbidden by Torah.  The halakhah of Torah was abandoned for a higher wisdom or knowledgeFrom the midst of Luria’s Kabbalah which was based on the Mosaic Torah, the Frankists claimed a new wisdom, the Torah of emanations or the Christian Cabbala which was anti-Torah.

As such the Shabbateans and the Frankists corrupted the Jewish prophetic idea of the emanations of God in the TaNaKh (Old Testament) and instead of subjecting themselves to the emanations of the Almighty by their covenantal relationship with God and obeying His commandments; they reproduced a new ‘Torah of emanations’ which they could control.  They took the spirit of the little hornof Daniel the prophet and in essence proclaimed that they ‘were like God’.

This Christian conversion was to be an intermediate growth stage to the future and final messianic religion.   In 1759, the influence of Frankists caught the eye of the Polish nobility when a large number of Jews converted to Frankism and performed a spectacular ceremony with the sacred rites of mass baptism at Lvov, Poland (L’viv, Ukraine). The Catholic Church filed charges against Jacob Frank and he was imprisoned for the next thirteen years (1760-1773).  .

File:Maria Theresia11.jpgAs soon as Jacob Frank was released from prison, he left the country of Poland and emigrated to Bruno, Austria (now Brno, Czech Republic) where his works caught the eye of the Catholic benefactor, Maria Theresa, the archduchess of Austria.   There in the court of Maria Theresa, Jacob Frank was hired to be the Roman Christian spokesperson to the Jews.

Maria Theresa, the Archduchess of Austria – Painting by Jean-Étienne Liotard

Maria Theresa (1717-1780) was the Archduchess regnant of Austria, and also the Queen Regnant of Hungary, Croatia, and BohemiaBy her marriage to Francis I of Lorraine, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and the last member of the House of the Habsburgs, Maria Theresa, upon the Emperor’s death in the year of 1765, became also became the Dowager Queen of the Holy Roman Empire, for she co-ruled with her son, Joseph who became the Emperor in that same year.


Mary Theresa was an energetic and capable ruler, and she was not only a devout Catholic but within her realm, she became an economic, educational, agricultural, and military reformer.  Her conflicts with the Kingdom of Prussia led her countries into the Seven Year War (1756-1763) and later the War of the Bavarian Succession.

It was into the royal court of the Viennese Archduchess that Jacob Frank arrived in the year of 1773, only three years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence in America.  Under the royal protection of Maria Theresa, Frank was also planting the seeds of insurrection and international intrigue.  Secretly Jacob Frank sent secret emissaries to the archbishop of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Tsar of Russia. He wanted them to assist him in the overthrow of Poland and the Polish Catholic Church. Within the Frankist cells, Frank had also taken the role of a messiah, like Shabbatai TzeviHe even established his own miniature royal court where this Jewish Messiah now turned Roman Catholic specifically selected twelve female disciples who were his concubines and twelve male disciples who were to be his emissaries. 


The Seventeen year old, Kaiserin Maria Theresia Tochter the daughter of Karl VI. von Habsburg Österreich – Painting by Andreas Möller

The Archduchess of Vienna was no fool and soon began to suspect that Frank was not a Christian but a Jew in Christian clothing. Excommunicated earlier by the Jewish rabbis, later imprisoned by the Polish Catholics, he finally was expelled from Poland and Vienna.  At the age of sixty (1786), Jacob Frank moved to a small German village, Offenbach, where in luxury as the Baron of Offenbach” he spent the last five years of his life. There, Jacob Frank held his own court of 600 attendees to the small village of Offenbach near Frankfurt, Germany.  The greatest of mysteries that with the loss of the largess of the Austrian Dowager Maria Theresa in Vienna, who were the new benefactors that came to Jacob Frank’s aid?

The Frankist, Jesuit, Rothschild Revolution in Europe and America

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire,

The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire.

And I control the money supply.”
Baron Nathan Mayer de Rothschild (1777-1836)


“Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that

you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country.

When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank.

You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter,

I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin!

Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin!

You are a den of vipers and thieves.”
   – Attributed to President Andrew Jackson, who in 1836 forced the closing of the

Second Bank of the U.S. by revoking its charter.


“The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace

And conspire against it in times of adversity.

It is more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy,

And more selfish than bureaucracy.

It denounces as public enemies, all who question it’s methods or

Throw light upon it’s crimes.

I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the Bankers in the rear.

Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe…

Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow,

And the money powers of the country will endeavor to prolong it’s reign

By working upon the prejudices of the people

Until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a few, and the Republic is destroyed.
President Abraham Lincoln  

American Civil War


By the year of 1786, the German city of Frankfurt was the official headquarters of Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Bavarian Order of the Illuminate. Trained as a Roman Catholic Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt became a protégé of Ignacio López de Loyola (1491-1556) the founder of the Society of Jesus who are known today as the Jesuits.  Loyola later became the first Superior General, a powerful political and spiritual force that is today known as the Black (Hidden) Pope who controls the most powerful intelligence organization in the world.

In the year of 1491, San Ignacio de Loyola was born in the Basque province of http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en-commons/e/e8/Adam_Weishaupt02.jpgGuipuzcoa, Spain to a wealthy family of Jewish Marranos. His first entry, as a young man, was into a Jewish Illuminati Order in Spain while serving actively in the Roman Catholic Church.  Wounded permanently in battle, Loyola’s life turned to one of personal holiness. He went to Paris and there became a priest and in 1539, he moved to Rome where the Jesuit Orderwas given birth.

Jewish Adam Weishaupt, Jesuit-trained founder of the

Bavarian Order of the Illuminati

Joseph Johann Adam Weishaupt, on the other hand was born on February 6, 1748 in the city of Ingolstadt in the German state of Bavaria. His father was a professor in the University of Ingolstadt.  It was in the year of 1773 that two important events happened. The young “Adam” now educated as a Jesuit but was raised as a secret Sabbatean Jew, broke his allegiance with the Jesuit society amazing in the same year which Pope Clemens XVI dissolved the Jesuit order. Did he have inside information, we do not know. Within three years, in the year of 1776, a few months before the American Revolution and the Signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Bavarian Order of the Illuminate was formed. What little is known was that Adam Weishaupt came from a Jewish family that had converted to Roman Catholicism during the same era after the messianic revival of Shabbatai Tzevi in 1666.

The relationship between the Jesuits, Adam Weishaupt and the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati was collaborated with the testimony of Eric Jon Phelps in the article titled, “The Black Pope – The Most Powerful Man in the World which he wrote:

Eric Jon Phelps – “From the Jesuit College of Ingolstadt is said to have issued the sect known as ‘The Illuminati of Bavaria’ founded by Adam Weishaupt. Its nominal founder, however, seems to have played a subordinate though conspicuous role in the organization of this sect.” [Occult Theocracy, Lady Queenborough, originally published in 1933] On May 1, 1776, the Order of the Illuminati was officially founded in the old Jesuit stronghold of Bavaria. The Company would now use the Jewish House of Rothschild to finance the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon the Freemason with his Jesuit-trained advisor, Abbe Sieyes. In spite of the historical writings of the Jesuit Abbe Barruel, who blamed the Rothschild’s and Freemasonry for the Revolution, it was the Society of Jesus that used these very tools to carry http://www.perfecteconomy.com/img-rothschild-mayer-amschel---x200.jpgout the Revolution and punish the monarchs who dared to expel the Jesuits from their dominions. The Jesuits, having been expelled from the Spanish Empire, found refuge in Corsica. From there they raised up their great avenger, Napoleon Bonaparte.”

Amschel Mayer Rothschild (1744-1812)

In fact the Illuminate as an official body has been around over four hundred years before Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Order of the IlluminateIt was first founded in 1492 by the Marranos or Crypto Jews and known as the Alumbrado. Out of the forced conversions and severe persecutions in Spain and Portugal as early as 1391, hundreds of thousands of Jews were forced by the threat of death to convert to Roman Catholic Christianity.  Then in the year of 1492 the Jews were expelled from Spain by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.  On that very day the edict began for the Jewish expulsion, the 9th of Av, Christopher Columbus, now known to be a Kabbalist Jew “sailed the ocean blue to find the watery road to the New World.

Meyer Amschel came from a German Jewish family where he had rabbinic training to become a Jewish rabbi. He took the name of Rothschild and established a banking house in the German city, Frankfurt am Main about the year of 1764.  Today the Rothschild International Banking Houses are believed to be a major player in the international global crisis that swept the world in the years of 2008-2009 and destined to be a controlling interest in the soon to rise World Federation of Nations.

http://www.revolutionary-war-and-beyond.com/image-files/jonathan-trumbull-signing-of-the-declaration-of-independence-large.jpgAnd so here arrives Jacob Frank to the region of Frankfurt, Germany, the year of 1786The American colonies had already declared their independence from Great Britain in 1776.   The 13 American colonies, now recognized as the Tribe of Manasseh that was the 13th tribe of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, fought their Revolutionary War of Independence between the years of 1775-1783.

Signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776

Ten years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a new alliance was formed in Frankfurt, Germany. These were revolutionary timesWhat was erupting in Europe quickly was transmitted to America.  The seeds of rebellion and the desire for independence and autonomy made the Masonic leadership of the Continental Congress a funnel to soak in ideas of change”.  Today we see the 2008-9 economic revolution erupting around the world as 44th President of the United States, the newly elected Black Mason, probably the first non-American President, Barak Hussein Obama riding into the White House on a platform of “change”.  He is now heralded in many diverse sectors of the world as the Messiah Obama and the King of the World”.


If we could see behind the inter-dimensional veil and behold the “Hand” of the Divine, would we see the finger of God, who was guiding each of these vast earth changing movements in the moments of their birth?  As the United States of America and the Order of the Illuminate were now approaching their 10th birthday we would now know that Adam Weishaupt was only 38 years old, Amschel Rothschild was 42 years old and Jacob Frank was 60 years old.

There was no doubt that Meyer Amschel Rothschild was the financier.  His desire was to gain control of the world’s financial marketplace. Between the Jesuits, that were founded by Jewish bloodlines and the Sabbateans that were now underground Catholics also of Jewish bloodlines, they both would become the agents that could bring the “money to the House of Rothschild, the best example of the ancient Jewish Sadducees.

Adam Weishaupt already had the structural foundation for an international organization and Jacob Frank was quite adept at laying the mystical foundations.  He provided the underground cells for the future subversive acts by the Order of the IlluminatiTheir primary goal was to roll back the tide of the Protestant Reformation and to bring the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church back into full control of religious and spiritual life in Europe and the Americas. Working hand in hand, the Illuminati and the Jesuits were a powerful coalition seeking to return these two regions back into the fold of Rome. As Barry Chamish wrote in the article titled,”Kerry, Gaza, and the New Sabbatean”, we learn:

http://www.caravaglia.com/uploaded_images/MasonicTemple-761259.jpgBarry Chamish – “Frankfurt at the time was the headquarters of the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati, as well as Rothschild Brothers’ financial empireThis is worth repeating; Frankfurt was the birthplace of both the Illuminati and the Rothschild Financial Empire. When Jacob Frank entered the city, the alliance between the two had already begun. Weishaupt provided the conspiratorial resources of the Jesuit Order, while the Rothschilds contributed the moneyWhat was missing was a means to spread the agenda of the Illuminati and the Frankists added with their network of agents throughout the Christian and Islamic worlds(Barry Chamish, Kerry, Gaza and the New Sabbatean Holocaust, pg 2) 

The George Washington Masoner’s Temple in Alexandria, Virginia

Sometime between the years of 1785 and 1786, according to Chamish, the subversive activities of the Illuminati were discovered when a satchel was discovered in the possession of a man who fell off his horse and died.  The satchel included the plans for the French Revolution.  The Bavarian Order of the Illuminati was banned in Bavaria and this ban swept the European states  The Illuminati went underground. It took a fourth party by the name of Franz Thomas von Schoenfeld who under the assumed name of Moses Dobruschka who would take this conspiracy to its final level – invade the upper echelon of the hierarchy of the British and Scottish Freemasonry.

http://singletonlodge.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/masonic_ball_announcement.jpgBibleSearchers Reflections – “Under the assumed name of Junius Frey, Moses Dobruschka (aka. Franz Thomas von Schoenfeld) became a member of the Jacobins, and took the mystical teaching of Shabbatai Zevi to the top of the British and Scottish Freemasonry lodges.  The Scottish rite’s, known as the Continental Masonry, origins were in European Masonry practiced in the mid 17th centuryThe constitutions of the Scottish Rite were formulated in 1761, 1762 and 1786.  The influence of these rites went global along the trails of British Imperialism and practiced today in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.” (Scottish Rite Masons)

1st Masonic Inaugural Ball in Honor of the 4th President of the United States, Barack Obama

By the year of the constitutional formulations of the Scottish Rites (1786), the corrupted ideology of Sabbatean false-Jewish mysticism had now been imbedded within Scottish Freemasonry. Is it surprising that ten out of the twenty signers that left their signatures upon the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons?  Scholars have proved that eight Signers of the fifty six signers of the Constitution of the United States in the year of 1787 were Masons but as many as thirty signers may have been Masons. Many of the signers of the United States Bill of Rights (1789) were Scottish Freemasons?  Is it also of interest that the 1st ever Masonic Inaugural Ball ever held was in honor of President Barak Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States on January 9, 2009?  Is it of interest that President Barak Hussein Obama is a 32nd degree Prince Hall Freemason who was nurtured the by Chicago based Nation of Islam and the ancient Knight Templar Masons?

http://www.munic.state.ct.us/BURLINGTON/us_one_dollar_bill/us_dollar_back.gifThe Reverse of the United States One Dollar Bill

It is surprising that the Anti-Messiah, according to the Muslims, called the Dajjal, according to the Islamic saying (Hadiths) of Muhammad the Prophet is reputed to have One Eye”.  As we look at the back of the United States Dollar, we are reminded that the Cult of the All Seeing Eye is a part of the very foundation of America, the homeland of the Tribe of Manasseh. Above the Pyramid and the All Seeing Eye, we read, “Annuit Coeptis” (God has Favored our Understanding) and below, “Novus Ordo Seclorum (The New Order for the Ages). Then we are again reminded that the cultic forces of the Sabbatean-Jesuit-Illuminati were there and have been there all the time, and that reality has now become transparent here at the time of the end.


The Rothschild – Rockefeller Connection


“I want to own nothing and control everything” — J D Rockefeller

“The secret to success is to own nothing, but control everything.” — Nelson Rockefeller


“The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining Supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control…. Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.”
Larry P. McDonald, US Congressman, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747

that was shot down by the Soviets


“The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state and nation.

Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a self created screen….

At the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as international bankers.

The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes.

They practically control both political parties.”
John F. Hylan, 1922, then mayor of New York City


Through the 18th and 19th centuries, the two major centers for the Illuminati and the Sabbateans were Frankfurt and London.  These two power centers for the global forces in Europe seeking world domination would in 1978 become code-named by the newly nominated Pope John Paul II as the Golden Internationale.


http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/6f/John_D._Rockefeller_1885.jpg/225px-John_D._Rockefeller_1885.jpgFrankfurt was the virtual financial capital of the world and London was then the political capital of the British Empire and the occultist capital of Scottish Freemasonry.  During the 19th century the economic and intelligence highway between London and Frankfurt was heavily traveled, for here were the economic and geo-political forces that were changing the world during the height of the British Empire.

John D. Rockefeller in 1905

First we see the apostate Jews of Germany, Karl Marx and Frederick Engel moving back and forth between Britain and Germany as the Communist Manifesto was written.  This Manifesto, according to Chamish, was used brilliantly by the Jesuits in the early 17th century in the South American country of Paraguay.  It was there that the Indians that were not killed were enslaved in communes.  For 158 years, more than 150,000 Guarani Indians were enslaved in 30 concentration camps called reducciones”.  As international attention was highlighted upon these evil acts, the citizens of Europe were incensed until the Spanish king, Carl III issued a royal decree that drove out the Jesuits from all Spanish colonies. The conceptual breeding grounds for the godless activities of the Sabbateans were established first in Germany and then put into international political movements and organizations coming out of the capital of the British Empire.

The political movements of the Sabbateans can be seen in their maturity today in the international military crusades that were pursued by the Jewish Sabbatean Neo-Cons of the Bush administration starting in the War against Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq during the seven years between the years of 2001-2008.  The spiritual father of the American Neo-Cons was Leo Strauss of the University of Chicago who as a German Jew, according to Chamish, “inspired the people who are raping and pillaging Iraq right now (2004)… for “young Americans are dying for Sabbateans…in the war in Iraq”.   Yet, these are the same forces that are shifting their military sights and withdrawing out of Iraq and returning back to Afghanistan now in the Obama Administration.


Leo Strauss, of the University of Chicago, Sabbatean Father of the American Neo-Cons

With new alliances that appear to be forming between Pakistan and the Taliban, the world may soon be facing a Nuclear Al Qaeda or Taliban.   The Pashtun Tribes of Afghanistan that are prophetically known as the Bani-Israel Lost Tribes of the House of Israel are prophetically one of God’sBattle Axes destined to destroy empires and nations. God’s final judgment is let to be seen in this war.


http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/de/John_D._Rockefeller_1917_painting.jpgThere was one element of the infiltrations by the Sabbateans into the nations of the world that has remained elusive; America and the Rockefellers.  The Rockefeller agents of the House of Rothschild did not have any political influence in America prior to the middle of the 19th century.  In the 1850s, the House of Rothschild sent John Jacob Astor and Jacob Schiff as emissaries from their headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany to the United States. About the same time, out of the loins of the Frankfurt Illuminati-Sabbateans there arrived during the Civil War a Rothschild agent from Frankfurt called Judah Benjamin that became the financial advisor to the government of the Southern Confederate States of the United States.  Soon the Rothschilds had control of the banking industry in the Southern Confederate States of America.

John D. Rockefeller painted in 1917 by John Singer Sargent

The goal of the Rothschild’s emissaries, John Jacob Astor and Jacob Schiff, were to take over the America financially for the Illuminati and the Sabbateans. The role of the Illuminati was much more visible than their elusive Jewish Sabbatean sponsors and agents. The first mission of Astor and Schiff was to finance the robber barons who were the major businessmen and bankers who dominated their industries.  By the use of unfair and unethical business practices, they amassed huge fortunes. These barons included;  John Jacob Astor (real estate and fur) from New York City, Andrew Carnegie (railroad and steel) from Pittsburgh, John D. Rockefeller (railroads) with Standard Oil, Cornelius Vanderbilt (railroads), Edward Henry Harriman (railroads) in New York, John Pierpont Morgan (corporate financer and industrial consolidator, and numerous others.

With the financing from the Rothschilds, they were promised wealth, power, control in exchange for the promotion of the Rothschild’s financial interests and the Illuminati’s agenda. This was a mutual relationship that benefited both parties.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e9/JohnPierpontMorgan.jpgIt would be in the year of 1922 that J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller created the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR).  It became a front for the Sabbatean-Illuminati under the control of the Rothschild Dynasty.  The purpose of this organization, according to Chamish was to overthrow the government of the United States and make it into a country controlled by a global unified order that was controlled by the now almost three hundred and fifty year old consortium of the Rothschild’s global financial empire, Weishaumpt’s Jesuit Illuminati, and the Frankist’s Sabbateans.

John Pierpont Morgan

During these same years the Sabbateans were also trying to overthrow Judaism and by overthrowing their Torah and the God in which they served pacify and transform all covenant keeping Jews into anti-Torah Sabbatean Jews.  To corrupt the Jews they sought to corrupt Judaism. Soon out of Germany came the Reform Judaism Movement.  Later through Germany and Britain came the Conservative Judaism Movement.

The goal was to dilute Judaism and the spiritual power of the orthodox Jew would be transformed by spiritual elements foreign to ancient Judaism. The problem existed that Orthodox Jews did not cooperate.  They did not rebel, neither did they revolt. They just did not choose to sin against HaShem, their own God. With the defeat of the conspiracy that by twisting the Jewish religion into a religion that would negate their love for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, it only emboldened the Orthodox Jew to yearn more for his home in the Promised Land in Israel.

So, a new plan was devised called Zionism”.  Zionism, according to Chamish, was founded by the Sabbateans with the international assistance of the British Freemasons, to take over the land of Israel and convert it into a Sabbatean state.  As Chamish confesses, Israel was conceived in utter sin!

The Jewish people were given a “holocaust by their Sabbatean and Illuminati masters, because that is what it took to force them to go to the land of Israel. In spite of the concentration camps and the ovens at Dachau, the Jewish people still kept being moral.  This was a concept that was hard for religious Christians and western secularists to understand how not to bargain their core beliefs with the “devil”.  It was also hard for them to differentiate between the Sabbatean Jew and the authentic Orthodox Covenanted Jew and realize that the authentic Jewish believers in God are not their enemy and neither were they the killers of the Jewish messiah Yahshua, known to Christians as Jesus Christ.

The same battles that were waged by the Sadducees of the Temple High Priest family of Ananias and the Pharisees of Shammai against the covenanted Jews during the days when Yahshua (Jesus) was living in Galilee and Judea are being waged today.  The “virtual reality battle of the Oslo Accord trying to give up tangible assets of Landin the Nation of Israel to the Palestinians with a mere promise of peace is a war between the good and decent vast majority of Israel and these Sabbateans ruling them.” 

The Labor Zionist Movement of 1880 to 1917

Einstein: What Makes Me Happiest – a Jewish State in Palestine

Letter to Paul Ehrenfest, dated March 22, 1919 in Physics Today , April 2005
Translated and annotated by Bertram Schwarzschild


“I’m very disillusioned with politics right now. Those countries [the Allied powers] whose victory I thought, during the war, would be by far the lesser evil, now show themselves to be an only slightly lesser evil. On top of that, there’s the thoroughly dishonorable domestic politics: the reactionaries with all their shameful deeds in repulsive revolutionary disguise.


One doesn’t know where to look to take pleasure in human striving. What makes me happiest is the [prospective] realization of a Jewish state in Palestine. It seems to me that our brethren [Stammgenossenen] really are nicer [sympathische] (at least less brutal) than these awful [scheuslichen] Europeans. Maybe it can only get better if the Chinese alone survive; they lump all Europeans together as ‘bandits.”

http://www.soc.cmu.ac.th/~chaiwat/pix-soc/marx.jpgIf it was hard to take the morality away from a Jew and get him to blaspheme his own God, it was also hard to get the Orthodox Jews to move to Israel. They could not see any purpose for doing so. Their God had taken the land away from them because they believed of their sins and defiance of their temple and political leaders.  They expected to wait until the Messiah returned to tell them to return.

The Jewish Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto

https://homelessholocaust.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/160e9-vladimir_lenin5b15d.jpgTo change the equation, the Sabbateans after the 1880s began to make like miserable for the average orthodox Jew.  First there came the European pogroms of the 1880s, with the special assistance of the Roman Catholic Jesuits, many of which were Sabbateans Jews. The Jesuits provided the militaristic communities and cells called “Cossacks and the Sabbateans provided the Communists with Karl Marx and Vladimir LeninLife in Russia became a living hell and this time the Jews did leave.


The Jewish Marxist Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924)


Over two million of the Jews left, but they did not go to Roman Palestine but to America.  So the Illuminati-Sabbateans had to conspire against honorable God-fearing Jews and convince the President of the United States to ban large scale immigration by the Jews to America.  Every other nationality was welcome, but not the Jew. It was the Sabbateans’ intent to shut the doors to America so that the Jews would be diverted to “Roman Palestine”.

The Zionist Movement was then formed.  As we would guess, it was formed in Vienna, German, the ancient hunting grounds of Jacob Frank. The Sabbatean movement formulated its first mission and statement of purpose by Sabbatean Jews such as Natan Birmbaum (1864-1937) and Peretz Smolekin.

Nathan was a Viennese Jewish writer and journalist that was born to an Eastern European Jewish family.   While he was attending the University of Vienna, he founded Kadimah, the first Jewish Zionist student association. He went on to become the Secretary-General of the Zionist Organization and became the Zionists leading spokesman. He quickly became disillusioned and soon left the Zionist movement. The word in which he personally coined; Zionist”, “Zionism” (1890), and political Zionism” (1892) he learned to loath as they were transformed into the iconic images of the power brokers of the SabbateansThey quickly transformed the idealism of Zionism into a “party machine”.


The Book, “Der Judenstaat” Reputed to have been Written by Theodore Herzl in 1895

Peretz (Peter) on the other hand was a Russian Jewish novelist whose life was the life of a ghetto Jew who was first a rationalist and later a mystic.  He settled in Odessa as an antinomian (“against the law (Torah) which he immortalized in his novels and became known as the Jewish Thackeray.  Neither of these two, though, had the charisma to charm, convince, extol, or to tempt the European Jews to move to the Holy Land. But within ten years there arose a new Viennese reporter, Theodore Herzl who did have a magnetic personality and the charisma needed by the Sabbatean Zionists.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/50/Herzl_retouched.jpg/200px-Herzl_retouched.jpgTheodore Herzl (1860-1904) became the leader of the Zionists movement and according to his bios, he wrote the book called “Der Judenstatt or The Jewish State”.  This fact was a farce, according to Chamish, for Herzl was suppose to have written it in the summer the year after the Dreyfus Affair, but there was one problem, he was not in Paris the summer of 1895.  From all appearance, the book was written by a ghost writer. As Chamish noted, Herzl earlier wrote plays and it was obvious that he was a “bad writer”. But Herzl’s charisma made him an “amazing” leader, so Herzl received a book reputedly written by him.   


Zionist leader, Theodor Herzl


http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/20/Abdulhamid_II.jpgHerzl had a sincere idea to buy “Palestine” legitimately from Abdül Hamid II, the Sultan of Turkey.  The World Zionist Organization liked the idea and sent Theodor Herzl in the year of 1912 to negotiate with the cash poor Ottoman government to purchase Palestine that was the private possession of the crown.  The Sultan refused. If the plan had worked, Chamish was convinced that World War I would have been adverted and the British would not have had to fight the Ottoman Turks to take possession of “Roman Palestine”. 


Abdül Hamid II, the Sultan of Turkey refused to Sell the Land of Palestine to the Jews


So Theodore went to Britain with alternative plans. If the Jews could not have a safe home in Palestine, the Jews could be moved to Eastern Africa in Uganda or some other empty land in the Dark Continent. It was a noble move, but it was not destined to be approved by the God of Israel whose only agents to achieve His Sovereign Will, the Sabbateans were wolves in sheep’s clothing”,  They wanted to take possession of the land of Israel and not Uganda. It was the will of the God of Israel that His chosen land Israel, that was still encumbered with its Roman name, Palestine would come back into the possession of the Jewish people as He promised through the prophets that He would do. 

With his failed mission, Theodore Herzl’s days were numbered.  Shortly afterwards, at the young age of 43 years, he died. The story that circulated throughout the Jewish communities was that Herzl’s heart stopped because he worked so hard for the Jewish people. The truth was that Herzl entered a Paris Sanatorium for unknown reasons, stayed there two weeks and never came out. According to Chamish:


Barry Chamish – “I have no problem believing that he was murdered in there, no problem at all. This is the pattern of these Sabbateans: they eliminate people they don’t like. They eliminate people who threaten them. But, I can’t prove that (Herzl’s suspicious death was murder) but obviously (the murder of Israeli’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin)’s (death) I can prove.” 

http://history.sandiego.edu/gen/ww1/images/weizmann.jpgThe head of the Jewish Zionist Movement was replaced with a German educator called Chaim WeizmanChamish exclaims, “Words do not describe the damage this man has done to the world. Now, what we were told is that Chaim Weizmann took on the Zionist movementDuring World War I, he developed a way to make acetone from dried paint …and that process ‘saved the war.’ Now, I want you to know, I checked… There was a little factory built.  He was a chemist. Not one bomb in World War I used his method, not a one. And even so, the story we are told is: ‘The British were so (impressed about) this wonderful new way to make explosives, they gave him ‘Palestine’… This is the myth… you know. This is the myth that we have been raised with.”


Chaim Weizmann, 1st President of the State of Israel


It was in the year 1915 that the Zionist leader, Chaim Weizmann met British Prime Minister Lord Balfour.  An interesting conversation took place at that meeting, when Lord Balfour inquired of Chaim Weizmann as to the reasons why the Zionists had refused Great Britain’s offer of refuge for the Jewish people to live in Uganda.  Chaim responded: “Suppose I was to offer you Paris instead of London, would you take it?”  Balfour responded, “Dr. Weizmann, we have London.” And Weizmann responded, “That is true, but we had Jerusalem when London was still a marsh.” This event was two years before the official British proclamation, called the Balfour Accord that expressed the British Empire’s intent to seek international approval for an Israeli homeland in the land of “Roman Palestine”. 

Now, Weizmann, according to a secondary document on the life of Albert Einstein becoming a supporter to the Zionist cause, Chaim Weizmann that affirmed the earlier remarks by Barry Chamish as to the pride of the leading spokesman for Zionism, Russian born professor of Biochemistry in Manchester, England, when it reported in Albert Einstein’s Zionism”:

Albert Einstein’s Zionism – “Having made a crucial contribution to the British war effort (devising a way to synthesize acetone, a TNT ingredient, from cereals and horse chestnuts) Weizmann uses his good graces to lobby for a Jewish homeland in Palestine.”

The Zionist leader, Chaim Weizmann’s days were now over.  The fate of Ottoman Turkey lay in the decision not to sell the Land of Palestine to the Jewish Zionists, and the executioners of that fate lay in the hands of a group of Sabbatean Jews called The Young Turks”. Before it was over the world would be engulfed in flames.

HaTor today

Go to Section Fourteen –

The Final Days of the Labor Zionist State of Israel as the

Messiah calls the Lost Tribes of Israel to come Home


To understand more about the Return of the 10 Tribes of Israel, contact Kol Ha Tor, the Voice of the Turtledove,

As a Reception from the House of Judah is forming to await the returning House of Israel

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The Divine Mission to Restore the Lost Sheep (Tribes) of the House of Israel

Part Eleven

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Joseph of Arimathea, the Jewish Metal Merchant and Apostle to Britannia

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The Jewish Nazarene Refugees Flee to the Isle of Avalon

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The Jewish Nazarene Culdee Yeshiva and the British Cymric Druids

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The Early Formative and Lost Years of Jesus

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The Vetusta Ecclesia – The Ancient Synagogue built by the Hand of God’s Messiah

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The History of the Vetusta Nazarene Synagogue (Ancient Ecclesia)


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The Exile of the Ten Tribes of Israel


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The Early Israelite Migrations


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God’s Battle-Axe – Mystery of the Pashtun Israelites of Afghanistan


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The Durrani Pashtun Afghan Bani-Israel Empire and its Legacy –

the Islamic Messiah, the Mahdi and the anti-Messiah, the Dajjal


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The Israelite-Scythian Migration to Europe


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Finding a New Home for the Lost Tribes of Israel


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Rothschild Sabbatean Zionist State of Israel preparing the Future Home for the Returning Ten Tribes of the House of Israel


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The Final Days of the Labor Zionist State of Israel as the

Messiah calls the Lost Tribes of Israel to come Home


Message from BibleSearchers


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the law enforcement industry

The Law Enforcement Growth Industry
by George Gordon

In trying to appraise this issue of law enforcement, much has been written and much more will be written. One point that everyone seems to agree on is that crime is out of control, and something must be done about it.      We call America the land of the free, and refer to the Soviet Union as a police state. But the facts tell us another story: they show that this country holds more people per capita in jail than any other country, including the Soviet Union and South Africa.

In reality, most people in America live in a police state, and are completely unaware of it. There is little difference between tyranny in governments, no matter where it may be. For example, the people of Poland:

  • have national identity cards
  • cannot drive without licenses
  • cannot work where they choose
  • are required to register firearms and cars
  • cannot build on their land without government approval
  • are compelled to buy insurance
  • must show identification papers upon demand
  • have a portion of their wages stolen
  • are incarcerated without trial or due process
  • have ports of entry which compel them to stop, clear and pay duties
  • are subject to searches on their highways
  • may be arbitrarily taken into custody and fingerprinted without court order

The list goes on. It makes no difference where you may be located; citizens of any country who are so constrained are not free, but living under tyranny. It matters not whether we think we have it somehow “better” than the Poles. Both systems are tyrannical in nature, the only difference being the degree of tyranny applied and the understanding of the system by the citizens. The Poles understand that they live in tyranny, while Americans have been convinced that it can’t happen here, even though it has already come to pass. We recognize tyranny in foreign countries, but in our own, we refer to it as “law and order.” But a police state by any other name is still a police state.

There must be a simple solution; one which will free us from this morass of crime and punishment. Any solution must conform to our Constitution (if we wish to avoid armed revolution), refrain from punishing the innocent, and punish those who are guilty. The current system does nothing but spawn an endless circle of recidivism and contempt for law in general. Our prisons, rather than being rehabilitative, are merely schools, which teach further crime.

If a victim loses their property, the criminals lose their freedom, but never make restitution to the damaged party. And the taxpayers are fleeced out of their money to fund these human warehouses. The beneficiaries of this system are not the victims — they are the public defenders, lawyers, judges, jailers, prison guards, policemen and political administrations, and they quite literally thrive off the system.

Crime does pay, and quite handsomely. What is worse is that the victim not only loses by having his original property stolen, but by a continual drain of his resources to provide food and shelter for the thief.

Solutions to the crime problem must provide restitution for the victim, punish the criminal, decrease the prison population, eliminate over- crowding of prisons which cannot be emptied, eliminate capital punishment, and make the entire criminal justice system self-supporting by paying for itself in productive accomplishment.

How many broken homes, welfare payments, divorces, fines, jail terms and shattered lives must there be in the name of law and order, merely for the benefit of the law enforcement growth industry? How many people derive their livelihood from this industry? How many agencies are created by legislatures, city councils and Congress?

In the state of Idaho, it would probably be conservative to estimate that there are over 2,500 persons employed in this industry. That sounds like a lot, but consider the following:

  1. There must be over 100 policemen in the city of Boise alone. There must also be 50 or more cities in the state which maintain a city police department and employ from 3 to 100+ persons.
  2. There are 44 counties, all employing a sheriff, deputies and support personnel from 5 to 100+.
  3. The state police employ several hundred officers and support personnel. In addition, the state employs many varied special agents. Then we must consider the administrative agencies which bring actions against citizens, such as building, electrical, health, fire, welfare and plumbing departments and the like.
  4. There is no way to estimate the number of federal agents swarming over the state, from such agencies as OSHA, EPA, FCC, BLM, BATF, etc.
  5. There are the jail and prison staffs, and their supporting personnel.
  6. There is the judicial system at the county, state and federal levels, their marshalls and support personnel.
  7. And there is the lawyer workforce.

It should be quite clear that we have no idea how many persons are employed by this industry. And each and every one of these people are looking for lawbreakers to apprehend and punish, in order to justify their employment.

It seems as though it is the purpose of government to build a system so big that everyone will either be employed by it or imprisoned by it.

This industry is nothing more than a business and customer relationship. Like any business, this industry needs more and more customers to continue to grow and prosper, in order to justify its existence and size to the people, in order to obtain more funds to further that growth. The cycle goes something like this:

  1. “We ought to have more laws.”
  2. The executive proposes new statutes to the legislature.
  3. The legislature passes those statutes, and creates a criminal act where there was none before (i.e., eating bananas on Sunday).
  4. The executive branch now has more statutes to enforce, and therefore needs more employees to enforce them.
  5. The executive appeals to the legislature for more funds, due to the increasing crime rate caused by these legislated crimes.
  6. Funds are made available, and more employees are hired.
  7. More employees must now justify their existence, and therefore, must find (or entrap) more “customers” into committing these so-called crimes.
  8. “We ought to have more laws.”
  9. Etc.

In order for the sheriff, or any administrator, to justify their budget, they must itemize their expenses. Every year, we see a steady rise in crime. We also see this industry exploit their self-generated problem through the media. We constantly hear about all the crime being committed, and the answer proposed is always more laws, more police, more prosecutors, more judges, more money. We never hear how they propose to eliminate crime, prisons, jails and jailers; all we hear is that more money is needed. So we pass more laws, hire more police, and spend more money, only to learn next year that crime has risen by five percent, and we need more money to combat it.

Headlines do not exist stating, “Idaho’s Prison Population Declines For Fifth Consecutive Year,” or “Sheriff Submits Third Successive Budget With 5% Reduction In Requests.” We have been spending more every year on the criminal justice system. And we are getting exactly what we have paid for: MORE CRIME.

As an example, let’s look at a city, X. City X has one hundred policemen. The crime rate is up 5% over last year, so the media is told that the reason these one hundred policemen could not hold crime to the same level as last year is that they are understaffed and underbudgeted. Oh yes, and there were some defects in the existing statutes. So we need more money, and more laws.

City X gets five new policemen, 5% more money and another 7% to compensate for inflation (another government-created industry), and a few new laws to enforce. The product the industry sells is crime; our product line has been expanded by a few more laws, and our sales staff has increased by 5%. Our operating budget has been expanded to cover the additional overhead. Our police chief, the sales manager, now has a larger sales staff and additional responsibility, and needs a raise. Supervisors have a similar gain, and also obtain raises.

Now we must prepare for the coming year’s expansion. We must justify our expanded budget, size and new products to the board of directors (the legislature). The sales staff is therefore sent into the street to ticket more violators, arrest more drunks, catch or entrap more prostitutes and drug pushers, etc. With proper management, and a little luck, we increase our business by 5%.

Now, we must make sure the media is aware of the growing crime rate. The public must be made aware that there is more crime because we are understaffed and overbudgeted, and besides, there are several loopholes in the laws that need filling. To illustrate the seriousness of the problem, the chief of police will recount some of the more horrendous crimes of the past year. Just like insurance salesmen sell insurance by using fear of death to motivate the prospective customer, the law enforcement growth industry uses fear of crime.

So another year comes and goes, and now we have 110 police, at least a 10% increase over our budget of two years ago, and a few more laws. Now our increased sales staff can get back out on the street to find and entrap more violators. This increases the population of the jail, and causes the sheriff to go to the city commissioners to request more funds to feed, house and guard the increasing load of criminals (making sure the media is made aware of his difficulties).

A proportion of the new increase in sales (arrests and jailings) bleeds over into felonies, and these criminals must be housed in the state prison. The warden, of course, must now go to the legislature and request his own budget increase, and maybe a new prison. Of course, all this business creates activity in numerous support areas; more food is needed to feed the criminals, more buildings are needed to house them, more judges are needed to handle the case loads, and more public defenders and lawyers are needed to defend the customers (citizens). The cycle is more or less complete at this point, and begins all over again.

The customer of this industry is the average citizen. It is the citizen who pays the bills; it is the citizen who is persecuted in the name of crime prevention; it is the citizen who is entrapped into committing violations of statutes by law enforcement personnel, who are simply justifying their existence by ensuring that crime exists.

The following is an actual conversation between a prisoner, “Joe,” and another citizen. Joe is a bright college student, low on funds.

Citizen: What happened to cause you to be put in prison?Joe (matter of factly): I stole $350.

Citizen: So you are guilty of the crime, and deserve to be punished?

Joe: Yes.

Citizen: Tell me exactly what happened.

Joe: Okay, I was in the B.S.U. auditorium, broke and didn’t know how to make ends meet, and I saw this lady’s open purse on a chair. It had money in it, so I took it. Apparently, someone saw me take it and called the police. They told the police who I was, and the police came to my apartment and arrested me. That’s all there is to it. The law in Idaho is that any theft over $150 is grand larceny. I was convicted of grand larceny and sentenced to indeterminate five years. That means I can spend anywhere from eighteen months to five years in prison.

Citizen: Did you plead guilty to the charge?

Joe: No, I pled not guilty. My public defender advised me to take it to trial.

Citizen: How long was the trial?

Joe: One and a half days.

Citizen: How much time have you served so far?

Joe: Eleven months.

Citizen: Did the lady get her purse and money back?

Joe: No, I spent the money to pay bills and I threw the purse away.

This conversation can be repeated in hundreds of ways, hundreds of times. This shows how a real crime happens: There was a real criminal, and a real victim. Let’s see how much this crime actually cost the taxpayers to apprehend, try, convict, incarcerate and then parole back into productive society.

It costs at least $2,000 to try, defend and incarcerate Joe. He will spend an absolute minimum of eighteen months in prison. It costs $15,000 per year to feed and house Joe in the prison. Assuming Joe will be paroled for the remaining three and a half years, at $13.86 per day, his parole will cost another $27,771.50. And the lady didn’t even get her $350 back — making a grand total cost for Joe’s crime of $67,271.50.

Who is paying this bill? The victim, and the rest of the community. But what about Joe? Joe plays cards, consumes food, needs clothes and shelter, and produces nothing. In addition, he provides employment for everyone involved in trying, convicting and incarcerating him. Multiply this example by hundreds, even thousands, and we can readily see how billions of dollars are wasted each year in the name of law and order. The lady who had her purse stolen would have been ahead if she had not reported the theft of her purse. The victim sentenced herself to a fine by taxation. She lost her purse and the money in it, and on top of that, was taxed to support Joe and the law enforcement growth industry for the next five years. She would have been better off if she had simply bought Joe an airplane ticket to California.

Joe is also a loser, and once again, the winner is the industry. Just how is Joe a loser? This is a story in itself.

The law in Idaho which declares $150.00 as the amount which indicates grand larceny was passed in 1949. Because of inflation, his crime should now be a misdemeanor. But he is branded a felon for life. It is his first offense. Now he is in a school which teaches crime, and he has learned from his mistakes. When he comes out of prison, he will have a degree in crime. Society will be biased against him beacuse of this mistake, and it is quite likely that he will turn to further crime to make a living. Crime pays, because most crimes are never reported, and of the few that are reported, most are not solved. Joe will be occasionally caught, and he will be a regular customer of the industry for the rest of his life. When he is caught, he will be institutionalized, and forced to live in an unnatural, zoo-like environment.

Whether we like it or not, Joe is going to be out on the street again, and everyone will be faced with another problem. At some point, we will again have to deal with Joe. For the past forty-plus years, we have been dealing with all of these Joes, and what we have been doing has not only not worked, it has failed disastrously. It is time to admit that the criminal justice system needs drastic reformation.

We know there is a problem, but what can we do about it? There is another fact to examine: Where did prisons and dungeons as a form of punishment come from? The answer is lost in antiquity. In the Bible, there are numerous accounts of individuals being imprisoned, such as Joseph, Daniel and Peter. Many nations used prisons and dungeons to punish criminals and political prisoners.

The only exception is found in the time of Moses. When the Isrealites crossed the Jordan River, they had a different kind of law: a substantive law, based upon substance and labor. The common law, and our Rights at law which our Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantee to each and every one of us, is likewise based upon substance. The connection is seen in the axiom, “If there is a remedy at law, equity may not prevail.”

Our common law came from England, but its roots are at Mount Sinai. Moses brought the law down from the Mount, and it is recorded in Exodus 20. The next five chapters of Exodus contain the criminal codes. They are short and precise. There were no prisons or dungeons. The Israelites borrowed the prison system from the Romans, Egyptians and Babylonians, and we have that system in use today.

The act of punishing the victim of a crime by taxing him to house, feed and guard the criminal is adding crime upon crime, and in addition, it is unusually cruel to lock a man up like an animal.

Let’s examine Joe’s case again. Joe stole $350 cash, but he also threw the woman’s purse away, so the victim has suffered a further loss of time to replace such things as pictures, credit cards, etc. Let’s set a value upon the crime. It’s a common law crime, since it involves the loss of life, liberty or property. The common law is designed to restore property and to remedy damages. Let’s value Joe’s crime at $50,000, which is a bit excessive, but it’s a starting point for the sake of discussion. So Joe gets five years or a fine of $50,000, whichever he prefers. However, Joe is poor, which was the reason for the theft, so we are going to enforce the option of five years. Since Joe has an obligation — let’s have him work it off!

Let’s put Joe in a productive capacity. Joe is not dangerous. Let’s teach him the dignity of work, and of making restitution for the cost of his crime. Convict labor is not a new idea; it has been used before in many places, such as California. Joe can be placed at the Atlanta, Idaho Prison Camp to work on forest projects, such as helping fight fires, replanting trees, cutting down diseased trees and firewood. He will be paid an hourly wage — let’s say $5. If Joe works ten hours per day, six days per week, for three years, he earns his freedom — with no parole or other strings attached. He is a free man. And the victim receives her loss in tax credits or direct payments from sales resulting from his labor.

Unions and the law enforcement growth industry will resist change, as they have done in the past. But the State is losing more with our present system. No one is hurt by setting convicts to work, and there is an unending supply of work. Numerous prisoners, when interviewed, have stated that they would welcome a chance to work off their sentences.

If the Scriptural examples cited earlier are repulsive to you, then leave God out of the equation. Ignore God, and rely only upon your own self-interest. Simple logic will tell you that it is in the best interest of everyone to change our prison system approach to crime and punishment. As a victim, which would you prefer — restitution for the loss, or taxation to pay for the incarceration of the thief?

Some years ago, a car was stolen, and when it was recovered by the police, they issued the owner a ticket for leaving the keys in the ignition. In other words, for every crime that is committed, there may be another manufactured by the legislature. Maybe they will pass a law making it a crime to leave your house unlocked — then when something is stolen from your house, you will be guilty for failing to secure your property. Why should the citizen even report the theft if he is going to be hassled by the police? Oh, the insurance company needs the report. In this class of “crimes,” the real party of interest is the insurance company. They are the ones that want you to remove your keys from the car, and lock your house. They are the ones who stand to lose profits from your failure to perform these actions, and therefore, they want you punished when you fail to perform. Such legislation is using the police powers of the state to enforce private interests (decreasing claims and increasing profits of insurance companies).

The traffic courts provide a further example of government protecting private interests. Who cares if a person “speeds,” especially if that person is in the only vehicle on the road? If we are at home and asleep, do we really care? But statistics show that “speed kills,” and therefore, increasing claims at the insurance window; these cause an increase in operating costs, and therefore, a decrease in profits.

The “Law of Merchants” has crept in upon us and attempted to deny us our inalienable rights. Unfortunately, most citizens have passively, and sometimes even voluntarily, accepted this system.

Let’s look at the traffic code to illustrate how we have enveloped ourselves in tyranny.

We begin at the time when there were no traffic laws, for traffic on roads, trails and highways preceded traffic codes. Whether on foot, in wagons, on horseback, carriage or stagecoach, there was traffic. In all human endeavor, there are bound to be mishaps. When our common law was in everyday use, affixing fault without any statutory law was done by litigation to determine liability and assess damages to the injured party.

With the advent of the “horseless carriage,” we began to see a proliferation of traffic laws. As their number increased, the average person shifted his status, sometimes knowingly, but more often unknowingly, from “at law” to “equity” by entering into a quasi-contract through the use of the “driver’s license.”

Through the use of licenses and permits, the age-old rivalry of the equity courts and the common law courts took a decided turn to equity by status, and the death of the common law began. Eighty years later, we find the common law in use only in major crimes, and the grand jury, for all practical purposes, has been abolished. If our Constitution is based upon the common law, and the grand jury is a fixed right pursuant to the Bill of Rights, government cannot eliminate it, for as the Supreme Court said:

“Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule-making or legislation which would abrogate them.” Miranda v Arizona, 384 U.S. 436,491.

How, then, can any state abrogate the entire common law by statute? Simply by coercing everyone to waive their common law rights by getting them to volunteer into equity jurisdiction by the use of contracts. The state simply licenses everyone, inducing them to accept a privilege in place of rights.

No foreign power, by force of arms or ideology, has enslaved us. Our lack of understanding of our common law heritage, and ignorance of, or unwillingness to obey, natural law, has enslaved us to this Civil jurisdiction.

The police state imposed upon the Polish people by force in 1945 is no different than that which we Americans have imposed upon ourselves today, except in one area: We paid to have our rights subjugated to contract. The Poles, at least, saved some money.

We still have our Constitution, and we can reject limited liability, perpetual slavery and debt whenever we want to accept responsibility for our actions and debts.

The Poles cannot.

There are not many people who want to trade their slavery for the rigors of the life of a freeman. But for those few men and women who want to be free, the choice is theirs. Every person who wants to be free can free themselves, but no other person can free them.

Redress of greivances comes on the courtroom floor. Not in a political rally. Not in a union meeting. Not in a letter to the editor. The courts are open, and are manned by knowledgeable jurists who will listen to, and rule in favor of, a person’s natural inalienable rights, if only they know how to claim them. And they will just as quickly slam the door on a slave, and leave him in his security. There is no security in freedom — only boundless opportunity.

There are thousands of freemen in America, not millions. The masses prefer security, welfare, limited liability, and the satisfaction of having others control their lives. To claim your rights, you must be compelled to defend them on the courtroom floor.

Obsolete info: From the Patriot Archives ftp site at: ftp://tezcat.com/patriot. Note: This piece was written sometime in the early 80’s. This file was found elsewhere on the Internet and uploaded to the Patriot Archives FTP site by S.P.I.R.A.L., the Society for the Protection of Individual Rights and Liberties. E-mail alex@spiral.org

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